House bill would make doctors liable for genital mutilating surgeries on Alaska children

Rep. Jamie Allard

Rep. Jamie Allard introduced legislation aimed to safeguard children from the aggressive gender-switching surgeries being pushed by a financially incentivized medical community and ideologically driven parents.

House Bill 338 addresses the issue of life-altering sex organ mutilation procedures performed on children without their consent, ensuring that physicians are held to the highest standards of accountability.

The bill introduces guidelines for civil liability in cases where minors undergo gender transition procedures and later decide that they had been duped. Specifically, the bill allows individuals who received such procedures as minors to seek recovery of damages against the physicians responsible.

“This will provide legal recourse for those affected by these life-altering medical decisions made before reaching adulthood,” Allard said.

“Protecting our children is a bipartisan issue. Through HB 338, the Legislature will take a major step forward in ensuring that the welfare of our kids is placed above all else. This bill is about safeguarding the future of children and ensuring that they are given the opportunity to make such decisions with the maturity
and insight that comes with being adults,” she said.

HB338 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.


  1. Normally, I am quite a fan of Rep. Allard but I think she has the issue exactly wrong. She says she is concerned about “ ideologically driven parents.” That is the exact same argument the Left makes to enable the school district to assist gender transition in the public schools while not telling parents.

    The government should butt out on both sides of the issue and let parents decide what is best for their child.

    • Grooming children and mutilating their genitalia is not a “parental right.” it is extreme physical and sexual abuse of a minor.

      Society does maintain the right and responsibility to protect the most vunerable.

      The alarming thing is you have been so conditioned to think it, somehow your thoughts are logical!

      Wake up!

        • That’s been going on for thousands of years. Wanna shut it down? Make your case. After that, you are gonna have to come up with a list of things parents can’t do to or with their kiddos. Should be an interesting list. Cheers –

        • A couple years ago there was a lot of talk about female circumcision or female genitle mutilation, this is done in Africa and the Middle East in predominantly Muslim countries. Nobody is talking about that anymore…I guess if you can’t define what a female is the problem goes away.

        • You may be being cheeky, but given the current political scenario in Alabama about IVF, and Justice Thomas’ concrrence in Dobbs advocating for overturning Griswold, it is absolutely plausible for the Christian right to propose laws meant to arrest Jews and Muslims for practicing circumcision.

      • It is the job of government to stop/punish evil. Mutilating children should be an executable offense.
        Think government should butt out when parents sell their kids for sex?
        By the way, Florida just made rape if 12 and under executable.

    • I remember back when parents who forced their children into child porn and prostitution was prosecuted by the USDOJ. Simply put, there are some lines that parents should not cross, such as permanent mutilation.

    • Exactly. Get to the point and just make it illegal. Allard’s bill just skirts around it. Children shouldn’t have to sue after they have been mutilated, it shouldn’t happen in the first place.
      Thank you Eastman

  2. Excellent…lets also start throwing these predator groomers in the education industry in prison!

  3. Really sad this has to be discussed. Let kids be kids, if they still want to mutilate there bodies at 18 y.o.then so be it.

  4. I understand the reluctance some have here. There is a line between government protection and government overreach. Sadly the line isn’t nearly as clear as it should be.

    I don’t want to give to my side powers which can someday be used against me.

    A concept like this (government protecting us from ourselves was badly abused by partisans during the Covid scam) has a habit of getting away from original intent.

    I reluctantly support the concept provided it has strong guidelines and exceptions for legitimate medical need.

    • I understand your concern, but believe me, the libs won’t wait for any Republican precedent to justify doing whatever they want to your freedoms. Remember what our Assembly did to us during Covid? They banned dancing! They forced you to wear a useless mask. They shut down restaurants because there wasn’t 6 feet between tables. If libs want to take away your freedoms, they’re not going to wait for any Republican to open the door.

  5. The idea that parents, the medical industrial complex, Big pharma, and the schools through their DEI agenda are encouraging and allowing gender mutilation of minors is barbaric.
    This will one day be looked up on with horror and disbelief.
    This WILL be viewed the way we view trepanation (look it up), lobotomies, maggot therapy, electric shock convulsive therapy, forced sterilizations, drilling holes in heads, tobacco smoke enemas, and mercury therapy for syphilis, now, as outrageous, irresponsible, and dangerous practices.

    • The frontal lobotomy was never really abandoned. It was just replaced by government sanctioned drugs. Less liability and more profit.

    • Maggot therapy is actually a useful and legitimate procedure for the debriding of necrotic tissue in certain circumstances. As is the use of leaches for the removal of excess blood within tissues, again in specific circumstances.

  6. There are a lot of things parents can do to their children that is debatable whether or not it constitutes child abuse. Chopping off their genitals should not be one of them. Everyone should recoil in horror at any parent doing that to their child. We should all agree that is wrong.

  7. Leftists: An 18 year old is not mature enough, and does not have sufficient adult experiences in life to understand the full impacts of a student loan. They must be forgiven.
    Also Leftists: A five year old is more than mature enough to understand the lifelong implications of changing their gender with drugs and surgery. How dare you say otherwise.

  8. OK, for the cheap seats.
    Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. There are circumstances where hormone therapy and surgery are the correct approaches, however before this current idiocy, that only happened after extensive therapy.
    Now, if someone openly says they have a mental illness, why does others rush in to validate that illness, and take actions to actually make the illness worse? Would one treat alcoholism with more booze and free rides to the bar? Instead of treating it?
    A child (hell, most adults) are not mature enough to understand the long term, life changing impacts of hormone therapy and cosmetic surgery. No, it is not reversible. Instead of going straight to surgery, how about we try talking to the child, and finding out what, exactly, is making them think they are not the sex they were assigned at conception. And, yes, that will take time. Anything that is truly right, and will really make the individual happy generally does take time

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