Threats against mayor are rampant on Twitter among Alaska leftists


Threats are being made online against Mayor Dave Bronson.

Among the worst of the threats came from a Twitter thread of comments started by Olivia Garrett, who was a legislative aide for Sen. Scott Kawasaki in 2017 and was at the center of a “me too” scandal that took out the career of Democrat Rep. Dean Westlake. She later was a organizer with the Alaskans for Bernie Sanders and was a 2016 delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Garrett wrote that the mayor of Anchorage needs to be dragged from his house.

“My grandpa did not spend the last weeks of his life alone, scared, and begging the nurse for his wife over and over just so we can do anything less than drag this man from his house,” Garrett said, commenting on an Anchorage Daily News story about Mayor Bronson and his stance against universal masking of Anchorage residents.

Others chimed in. One associate of Garrett’s said that Garrett should delete the message because it advocates violence. She retorted that she’ll cyberbully anyone she wants. There was an F-bomb involved in her retort.

Another man said dragging Bronson from his house was not enough.

Yet another Twitter user said, “I may disagree with Mayor Bronson, but I will fight to the death to defend his right to be dragged from his home by 1000 Kriner’s diners, and left to die, panicked and gasping, of COVID-19 without hospital care b/c of the fucking health hazard he just let run unchecked”

Even the @JamieRecall Twitter account got in on the act.

An account run by CeciliaB.Demented wrote, “Nope. This man is willfully killing people. Straight up. He is using his power, position, and money to kill people. Dragging him out and running his out of town on a rail is getting close to being the only option.”

“it’s fine to say you want to see mayor bronson sodomized to death with a bayonet like gaddafi,” one Twitter user offered.

An account run by Mark Springer, formerly chair of the Marijuana Control Board who is s running for reelection to City Council in Bethel, wrote “His [Bronson] is a face of pure, unadulterated evil.”

The eighth floor of City Hall has also been subject to threats and Municipal Manager Amy Demboski said security measures are now being taken and upgraded, although she declined to elaborate. But there have been incursions from people trying to barge into the mayor’s office. Once, she had to use her body to block a man at the mayor’s conference room door.

The mainstream media has focused its attention on protesters of the proposed Anchorage universal mask law, after they wore yellow stars to protest fascism, which they feel begins with things like Anchorage Ordinance 2021-91, which gets people to report to authorities on those who disobey the mask law. The media has ignored the actual threats of violence against the mayor, however.

Helpfully, reporter Sam Davenport had a suggestion for the violence frenzy, telling people the best thing for their mental health was to not watch the Assembly meeting:

Journalists Dave Hulen of the Anchorage Daily News, and Daniella Rivera, formerly of Alaska’s News Source, focused on the protesters and how tough this all is on journalists, with a dog-whistle to the Twitter mob:


  1. Look at how the Jews were treated as Hilter began to gain popularity and power.

    The Left should be careful, this isn’t 1939 Germany.

    The Left is, and should be classified as a Cult!

    • Hitler took the guns for a reason. We still have ours and know better than to let a Democratic Socialist take them.

    • Somehow, America has degraded to a Socialist state closely resembling that of the former National Socialist Workers Party (or Nazis). True….we have not yet gotten to the extermination phase of noncompliant groups yet; however, we are heading in that direction. The Democrat Party has been utilizing thug organizations such as BLM and ANTIFA to foist violence upon those who oppose a socialist agenda. ANTIFA/BLM are the modern Brown-shirts. Ironically, they (hypocritically) claim to oppose fascists when in fact, they are the fascists.

    • Thomas Jefferson was a Democrat, as was many other patriots. People should be able to disagree without being disagreeable

      • When one is fighting power-mad sociopaths — such as the authoritarian majority on the Anchorage municipal ass-embly — who will stop at NOTHING to achieve their coercive goals, who will bend and break every rule, law, and standard of decency to that end, and who daily insult, mock and fight those who just wish to retain their rights, then calls to refrain from being disagreeable are rather hollow and disingenuous.
        In short, Frank, you are victim-blaming here.

      • I know the Democrats like to claim Jefferson, or at least they did before wokeness became the fashion, but the Democratic-Republican Party founded by Jefferson and Madison, and under whose banner both served as President, bore little resemblance to the Democratic Party that coalesced after the 1824 election. Jefferson passed in 1826, so he had little if any involvement with the new party.

      • Actually, Jefferson was a member of the “Republican-Democrat” Party. That is what is was called back then. The party split up under Jackson’s administration, leaving us with two primary parties: the Whigs and the Democrats. During Lincoln’s first term, the Whigs became the Republicans.

  2. How are YOU at risk if YOU are vaccinated? Unvaccinated folks are risk to themselves ONLY.
    Too many whackos out there completely ignoring the actual science.

    • Forcing people to wear masks will not being Garrett’s grandfather back nor would it have saved him at the time from dying. People were wearing masks at the time of his death, and they have been wearing them pretty consistently before the insane assembly made the decision to feed their power addiction and hatred for the Mayor by flexing their Marxist muscles. A waste of time, energy, and we will be worse off for it if their deluded wishes come to fruition. Nothing is being accomplished, nor will be, except for division and chaos, which I believe is really their ultimate motive.

      • Oops I posted this, above, in the wrong place. Apologies LMF it was not in response to your post. Albeit I agree with your post! ☺️ I thought I was posting a general response.

    • They are acting out because they are being ignored. Foot stamping is marginally persuasive. They desire a great deal of attention. We have abandoned ADN just as they have abandoned local news coverage. Twitter is just stupid. These people are just clacking away. Glad I don’t deal with twitter. It’s too stupid.

    • The actual science is that vaccine antibodies don’t always last and new virus strains can infect vaccinated people, although the science says the virus does not have as large an impact on vaccinated people. The economic costs is huge, medical traetment for Covid is many times the cost of a vaccination program. And yes, many people ignore, or are selective on science

      • The science also states that over 80% of Covid hospitalizations are in the obese & overweight. I won’t take vaccine advice from a fat person!

        • I have not seen those statistics, is that your analysis from anecdotal evidence? The documented statistics show that over 90% of hosptilizations are with non-vaccinated people. Being overweight is not a threat to others, unvaccinated unmmasked people are a threat to others

          • Frank, again (how many times do I have to write it here?), you are wrong, wrong, wrong, and/or lying, your usual pattern while posting anything online.
            You obviously have not seen the recent data out of Israel, Iceland, Scotland and England, all highly ‘vaccinated’ countries in which large surges in cases are taking place POST-‘vaccination’, and in each of which the rate of new cases are GREATER among the so-called “vaccinated” than among those who have NOT received the jabs. In Scotland, 80% of those testing positive for the virus are ‘vaccinated’, and in England it is 72% — this in countries having a greater than 60% ‘vaccination’ rate.
            Please try to explain this data, if you dare.

      • Is this the same science that says men can have babies now and that there are at least 58 different genders? Or is that the other science?

        • I hate to be mean but science isn’t a person and therefore literally says nothing. Only actual people people “say” anything. Science is a genre of knowledge which may be false knowledge and debunked occasionally. And, soooooooo, please be literal to retain credibility. Thanks ever so much.

    • LMF, those who have received the COVID jabs would NOT be at risk if those jabs were actual vaccines. But they are not. And since they are not real vaccines, but merely designed to ameliorate the symptoms of the virus, they confer absolutely NO immunity to the virus, allowing those who have been jabbed to spread the virus just as easily, if not more so, than those who have not been jabbed. I think this fact is finally leaking into the brains of those who blindly follow the propaganda of the corporate media and the political establishment, even if they cannot bring themselves to openly acknowledge it.

  3. Seems to me that leftist are worried about the momentum that is building for Freedom of choice. They can’t win using facts so they resort to threats of violence which if the trend continues will turn to actual violence soon.

        • I’m look at it from an anthropological point if view. Your side, my side saying the same thing. Are we both right about the other?

          • Evan, I am a libertarian and so share no particular affinity with either established ‘mainstream’ political party, nor with either side of the (false) left-right (so-called) political spectrum. Over the years, I have excoriated right-wingers and Republicans just as much as left-wingers and Democrats. But even I have to admit that in recent years, it is the leftists who have done batsh!t crazy, power-mad and completely authoritarian, and who currently present a MUCH greater danger to our nation and to our society than their counterparts on the right.

  4. Unbelievably vicious talk from leftists, who call themselves professional reporters! I’m just horrified. I can’t believe this is happening in my hometown! I pray that our mayor, his staff, and the two conservatives on the assembly will have the protection that they need.
    I guess I should not be so surprised, seeing how things are going in Washington DC and elsewhere in our beautiful country.

    • No one really expected anything different. Leftists are children. They will lie, cheat, and steal as much as they can get away with. And, when they get caught… it is time for a violent temper tantrum.
      Mayor Bronson just happens to be standing in the way of them bullying other people around.

  5. What a pack of Fools. The jab is killing people. Biden starving Red states of monoclonal antibodies is killing people. Dems firing people who make a different medical choice than they do is killing people. These bitter Leftists should watch their mouths. Karma comes around…

  6. I’m sure the Mayor is savvy enough to know Alaska’s deadly force laws if these Nazi folks show up at his door to do him or his family bodily harm.

    • The lefties do train their organizers pretty well, so unless one of their useful idiots forgets the instructions, they won’t show up at the door. If they show up at the door you can greet them with a 12 gauge and see if the ACLU can convince an Alaska jury you weren’t justified in fearing for your life and the lives of your family.

      In any place other than the safest Blue cities with neutered cops, they stay on public property raising Hell and making threating noises and gestures in front of your property. Under the laws of Alaska and most other states, you can’t shoot them for that. You could get to a spirited argument over whether a lefty punk with a lit molotov cocktail at the end of your driveway is a threat to your life and safety, but I’d probably want to wait until s/he actually threw it to blow it away. Then you can wait to see if the Fire Department actually works for the citizenry.

      • What? The Lefties have a training program? Nobody told me.

        What would we train for? We’re smarter than your side so we can outwit you but you have guns and a lean toward using them so you have us there.

        • Stupid child, the unions and other leftist front groups have all sorts of training programs for organizers and activist; maybe you just aren’t smart enough to have ever been invited. Of course, they don’t train those they just consider to be useful idiots, to borrow a phrase from Lenin.

          The real problem with young lefties under about 50 is that you’ve been told by your communist teachers and professors that you’re the smartest, best educated people who have ever lived, but in fact you’re mostly functional illiterates and aren’t nearly as well educated as someone with and 8th or 10th Grade, the standard in the 19th Century, education would have had. How can you fools talk about “the science” when you’ve never had a meaningful science course? I’ve taken college classes in the last couple of decades and I know how abysmally ignorant both the “professors” and the students are.

        • Re the training program? They are cruelly witholding it from you and discriminating against you. Sad, you don’t even know about the training program. Please check on it with an insider. Good luck.

  7. They are acting out because they are being ignored. Foot stamping is marginally persuasive. They desire a great deal of attention. We have abandoned ADN just as they have abandoned local news coverage. Twitter is just stupid. These people are just clacking away. Glad I don’t deal with twitter. It’s too stupid.

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    The most hilarious thing in the world is woke soy folk threatening violence. To all the worthless and pathetic lefty Q’s…you’re embarassing yourselves and you guys are too stupid to even know it. Thanks for the laughs!!!

    • Apparently you’ve not been watching the country burn for the last 20 months. The rabid left is actually quite good a violence.

      Dismiss this at your peril.

      • They are good at violence, when there is almost zero chance of anyone fighting back. There is a reason why antifa is only holding “mostly peaceful” protests in leftist cities. See what happens to them in Texas, Florida, or even right here in AK.

        • I’m pretty confident that rank and file APD would do their job to maintain order and public safety – IF ALLOWED TO. I have much less confidence in the APD command structure. In my experience, no Republican/conservative executive should ever appoint someone to a command/policy position if that person has ever been appointed or promoted by a Democrat.

          • In TX, AK, and FL, there would be dozens of Kyle Rittenhouse incidents. That is they primary reason why antifa is not operating there.
            They know the response by the police, even if not muzzled by the administration, would be measured and predictable. They cannot predict what the average person might do.

  9. The Nazis created two classes of citizens. One with access to a normal life, and one that was not allowed to mingle with the preferred class.

    How come the assembly doesn’t present scientific data showing masks prevent Covid? Wouldn’t that be persuasive if such data actually existed?

    • The Nazi created two classes of citizens? What are you ignorantly going on about, one with a normal life and the other that wasn’t allowed to mingle with the preferred class? Seriously, they weren’t allowed to mingle with the preferred class? Dan, what the [email protected]#k are you talking about man? By they weren’t allowed to mingle with the preferred class do you mean the Nazis demonized an entire race of people and then subjected them to unspeakable crimes against humanity while taking part in the genocide and murder of millions of those people based upon nothing more than their race and religion?
      They weren’t allowed to mingle…seriously, get some perspective Dan.
      It’s no wonder so many today think wearing a Nazi badge to city hall to protest wearing a mask is somehow comparable to the slaughter of millions. Ignorance is rampant and all too many are willing to display it.

    • This has nothing to do with masks, or COVID for that matter. It is a d… measuring contest between the leftists on the Assembly and the Mayor’s office.
      No different than when they deliberately picked a fight over seating in order to introduce an ordinance limiting the Mayor’s ability to attend meetings. Or when they pushed a Homeless council resolution, strictly so they could override the Mayor’s veto.
      This is all about the leftists trying to elevate the Assembly above the Mayor.

  10. It has already begun. The darkness has been riled. The light shines bright. The dark ones revealed and unable to hide who they truly are.

    There is more to this journey.

    Prepare yourselves.

  11. If your clot shot works, then you don’t care if I have it or not. If it doesn’t, then why would I get it? If your masks work, then why are we getting more covid cases? If the hospitals are over run with covid patients, why are they still doing elective surgeries? Who is lying to whom?

  12. See what happens when leaders such as Constant, Dunbar, Zalatel don’t treat their Bitterness infection. It spreads through out THEIR small community of friends and supporters. If they didn’t allow the bitterness take root, their crowd wouldn’t get so angry they are ready to murder.

    Bitterness is an infection that spreads like gangrene within a person’s body, mind, and soul until the bitterness brings death upon themselves.

    I wonder how Constant, Zalatel, and Dunbar will respond to their supporters death threats?

    • I would be a disappointed happy camper if Governor Dunleavy lost to Gara or Walker. I won’t grow bitter because of the loss and the increased government control overwhelming our lives. I am still waiting to see what plan the Alaska GOP or Libertarian parties come up to defeat the Democrat party at their own rank choice voting scheme by present two more like-minded candidates who will complement Governor Dunleavy’s freedom-defending leadership style than his opponents. It would be impossible to grow bitter even if Dunbar had victory last May. It’s such a blessing not to be prone for any bitterness to take root. Because seeing Bitterness on other people is ugly.

  13. Star of David is “insensitive” but this is ok? These people have zero self awareness and are dangerously arrogant and think a like on twitter from the equally insane equates validation. That’s how shallow they are. They don’t care that rational people have all left twitter because it’s nothing but a shallow liberal mob trying to rally each other up to bring out the pitchforks (sometimes literally) using just 280 characters. Yet if they see me on the street, they say “oh what a cute dog you have. What is his name? Oh my goodness, he’s so cute. Thanks for letting me pet him. Hope you have a wonderful night.” and then walk off and talk to their only liberal friends about how people that don’t get vaccinated or wear a mask don’t deserve any healthcare and deserve to die. Not all liberals are like this, but the ones that aren’t need to stop being silent, especially the ones with “blue check marks”.

  14. So much for loving tolerant liberals who want to drag him out of his house so they can do whatever. Doncha just LOVE diversity? I just had about enough of these loving tolerant liberals, now they are getting mean like a gremlin who was fed after midnight! Alright, who’s the one responsible for feeding these critters after midnight? Stop it and hide your beer too. It never ends well with the liberals, they will take your liberty.

  15. Dan Baldwin that data DOES exist if you care to look it up. Covidiots don’t even know how vaccines work. Those whose immune systems are not working right, like cancer patients and people with autoimmune disorders and folks over 60, don’t mount a complete response to vaccines so they are still at risk to some degree even with a vaccine. That’s pretty much everyone over 60 folks. The older you get the less your immune system works! All the vaccines do is prime your immune system to react when it encounters the virus by introducing it to the virus without making you sick. Your own immune system is what kills it, not the vaccine! If your immune system isn’t great it won’t respond well to the vaccine either. People without other problems have the most reactive immune systems when they’re young, but any reaction is better than none, which is what you have when covid hits you the first time without a vaccine! It’s also why some kids’ immune systems over-respond (MIS-C) and why sometimes the vaccines don’t work as well for elderly and sick people. Get educated!!

  16. Twitter is a useless medium designed for haranguing, insulting and threatening whoever or whatever you may disagree with.
    Certain politicians and media have opened the floodgates and removed the superficial veneer of American politeness. Let ‘er rip is the new mantra.
    Branding people with opposing views as « Commies, Nazis, tyrants and worse », as often seen on this blog, is just as useless as Twitter.

  17. Lots of people will dismiss this this with keyboard commando gusto.

    History shows that’s a fatal mistake. A very bloody, fatal mistake. Since the invention of the printing press, every bloody revolution has been fueled by it. Even our own.

    Despite whatever bravado circle you live in, failure to take this deadly seriously will land it in your front yard. These people are unhinged and dangerous. They are calling for extreme violence against other people. And they are true believers.

    We are headed into civil war if we’re not very, very lucky.

    We are the new Germany and conservatives are the new Jews.

  18. How long before the doxing begins? Before the mobs show up at the houses of individuals they don’t like?

    Don’t think it can happen here? Just wait.

    The country is a smoldering fire and Twitter pours gas on it.

  19. To reporter Sam Davenport’s advice to not watch the assembly meeting, she is probably right, they don’t need to watch, or even pay attention as the left-leaning assembly majority will do what they want done anyway…

    To the threats of violence, be careful with that, be careful. Most conservatives will not start the fight, but when provoked are not afraid to protect themselves.

  20. The woke lefties are exhibiting:
    Mass psychogenic illness (MPI), or mass hysteria, is the rapid spread of illness signs and symptoms affecting members of a cohesive group, originating from a nervous system disturbance involving excitation, loss, or alteration of function.
    • symptoms that have no plausible organic basis;
    • symptoms that are transient and benign;
    • symptoms with rapid onset;
    • occurrence in a segregated group;
    • the presence of extraordinary anxiety;
    • symptoms that are spread via sight, sound or oral communication;
    • a spread that moves down the age scale, beginning with older or higher-status people;
    • a preponderance of female participants.
    Woke lefties should never be allowed with power over others or in any serious decision making for government or private entities.

  21. Leftists tend to act like violence is on a dimmer switch. It can be throttled up and down as needed.
    Conservatives know that violence, real violence not pretend keyboard violence is on or off.
    The people who are capable of real violence are not the ones advertising it. They are the ones that just want to be left alone. They will not be attending the meetings, they will not be counterprotesting. They will be going about their lives.
    Right up until the point some leftists get together in a group, and decided to physically attack the Mayor. That will start the civil war the leftists imagine they will win.

  22. So much for the much-vaunted yet mythical “liberal tolerance”.
    Although I should perhaps acknowledge that today’s radical leftist extremists are NOT liberals, nor are they liberal in any way whatsoever. An honest 1970s liberal would spit in the face of these hypocritical, intolerant, authoritarian sociopaths.

  23. I hope Mayor Bronson is a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Not much to worry about though, these idiots are all bark and no bite. The worst thing that may happen is that they may spray paint graffiti on his house late at night, under the cover of darkness when no one is around.

    • That’s good. I support your right to make such ignorant statements. Now we can get back to minding on our own businesses and join together to remove rotten leadership that are trying to steal our freedoms.

    • That’s nice! I support your right to get as many jabs as you wish, to feel protected from the disease, most people survive just fine, oh and not only Bronson supporters!
      Thank you for calling the mayor’s supporter “real Americans”. It is a designation we wear proudly!

  24. Why does the chant of Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll have the same sound as Wear a Mask, as both were pushed by leftist misanthropes.

  25. Anyone using Holocaust imagery should be drug out of their house, beaten up, have their possessions confiscated, and run out of town on a rail to a gas chamber. Or anyone else using irony or sarcasm against the State.

    • You sound intelligent, civil and peaceful. I’m sure if you keep repeating yourself that your support will grow.

    • Jay, If you want to point fingers you can start here at the right voting No agianst Isreal’s Iron Dome funding: Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.; Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.; Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.; Cori Bush, D-Mo.; André Carson, D-Ind.; Marie Newman, D-Ill., Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz.; Chuy Garcia, D-Ill.; and Thomas Massie, R-Ky including Alexandria Cortez, D-NY voting present. There is a reason some progressives pulled and Isolated Isreal Iron Dome Funding before taking a vote. So! We can all see who is the anti semetic in the House, which four of the 9 House members have a history saying anti semetic remarks agianst the State of Isreal.

    • Either you are historically ignorant, a member of the new brown shirts or trying to be ironic or sarcastic without success. In any case what an evil and ridiculous statement!

  26. Remember the resolution the assembly passed some years ago, to make sure that we all knew that Anchorage is a welcoming city?
    Yep, that’s exactly what they meant by that….the tolerant, diverse leftists, who can’t handle any dissent or the peasants thinking for themselves. What disgusting people! In essence they are secretly afraid that their vaunted vaccine does not work. Yet because they are so much more important then everyone else, ALL need to acquiesce to their irrational fears and wear a mask so they feel safe…..all emotions no rational thinker among them.

  27. First,
    The leftist is not a true, Democratic Party!
    Leftist, is a progressive? Socialist, Marxist, programming party!
    True! Democrats! Come back???

    It’s okay to attack!
    Republicans and or a independent parties? (Granted, they’re lost)

    Let’s face each other? True debates!
    Both parties are rogue!

  28. Listen up anchorage
    You best protect your God send mayor! He is the only buffer between you and the jackals on the left running your city! He is what is known as the lesser magistrate
    Also you would do well to encourage Porcaro to go into retirement and get off the air, spewing his ludicrous support for Anne Zink and Dunleavy! You are the target of these idiots.

  29. It’s absolutely shocking that subhuman “people” like this live among us. Wanting someone to be sodomized to death with a bayonet?

    That’s not just acting out and it’s not hyperbole. People like that are sick. That level of hatred is sick. Too bad they don’t wear lapel pins to identify themselves so we can stay well away.

    Sick. You people should be ashamed.

    • And to make it worse, no one on the left condemned it. It’s was unbelievably that it made it to public viewing.

  30. I thought promoting violence and hatred on Twitter was against the rules? Only against Conservatives I guess, though that is not a very common occurrence. These leftist are going to push the wrong person a little too far, then who will they blame for their stupid decisions?

  31. Threats of violence upon another such as dragging a person from his house is criminal conduct up to and including a Felony. To further promote it in public banter is criminal conduct. It doesn’t matter if your deranged and venting. I think APD will investigate this threat upon their Mayor.

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