They’re bringing back ‘Northern Exposure’


The fictional Cicely, Alaska will see the return of “Dr. Joel Fleischman,” played by actor Rob Morrow, in a continuation of the hit television series Northern Exposure.

Universal Television is preparing to film a new segment of series, which ran for six seasons and won 39 Emmy Awards, according to Variety Magazine. The series ran from 1990-95.

As a part of the new series plot, Fleishman, now older, will come back to Alaska for the funeral of an old friend, and he’ll reunite with some of his old friends and get acquainted with some new quirky characters.

Morrow is not only starring in the show, which he left midway through the first series over a money dispute, but will be a producer. Another member of the original cast, John Corbett, is also producing, but not cast into a role as of yet.

The series is being written by Josh Brand. Executive producers are Morrow, John Falsey, and Ben Silverman. Both Brand and Falsey were part of the original series.

Although Northern Exposure was filmed in the town of Roslyn, Wash., it inspired many people to visit Alaska. At times, Alaskans would speculate that Talkeetna was the inspiration for the show, while others said the series had its roots in Haines.

Members of the cast and crew of the original series had a reunion in 2017 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show, and that’s when they started talking about a revival.

It’s unlikely that the new series will be filmed in Alaska, but if it goes into production, it will certainly give sourdoughs and cheechakos something to debate over moose stew.