The plot thickens on Mallott resignation



Even an ill-advised remark to a 16-year-old doesn’t normally get a statewide elected official pressured out of office two days later. After all, comments between men and pretty girls have been happening since the dawn of time.

And a lovers’ quarrel between “close associates” normally wouldn’t get a lieutenant governor in the political crosshairs either, unless it came to blows.

But if a lieutenant governor makes an inappropriate overture to the daughter of his “close associate,” that’s another matter altogether.

It was not a private altercation between Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott and an unnamed middle aged woman at the Elders and Youth Conference. It was at least a little bit public. The situation became known, and that information made its way back to the governor’s chief of staff.

The young girl’s mother evidently had a close relationship with Mallott, who is 75. Must Read Alaska has learned that Mallott said something to the daughter — and the mother went ballistic.

On Tuesday, Mallott was no longer welcome at the Alaska Federation of Natives. He is one of the founders of the organization. Mallott left AFN and went back to Juneau immediately. He resigned from office and apologized to the person he made inappropriate comments to:

Gov. Bill Walker appointed Lt. Gov. Valerie Davidson in his place on Tuesday afternoon but clammed up about the reason his running mate and one of his best friends in the world had suddenly resigned.

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Gov. Bill Walker, right, and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott

Just weeks before Mallott’s career came to a screeching halt, Walker and Mallott had penned a statement to Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, objecting to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S, Supreme Court, noting that with the sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh, they couldn’t condone his confirmation “while so many questions remain unanswered.”

This week, however, it was Mallott caught in the snare of his own making.

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mark Begich issued a statement today: “Like so many Alaskans, I was shocked and saddened to hear the news about Lt. Governor Mallott. While many questions have yet to be answered, I believe accepting the Lt. Governor’s resignation and replacing him were the appropriate course of action. There must be a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior of any kind from our elected leaders. Faith in government is essential to public trust and moving Alaska forward. That is why I continue to believe that Alaska’s best future can only be built by bringing together all Alaskans.”

Gov. Bill Walker is still not describing the nature of the behavior that forced the lieutenant governor out of office. Gov. Walker’s communication staff said that more information would be released as soon as they can do so.

Whenever that is.


According to Alaska State Statute, an appointment of the lieutenant governor is subject to the confirmation by the majority of the members of the Legislature meeting in joint session. The governor swore Valerie Davidson in on Tuesday in a secret ceremony.

In addition, the governor needs to appoint the next in line for succession, but has not announced who he has chosen.

At this stage, Valerie Davidson is an acting lieutenant governor until the Legislature convenes on Jan. 15 or until a new governor is sworn in on Dec. 3.

Davidson will be the keynote speaker at the Alaska Federation of Natives conference on Thursday.


  1. On Tuesday, Mallott was no longer welcome at the Alaska Federation of Natives. It must have been really bad.

  2. Davidson has not been confirmed by the Legislature. So she is not the LG. Not yet. So she and Walker should not be saying she is LG. That’s premature. And a lie.

  3. Looking at that Interior woman’s FB page, she is a tattooed tiger. She is also a pistol-packing LEO who really answers to no one, certainly no one in any chain of command that at any stage includes someone elected by voters. The old fellow having an affair with her is wild, but propositioning her young daughter would be bizarre and a crime. Alaska criminal law is suspended for certain people however. Referring again to the FB page, the woman protested Kavanaugh and she may well draw a connection between the accusations the Left perpetrated against Kavanaugh and the behavior now being alleged of the recently dismissed Lt. Gov.

    • Kayak, this is interesting information, but can any of your comments or even the scant pertinent information Mrs. Downing reports be substantiated? I surely didn’t like the smear of Kavanaugh, and even though I don’t care one way or the other about Mallott, the same reasonable discretion would be appropriate, even though the MSM ran wild with baseless accusations in the Kavanaugh matter.

        • You have done a deep disservice here by pretending to “protect[ ] her privacy as a possible victim,” yet laying out so many details that it is impossible for your readers not to figure out who you are actually alleging is the “possible victim.” Terribly cruel thing to do to a 16 year old, Ms. Downing. And wildly irresponsible.

          • I am very confused how “protecting victims” is something you shame a reporter over…. asking for a friend.

  4. In our society, too often do we equate success or lofty position with excellence. Sometimes we see that the two aren’t related at all.

  5. ‘A Woman’s Revenge’ implies that a woman is ‘out to get’ Mallot. Sexist and wrong if he did actually proposition a 16 year old. ‘A Man’s Sh*tty Behavior’s is a more accurate subtitle.

  6. I have never met met Valerie Davidson, but as soon as the news broke in Bethel, I started hearing stories about Ms. Davidson’s history. In short, Walker needs to do more research on his running mate!

  7. We must move our great state forward, we now have a real (Gov very soon Mike Donleavy) Rep: Don-Young Lt: Gov Keven-Myers and State house Dalena Johnson and
    they will deliver we don’t need Politions we need leaders that can move our projects
    forward. LNG Anwar and so many others Iam a Republican so lets step up to the plate
    and do the right thing , and you will see a full PFD check thank you Mike Donleavy
    thank you Larry Zenor

  8. In my opinion, if this incident had been committed by a White Guy, every newspaper around would post all of the information in detail to every citizen of Alaska. Minorities are always screaming Racism, Racism. However, in this instance, a minority is being protected at every avenue. Double Standard? No , triple standard..
    Sad day for All Alaskans, except Begich who will do anything to elected, anything.He back stabbed Ted Stevens and now Walker.

  9. How dirty can this get? How dirty must it get? Lets rise above this slandering and mud slinging and let the election roll out as it will. I have nothing to win or lose in this tragedy but there’s enough going on around us on the national and international scene without Alaskan’s tearing at each other. Who cares what happened to LG Mallot. That’s his wife’s problem, not mine. He did the right thing by stepping aside evidently. The name calling and carrying on is deafening.

  10. “Next in succession” will be Mike Dunleavy.

    This parade of perverted Democrats in Alaska elected office must end.

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