The Muni perks — four hours leave to get a vaccination? It ain’t chicken feed



The Assembly at this evening’s meeting is slated to consider a resolution, AR 2021-87, agreeing to a deal with city employee unions to get up to four hours of leave time to get COVID-19 vaccination shots.

The resolution, proposed by the city’s mayor-select, Austin Quinn-Davidson, could cost the city as much as $135,000 if all the city’s union workers take advantage of the deal.

You might think city workers, like the rest of us, would get the vaccine on their own to keep from getting or spreading the virus, or to avoid being crippled or killed themselves. Apparently our mayor-select sees it differently, or has found a way to slip another benefit to the city’s unions.

Instead of costing Anchorage money, why does the city not simply set up vaccination stations at workplaces? Why? Because city unions support the left-leaning members of the Assembly and this is a nice little payback at taxpayers’ expense.

Let’s face it, $135,000 out of a bloated, half billion-dollar annual city budget is not really a big deal, but it ain’t chicken feed either.


  1. Just watch they will have some sort of muni gathering but only the vaccinated can attend. And they know who you are

  2. The Government is certainly desperate, they are DESPERATE at getting as many people injected with these two vaccines than they cared about vaccines in the past. My initial reaction when I am being peered pressured has always been wait my time out. I am glad I never followed my millennial generations bad choices of alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity, after my generation experienced the destroyed lives and heartbreaking experiences. Boy! Are young adults peered pressured during this time even shamed and ostracized for not joining. My hesitation spared me all those negatives causeing regret in so many lives. It something has to be peer pressured, it can’t be all that good.

  3. Who, sets the rules for these trash politicians, they make their own hours, perks and rules. Same thing in DC. I’ve never had a job where I set my wage, hours and benefits. Must be nice.

  4. Is that the process that is due? I believe they skipped a few steps with the public trust funds.

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