The best firearms salesman: Joe Biden


Thanks largely, we suspect, to the Biden administration’s wrong-headed persistence in pursuing its anti-Second Amendment policies, buyers scooped up more than 1.2 million guns in June, making the month the second-best for gun sales on record.

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System shows that is a slight decline from May’s 1.3 million gun sales and about 900,000 short of last year’s monthly sales record.

Mind you, while things such as the Left’s calls for police defunding, along with food shortages, prisoner releases and widespread rioting, likely fueled surging purchases in recent years, President Joe Biden’s war on the Second Amendment now is prompting, at least partly, today’s gun sales. Americans, it turns out, are not ready to become subjects rather than citizens.

You have to wonder when Biden finally will realize he joins a long list of Democrats vying to be history’s best firearms salesman. He is moving steadily up in the ranks.


  1. I guess the gun manufacturers need more employees to produce more guns and ammo before they burnout those doing the work. Then we’ll be in real trouble.

  2. Many years ago the local ‘hostel’ owners came to me and asked me to talk to one of their guests. They told me that there was something seriously wrong with the guy and believed he was going to end up dead. It seems the guy fancied himself a survivalist and was going to go “live off the land”…and since I had spent some years doing exactly that, they believed I could evaluate the situation. The short story is the guy was dragging around 4 heavy duffel bags filled almost exclusively with guns and ammo. Some California gun store owner saw the fool coming a mile away and sold him a gun for black bear, one for grizzlies, one for caribou, etc, etc. I told him that if he wanted to survive he needed to get rid of all but two or three guns. One large caliber rifle for big game. One .22 LR sidearm for small game. Since he seemed to think people were going to be a problem, I told him he could pack around the AR-15. Are you getting the point? EVERY election cycle people who stand to profit blow the DOG WHISTLE “the Dems are going to take your guns” and you OBEDIENTLY go and buy more crap you don’t need and will never use! You are like QVC addicts! You know, if your house is full of ‘beanie babies’ or toilet paper OR guns, then you’re a mentally ill hoarder. My advice to you is to sell most of those guns and invest in some mobility. You’ll notice that in the Book of Revelation there IS a lot of FLEEING into the wilderness! Just don’t come in my direction! And QUIT being manipulated!!!

  3. How many of the overall guns Americans own are going to be needed when CCP Biden tries to get the door to door forced vaccination plan into affect? Make sure you have a no trespassing sign on your property so if they attempt to come on your property, you have the right to defend yourself form the deadly vaccines they will try to force you to get?
    The vaccine they will try to force you to get is a weapon and we all have the right to defend ourselves from being murdered by syringe.
    Well done Joe, go back to your basement.

  4. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  5. Some federal agencies that don’t have any legal justification in their enabling acts have been buying up huge quantities of ammo, apparently to make it scarce for the public at large. Ammo manufacturers are making more than ever, and it’s becoming scarcer than ever. 9mm, .357, .and .40 seem to be the most scarce, while military 7.62, 5.56, and 7.62×39 also seems less available than in years past.

    • Greg-where? I want to know. I can find .416 Rigby and occasionally .340 Weatherby, but those don’t do me much good. What’s your source? 30-06?.308? 5.56? .45ACP? .44Mag?

      • I switched from cartridge guns to muzzle-loaders. Now, instead of eight bucks per shot (.460 Wby mag) it’s eighty cents. Less than half that if you cast your own bullet and ball.
        A .58 cal Kodiak Express dbbl rifle, with a .58 cal Howdah dbbl pistol gives you all the power and back-up you need for anything in Alaska. The Howdahs were used in the old days, to fend off Bengal tigers at arms length, in India.
        Heavy loads for big game, and light loads for mid-size. There’s even a spare 12 gauge dbbl barrel available, that fits the same stock.
        Then there’s the .72 cal Safari Express dbbl, but no matching .72 cal Howdah dbbl pistol.

        • I also have muzzle loaders, including a revolver, but that’s not what I carry for bear protection. I need 30-06, 180.

          • Back in the 50’s my dad had a .300 Savage lever action, with a 4 round rotary magazine, 5 with one in the chamber.
            He taught me to shoot it as soon as I could shoulder it somewhat.
            It was one of the straightest shooting rifles I had the pleasure of.
            When he died in the 70’s, I looked for it, but it had “disappeared”.

  6. Obama set the standard for White House gun salesmanship with his d-baggery. Gibberish Joe is merely continuing the trend as Obama’s proxy.

  7. JOSEPHDJ, that is so sad. My father was an avid hunter and shooter all his life and had numerous guns. Sadly, when he died, by the time I arrived for the funeral all of his guns had been claimed by relatives who neither hunt nor shoot. Among them several pre-64 Model 70 Winchesters and a complete set of Model 12s.

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