Alaska Supreme Court rules against Alyse Galvin in 2020 election challenge of ballot design


Alyse Galvin has lost again. This time, in court against the Alaska Division of Elections.

When the Division of Elections decided congressional candidate Galvin would be listed as a Democratic Party candidate on the General Election ballot in November, 2020, Galvin objected. She identified as an “independent,” wanted to be listed as an independent, and said it wasn’t fair to have a “D” next to her name.

But there was a problem: She was the Alaska Democratic Party’s official nominee.

She sued. Galvin, who was running for Congress for the second time against Congressman Don Young, sought to stop the Division of Elections from printing and mailing the General Election ballots, saying the ballot design harmed her as a candidate. Her lawsuit didn’t work at the Superior Court, and the election proceeded, with the ballot as designed by the Division of Elections. She appealed to the Alaska Supreme Court.

Galvin was a new breed of shape-shifting Democrat in Alaska who has registered as nonpartisan or undeclared, since in a conservative state like Alaska, Democrats don’t do well running in their own party.

On Friday, the Alaska Supreme Court issued a decision in that lawsuit that, while it didn’t say the State Division of Elections made the right decision putting a D next to Galvin’s name, acknowledged that the division used its best discretion, and agreed with the Superior Court ruling that the injunction Galvin had sought would have jeopardized the prospects of a successful and timely election.

“The superior court did not abuse its discretion by denying Galvin’s requested preliminary injunction because granting the injunction could have imperiled the public interest in an orderly and timely election,” the court wrote.


  1. Democratic is independent.
    Gay is straight.
    Up is down.
    Slavery is freedom.
    War is peace.
    Lies are truth.
    It’s the way that they win.

  2. I enjoyed Alyse as a candidate….the was never able to tell the same story twice or make any sense when addressing an issue…..but it is far past time for her to step off the stage and stay home in the future…..and having said that maybe she will fit well into the confused stage now set by the Biden’s crime family….

      • She looks good as the poster girl for API. Good advertising for the psycho ward. Minimum wages ought to do.

  3. What? The Alaska Supreme Court can actually render a reasoned, logical, pragmatic, sane, articulate, rational decision?
    May wonders never cease to exist.

  4. Poor Alice. (sic)
    I don’t believe she has the intellectual horsepower to understand. Just a D puppet.
    I hope she can attain and hold onto steady employment.

  5. LOL, “It’s harmful to my candidacy if low-information voters can plainly see I’m a Democrat on the ballot.”

  6. Actually, what happened is voters pondered over Galvin and decided to select a candidate who was more Young.

  7. Riddle: what does an Alyse Galvin supporter have in common with a chain link fence? .
    Answer: a chain link fence doesn’t understand what it’s standing for, you can see right through it, and it’s totally “Galvin-ized.”

  8. “……….Galvin was a new breed of shape-shifting Democrat in Alaska who has registered as nonpartisan or undeclared, since in a conservative state like Alaska, Democrats don’t do well running in their own party……..”
    This isn’t new. We’ve had RINOs for decades, and Lisa Murkowski has campaigned as both Republican, independent, and is now considering a run as a Democrat. The vast majority of the political class are shape-shifters. I will agree with her that being the official Democrat candidate is harmful, though, because the Democrat Party is venomous to everything in its vicinity.

  9. Alaska’s relatively small population gives us an advantage in ferreting out the real beliefs and leanings of our candidates for elected office. Being registered as an “independant”, “non partisan” or “undeclared” has become an avenue used by leftist, government loving, Democrats to hid their true beliefs in local and statewide elections. Yes, some RINOs use the same tactic, but it doesn’t take much investigative research or questioning to figure out who to vote for in either instance. In the cases of Alyse Galvin and Al Gross it was fairly easy and now Lisa Murkowski has really put herself forward as a Democrat trying to hid behind the Republican label. The vote to convict President Donald Trump made her political leanings evident for all to see.

    • Stating that an independent, non-partisan, undeclared is being used as an avenue by the leftist government is NOT TRUTH. Many people who are registered as undeclared, independent etc MAY BE very conservative people who are be able to vote for their choices. Being listed as an Republican DOES NOT allow one to vote anything other then Republican whom many are RINO’s as we have discovered. We’ve have had very conservative people but not necessarily Republican.

      • Question:
        If Lisa Murkowski walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, why doesn’t she just become a…….

  10. I think her whole goal is to get name recognition for the low information voters. Eventually Don Young will retire or die in office. When the next election is held, Galvin probably has a decent chance of winning because the low information voters will see the name and recognize it from the last few cycles.

  11. I’ve said it before on here, and I’ll say it again: Independent is Alaskan for Democrat.
    This has been proven recently by Walker, Gross, Alyse, and many more in alaska history. – M.John

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