The battleground: Record number of Americans say they are not Democrat, but not Republican either


Political independents are by far the largest voting bloc in the country, according to Gallup, which polls Americans regularly. They will be the battleground for races in 2024 — the large, persuadable middle grounders.

An average of 43% of U.S. adults say they are neither Republican or Democrat. An equal number of Americans — 27% of those polled — say they are either Republican or Democrat, which is a new low for Democrats in the Gallup poll. Democrats are losing ground every year with American voters.

But in the breakdown that asked them if they lean more toward Republican or Democrat candidates, the Republicans are getting more love from Independent voters.

“All Gallup survey respondents who identify as independents are then asked whether they lean more toward the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. Last year, slightly more independents leaned Republican than leaned Democratic. As a result, a combined 45% of U.S. adults identify as Republicans or lean toward the GOP, while 43% are Democrats or Democratic leaners,” Gallup reported.

While Iowa is kicking off the presidential election season on Jan. 15, Sen. Joe Manchin is on a “listening tour” of America. He told a group in New Hampshire on Friday that even after Iowa and New Hampshire, he won’t know until after Super Tuesday — March 5 — whether he would be able to launch a campaign as a third-party candidate. He is not running for reelection for Senate.

“If there’s going to be an option or a need for an option, you’ll find out by then,” Manchin said. “By March, you’re going to have pretty much a lay of the land, and what you’re going to have, and what you’re going to be offered.”


  1. “…….which is a new low for Democrats……..”
    Those folks are in some kind of race to find new lows as fast as possible in every facet of reality and imagination. They appear to be pretty good at it, too………

  2. And an even bigger number (more than half of the eligible voters) have decided that it is not worth the time and bother to cast a ballot, even when it can be done via mail and completely at one’s leisure.

    What does that tell us about democracy in this country?

  3. No one wants to admit to either party because it’s embarrassing what they’ve done to this country.
    Audit the FED and the DOD.

  4. Since political parties have turned the United States government into a big party-controlled investigation and prosecution of political party politicians and their families, independent voters should try to locate some independent voter who has never been arrested or investigated and put that person on the ballot against these accused criminals that the two-party system offers us as candidates. There are way more independent voters than members of any party. Why can’t we have someone running for President who is not accused of serious crimes?

  5. If they ain’t for the Elephant nor for the Donkey, then that means they are are lining up behind the Beast-a one world leader, one world religion, one world government.

    • There is a genuine shift in American politics occurring. Something we haven’t seen since the death of the Whigs.

      More and more people are realizing Washington and most state houses are broken.

      My main considerations are:
      -will “our betters” allow it?
      -how fast will it be subverted by Blackrock/Davos types?
      -will it be peaceful or bloody?

  6. My preference was based on the elimination of half the junk mail. Democrats overwhelm you with this. My allegiance is to my country, and would vote for anyone proven to be likeminded. The public exposure of what we thought was a box to check can now be used to target people for special maltreatment by a highly partisan government. Enjoy your surprise tax audit and other treatments. Good luck with your small business. The cattle must be branded, as well as the mavericks.

  7. Another factor is employment opportunities. Are you going to tell me that the person doing an interview for a position won’t disqualify an individual for wrong think?
    NEA ✔️
    University’s ✔️
    MOA ✔️
    Library’s ✔️

    The only time they will look to other way is when a skill is mandatory to actually get something done.

  8. They have printed all the money they can, now we wait for the big collapse. That debt number is now as big as it canget before EVERYBODY gets the big education that most people have been avoiding before everything shot up 32%. The commercial rental space implosion that will happen in the next 4 years is going to screw the banking system and the printing presses won’t save them this time. The equal sharing of miseries is here, socialism has destroyed our economy, we are just waiting for the shockwave to hit. Idiots we elected have screwed us into the stoneage.

  9. Never forget: the Founders overthrew the British over far less than our own government does to us.

    • Called un approved by the public mail in voting and easily controlled Dominion voting machines. Go reference the report Georgia judge sealed, which was recently unsealed. The man who wrote it showed the judge that with the push of a button and a pen all results could be switched.

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