Texas border counties declare disasters as thousands of migrants seek entry



 Several South Texas counties issued disaster declarations as the public health authority Title 42 came to close.

The declarations were made as large groups of people, 15,000 Venezuelans and 15,000 Haitians, arrived in the Rio Grande Valley seeking entry to the U.S. An additional 23,000 are reportedly en route to Del Rio.

In the Rio Grande Valley, Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez issued a disaster declaration.

“I received credible information from officials with Customs and Border Protection that large groups of migrants are probing our international border in search of crossing points,” he said. Declaring an emergency is the “first step in securing all available resources.”

It follows a state disaster declaration issued by Gov. Greg Abbott on May 31, 2021, which followed the first disaster declaration filed by Kinney County on April 21, 2021. Roughly 30 counties issued disaster declarations in 2021, most of which are still in effect. Abbott amended the state disaster declaration on April 21, 2023, and also issued subsequent proclamations and executive orders over the border crisis.

Cortez issued the emergency citing a Mexican government estimate that roughly 10,000 people are camped directly across from the border county in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, waiting to cross.

“A surge in migrant crossings is a significant public safety and security concern,” he said, “including but not limited to the risk of injury or loss of life and property.”

He also said he “determined that extraordinary measures must be taken to protect all people in and coming through the county.”

Neighboring Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino also issued a disaster declaration “in response to the imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property resulting from the Border Security Disaster.”

His declaration cites the Texas declaration stating, “the surge of individuals unlawfully crossing the Texas-Mexico border posed an imminent threat of disaster for a number of Texas counties.”

He did so after the city of Brownsville issued a disaster declaration over a week ago and after 15,000 mostly Venezuelans illegally crossed into the U.S. in one week overwhelming Border Patrol in the last week of April.

Since then, RGV Sector Chief Gloria Chavez reported that agents encountered 8,078 illegal foreign nationals the first weekend in May, including 16 smuggling cases. The last weekend in April, they apprehended 6,371 people, including 10 smuggling cases. And this was before the public health authority Title 42 ended May 11.

By May 9, CBP was holding in custody over 27,000 foreign nationals who’d just illegally entered the RGV in Texas from Mexico, a Border Patrol agent stationed there told The Center Square.

“Of that 27,000, a little over 5,000 are processed waiting for their next phase in the process,” the agent said. “Every sector is near 150% capacity,” the agent said, referring to nine U.S. Customs and Border Protection sectors along the southwest border, five of which are in Texas.

Since then, on May 11, the agent told The Center Square that 15,000 Haitians were expected to breach the Anzalduas Bridge Port of Entry. The Army National Guard, Texas Department of Public Safety, Border Patrol and Office of Field Operations staff were all “staging” and processing had stopped. When asked what staging meant, the agent replied they were preparing for “violence.”

Further west, Del Rio is also bracing for impact. Its police department issued an alert on May 11 stating that apprehensions in one day increased from 800 to 1,400, with 800 in custody. “Unconfirmed intel reports are stating that there are approximately 23,000 migrants possibly heading towards Del Rio, however, they are traveling in groups of 1,000 or less.”

These announcements came after the El Paso mayor declared a state of emergency as mostly single military age men remain homeless in its downtown streets and Texas DPS continues to combat cartel and gang-related crime stemming from the border.

Gov. Greg Abbott deployed the Texas National Guard to the RGV and El Paso, blaming President Joe Biden for creating the crisis.

He said Texas was “being overrun by our own federal government. Texas is being undermined by our own federal government and our efforts to secure our border. It’s only Joe Biden and his open border policies that’s hindered our ability to secure the border.”

“President Biden wants to roll out the welcome mat for illegal immigrants. The elite Texas National Guard soldiers and DPS troopers I deployed will be there to stop them,” Abbott said.

“Texas is doing more than any other state in the United States of America to defend the southern border,” the governor said.

Flash floods are expected in border counties on Saturday as heavy weather moves through the area.


      • Prove it.

        Prove it with something, anything that can stand up in a court of law.

        Then answer me two questions
        -why did Fox settle with Dominion?
        -where is Sydney Powell’s long promised Kraken?

        • TMA, I have a very strong bullsh!t detector, and I know when I’m being bullsh!tted. And please stop with the disingenuous “can stand up in a court of law”, when the clearly corrupted courts refuse to hear ANY such cases, and dismiss every one out of hand.

          Your electoral fraud denialism is bizarre and very unbecoming, given your many other sensible and based posts here.

          • Your bullshit detector must melt down when you posted.

            You want to ride your stolen election hobbyhorse? Go for it.
            It’s a load of poop and you will not face it because it’s an article of faith for you.

            Trump and the GOP couldn’t have possibly bungled the election in your eyes, so to square your worldview it must be stolen.

            It’s nonsense, and deep down most of you stolen clowns know it, that’s why you get so snarky when asked to prove it in court. That would be an end of your delusion, and protecting your delusion is more important than anything else.

            You do you, boo. And you’ll end up exactly where you are now.

          • It is is unfortunate that the Avenger is quite willfully blinded on this.

            Its not about Trump, its about widespread corruption that has overtaken our elections, the systematic destruction of their integrity, and the effort to destroy our electoral system. It is not hard to see, unless you are fighting like hell not to. Like ole Boo, for instance…

        • “Stand up in court”
          Now, that is the problem, and that is exactly why vote fraud happens as much as it does.
          Before you get to court, especially in a civil case, you have to demonstrate standing. How exactly were you harmed, and how do you demonstrate that? Simply losing the election does not provide a plaintiff with standing in a civil lawsuit. So, a candidate that loses cannot simply sue to get their evidence seen by a jury.
          What about the voter who’s ballot was miscounted, or negated by an illegally cast ballot? They would have standing, but… demonstrate it? The anonymous nature of our voting system makes it impossible to tell whether your vote (or any other ballot in the bin) was counted correctly or even cast legally. And, if you can demonstrate that a district has a bunch of illegally cast ballots, which ones are illegal?
          Widespread voter fraud will likely never see its day in a court of law because secret ballots make sure of it.
          So… prove it with something that will stand up in a court of law is proof of nothing. It does not demonstrate the election system is secure in any way.
          Additionally, expecting a conviction before you will acknowledge something is a crock of… stuff. It is like saying someone was not robbed until after the criminal is convicted.

  1. I wonder if they will just assimilate … what some mean for harm can work opposite ? of that. Let ranching flourish.

  2. Mexico is allowing these invaders to congregate on their side of the border in preparation for crossing illegally into the United States. That’s after allowing, maybe aiding, many of them to cross Mexico’s southern border and to transit the entire length of Mexico before reaching our southern border. Mexico should be held accountable and punished.

  3. A win win scenario could be had for the Anchorage assembly and Meg what’s her face.
    Fly all the anchorage homeless to south of the border. They stroll across the open border. Get free ( to them) food and housing. Meg can in turn pocket even more rent vouchers ?

  4. This is an invasion. The power brokers and globalists will bring this country down. No borders and an all controlling government.

  5. This is a planned program through the United Nations called “Replacement Migration”. It’s been on the front of their website for 20 years but we still think the elected officials are just stupid. We tried to tell you but we were called kookie conspiracy theorists

      • This is why we lose. Because people like you are worried about being impolite while pedophile Satanist destroy your children’s future. this Invasion being a planned program went right over your head.

        • Not worried about being impolite. But those trying to tell others about the UN stated goals for dissembling the US were considered to be very “impolite” and censored accordingly. One of my sins on ADN was to say that during a time leading up to an election was the time that well-meaning commenters should be able to attempt to persuade one’s community and not be shut out of the conversation. That’s when exactly my comments were expunged from the terribly (impolite) ADN. Very disappointing after my being a print subscriber 60 years.

  6. The declarations were made as large groups of people, 15,000 Venezuelans and 15,000 Haitians, arrived in the Rio Grande Valley seeking entry to the U.S.

    Do you see Mexicans? Because I see other races from other countries far far away….
    Pray for Texas.. This is terrible.
    Remove that frigging puppet from office now!!!

  7. Also, they aren’t micro chipped yet so they are free from AI bio markers for the moment. So that’s a win for them. Americans already are bio marker identifiable by AI to be identified and completely controlled by the autocratic one world new order types.

  8. We have long since passed the point where we can even debate whether this is an invasion or not. The sheer numbers and the dozens of nationalities of aliens crossing the border mean massive security concerns followed by health and welfare concerns. We know NOTHING about the individuals making this crossing other than they have broken our laws by crossing the border without permission. Make no mistake, these are not hard pressed refugees fleeing some disaster zone. These are citizens from other countries that are coming here for the ‘free stuff’. Refugees flee the physical danger of their lands and stop when they are safe. These ILLEGAL ALIENS are fleeing bad economies. Simply put, they don’t want to be poor and they think that by coming to the U.S. they will be given more than they had at home. And that only covers the ones with the best intentions. Think of the crimes committed over the last couple of years by illegals here in the U.S. These are crimes committed against American citizens by people that should not have been allowed into the U.S. to begin with. The biden administration is literally allowing the importation of criminals. We have enough of the home grown criminals already, we do not need to import more. And the last few months several people from the terrorism watch list have been caught. Proof that not only criminals are coming into our country, at will, so are terrorists. How long before a major terror strike happens?

    Then there is the problem of paying for the care and feeding of all those ILLEGAL ALIENS. Like it or not this takes lots of money each and every day and our wonderful federal government is paying for most of it. That means we all have been robbed of tax money taken for the operation of federal and state programs and that money is now being used to feed and house people that have broken our laws and entered our country without permission. Millions of dollars each day and rising! And, since these illegals have not been vetted prior to entry, what diseases are they bringing in to our country. If you just rolled your eyes, then you have never been to a third world country, have you? There are no rules for ‘public health’ and few mandatory vaccinations. Face it, the rest of the world does NOT think the way we do. They don’t care if they come into our country carrying something like smallpox (it has happened) or other diseases that we have long since stopped worrying about.

    We need to place troops on the border and give rules of engagement allowing them to use any and all means necessary to secure our borders, up to and including lethal force. Only when border crossings are conducted at specified locations with the correct documentation, in accordance with our laws, will we be able to stand down from military security.

    • Paul, I understand there have been several thousand less border contacts these two days since the law change.

      Can we agree that if so called illegal aliens are found to be working in, especially working in numbers in a US citizen’s business, that business needs to suffer considerably more legal consequences than being allowed to continue business?

      • Believe it or not, at one time that was the policy. And it came from the Clinton administration of all places. Employers found with illegals on the payroll were fined something like $5000 per head. During that time the flow of illegals reversed and more were going south than north. The only time that occured in my lifetime.

  9. It would be a windfall if they got rid of minimum wage laws and took down the “Free Lunch” sign at the border.

  10. Democrats used to hand out free whiskey at polling places, now they hand out US Citizenship in exchange for a vote.

  11. 8 minute 47 second Muckraker video on the migration operation and the basis for it:


  12. Immigration is coming like it or not. World is getting hot they can’t grow crops where they used to. Can’t make a living. Gangs and crime are formed. People want to get away from it. They migrate to a better area.

    • Legal immigration is completely different to this highly facilitated illegal immigration. The legal system is all but entirely destroyed in this country in that justice is not blind but political. Until that border is slammed shut, our home will grow increasingly dangerous by the day. At some point it will cease to exist as a civilized society. We are at war and soon EVERYONE will be unable to avoid figuring it out.

      • Perhaps more than immigration, but certainly one who is forced to migrate and goes to another country to make their home-they are still emigrating from and immigrating to countries as a part of their migration.

        • The sheer numbers over the last two years are well and above what could be considered immigration. When tens of thousands cross the border each week, against our laws and with literal plans on how to circumvent the immigration process, THAT is an invasion. Every single person, in violation of immigration/border laws need to be tracked down and deported. And when that deportation occurs, collect the biometric data and insure that person never enters the U.S. again.

    • Has nothing to do with global temperatures. It has everything to do with electing leftist/socialists into office. Venezuela used to be a first world nation, but they elected socialists. Now they are walking across the entirety of Central America to get away from their country. Same with Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, etc…
      The people congregating on the southern border cannot make a living because their government is destroying them, not because of the weather.

  13. First of all they are importing future democratic voters, second, how many terrorist are amongst them?

  14. Pay attention when school districts demand even more money for educating illegal immigrant children. Ask you school district how many new illegal immigrant children it has. You will not get an answer. The districts will tell you that information is private. You must ask how many English as a Second Language (ESL) students they have compared to the last 5 years. That is public information you are privy to because the education industry gets more federal (tax) money for every ESL student they have. Follow the money on this one. Consequently, your child may be getting even fewer resources and you may be paying even more taxes than before.

    • It’s none of your business how many undocumented students a school district has. The job of the district is to educate all students. The school district has a job to do and that does nothing to do with border control. You Monday morning politicians crack me up.

      • Actually, when money is tight, as it is right now, the school boards energy and money prioritizes actual American children. And on top of that, what makes you think it is legal to use tax money for the benefit of illegal aliens? It is being done, I won’t argue that, but it is far from a legal use of U.S. tax money.

      • umm as a taxpayer it’s my business how every aspect of a school district is run. Same with voter rolls and elections and those mail-in ballots. Sorry.

      • The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.
        The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.

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