Tale of two weekends: Rainbows, men in tutus in Anchorage; physical prowess, men in kilts in Palmer


It was the tale of two Alaskas in Southcentral on Saturday, and two different types of Alaskans sorting themselves out into festivals as different as they were entertaining.

While downtown Anchorage — very much Joe Biden country — was taken over by rainbows, drag queens, and men in ill-fitting tutus, the Mat-Su Valley was the site of kilt-wearing he-men having a tug-of-war competition and women participating in Celtic feats of strength.

The pride parade, a celebration of gay lifestyle, returned to Anchorage after having shied away from celebrating for the past three years due to fears over Covid.

In the parade were Rep. Jennie Armstrong of downtown Anchorage, Rep. Andrew Gray of East Anchorage, and Sen. Forrest Dunbar of East Anchorage, who wore a Bud Light necktie for the occasion.

Meanwhile, while Dunbar hoisted a rainbow flag as he traipsed through Anchorage, in the Mat-Su, the Scottish Highland Games were the place for hoisting big logs into the air.

At the Alaska State Fairgrounds, the field of play included the tug-o-war, caber toss (log throwing), and the sheaf (bale of hay) tossing competitions, all under a Chamber of Commerce sky. The festival included Scottish bagpipes, heavy athletics, Celtic dance, drumming, kilted mile, scotch tasting, tea tent, salmon tossing, tug-of-war, vendors, historical demonstrations, ax throwing, and children’s events, all of which continued on Sunday in a family-friendly environment.


  1. It isn’t like the perverts are hiding themselves or their agenda. They do not want tolerance, they want affirmation. They are about as like to get that as “monkeys flying outta my butt,” to quote the sage.

    • they want more than affirmation, they demand extra rights and to be celebrated. if you disagree with either of those demands or even dare to question them then you’re labeled a homophobe bigot and more than likely your name will end up on some kind of list.

  2. As to the Anchorage event, some of these folks are harmless but the part that is going to hurt them in the long run is the fixation on children. And there can be little argument that children remain a focus of the overall effort.

    • They want our children to accept them because they know what they are doing is wrong. If they can get our kids acceptance, maybe our kids will work on us and we can be perverted too….. funny thing is, we are the ines teaching tolerance.
      queers, accept yourself as you were born, embrace that you are who you are. We all do this. Love you.
      We conservatives have been allowing you to grow out of it, and instead you are misbehaving and trying to sway others, and our kids are off linits. How about, grow up and accept you as you. We accept you as you, we do not accept your sexual deviancy outside in public. Queer it up in your own home and present yourself as an adult to the rest of us. That is how you get acceptance, behaving like an adult.
      Leave your sexual deviancy at home, where it belings, among consenting adults.
      I dont hetero in front of you, how about you dont queer it up in front of me?

      • Are you ready to do what you are telling others to do?

        Do you have a mom, dad, and kids sticker on your car? Do you have a picture of your spouse at work and/or family? Ever write about what you think another culture is about (like above)?

  3. On a super-duper positive note: The testosterone-deficient tutu crowd’s choices means they are headed towards self-imposed extinction because they can’t reproduce.

    • No so. As JMARK aptly eluded to, homosexuals don’t require an authentic version of nature’s oldest dance. They reproduce by touching children.

    • They reproduce by indoctrination. That’s why sick people like Andrew Gray and Ashley Carrick want schools to hide kids that change their name and gender identity.

  4. I don’t give a damn about your sexuality any more than the lbqtqrstuv community gives a damn about mine! This is a bunch of garbage! Enough already!

    • If you think the alphabet police don’t care about your personal choices you’ve lost the beat. If it were about just them, doing what they wanted, to each other? There’s no issue. It’s you- your kids-your grandkids. THAT is what this is about. It has nothing to do with THEM.

  5. Politicians such as Grey, Dunbar, and Armstrong are weak minded and lacking in much integrity. Lost sheep following after the wrong shepherd. Very sad. Sadder still they have been elected.

  6. Anchorage can rot in the hovel it has become. The LGBTQ fiends are behind it all.. Bunch of freaks. Let them all go broke. Don’t spend money there.

  7. Glad I don’t live Downtown, its weirdness beginning right about 2013 by the change when the more traditional conservative Democrat homeowners and their leadership, whom built their neighborhood giving its long-standing charm, elegance, and history, sold their homes and moved out of state. The new and younger homeowners unfortunately agree adding their tastes and values that cheapen the neighborhood looking more and more like the Spenard neighborhoods every year since 2013. My prediction one day no one with a sense of status, education, and class will choose to live in the iconic historic Downtown.

        • Give it a rest Maureen.
          You defend fake women in skirts all day long, but can’t handle real men in skirts? Pathetic and beneath even you.
          Kilts started out in the Scottish highlands as war fighting attire, giving the Scots the ability to move more freely. The garment also protected from the damp conditions. At night it doubled as a blanket. The modern kilt dates back to the 16th century and was originally designed with a cloak attached. It depicts the color of the clan and is worn with honor.

    • What they aren’t doing? Is grinding in front of kids in an attempt to sexualize them, at an early age, so they can easier be molested. No -that’s your crew Maureen. The party that defends pedos will have to answer for their actions at some point. If not in this life, then the next one. No one can escape judgment for these sorts of evils.

    • Maureen, German Soldiers in WWI came up with some long lasting names for their enemies. The Kaiser’s troops gave the US Marines the name of Teufel Hunden, or Devil Dogs and they named the Scot’s Black Watch regiment ” Ladies from Hell”. This because of the tenacity of these Scottsmen who wore kilts.

      Hey, isn’t Dunbar a soldier? Perhaps he could lead the Tutu Regimental Combat Team against Putin’s entrenched troops?

  8. And the Churches need to find a way to defend our Lord’s rainbow from this mockery and blasphemy like inventing a second Christian flag like a White flag with a half shaped rainbow centered with a golden sun arising behind it and around it telling of the Glory of our Lord is coming. Our elders of the Church since 1970s shouldn’t had allowed the homosexual community get away blaspheming our God so long.

  9. I’d have liked to see the Highlanders find out how far they could toss Dunbar instead of a caber.
    Being as light in the loafers as he is, I imagine that they could have tossed him quite far — maybe even over the rainbow.

  10. Masculinity in our society has been in remission for the last 40 years or more. Men have been made to feel guilty for exhibiting traits that traditionally were virtues that kept society safe , strong and free from dangerous enemies and corrosive influences within. Boys have been indoctrinated to behave like Women and to eschew any macho influences.
    Given the above it’s not surprising to see news stories about men wearing tutu’s.

  11. Fu-fu sissy men, Swishers, girly-boys, mahulanis. I really don’t care what they do to themselves, or each other. Just keep them away from my children……….or there will be hell to pay.

  12. I have often felt I could never fall in love with anyone but an Alaskan man. Someone who handles snow removal, car starts, loves pouring concrete then takes me out dancing. Someone who brings in salmon and runs off bears and tells great hunting stories. If Alaskan men are going gay we have a serious problem in the world!

  13. Suzanne, why feed the division in our communities? You seem to go out of your way to piss off your base. Somebody’s going to get hurt.

    • There’s always been an accepting place for your type, VC. It’s called the closet. When you slither out and force derision there has only ever been one legacy response. The better question is why do you think your perversion must be accepted when in fact your group is best known for being a primary vector for parasites, AIDS, all forms of venereal disease and whatever that monkey pox nonsense was that ran rampant through the promiscuous anal sex community most recently?

      I once knew a pharmacist in the Bay Area that had herpetic lesions on all three primary points that are foremost in your mind at this moment. He also had HIV and a number of other unfortunate maladies known to popular amongst homosexuals. He referred to himself as gay but in my mind that seemed an inappropriate reference. He’d have been anything but.


      He’s dead. Now… you were saying that everyone should be open to forced acceptance of deviant behavior. To what end?

    • some of us gay moderates/conservatives do find this a hard part of life in Alaska. We’re not liberals, nor want to support the democratic party – but there seems to be a part of the right wing faction that just keeps tearing us apart, no matter what we do (or don’t do) – although the left doesn’t do any favors either by forcing us to embrace all of the alphabet soup & its movement.

      As gays, we have to do better and I think the Pride events this year have been a lot more toned down than before. At least we aren’t hearing about drag queens twerking kids or backup dancers using sex toys as props on stage in front of kids. **some drag performances need to remain in the clubs and not in public. Even RuPaul’s drag race doesn’t allow some of the acts we hear going on around the country.**

      My partner and I are both not left leaning and just live our life without rubbing it in anyone’s face. We both moved to Alaska to be a part of the “live and let live” mantra we heard about, and acceptance by our neighbors and community. But sadly, the Republican faction of this state has a hard-on for anything LGBTQ and it really turns off that entire group from even *considering* voting or supporting conservative & libertarian candidates that truely embrace “leave me alone” type statutes/regulations, etc. We have a handful of gay friends, who also are NOT liberals, but its a hard pill to swallow to support the GOP and right-leaning folks when they sadly embrace the extremes of the LGBTQ (or make it seem that ALL gays are like this) and forget that not *everyone* runs around in drag, groping kids, forcing everyone to embrace our lifestyle, or requiring you to use our pronouns .

      • What, exactly is ‘tearing you apart’? If you support a strong economy, strong military, and secure borders, I’ll shake your hand and welcome you to ‘our’ side. We can debate things like gay marriage any time you’d like as long as I know that we share a common goal of a strong America.

        My guess is that you live in Anchorage? Correct?

      • 1-then do something. You’re being painted by the alphabet gang running amok. Your community has the most to lose, but you sit silent.

        Failure to police your community falls on you, not the rest of us.

        2-am throwing the BS flag on much of your post. Not every conservative/republican has issues the gays, and you either know it or work to deny it. Either way, it’s factually not true.

        But it does make a good way to attempt to seize a failed moral high ground.

      • Haolenate you may be surprised to find that we “conservatives” are very capable of differentiating between people like you and the radicals, who make all the noise. We conservative do NOT embrace the extremes of the gay movement, far from it. When these radicals come after my grand kids it is my duty to shield them from those, who are lewd in front of them, tell them to keep a secret and influence them to make poor irreversible life-altering choices.
        In NYC at the gay march this year the chant was:
        “We are here, we are queer and we are coming for you children”

        I find it sad that you will not stand up to your own crowd and speak out against their vulgar behavior at every turn. These are really only a handful of people, who make everyone miserable and give all a bad name. Instead you pick on “GOP’ers”, when you should join them and stand up for what is right and decent, so you, your partner and everyone else can live life the way they see fit in peace.

          • A conservative is not tolerant of radicals, left or right. A conservative wishes to be left alone and allowed to live as they see fit. Sometimes we end up having to tolerate others, who don’t act as we would, but still wish personal freedom. We will not be afraid to express our views, but you’ll notice that we aren’t burning people out of house and home when they disagree with us.

            There is actually little difference between far left radicals and far right radicals. The far left wants to kill me if I do not agree that the most extreme social/sexual actions are acceptable. On the other side, the far right radicals will want to kill me if I so much as tolerate another’s actions that they find unacceptable. Someone explain the difference? Both radical groups are intolerant of anyone not IN the group.

            It’s still death by exposure whether the heat kills you or the cold does it.

          • “All people are equal members of one human family.”
            Isn’t that what you said? You madam parse words to excuse the despicable, while holding others to a standard you yourself are unwilling to adhere to.
            I don’t appreciate radicals, who demand total obeisance to their cause from all, while further demanding immunity for their bad acts.

          • “Why are you accepting far right radicals but not far left?”

            Maureen, I want you to define “far right radical”.

            Beyond that, I will only repeat a good and famous quote by one of your putative far right radicals: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

    • Not sure how this will ‘piss off your base’? I think it’s a nice contrast in the two groups. Was there anything especially inflammatory in this article? Was there something specific in the article that called for violence? Please explain.

  14. One of the craziest evenings of my life was a Robert Burns dinner at the Sheraton. Rented kilt. Carafes of scotch. After party at Darwin’s. Go for the sword option, if available.

  15. Suzanne, keep up the good work! You do your job well! I like how you cover all stories. Some of those stories are difficult but we need to hear them all, not just the nice feel good ones.

  16. This explains why people are moving to the valley and letting Anchorage fruit die on the tree.

  17. Suzanne, it was actually a tale of THREE weekends. You left out the summer solstice celebration in downtown Anchorage on Saturday, which had fun, food, and games for everyone. My wife and I had a great time.

    On the walk back home, we crossed the Park Strip, and saw some fat bearded dude, dressed as a woman, lip-syncing on stage. All I could think of was how sad it was that some people define their fulfillment in life by their sexual gratification.

    • Dan, your last point is the really critically importantly and relevant point, one that SO many people refuse to make, or to see, or to acknowledge: that basing your self-identity on your sexuality is not just incredibly shallow and vulgar, but fundamentally anti-human, as it inherently denies defining oneself by the attributes that make us uniquely human, but instead lowers those who choose to define themselves based on how they use their sexual organs down with the (other) animals.

  18. According to the history I learned in school the Democrats in the south had hung on to a belief that they had a right to own slaves that they had bought with hard earned cash from black slave traders who had captured and sold them became so controversial it ended up in the bloodiest battle in history.

    It was very disturbing to watch “The Sisters” radicalized performance aimed at degrading the Catholic Nuns who have devoted their lives to helping the poor and needy at the Dodgers event. “The Sisters” have radical members among them who operate outside of the law. Their actions resemble Charles Manson’s theory of Helter Skelter with radicalizing the black population.

    If the left thinks all children are up for grabs as Joe Biden implies history is bound to repeat itself.
    If the whackos continue to push their beliefs that all children are public property there will be hell to pay at some point and I am glad I as well as my family will not be on that side.

    I would rather be seen next to one soldier wearing a kilt than a hundred of them wearing tutus.

  19. I dont peek under tutus or kilts and not concerned whether slavery is allowed. Jeffrey Epstein’s success as a slave owner didnt pan out too well when Hillary and Melinda Gates found out about it. I did see Sam Briton with a sex slave dressed as a dog so if that turns you on then go for it.

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