Survey: 97% of teachers use ChatGPT to develop lesson plans


A new survey by shows how the artificial intelligence application called ChatCPT is pervasive in school curriculum as teachers increasingly use it to develop lesson plans, and students embrace it to do their homework.

The downtown Seattle-based company, which is privately funded by unknown entities, assists students through their study challenges, college application process, as well as navigating financial aid.

The company said it surveyed 1,000 teachers and found that 8 in 10 teaches approve of students using ChatGPT, and nearly all teachers are using it to help them manage their work.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 95% of teachers are aware of ChatGPT
  • 98% of teachers use ChatGPT
  • 79% approve of student use
  • 84% of teachers that approve of its use have spent time teaching their students how to use it
  • 35% believe most or all of their students turn in assignments they used ChatGPT to complete
  • 71% say their school doesn’t have a policy surrounding ChatGPT use

The survey also revealed that 97% of teachers were frequently or sometimes using ChatGPT to write lesson plans, while 93% were using it to help them grade and provide feedback to students. Some 91% of teachers were using it to write emails and 89% to write letters of recommendation.

ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence programs are newly available to the public. ChatGPT was launched in November and has come under criticism for having a strong left-leaning bias.

Earlier this year, Must Read Alaska asked ChatGPT to write about why drag queen story hour was a bad idea for children, and the chat bot would not do it, but did provide a glowing story on the benefits of drag queen story hour for children.

Others have conducted similar experiments and found strong biases. Some express concern about whether students are really learning when they are relying so heavily on a chat bot to do their homework.

An example of how chat bots can do assignments is beyond just answering a series of questions: A computer programming teacher can assign students to write some code that performs certain functions. The students can ask ChatGPT to write the code for them and complete the assignment in a few seconds.

ChatGPT can also write creative stories, academic reports, poems, and compositions of various types. As artificial intelligence, it learns quickly and improves its quality by the second, as it picks up new information from the internet constantly.

Other forms of AI can produce completely realistic-looking photographs and artwork that looks like it was painted by a master.

The top reason the surveyed teachers give for using ChatGPT was time-saving, with 42% of teachers citing it as a factor. Many teachers also found that it provided good suggestions (41%) and helped them understand ChatGPT’s capabilities (17%).

The survey indicated that teachers who used the tool generally approved of their students using it as well. Two-thirds of teachers surveyed believed that many students were turning in assignments generated by artificial intelligence. The results showed that 6% of teachers believed all of their students turned in work generated by ChatGPT, with 30% believing most students did so, and 30% thinking many students used it. Conversely, 25% of teachers thought only some students used it, and only 1% believed none of their students used it.

The survey also found that a third of teachers believed that all (6%) or most (28%) of their students used ChatGPT during class. Another 25% thought that many students used it, while 27% thought that only some did. Only 5% believed none of their students used it in class.

Nearly three-quarters of teachers survey (71%) said that their school did not have a policy surrounding ChatGPT use.

Learn more details about this survey at says there are many good reasons to incorporate AI into the classroom.

“One of the key benefits of incorporating AI into the classroom is the ability to provide students with a more personalized learning experience. AI algorithms can analyze student data and adapt to their learning styles, providing feedback and recommendations that are tailored to their individual needs and abilities. This can help to keep students engaged and motivated and can lead to improved academic performance. Another benefit of incorporating AI into the classroom is the opportunity to deepen students’ understanding of this rapidly-evolving technology. By incorporating AI into the curriculum, teachers can help students develop a critical perspective on this technology, and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. Finally, incorporating AI into the classroom can also help students develop important 21st-century skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. These skills are essential for success in the digital age, and they can be developed through hands-on experience with AI tools and applications,” the trade group writes.

The group also cautions that there are drawbacks, including training and integration of the technology among teachers, and ethical challenges. But in general, the education industry group speaks favorably of the new technology.


  1. What, exactly, are we paying teachers for?

    In Alaska it sure as hell isn’t for providing a quality education.

    • And also paying Jesse Sumner (R- Wasilla) to write bills for us?

      In Alaska it sure as hell isn’t providing a quality leadership.

  2. All that’s left now is to insist that the students plug their brain directly into the neurolink and the assimilation will be complete. God help us.

  3. But are we teaching our youth how to think and solve problems on their own? Having seen more than a few job resumes produced by AI recently, I’d have to say it is not human and very lacking… Breezing through school by having your computer do the learning and remembering, one has to wonder what the future holds, and it looks very bleak to me. We’ve lost generations to drugs – the next will be lost to AI.

  4. So more teachers use ChatGPT than are actually aware of it? Sounds line this could have been written by CGPT. Another site asked CGPT what was today’s date and it answered 2 weeks two the future.

    • Yes, surely there is a reason for the discrepancy. Maybe they are not aware they are using it. – sd

    • Don’t know about you, but I can often tell articles written by AI. They are regularly banal. The operative word in AI is “artificial”.

  5. It sound to me that ChatGPT
    deserves a wage increase now that “teachers” are using it to “Teach”.

  6. The most unique thing about humans is our ability to actually seek out ways to make ourselves extinct.

  7. Laziness! How does a teacher expect to teach a student problem solving if they themselves don’t use their own brains??? Crib notes for teachers is all this is! Do your own planning!!!

  8. Just more proof that the movie Idiocracy is a documentary. Teachers have given up the premise that education is the goal, much like parents did not long ago. Why do people need to think when computers can do it for them?

  9. We just found out that teachers aren’t teaching anymore. AI is teaching and dumbing down our students.. Lets see, let’s fire the teachers and go back to remedial teaching and if the teachers can’t teach w/o AI, Fire them..They need to get another non-teaching job. And finally we learn who is teaching our kids the woke/transgender education. If teachers can’t teach w/o the AI..they’re not only not teaching our children so we need to get somebody who can go back to the basics.

  10. Sure and it’s icicles-in-hell unlikely… teachers union shows up for contract renewal/reward, other side channels their inner Art Chance with, “you just proved you’re no more than ChatGPT officeboys, so officeboy pay is all you get, and if you don’t like that, your replacements will.”
    To Eaglexit sponsors, now might be a really good time to assure parents that ChatGPT will -never- be used by teachers or students in their school system.
    What say you, Sean Murphy?

  11. Seems to me with all this so called technology we are all just learning more and more about less and less until we know a whole lot about nothing! I hope technology implodes before my life is over so I might have an opportunity to see people learn from each other and also from nature instead of this mind numbing technology.

  12. As a teacher I do not believe this at all. In fact I read a report recently that said 97% of blogs are written by AI. This is probably one.

    • And you would be wrong. But you are a solid illustration of the failings of our educational system.

      Do you know the difference between girls and boys?

    • Also an elementary teacher here…this is obviously fake news!

      Just because AI is looked at doesn’t mean teachers print and script-teach AI lesson plans. Have you been in a elementary classroom recently! The notion is funny!

      We already have scripted curriculums (new one next year) in Elementary school! Ha! That’s what teachers have been fighting for the past years…’freedom of teaching’.

      The thought of a K-3 classroom teacher printing off AI lesson plans and using this as their sole vessel for teaching daily is ironic at best…hilarious indeed!

      Please visit/volunteer in your local K-3 elementary school for a day or two…then make your own informed conclusion.

      • Been there, done that. My position is unchanged. And is well informed. Including the current propaganda used by zealots.

        I’ve seen the inside of the “education system” at every level. And current contacts at every level.

        Do YOU know the difference between boys and girls?

        • Masked One…are you implying that AI is indeed being used extensively in AK Elementary Schools as Lesson Plans to deliver curriculum?

          My only point was, that I truly believe, this an erroneous statistic (97%).

          Just because someone is affiliated with an organization doesn’t mean they are THE problem.

          Believe me – there is a large percentage of ASD teachers who are teaching because they truly want to make a difference in their community. No political ties or agendas…just in it for the ‘right reasons’. I only want the best for my students: to enjoy learning, set goals, and achieve growth. I watch them become critical thinkers who are pushed to frustration…and can deal with failure (perseverance), and ultimately achieve success.
          Teaching Reading, Writing, Math, etc. without any political agenda isn’t difficult – there is precious time to deliver these core subjects anyway.
          I see this as the norm in most Elementary settings….do you have outliers? Of course! But, not the typical classroom. I know a lot of great teachers …and yes, some not so great ones.
          Stop being such a curmudgeon – what are you doing to make your community better? Not everyone is ‘in it’ for their agenda.

    • Yeah I’ve never heard of it. Any teacher that I ever knew and worked with always for required by administration to turn in a weekly very detailed lesson plan. The administrator then was able to look over what their plans were and meet with the teacher if they needed help or if the administrator had some idea that would help them. That sounds kind of old school but that’s what I saw.

  13. The Empire Strikes! LOL
    I’m a teacher and have taken my middle school students off line. Despite the push for Google Classroom I rebel (fire me…. PLEASE), I make the kids write, explore, question, argue and THINK. Damn it! None of this mind numbing chatGBT nonsense. Someone has to be taught how to take out the storm troopers. ?

  14. In addition to teaching children that their God given gender is fluid, we just found another darn good reason to abolish the Dept. of Education.

  15. As a taxpaying citizen I do believe this entirely. In fact I questioned two teachers I know VERY well who also taught my children about the queer/gay books found in school libraries which were read aloud in front of the school board members and they flat out denied any of it was true. They both insisted it DID NOT happen! Those books were NOT found in the library they assured me. They just proved themselves as Liars and lost ALL credibility with me. During the last election I asked them who to vote for school board president and they both assured me Margo Bellamy was a much better choice than Rachel Ries. That was the final confirmation they are both bought and paid for by the NEA! I guess if I was a teacher I would have to deny it as well. How else would a teacher defend their high paying job with paid three months off? After all they are teachers…They know everything.

  16. Remember our idiot governor wants to give them raises and retention bonuses for “educating” sine of the worst performing students in America.

  17. I am most impressed by the three percent of teachers who are not aware of ChatGPT, but who use it.

    This source sounds incredibly reliable! Thank you MRA for this essential journalism 😉

    • Why not: Maybe it’s your reading comprehension or maybe your math competency. Depending on how the questions were put to the teachers (not revealed in story), they very well may be using AI without knowing it. I think the part that stumps you is “The survey also revealed that 97% of teachers were frequently or sometimes using ChatGPT to write lesson plans, while 93% were using it to help them grade and provide feedback to students. Some 91% of teachers were using it to write emails and 89% to write letters of recommendation.” Or maybe the education industry group in Seattle is really bad at doing surveys. Maybe take a look at the source, which Suzanne provided in the link.” Go fetch. Learn. Report back your findings.

  18. Remember that in the bush, most teachers inherit low performance students because few seldom stay longer than a year or two. Also, you know that it takes at least two three maybe even 4 years for positive results to show up in any test platform. Growth can be seen in just one year but that’s not the statistics that people like to quote.

  19. I had an excellent teacher who supported my education, speech therapy needs, Christian faith, health, family integrity, protected my reputation, study habits, goals, success in that order. She was fantastic, a descendant of Martha Washington who gave all her worldly goods she had as one of the wealthiest women in America at the time to educate minorities in America) to maximize my shot at success here in Alaska with all you guys. How did she do? Much better than most these days based upon the one finger salutists we just saw. Sadly we must cut the indoctrination budget now for best results to save the kids in AK.

  20. Greg, you get out of things what you put in to them. My son tested below expectations in the pivotal third grade. I bought gifted curriculum approved district textbooks and work books used at home in the evenings. Within six minths he was testing three grades ahead. He was not scholasticly inclined otherwise. He never backtracted after that.

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