Surprise endorsement for Nick Begich for Congress comes from the heart of Palin World


In the race for Congress in Alaska, there have been many twists and turns. But through it all, every day there’s a big testimonial for candidate Nick Begich is posted on his Facebook page.

But the one posted on Tuesday was a real surprise — it came from Sarah Palin’s former father-in-law, Jim Palin.

Jim is Todd Palin’s father and the grandparent to the Todd-Sarah Palin children. Todd and Sarah have been recently divorced and it was not a good experience for either of them, according to those who followed the drama. Sarah is now dating a retired New York Ranger hockey player Ron Duguay. Sarah was also a late entrant into the race for Congress; she waited until April 1, two weeks after the death of Congressman Don Young, which occurred March 18.

Nick Begich, like Palin, is running in both the special election to serve as the temporary Congressman until January, and also in the regular election for the two-year seat, which begins in January.

Nick is the young, conservative Begich in a family known for its aging liberals. His own father is a Libertarian and his mother is a Republican. In high school, Nick was a member of his school’s Republican Club. Through the years he has lived in Alaska, he has proven himself to the conservative influencers around the state, through his volunteer work in the Alaska Republican Party, with the Alaska Policy Forum think tank, and as a board member of MTA, one of the nation’s largest telecommunications cooperatives. He was the co-chair of Congressman Don Young’s 2020 re-election campaign.

Sarah is arguably the most famous Alaskan in state history, and comes into the race for Congress with higher name ID than even the congressman she hopes to replace. She has lived her life out in the open in a very public way, serving as governor, vice presidential candidate, cable news commentator, and even appearing as a dancing, rapping bear on a show called “The Masked Singer.” Polling by Must Read Alaska shows that she has a strong chance of making the final four for the Aug. 16 ranked choice ballot in the special election general. The special election primary ballot will be in the mail in just 8 days, on April 27.


  1. I am looking to vote for a Begich, who’d guessed!!!!
    We need someone desperately to get’r done in the DC swamp. Needs a draining and a disinfect cleaning. What’s been done to the country is devastating. Anybody who has been serving us there, is obviously failing.

  2. Sarah was a poor mayor.
    Dismal Governor.
    And the ‘Straw that broke McCains back’.
    She needs to just go away……

  3. Good for him!!! She is a real problem, and will make us look like fools again, keep her out, I cannot forget about “I can see Russia from my back porch”. I am so tired of self serving politicians

    • You do know Sarah never said she can see Russia from her back porch. Saturday Night Live said she did. Sarah said she can see Russia from Alaska and you can. So don’t believe everything you hear about her. Do your research on why she stepped down as governor when she came back from the VP campaign.

    • “I can see Russia from my back porch” was from a skit on SNL. Stop getting your facts from NBC legacy media.

      The media loves BEGICH!

  4. To Archie: good for you! For remembering Tina Fey (a good liberal) playing Sarah Palin on the NBC (liberal network) show Saturday Night Live (a cesspool of liberalism). Because while Sarah mentioned Russia, she didn’t say that.

    As for El Aye: maybe you should move there, because McCain and his team did nothing to support Palin. She was a small state short term politician thrust onto the world stage via a hostile press. How did they think she would be portrayed?

    It’s probably good that she’s on the ballot so Nick and she will have two of the spots, and Nick may have a better chance to win the shitstorm of ranked choice voting.

  5. Sarah doesn’t want to take care of a disabled child. A selfish woman, to the core. She’d rather date a younger, pro athlete than perform her parental duties. Alaska will be a loser if she goes to Congress. Nick Begich III, all the way.

    • I hope this
      is only internet gossip. So it’ll be best taken as a grain of sand until proven, cause its so wicked and be even greater wicked to find out its a lie that such non sense would be said. For such scenarios these kind of births happen to those parents with money to hire a live-in nanny with special education training even if one is relocated. There is always a way, this would make a crummy unreconciliable differences excuse.

      • Lugging around a Downs Syndrome teenager just doesn’t fit Sarah Palin’s campaign profile. I bet Todd does all the real work. Sarah is out being a high profile Cougar, making headlines around the country. What a shameful mother.

    • FYI, just for the sake of getting facts straight: Ron is not younger. He’s quite a bit older. Furthermore, she loves her son and treats him like the blessing he is. Finally, Alaskans will have someone fighting for them if she goes to Congress.

  6. Murkowski and Palin have voted against Alaska’s interests on several occasions. Neither deserves to represent our best interests.

  7. I remember a different side of the Palin era in Wasilla and as Governor; it was great. I trust her over all others and everybody in my family is voting Palin. It’s like all the anti Palin people are making it up as they go along and telling lies about the history of Palin. Don’t you all remember how Palin put the legislature back in their place and how the oil companies would change the tax structure every couple years. Remember when she wouldn’t let all them corrupt policitians go home at Christmas until they signed the PFD bill giving every Alaskan 3200 which was owed to them. Last day they all signed, every last one of them. I remember when Palin was in Wasilla. Do you all remember when she put the Repubs back in their place over local sales tax. Do you remember when all the people showed up in Wasilla ready to hang people off lamp posts. Palin has my trust, I remember how she governed. I’m too afraid Begich will end up being a Romney repub. We get that a lot up here due to blk money.

  8. If we keep voting for establishment candidates don’t be surprised that the swamp is never drained!

  9. Begich got in when Young was still alive. He can also talk coherently about the issues. That means something.

  10. Well! It shouldn’t be a shocker, he’s a private citizen and families are knowm not to see eye to eye on political civic matters. The only thing this does is continue muddy the palin family waters. You know! I known some grown children who manipulated and put an aged parent in a situation to do something they probaly would-‘nt do. I think its weird. He lived a quiet life and suddenly he puts himself into an arena.

  11. I dunno. Something about the political dynasty, uniparty endorsing, uniparty money, and the almost immediate decision that he needs to be the conservative candidate of choice doesn’t sit right. Too much momentum from the establishment to make me feel comfortable that he isn’t going to be a Murkowski clone once he gets in.

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