Sun sets in Utqiagvik, won’t return for 65 days


It was cloudy in Utqiagvik on Friday, but the sun came up and went down 58 minutes later, not to be seen again for 65 days. The sun rose at 12:42 pm and set at 1:41 pm, and will next rise on Jan. 23.

Utqiagvik, formerly known as Barrow, is the furthest north town in the United States. It is situated at 71.2906° N, and 156.7886° W.

The temperature reached 32 degrees on Friday and will be in the low-20s at night and the Arctic Ocean is still unfrozen. It is in House District 40, represented by Rep. Josiah Patkotak, and Sen. Donny Olson.


  1. Who in God’s name would live in a place like that? Wouldn’t take me long to figure out that living there sucks. Yet…. We have been here for ten thousand years or more… lol hahahah

    • Utqiagvik was the original name. Barrow was the name of a British admiral. The townspeople just wanted to reclaim the original name and preserve its identity. It means “place to gather wild roots.” – sd

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