Election update: Murkowski pulls ahead to 43.32%, Dunbar reaches 50%+1, Rep. Neal Foster surges


In the 9 pm Friday update from the Division of Elections, Sen. Lisa Murkowski has pulled ahead of Kelly Tshibaka in the first round of counting for the U.S. Senate race. Result can be viewed at this link.

Sen. Murkowski now sits with 43.32% of the vote. That means 56.68% of Alaska voters chose someone else on the first round of counting.

Murkowski’s current result is more than a percent less than what voters gave her in 2016, when she won with 44.4% of the vote.

In 2010, Murkowski won with 39.5% of the vote. Murkowski has been Alaska’s U.S. senator since appointed by her father in 2002. She won with 48.6% in 2004, her first statewide election, which was the best she has ever done with Alaska voters.

This time, however, with ranked choice voting, she will get another bite of the apple. The second-choice votes from voters are calculated by the Division of Elections on Nov. 23, and Murkowski is expected to pick up most of Democrat Pat Chesbro’s voters’ second choice to reach over 50%, which is what is needed to win in the ranked-choice system that was designed by her supporters to ensure her win this year.

Compared to her win in 2016, this year Murkowski is far behind in first-place votes. In 2016, she received 138,149 votes, with Libertarian Joe Miller receiving 90,825, no-party candidate Margaret Stock getting 41,194 and Democrat Ray Metcalf pulling in 36,200.

This year, Democrat Pat Chesbro has gotten 9,326 less votes than Democrat Ray Metcalfe received in 2016, when he got 11% of the vote. Chesbro now is at 10.35%.

The 2022 general election results will be final on Nov. 23, and the election is set to be certified on Nov. 29.

Senate race

  • Murkowski 112,519, 43.32%
  • Tshibaka 110,861, 42.68%
  • Chesbro 26,874, 10.35%
  • Kelley 7,484, 2.88%

House race

  • Peltola 127,364, 48.68%
  • Palin 67,485, 25.79%
  • Begich 61,179, 23.38%
  • Bye 4,521, 1.73%

Governor race

  • Dunleavy/Dahlstrom 131,770, 50.34%
  • Gara/Cook 63,284, 24.17%
  • Walker/Drygas 54,230, 20.72%
  • Pierce/Grunwald 11,723, 4.48%

In state Senate races, Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, running for Senate Seat J, has exceeded the 50%+1 threshold in his east Anchorage district, fending off two other contestants, including Rep. Geran Tarr, and avoiding having to go into the runoff round of counting, via the ranked-choice voting method now in use in Alaska.

  • Dunbar 4,278, 50.02%
  • Satterfield 2,800, 32.74%
  • Tarr 1,432, 16.74%

In House races, Rep. Neal Foster of District 39 (Nome) has surged past challenger Tyler Ivanoff of Shishmaref, to an insurmountable win for that area, with 1,834, or over 51.19%. For several days the two were with 10 votes of each other and as of Friday, Foster was just three votes ahead, but later on Friday a surprising number of votes have been added to his total. Ivanoff has 1,726 votes, 48.17%.

Democrat Rep. Andy Josephson in Anchorage has gained even more in the absentee and early votes, and is now at 52.42% over Republican challenger Kathy Henslee, 47.44%. It appears he has won another term in office.

The latest release of ballot counts from late Friday night includes Region IV — All House district absentee (all counts) received through Thursday and early votes cast in the Region IV office. Also, HD 1 and 3-6 (all counts) through Nov. 15, HD 2 (all counts) through Nov. 17, questioned HD 2 and 5 (all counts) early votes from Region I early voting locations.

This report updates an earlier report from Friday mid-day.


  1. Tell me again Alaska is conservative. I like a good joke.

    It’s also telling Trump’s two chosen candidates, Kelly and Sarah, lost.
    Maybe if Trump had spent some of his over 100 mil on his candidates things might have gone different.

    Someone needs to track down Queen Sarah on her “Grifting Forever” tour and let her know.

    • If Mitch McConnell would have spent his 7 million senate leadership fund $$ on helping real Republicans, we may have had a different outcome. His money went towards anti Kelly Tshibaka propaganda, because Murkowski is one of his loyal subjects. And if our congressional candidates would have worked together, instead of campaigned against each other, we would have seen a better outcome. It’s easy to blame Trump, but he did more for us than any other big political donor.

      • McConnell was the best thing to happen to Tshibaka it was clear from the primary murkowski was going to win. He wasted a bunch of money here and alienated undeclared and non partisan voters.

    • Masked Avenger; I don’t know where Sarah is but I do know where Lisa is, she’s standing in front of Senate Republican leaders desk with a fist full of blonde hair 😉

    • As an incumbent, Lisa, had tons of money, democrat votes, and McConnell’s backing. The fact that a neophyte gave her such a credible fight speaks volumes.

    • At some point excuses need to stop. Bad as they are, these are the rules of the game. Learn them, teach them, excel at them, win with them.

      I agree the GOP is as useless as bringing ice to Barrow in winter, but at the end of the day either get better at the game or stop playing.

      • Nailed it. It isn’t as if the rules of the game are not well known. It isn’t impossible to win at all in this environment, but you gotta play by the new rules – and when those change, adapt.

        Want to get votes with early voting and mail in voting – reach out to those voters and see what they want! RCV? The answer here is someone less polarizing, that appeals to a broader audience. You may not like that you can’t have your party’s more conservative (or progressive) pick, but that’s what RCV forces. If you don’t like it, push to change it, but don’t complain about the results if you were still playing the old game and your opponent was playing the new game.

        • Well, it is difficult for Republican to adapt and stay Republican. An adapted Republican becomes de facto a Democrat as he/she learns to have a more open spirit, and grow a compassionate heart.

      • You have it completely wrong. You don’t try and excel in a corrupt system designed to place specific candidates in office. You create a movement to change it to a system of election integrity.

        • Many a person/team that wanted to remain “honorable” have been delegated to the dust bin of history.
          Either strategize and win, or a decade from now, no one will know who you are.

        • It’s not a corrupt system. It does put more pressure on parties to promote electable candidates. Nearly 75% voted against Begich; an overlapping 75% voted against Chewbacca. If you can’t promote an electable candidate, you can’t expect the voters to toe the line.

          • A first place or second place ranking cannot tell us what a voter thinks about a candidate. Ranking methods do not tell us about approval or disapproval; they do not allow voters to vote for or against a candidate. Thus, we are not able to know if 75% voted against Begich.

          • No, it is inherently corrupt, and it also feeds the radical leftist agenda and strategy of maximizing ballots collected (I won’t say “votes cast”) from the least informed and most ignorant voters, whose votes predictably lean overwhelmingly to the Democrats.

    • A Republican is winning. Her name is Lisa Murkowski. It must really drive the MAGA crowd crazy that she’s ahead of the Trump-backed candidate before ranked choice votes even begin to be counted. The naked bias of MRAK spinning this fact with the phrase …”that means 56.68% of Alaska voters chose someone else on the first round of counting” is laughable. You could have also said that 56% of voters chose someone other than Tshibaka on the first round of counting but no, you would never say that. Glad to see another Trump candidate go down. I hope the GOP learns a lesson from these midterms and starts to put up more traditional conservative candidates for election in the future; people that are in touch with reality who don’t whine like children and claim fraud when they lose.

      • A Republican who publicly threw her support behind Democrat candidates and regularly votes against the wishes of her Republican constituents. Murkowski is a wolf in sheeps clothing. A MAGA candidate would be much better for Alaska than what we currently have in the house and senate.

      • Lisa is a Transrepublican, AT BEST. You know, she calls herself a Republican, but she is really not… Her Democrat coming out party will be your comeuppance, but so what. What is broken can’t be fixed by politics, politicians, or continuing to pit us all against one another. When WE stand together, as servants in God’s kingdom, seeking guidance and blessing on our path forward to restore this Republic founded with respect and glory to God, THEN we will have something. Until then, it will only get worse.

        • Hate to break it to you, but we don’t live in a theocracy. The constitution is a secular, godless document by design.

          • The Constitution does NOT exist in the absence of The Declaration of Independence. They are inseparable. Part and parcel, BY DESIGN.

      • Question:
        Why are the Republicans always the ones that need to put more “moderate” candidates on the ballot? Why is it the Democrats can run the Squad, who are so leftists they make Lenin look like a Republican.
        But, if the Republicans want to win, they need moderates.
        Nope. Disagree 100%. Moderates stand for nothing. They start out from a position of compromise, and then end up losing.

          • So, you have no answer to my question?
            Useless comment. Consider taking up a new hobby. Coloring seems to suit you.

          • Reliable did not answer any question I asked. I know reading comprehension is not a strong point of yours, and apparently it is not Reliable’s either.
            My question had nothing to do with winning or losing an election. I had everything to do with narrative.
            Please head on back and actually read, and strive to understand. The words are pretty easy, and there are numerous dictionaries that will help.

          • Pretty funny CB as Reliable put his finger on your problem-that they are losing. If they were winning the there wouldn’t be a problem.
            Still driving you crazy and tough noogies to you.

          • Gee… I see a lot of Republicans that won in 2020 and 2022 who have been told, clearly, that they needed to be more moderate.
            Where are all these Republicans that are losing? Are they in the room with you now? Can you point to them?
            Perhaps you should stick to coloring. Adult conversations seem to be difficult for you.

          • Not all but many that held on to Donald’s election denying lost, including the main reason Republicans did not regain the Senate. Also, the main reason the House has such a slim majority is because of the losers CB. Add to these both Tshibaka and Palin in Alaska.
            If you need all their names, just spend a little time in your quest. And tough noogies to you, too.

        • North,

          The Declaration of Independence isn’t the supreme law of the land. Claiming that any god cares about our country is ludicrous.

      • Lisa would never have made it through the GOP primary, if we were still holding partisan primaries. How many Democrats voted for secret Democrat Lisa on round one?

        • If you are worried about reps vers dems in Alaska and reps just not getting enough-you are missing that most registered voters in this state are neither.

      • “Also RCV favors no political party.”
        There are thousands of comedians out of work, and here you are giving it away for free?

      • Lisa would’ve lost in a Republican closed primary. Democrats and independents are voting for her, but Republicans favor Kelly. That would have been clear in a normal primary election.

        • And again Kelly would lose because she is not favored by those who votes she would need to win.

          Kelly preached to her choir, an echo chamber. She didn’t attempt to win over those who questioned her candidacy.

  2. Lisa did it without rank choice voting, did not need Mitch McConnell and is on her way to a historical land side victory.
    We can thank Lisa for Alaska’s two F-35 fighter squadrons, the infrastructure bill, our newest coastguard cutter, 65 million for the port of Anchorage and so much more.
    I am proud of this all Alaskan women. Great Job Lisa!

    • Tell us how the port of Anchorage thing is working out?? RCV kept her in the race, many forget including you, she would’ve been primaried out during a regular election. Ol Murkowski would’ve had to do the ol write in candidate thing again.

  3. So, only 8510 voters in east Anchorage voted. Pretty small district, one would guess. Or maybe they are all on drugs. Who’s to say?

  4. Murkowski had been employed for 20 years as alaska’s u.s senator.

    You have to admire her commitment to one workplace. Hahaha- And i am not ridculing. Most retirees retire at 30 years commitment to one workplace, which is admirable. You know it! Alaskans could learn a lot from employees who choose to grind away in one workplace for 20-30 years instead of job hopping and making a living off family members and government. I accept God’s decision He not done with the likes of Murkowski, Claman, Dunbar, or Foster.

  5. This is not “making me happy”. Others investing in Alaska probably don’t know their voting choice is subsumed by whomever DC wants to party with not Alaskans’ choice. Thanks DC and foreign financial influence peddlers for betting on our ponies. What would we have done without you.

    • Not so. Alaskans voted for Murkowski and Peltola,, not Washington insiders. It’s time to face reality, the candidates you were rooting for were not the candidates that Alaskans want representing them.

      • People believed the lies that McConnell’s group was telling about Kelly, so don’t discount the huge amount of outside money that went to campaign for Lisa. Washington, D.C. has been deciding our senatorial candidates for some time. Most voters, sadly, do not study either candidates or issues before voting. They go by what they hear, if they vote at all.

      • Rick, you are a delusional liar to even dare to label the nepotistic Princess Lisa as NOT a “Washington insider”. Princess Lisa is the epitome of the establishment Swamp creature. She is a reprehensible self-serving statist, and a shameful insult to all Alaskans, and to all Americans.

  6. I had hoped we were getting rid of that old turncoat besom. This is what happens when the votes are split with ranked choice voting.

  7. Totally Ridiculous and Pathetic, trained Rats could count votes quicker. If your a sane smart person you can clearly see the election process is totally corrupt in many parts of the Country, but I never figured Alaskans to be dumb enough to fall flat on their faces by buying into this all out corruption and attack on voters, Alaskans have fallen into the trap as have numerous other states. From now on You will live under basicly one party rule, or you will except the RINO candidates of the Deep States choosing. Lisa Markowski is as Blue as they come, she brings home the Handouts for basicly anything Goverment has to offer. The RCV was the Death Nail for free fair and honest elections in Alaska. When your states private sector workers are footing all the bills for all the entrenched Public sector parasites and the other work capable but non participating freeloaders across the State, the only way to exist is to bow to the Federal Goverment and give up any and all of your States sovereignty, now even more Spoon fed liberal free loaders will flood into Alaska in the next couple Decades, They have already ruined everything that was good in the lower 48, now they got Alaskans on the ropes aswell, Total Corruption is alive and well in Alaska, Sad to see !

      • And here we have Bill once again as the consistently stalwart defender and apologist for everything corrupt, evil, degenerate, destabililzing, denormalizing, destructive, demonic, Democrat and radical leftist. But I repeat myself, several times.

          • No, I am having problems with ignorant voters, such as yourself, voting against their own self-interest, and voting for the enslavement of all of us under the putative and dubious rubric of “safety” and “democracy”.
            Three wolves and a sheep voting for what’s (who’s) for dinner may be democracy, but that is of little comfort to the sheep.

  8. Oh, look! Dunbar manages to eek out more than 50% with a last minute ballot drop. Who would have thought it?
    This is my surprised face: ?

  9. With all of those Cheeseburgers waiting to be devoured by Lisa Murkowski, House Husband will never have to rely on noddles ever again.

    • Yes, but what about us? We have a Communist daughter now who Alaska hates with all of its heart. Frankie and I have hardly any Republican friends anymore. The Party has asked us to go join the Democrats and forget about ever coming to any more Republican coffees. All of that dark, Democrat money that Lisa needed to barely win her seat will forever put a black cloud on the Murkowski Empire.

  10. Suzanne:

    Sen. Murkowski now sits with 43.32% of the vote. That means 56.68% of Alaska voters chose someone else on the first round of counting.

    No spin Nate:

    Kelly Tshibaka now sits with 42.68% of the vote. That means 57.32% of Alaska voters chose someone else on the first round of counting.

    Sorry, not sorry…

    • You are not that good at this, No spin Nate. Your spin is showing.

      Tshibaka was a complete newcomer to politics, with a name no one knew 18 months ago, and that she came so close to the Murkowski dynasty is amazing considering she was outspent at least 10 to one.

      Murkowski is winning with, once again, less than 45% of the vote. Spin it any way you want, but she is the incumbent that can only win with the help of ranked-choice voting. Which is the voting scheme devised by her team of campaign surrogates.

      She is more corrupt than —- fill in the blank.

      • Joe Miller was also an unknown outside Fairbanks when he beat Lisa in the 2010 primary. Better known in 2016. Still lost.

        • Nate:
          Thanks to daily attacks by Left-wing nutcase journalist Dermot Cole in Fairbanks and all of the radical commie writers at the ADN like Dan Joling. That’s the ONLY way Lisa Murkowski could beat me. And she knows it. As for Cole, he’s now pushing up daisies. And Joling is in Assisted Living. I feel great.

          • But for the Murkowski’s cheating ensemble, Joe Miller would be starting his 3rd term in the US Senate. And Alaska would be a better place to live.

    • The reality is that over 2% number of votes that went to Kelley (man) and not Kelly Tshibaka (lady) , who they were likely intended for from the beginning, would have made all the difference.

  11. Suzanne:

    Compared to her win in 2016, this year Murkowski is far behind in first-place votes. In 2016, she received 138,149 votes, with Libertarian Joe Miller receiving 90,825, no-party candidate Margaret Stock getting 41,194 and Democrat Ray Metcalf pulling in 36,200.

    No Spin Nate:
    2022: 112519 (44.07turnout)
    2016: 138149 (60.77 turnout)
    2010: 101091 (52.29 turnout)
    2004: 149773 (65.9 turnout)

    Comparison is salmon and moose (or apples and oranges in L48 vernacular)

  12. Unlike the others you mentioned Murkowski is a republican, a hard fighting Alaskan who was actually born in Alaska and with Dan Sullivan is Alaska’s double barrel shot gun and I would advise carpet baggers who want to run for office to stay the hell out of the way.
    She was not a government free loader like somebody else I know and your correct, she’s not afraid of work.

      • Again.
        Dan Sullivan married an Alaskan Native woman from FBX, moved here & raised 2 daughters.
        Then filed for the Senate race.

        Other ‘outsiders’ who have done this are Don Young …. Jay Hammond … Mike Dunleavy … Neal Foster (D-Nome) …. among others.
        Are they all carpetbaggers?
        Was it OK for HRC to do this in NY, while switching her Cubs hat for a Yankee hat, and become “The Senator from NY” ?

        And what about Tony Knowels? Born & raised in Tulsa, served in Vietnam, moved here w/ his pretty wife & cute kids, then opened a bagel shop and ran for Mayor & Governor.
        Is Governor Knowels also on your carpet bag list?
        or are you being hypocritical?

        • Neal Foster is an outsider carpetbagger? What? The present-day Neal Foster was born in Nome. His grandfather, also named Neal Foster but better known as “Willie”, was born in Oklahoma, moved to Nome in the 1930s or 1940s and married a Native woman. Is that what you were talking about?

    • She watched our oil and fishing industries and did nothing. Now all she does is pat herself on the back for spending all of her Uncle Joe’s funny money. Pathetic and she sold us out.

    • Who cares where someone was born?
      Did NY care that Hillary Clinton was a state resident for only a few days before they elected her Senator?
      What difference does your birth city/state make?
      The real question is will the candidate support the values, ideals, and policies that you want to see enacted? After that, it is nothing but campaigning.

      • It’s not where Sullivan was born. It was the purposeful carpet bagging to get the Senator position. The one he is likely to lose to Peltola should she decide to run for it.

        And what about his boneheaded stocks in farmed Atlantic Salmon?

        • Given what a dedicated leftist you are, I am sure you think it was a massive accomplishment for Hillary to win the NY Senate Seat.
          But, carpetbagging is… bad?
          Maury Suttman

          • Heck no, it was clear carpet bagging then, too. I said as much then.

            Unafilliated does not mean leftist. It means no party.

          • Frank Murkowski and Nancy Gore are both carpetbaggers. Oregon and California. Now they’re trying to sweep their little Commie daughter Lisa under the carpet.

        • I do not care what your voter registration is.
          Everything you write here screams leftist. So, you are a leftists, even if you did not register as a member of any political party.
          Let me ask you a question: When was the last time you voted for a conservative? Not a Republican, a conservative?
          Maury Suttman

          • I don’t vote labels either.

            Btw-everything you write screams of illinformed, mean sprited, psuedo-conservative, want everything for your isolated self, only listen to one station, lump of lard.

        • So, when was the last time you voted for a conservative? Curious you have lots of words, but no answer to a simple question…
          Maury Suttman

          • Maury-haven’t met anyone with such a similar name as mine here. Maybe we’re related? Thanks for reaching out with your name to me all these times. How come you use a handle and then put your name in your comments?

            Mc Carthy, Goldwater, Buckley kinda conservative? Never. Was too young then.

            The folks who more recently who say they are conservative especially in Alaska are not theoretical conservatives.

            Curious what you think consevative means.

  13. I’ve voted in every Alaska election since I was allowed and I’m 70+ years old and born here. I will never vote again until the Rank Choice Voting is repealed. The Republicans are not smart enough to choose a candidate prior to the corrupt election process.

  14. Chesbro received a mere 26,874 (10.35%) votes, which shows, to me, that about 85-90,000 of Murky’s total vote of 112,519 came from Alaskans who otherwise would have voted for a Democrat candidate. Roughly 25,000 of Murky’s total came from a mixture of non-partisan voters and Romney Republicans, and of these voters the majority would probably have voted for a stand-alone Republican candidate. Tsibaka would surely have prevailed this year in a closed Republican primary election, and Kelley would not have appeared on the November ballot.

    So, thanks to ranked-choice voting and the many $millions of outside dark money that paid for Murky’s TV ads and a blizzard of her mailed flyers we are again stuck with this unpopular U.S. senator. This is unfortunate for us, but of little credit to her.

    • Lisa is popular to long time Alaskans, Kelly was more popular with transients, or people that have lived here 6 or 7 years then flee the state. So that’s why Lisa has a lot of support, to keep carpet baggers out and a good senator in, she’s a keeper 😉

      • I am myself curious if Kelly pulled more recent arrivals. Say last 7 years.

        Not sure if that percentage could be given, but I do wonder.

  15. Demographics is destiny.
    Alaskas changing Demographics do not bode well for the cause of conservatism – low taxes, limited regulation, personal responsibility, small welfare state – in Alaska.
    Especially when the RINO’s gleefully start, create, and fedter interline battles within the Republican ranks.
    When do democrats ever do that?
    Time for some self reflection – we need to use the “bully pulpit” to forward our just, righteous cause – not to destroy ourselves over petty politics.
    Sic Semper Fidelis!

    • Demographics are destiny only if you let them be.

      Simple truth is while we have been infested by SF liberals, the blame rests more on conservatives who sat at home and whined while the left mobilized and worked.

      Bonus points for the damage done to the GOP by Tuckerman Babcock’s “leadership”.

  16. Since it has been suggested that ‘we’ fight by ‘their’ rules, let’s consider that.
    -Launch an immediate recall campaign on murkowski.
    -Start a legal probe into her participation in the rank choice voting fiasco.
    -Investigate her use of outside/dark monies in all of her re election bids.
    -Does anyone know about lisa’s business holdings? Time we find out ALL the details.
    If that plan of action was good enough for the libs/rinos to tie up Trumps time then lets use the same tactics on ol’ lisa. Keep her spending time and money fighting legal battles. Maybe it will keep her away from Alaska.

  17. Non of these results are surprising. Trump and his MAGA candidates are not liked by most Americans. Keep in mind that Trump lost the popular vote in the 2016 election by 4 million votes, and barely won the electoral college votes that year by eking put small wins in states like Wisconsin and Michigan. In 2018, Democrats crushed republicans in the mid-terms. Biden bear Trump by over 7 million votes in 2020, and MAGA candidates did poorly in 2022. If republicans don’t figure out that most Americans don’t like and won’t vote for Trump-endorsed MAGA candidates, they will keep losing elections.

  18. The ballot box no longer matters. Elections are a farce. The best thing that could happen is that they hold the next election and no one votes.

  19. I agree that Trump should have stayed out of this election, although we all know he simply couldn’t. But why is it that almost all of the last minute ballot drops – nationwide – seem to benefit the democrat candidates?

  20. Plain to see here that the two-party folks don’t like the ranked-choice option, but it’s great for those of us who don’t feel either D or R represents the majority of Alaskans. That’s why over 50% of us aren’t registered as either D or R. We’re non-aligned/independent/non-partisan for a reason. I love to vote once and it’s over. No re-do’s. No closed primaries. What D’s and R’s don’t seem to acknowledge is that the moderate (middle-of-the-road) voter sees both parties as having two elements in them — moderate members or far left (or right) elements. Lisa gets my vote not because I’m a Republican. It’s because she doesn’t vote lock-step with her party. She can cross the aisle and cooperate with moderate D’s. Maybe the solution would be to come up with a common-sense, independent party that blends moderates of both D’s and R’s where real cooperation/compromise can make things happen. Let the extreme left D’s and far-right R’s have their parties. I think the majority of us want to politicians to work together to find solutions in between both extremes. Lisa understands that she is elected to represent ALL Alaskans and not just the 23% registered Republicans.

    • I appreciate your desire for civility and respect. What you aren’t seeing is that Lisa has turned her back on every issue that matters to Alaska and Alaskans. It was not always this way – 18 years ago she supported us well. No more. Her smear campaign against Kelly Tshibaka should have warned us all that Lisa will stop at nothing to feed the destruction of Alaska.

    • The only thing one really finds in the middle of the road is wishy-washy, unprincipled and spineless fence-sitters, and road kill. The Venn Diagram of which is a circle on top of a circle.

    • “…it’s great for those of us who don’t feel either D or R represents the majority of Alaskans….”
      I bet the so-called “independents, and non-party affiliated voters vote overwhelmingly along with a single party.
      So… this claim that real Alaskans want candidates that are hovering on the fence is a crock. People/voters want to know where their candidates stand, not how quickly their candidate will agree with the other side of the political aisle.

  21. This is ludicrous.
    The Election is a joke. Not even a good one.
    And so far as the way they run the thing, they should require all ballots to be received and counted on Election day.
    If there are mail-in ballots to be worried over, and over-seas and military, adequate time must be allowed BEFORE Election day to meet the Drop-Dead requirement of having them received by or on Election day.
    At which time ALL ballots that are going to be counted, get counted.
    No Exceptions.
    All others go into the trash.

  22. I guess now that Dunbar is in, Zack Fields will have a new leg wrestling partner! Another deviant joins the Juneau legislative cesspool. Of course, neither of them will have the moxie or pelvic girth to beat Merrick, so she will doubtless retain her title as “queen of the ledgie femmes.” 🙂

  23. Kathy Henslee deserves a huge thank you from conservatives for confusing to run against leftist candidates.

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