Sullivan in Tel Aviv: ‘Be warned, Iran’


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan joined a bipartisan group of colleagues, led by Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Ben Cardin of Maryland, for a press conference Sunday in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The senators discussed their viewpoints after visiting Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Senator Sullivan warned Iran not to widen the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and condemned the vicious nature of the Hamas terrorist regime.

“Be warned, Iran, be warned,” Sullivan said. “There are so many U.S. senators on both sides of the aisle who view the terrorist leadership in Iran as the biggest malign threat in this region and in many ways, the world. And we won’t stand for you widening the war. We have military assets here and the United States is going to defend its friend and ally.”


  1. Sullivan has turned into a first class stooge. More concerned about sending precious resources abroad then his own constituents. Roads are in terrible shape, schools are in disrepair, the marine highway system is a antiquated, and the southern border is an open corridor free to drug cartels/human traffickers/terrorists, etc. Sullivan is a two-faced liar. I am ashamed of myself for having donated money to his campaigns and voting for him in the past. Never again.

    • Sorry lady. I drove past the your kid with no jacket crying and shivering at -20 and could have stopped, but I needed to get some cheese to finish my lasagna recipe. Too bad he froze to death, but you know, priorities. Besides, your kid is not my problem.

      Or something like that.

      Tim, I share your frustration with the border. I also get frustration with education and transportation. Still, theorizing some equivalency between potholes and old ferry boats with decapitation of babies, rape, and kidnapping is just plain wrong.

      Sometimes the right thing to do is exactly what we need to do.

      • I remember being shocked to hear about babies being thrown on the ground in Kuwait by Iraqi soldiers; later proven to be a lie. Also weapons of mass destruction and anthrax soon to be used against Americans; as justification for invading Iraq. Later proven to be lies.

        Yes the attack on Israel was terrible; and yes Israel has the right to defend itself. Just keep wondering how the CIA and Mossad could have missed metadata generated by the months of preparation for a multi-front coordinated attack.

        We have to be careful to not get pulled into others’ conflicts.

        • I read the CIA was aware something was going on, but were unable to impress this on their Mossad counterparts.

          The reasons given were Israel was like us on 9-10. Overconfident. Also Mossad seemed to be more interested in neutering Bibi than their actual job.

          Swamp is universal, I suppose.

          Note: I saw this in one overseas source and have not had a chance to look for others to confirm, so it could be true, it could be press BS.

          • “…….The reasons given were Israel was like us on 9-10. Overconfident. Also Mossad seemed to be more interested in neutering Bibi than their actual job………”
            I also heard this and suspect it’s true. Israeli and US intelligence have known all along that Hamas has been trying to smuggle weapons in. Gaza has been blockaded for years now due to such smuggling. Over time, they got enough fir this quick, violent raid.
            This is occurring along our southern border. Narcotics and illegal migrants in, weapons out. Everybody knows it. Some deny it.

        • No doubt Sadam had or was going to have wmd. Dealing with France fir parts. Then there was the breeder reactor that Israel took out with out F16s. The drop tanks are still in the desert. Yes. Invading Iraq was a win win

  2. What are we going to do? Mispronoun them?

    Our munitions are low, our ranks thin with serious warfighters, our leaders beyond inept. And possibly infiltrated by Iran.

    After leadership more concerned with “white rage”, we’re in no position to fight a war, much less win one.

  3. Sullivan, get the heck out of there. Quite supporting the globalist wars and start working on making the state you represent a place that can stand its ground during our own upcoming physical wars.

  4. No threats Dan. If we are going to fight just pound them. Threats are what 2 kids do in grade school. If you want to win the fight instantly you just throat punch the bastards no warning. Regan should have finished iran during the hostage crisis. McArthur should have finished Russia at the end of ww2. We always pull back to early and wind up paying the consequences years later. Talk is just talk. Iran has been a blight for years. They are animals.

  5. You can just see Sullivan, Graham, and the other Uniparty warhawks greedily rubbing their hands together and slapping each other on their backs as they contemplate yet another major conflict, or should I say…market opportunity for the American arms industry. Maybe we can even send Americans into harms way, you know, in support of freedom and democracy in foreign lands. Ukraine is definitely losing its shine so it’s just lucky that our great friend and ally, Israel, is under attack again. Remind me again just what makes Israeli such a great ally and strategic partner to the U.S.? The Arabs that we’ve totally alienated over our support for Israel have oil we’d like to buy but what’s Israel got? As a former U.S. Navy serviceman my most lasting memory of our great ally is Israel’s unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, a clearly marked American vessel that the Israelis nearly sank before American warplanes flying off my carrier, the America, drove them off.

    • “…….market opportunity for the American arms industry………”
      Better than specializing in cup coasters and rap music. Imagine how screwed we’d be if our weapons sucked as badly as Russian weapons. For that matter, everything we do beats whatever the Russians and Chinese do, from food production to the production of queers. It shouldn’t be surprising that everybody wants some.

    • “Remind me again just what makes Israel such a great ally and strategic partner to the US?”

      Indeed, PJ, I have asked myself that question many times over the decades, and have asked it of others as well, with never a logical or sensible response — other than getting the kneejerk “ANTI-SEMITICISM!!!” from the neocon chickenhawks. We even have a couple of them in this forum doing the same damned thing.

      You know you have no good or logical argument on an issue when you do not allow others to ask questions about that issue. Am I right, Steve-O?

      • A couple things to consider:

        -we do share a lot of intel back and forth. More, I think, than with any other nation in the region.

        -it’s the safest harbor (not necessarily in the literal sense) in the region for our people if necessary.

        -Israel, at our request, has stood down repeatedly from certain conflicts. Their involvement would make touchy things harder to manage.

        -stable, non hostile economy and not one dedicated to advancing Islam worldwide. Grandpa Bloodstains snubs Saudi, they immediately court Iran. Obama snubs Israel, they stay relatively solid regardless.

        -Machiavellian consideration. As long as Israel is there, the people who chant death to America have an easier target.

        Is it a perfect relationship? Of course not. But we do get more out of it than most. Right now they are more trustworthy than Canada or Turkey, both alleged allies.

        It’s a crappy way to run a railroad, but its the system currently in place.

      • Jeff,

        You are right about the last paragraph you wrote, you might be well advised to consider that before writing anything ever again because you are certainly don’t practice what you preach in that regard. On the issue of your antisemitism I have yet to see anyone deny you the ability to ask questions, but then you haven’treally been asking any questions have you. You’ve made your opinion known on the subject both implicitly and tangentially. You even forgot what it was you wrote and went so far as to ask to see your own words again.

        Still no comment on the murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, or beheading by the terrorists huh Jeff? I heard a guy on the radio this morning who said he believed that Hamas had to do whatever it takes to get “their” land back from the river to the sea. Do you believe that Jeff? Do you believe that murders, rapes, torture, kidnapping, burning, or beheading is justified against innocent women and children just because they are Jewish?

        You will know them by what they do. Thorn bushes do not bear grapes, and briers do not bear figs.

      • “………I have asked myself that question many times over the decades………”
        Maybe it’s the wrong question? Try this one:
        Who’s the better ally?: Israel or Hamas?

        • Well Reggie Hamas cuts 8 year olds heads off and pours gas on teenagers and lights them on fire so you go figure out who is better. Clueless about history. Curious of your age and occupation. ???

  6. War propagandists and money launderers hard at work…

    If they don’t eat bacon, don’t trust them danny boy. NONE of them. You do eat bacon, don’t you Dan?

    • “…….You do eat bacon, don’t you Dan?”
      I eat bacon, but I’ll raise anything here (goats, sheep, cattle, horses, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, etc) but pigs. I bet you don’t, either. Nothing stinks more than pig s**t. If I can’t get it packaged, I’ll do without it. There is a small list of reasons why swine was/is considered “unclean”, and it’s really easy to eat pork when somebody else has to clean up after them for you.

      • The bacon haters are both perpetrators of violence here, much of which can not be justified, certainly not by a reasonable person. They are also victims in this. Victims of an evil that power that controls these events from behind a cloak of invisibility, and aggressively sows the seeds of hatred and division. Now who was it that sowed the seeds of love before the lovers of political power known as the Pharisees and Sadducees? What did they do to him? Regardless, his power and glory continues to radiate forth from the hearts of those who have faith. He said that through our faith we would do greater works than he. Clean YOUR temple. Repent for your sins, ask for forgiveness, and seek to serve Him. Give all honor and glory to God with all that you do, and let his love radiate forth from YOUR temple. Humanity built some glorious temples to honor Him, some of the most splendorous structures on the face of this earth, but He never wanted a building. Its our hearts and the use of His power and glory through the available temples, that are going to get his children to the finish line in good stead.

        Supporting Version A or Version B of EVIL is not an acceptable plan. Indiscriminate killing is NEVER acceptable. Period. We have a couple groups that are largely not who they say they are, co-opting an ancient story as justification to further their destructive and hateful purposes. It is time to say NO.

        Focus on what YOU can do. Strive to be ready.

        • Steve-O,
          Your superiority complex is getting in the way of your ability to reason. Unfortunately, you are NOT alone.
          Pull out your ADL card and call me an anti-semite all you want. I don’t care. Clearly, you don’t get it, or care to. There is little that I can do about the Creator’s limitations on your mental capacity. Christ be with you.

        • Yipe! Looks like I know which one I hit this time!

          I don’t know who “” is so I won’t be following your link and it wouldn’t surprise me if it is rife with antisemitism simply based upon who provided it and the content provided by that same person. Would you care to share something more than a random link to an obviously suspect website?

          • Thank you for providing exacting proof of the assertions that I made in the post above the link. It was not necessary, but it was good of you to go out of your way to do so. Christ be with you.

          • North,
            Because you choose to follow antisemitic websites and post antisemitic comments does not prove any point you are trying to make, unless your point is just how open some antisemites are with sharing their views.

          • Your defiant resistance to objectivity is most likely based upon ignorance and fear, but it may just be a clear indication of the power the darkness has over you.

            Beware therefore, lest that come upon you, which is spoken of the prophets; behold, ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you.

            Regardless, Christ be with you.

  7. Daily Beast mistakenly identified Sen Sullivan as a Democrat, hopefully he does not blow up in Israel like Sen Graham.

  8. Good job Dan….tough guy just like Great Uncle Joe. Please don’t let your alligator mouth override your hummingbird hinny.

  9. All this support, military activated, billions of dollars, and constant coverage by media. Sure wish we poor people here in America could get the same treatment. We know, America last to accelerate us to that third world status.

  10. That would be a stronger warning if President Biden and DC hadn’t aided and wasn’t aiding Iran and HAMA’s nor Jordan and Saudi Arabia cancelling what would had only been a photo shoot virtue signaling meeting last week with the President of the United States.

    Don’t play with the Ayatollah he don’t have much of a sense of humor.

  11. Another psyop A Holy War that everyone is getting emotionally involved with that has nothing to do with us.Except rising inflation,high oil prices, banks collapsing.Eh our future looks grim.Thanks Dan.

  12. Dastardly Dan & Muttley Graham Their show focuses on the efforts of Dan Dastardly and his canine sidekick Muttley to catch Yankee Doodle Pigeon, a carrier pigeon who carries secret weapons (hence the name of the show’s theme song “Stop the Pigeon”). Trying to catch those responsible for all the US weapons’ in Pigeons ( Hamas ) hands ….. Thank you Dastardly Dan ! All this while Comrade Comer back in DC is asking Austin who’s behind it!

  13. “…….A Holy War that everyone is getting emotionally involved with that has nothing to do with us……..”
    The last time a jihad was delivered was 9/11/01. Yeah, that was 22 years ago, but I remember the entire day as if it was yesterday. Sorry your memory is so short.

  14. Just what the Middle East needs right now, Light in the Loafers Lindsey Graham & his sidekick, Ohio Dan, acting tough!

  15. “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign aid: until February 2022, the United States had provided Israel US$150 billion (non-inflation-adjusted) in bilateral assistance. In 1999, the US government signed a Memorandum of Understanding through which it committed to providing Israel with at least US$2.67 billion in military aid annually, for the following ten years; in 2009, the annual amount was raised to US$3 billion; and in 2019, the amount was raised again, now standing at a minimum of US$3.8 billion that the US is committed to providing Israel each year.” Money buys the absolute best allies, right? Still wondering what we get in return.

  16. Will he get the bottom of why bb let the terrorists run a 7 hour seige of horrific terror uninterrupted?
    It takes a attack helicopter 15 minutes to fly the width of Israel.
    Nothing bigger than a spider gets to the boarder fence without it being noticed.
    Since he won’t, he should be ranting on our boarder before this type of terror is unleashed on our homeland.

  17. Senator, you silence if deafening about… 1. The BORDER 2. J6 political prisoners 3. Weaponization/UNLAWFUL use of government agencies. 4. The unlawful and evil prosecution of President Trump 4. The Biden corruption ring 5. Massive debt spending.

    You sir, as I have said before, are a traitor carpet bagger for the military industrial complex and big business. You are NOT anything close to a true Republican who is serving your oath of office dutifully. Because you are so, it makes you WORSE than anyone on the Left.

    You are a leftover of the GOP swamp…your ilk and swamprat group are shrinking because the majority of us on the Right see through you now, and the Left will never except you…

    The GOP GW Bush Republicans are the smallest and most despised if all the groups.

    Senator Sullivan, Cheney called, she has a seat warming up for you in the LOSER section.

    Trump 2024!!

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