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Sullivan demands answers from Biden on why 200 Americans are ‘forsaken’ by him

Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan demanding answers on why the Biden administration chose the seemingly arbitrary date of Aug. 31 to withdraw all U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, even though American citizens remain trapped in the Taliban-controlled country.

The full text of the letter:

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Dear Secretary Austin, Secretary Blinken, and Mr. Sullivan,

During a televised press conference on August 20, 2021, President Biden looked the American people in the eye and told them: “Let me be clear. Any American who wants to come home, we will get you home.” Almost immediately, senior Administration officials, including Secretary Blinken, tried to walk back President Biden’s pledge, both in public comments and in private briefs with members of Congress. Today, as the last U.S. military aircraft departed Kabul, Secretary Blinken estimated there were possibly 200 American citizens on the ground in Afghanistan who wanted to leave. These Americans, forsaken by President Biden, are now trapped behind enemy lines, dependent on the Taliban’s good graces to get out of Afghanistan. 

For weeks, I have questioned senior White House and Department of Defense officials about who selected the August 31, 2021 deadline, if any military considerations required maintaining that deadline, and why the deadline could not be moved to ensure every American was evacuated from Afghanistan when we had the military assets on the ground to safely do the job. I am still waiting for answers to these and other related questions.

My Alaska constituents and their fellow Americans are also demanding answers to these basic questions, and accountability and responsibility for the hasty, chaotic, and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has left hundreds of Americans stranded behind Taliban lines and our country more vulnerable to international terrorism than at any time since the attacks of September 11, 2001.


Dan Sullivan

United States Senator

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Dan, it’s because the democrats can do anything they want. The republicans are playing nice with the devil while he burns down our country. Please for my grandchildrens sake grow a pair and actually do something before it’s to damn late.

    • Amen! The children of GOD needs to step in with GOD’s help to end this horse poop. The republicans need to start playing dirty, people need to stop working from home and giving into the fear tactic. You will lose your rights and freedom if you don’t stand up to this. I would love to have children where they can be free and not be under dictatorship. Look at the Countries that are under this.

  2. While you’re at it, Dan, ask Senile Joe why he hasn’t tasked Air Force bombing sorties to destroy the billions of dollars of equipment he left to arm the Taliban

  3. If Dan focused his energy on the blantant election fraud and helped expose this illegitimate Resident, we would solve many problems.

    The actions of politicians is just theatre. Distract us while they continue to rob us of our taxes.

    • According to reports:
      Black Hawk helicopters, supposedly a C-17, armored vehicles, body armor, uniforms, weapons like M4 and 50 cal. and ammunition, night vision googles and the list goes on and on. Your tax dollars at work. Also notice that there are NO strikes to at least destroy the equipment left behind….

  4. Addendum: Since the administration now trusts the Taliban and its offshoots, can we assume that a) The Patriot Act is no longer necessary and therefore no longer applies, that all surveillance of American Citizens will hereby cease and desist. b) That American Citizens can now board commercial aircraft without subjecting themselves to personally invasive searches and seizures and that the TSA can be scaled back to pre 911 levels. c) Full automatic weapons are now completely legal, and can be owned by any American Citizen without the need for a permit. d)The proceeds from the 80 billon dollar arms deal will be evenly distributed back to all tax paying American Citizens ASAP.

    • Addendum cont.
      The declared State of Emergency is over and all extra-constitutional powers granted to politicians and unelected beauracratic officials and agencies are removed, giving the power back to the American citizens to live freely as they see fit?

  5. Whoa! A strongly worded letter is sure to get answers! Well bless his heart. I’m practically shaking in my boots by that strong statement.

  6. As I wrote in the earlier story, the good Senator needs to signal his intention to “break” the Senate by objecting to every single procedural motion when the Senate returns from recess until such time as these questions are answered, under oath, by Secretary Austin, Secretary Blinken and General Milley. The time for being polite and deferential has ended.

  7. Why don’t you take a cue from the Dems and support impeachment of this train wreck of a fraudulent president? Show some actual spine, Sully!

  8. The time to say something was BEFORE the last troops. Not now.

    As always, Swampy Dan is days late, dollars short, and posturing more than probing.

    What the hell is wrong with Republicans that they fight battles AFTER they’re lost. Not during the actual battle.

    God save Alaska. The GOP surely won’t.

  9. Including Biden’s 2008 Afghan interpreter with his wife and four children. He would not even help the man who helped the Then V.P. when the helicopter convoy became stranded.
    He just like a silver spoon baby, little rich boy grows up to only care about himself.

  10. Dan sent a letter? Wow.
    That should poll well with suburban moms and male progressives in the 45-65 age range as well as those conservatives 65 or older. He might lose traction with the 18-35 age demographic but a public rebuke would have hurt him in that middle 25-55 ‘undecided’ voting block. Good move Dan good move.

  11. You voted to install the goof in the White House, Danny, ergo you voted for it all.

    Just own it and quit pretending you’re some kind of principled or moral opponent to anything that’s happened since.

  12. Hey Sullivan, it’s not complicated, you knowingly certified an incompetent and corrupt administration. Like you, they don’t mean a word said, they just muddle along and could care less of the damage they are doing to our nation.
    They’ll call on you when they need a vote to pass another hyper inflation creating special interest pay off bill, or a woke, activist judge confirmation.

  13. Senator Sullivan:
    I have the utmost respect and admiration for our United States Marine Corps and anyone who wears the USMC Uniform! Our Marines are the best fighting men and women we have, and Americans have always been proud of their dedicated service to our country!
    Your letter is well written and to the point and you, along with all Americans deserve an answer to these questions!
    It’s with great sadness that I must bring to your attention, that in my humble opinion, not only are 200 Americans stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, but all of us back home in the former USA, are now
    behind enemy lines as well! The leadership of our great country has every appearance of having been de-capitated and it would appear that we are now under the control of a Sock Puppet who’s taking orders from a Luciferian Cabal of Globalist Puppet Masters, Davos, Switzerland, and also Bejing! The botched withdrawal from Our Dunkirk – Afghanistan was so FUBAR, that it has to have been a Planned Event to co-incide with the Multi-Faceted Controlled Demolition of our economy, our military, and our national self esteem! Our Sock Puppet has obviously read Klaus Schwab’s main talking points for the great reset and is now moving a flank speed to implement every one of them, especially this edict from the Reich Marshall Klaus Schwab: “The United States will no longer be a world power!”
    May God Bless all of our United States Marines and I pray they will uphold their Oath: “To Support and Defend The Constitution of the United States against All Enemies, Foreign, and Domestic!” Semper Fi

  14. Blah, blah, blah.
    Another RINO.
    Watch, he’ll volunteer Alaska to take “just a few thousand Afghani’s” – have to be compassionate, right?

  15. Grandstanding. No-one wants to see them stranded. They will get out safely, and Biden has promised as much.

  16. Dan, I appreciate your effort but they’re just going to tell you that they’re still working on it. They’re going to tell you that most of those people wanted to stay we offered them a ride out and they told us no. They’re going to tell you that the state department is working on it. They’re going to tell you that our partners is working on it. In reality, you and I both know that we’re fixing to get a whole bunch of hostages and a whole bunch of heads chopped off. It’s what they do and it’s sad that 51% of this country chose an idiot and his harem leader to run things. You keep on keeping on though. As pelosi taught us all too well, the White House is only one branch of the power in this country. Thank you for voting for Trump’s supreme Court nominees. That was the single most important thing that you and Trump did.

  17. I hope you get some answers Senator, but I suspect the powers that be will not be giving anything truthful even if they should reply.
    Your next actions Senator Sullivan should focus of how to impeach these irresponsible persons who now occupy space in Washington DC.
    The botched withdrawal just adds to the list of atrocities Americans are being forced to endure.
    Please help stop this runaway train with no conductor on board.

    • My “forced to endure” wording would be better put as “forced to helplessly watch”. What we endure is nothing in comparison to the agony felt by all those left behind.

  18. Have any of those with harsh words for Senator Sullivan written a letter to the Biden regime on this matter? Our Senator has and it is a very good thing.

  19. We have a president and handlers that hate Americans. This quick pull out wasn’t all by accident or misguided. There is a purpose behind it. Some say ransom by means of freeing up frozen assets we have seized from Iran, the Taliban, etc. Some of this money will come back to Democrats by means of foundations, non profits, etc. Its all about the money and destabilizing our country. Sullivan can do nothing, its just theatrics.

    • Frank, you are full of sh$t. We still have troops in that region supporting the Kurds. There are many ways of supporting our allies and just because you can’t see a physical presence means black ops are doing their jobs. Trump defeated ISIS, strategies change. Funny how you want to use the term “abandon” to lessen the effect of what Biden just did. As it was equal to the false political term used against Trump to accompany all the other lies the left falsely charged.

  20. “For weeks I have been asking questions… “. Dan does what politicians do best, talk. Meanwhile, he took no meaningful action prior to soldiers dying. Where was the call for Biden’s impeachment for giving state of the art weapons to our enemies and bowing to their demands? Where’s the calls prior to soldiers dying for ousting our worthless, traitorous generals for allowing such an asinine plan to begin with? Where’s the call for the firing of State Department Secretary and others that were responsible for their interference that complicated the withdrawal. And since you are on the Armed Service Committee, you should have known more and earlier which makes you even more culpable. Dan, you have as much blood on your hands as this incompetent administration. Where is the fight that the people expect from a Marine holding your office? Stop the politics and do what is right.

  21. Dear Dan,
    Your problem seems to be that you don’t look at the foundational issues that got us to the point we are – actions (and inactions) have consequences:
    1. Prior to November, you ignored the rioting and looting in our country by BLM and Antifa terrorists.
    2. After November, you ignored the obvious election fraud and embraced an illegitimate “president.” You have completely ignored any demands for full forensic audits to ensure the legitimacy of our government. You have been quiet on all changes to voting laws that will forever destroy our constitutional republic.
    3. You have ignored the patriotic Americans who are still being held captive for walking into public buildings with evidence that the government coordinated the entire debacle.
    4. You have ignored the mass invasion at our borders.
    5. You have ignored all the constitutional violations of free speech, shutdowns, mask mandates, and now coerced vaccinations of a dangerous toxin.
    6. You have actually voted for the most prolific spending debacle in modern history that will destroy what is left our our crumbling dollar which has been on its way to certain destruction for several decades – your recent vote is just pushing it along faster.
    7. You have shown no concern about our military being purged, indoctrinated with CRT, and now being forced to take this vaccine.
    8. I missed your stance on our education system teaching CRT, closing schools, etc.
    All of the above are crises that led to where we are today and what spurred your most recent letter.
    While I commend actually acknowledging some of the mess of this Afghanistan disaster, why aren’t you asking about the abandoned equipment, why this debacle even happened, why this regime brought over 100k ‘refugees’ safely to the US in a well-planned mission including culturally appropriate food, who are these “Americans” that were and still are in Afghanistan, why are we bringing any non-Americans to the US when they could easily be taken to regional bases, etc., etc.? All Americans should be brought home but there are many more questions that need to be answered and prosecuted.

    The real question now is: what will come next and what else will your lack of action do to further destroy our nation?

    • Spot on!
      Dan is a RINO – a SQUISH.
      He’s like Mittens, McStain, Bush, Kasich – they all talk a good game – BUT look at his voting record.
      ZERO – on forced vax, CRT training, the sovereign US border.
      He’s a big spender – enables and empowers the DemonRats.
      And let’s not forget about his BIG SUPPORT of Nepotism Kenai Land Deal Lisa M.!!!…

  22. 8 months of destruction in bidens wake, how much more do we have to deal with? Save the questions for later and get his stumbling, bumbling — out of office before he does something we’re all going to regret!

  23. There are Americans who find themselves in harms way through no fault of their own. Those would include our military, embassy staff, diplomats and others who were stationed in Afghanistan. Our government put them there and it is the responsibility of our government to bring all of them home.
    Then there are Americans who put themselves in harms way and then willfully remained in harms way knowing that we were pulling out of Afghanistan. Sure, the withdrawal was a botched mess but it’s not as if they didn’t know it was coming. Every one of them had ample opportunity to extricate themselves from Afghanistan and every one of those “left behind” freely chose to remain. Now you expect our government, in its apparent role as surrogate parent, to go save them? They made their choices…let them reap the consequences. Maybe they will serve as examples to everyone else.
    Then there are “Americans” who really aren’t Americans at all. Those schoolchildren, for example…reports indicate that they’re a bunch of Afghans who returned to their native land on some kind of family related trip. They should never have been brought to this country at all.
    Then there’s all our new refugee immigrants who scored their all expenses paid trip to America via military transport. They don’t belong here either.
    First off…just because some foreigner takes a paycheck from Uncle Sam it doesn’t make them a permanent ward of the American state.
    Those people, in combination with all the other Afghans, allowed their country to be taken over by a relatively small faction.
    They should be back in Afghanistan right now shooting every Taliban they spot out and about.
    It’s not like the Afghan population lacks adequate firepower to eliminate the Taliban threat within a few days.
    But no, you and the rest of the career political class gave them all free passage to our country where real Americans will now foot the bill for them and, most likely, their extended families.
    Your little letters don’t mean a thing, Dan, and your posturing only impresses the weak minded (aka Democrats and assorted liberals).
    Maybe resign.

  24. Let’s focus on the real culprit here. It’s not Sullivan. It’s Biden.

    200 is the number Biden gave. But in reality, it’s more likely in the thousands.

  25. and this just in from BabyalonBee:
    Republican Politicians Vow To Get Real Mad And Stuff Following Afghanistan Crisis

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—With Americans and Afghan allies still trapped in Afghanistan, Republican politicians are vowing to respond by getting “real mad and stuff” about it.

    “Oh yeah, you bet I’m mad! I’m spittin’ mad, I sure am,” said Senator Lindsey Graham. “And let me tell y’all, Biden wouldn’t like ol’ Lindsey when he’s angry! I’ll make him pay for what he done to our boys in Afghanistan—you know—by being really mad at him.”

    Sources say Senator Graham and others may even pound their fists on a podium while talking about it, or raise their voices slightly, but not enough to break the rules of decorum. They will then send a bunch of angry emails to their email lists saying how angry they are—with links to donate to their reelection campaigns.

    Senator Mitch Mcconnell also weighed in. “Yup, I’m purdy mad too,” he said at a fundraising dinner while wiping some caviar from his neck which was also his chin. “Biden sure will be sorry when he answers to ol’ Mitch!”

    Republicans vow to stay really mad until the next news cycle makes everyone forget about all this.

  26. How many have been abandoned?
    Riddle me this:
    Two weeks ago, there were reports of 15,000 to 20,000 Americans still in Afghanistan.
    5000 were evacuated.
    300 to 500 remain?
    C’mon, man.

    • You obviously don’t know about the new math…’s why they are pushing it in schools now so people won’t be able to solve your riddle 🙂

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