House narrowly defeats Rep. Eastman’s effort to end vaccine discrimination in employment in Alaska


The House voted down an amendment to House Bill 3003 offered by Rep. David Eastman that would have inserted intent language that would prohibit agencies receiving state funds from requiring its employees to show proof of having a Covid-19 vaccine as a condition of employment.

Opponents of the measure said that hospitals and clinics need to be able to ask their employees to be vaccinated. Proponents argued for the right to privacy and confidentiality.

The measure was voted down almost along party lines, with Republicans Sara Rasmussen and Kelly Merrick joining the Democrat caucus to vote against it, making it fail by 21-19.

The Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association weighed in, causing a second vote on the amendment, which had initially passed. ASHNA begged lawmakers to oppose it.

Similar measures are passing in other states. In May, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed Montana House Bill 702, which made the state the first to recognize an individual’s vaccination status as a protected category. The law prevents employers from requiring employees to disclose their immunization status and bars employers from requiring employees to receive certain types of vaccines or to possess an immunity passport. The law is part of the Montana Human Rights Act in Title 49, chapter 2, part 3 of the Montana Code Annotated. It is explained more fully by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry.

In Colorado, a House bill that would have banned discrimination against clients, patrons, or customers based on their Covid-19 vaccination status, failed to pass.

In Alaska, Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued issued an administrative order that specifies the state’s “Executive Branch does not, and will not, require any person to produce their personal vaccine history, also referred to as a ‘vaccine Passport,’ in order to travel to, or around, Alaska.” The order, however, said the state would not “infringe on the rights of private businesses” and that the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system is still “allowed to inform passengers on long haul trips of the voluntary choice the passenger can make to provide proof of vaccination and avoid the need for a negative test before boarding.”


    • I will not face stick or allow one infested with living nano particles at the base if my brain rotating it at the blood brain barrier. It seems odd, suspicious, even gratefully that any group of humans are forcing this on others against their will. The pcr test is no longer recommended by the foreign agent CDC. Naturally the handmaidens insist. Nurenburg code will not be joyful proceedings when they come. I have seen photos of negative result labels and negative result labels. The doc or whomever gets to choose. Who has particular malice toward you today? Whee! Feel God’s powah.

  1. Thank you Representative Eastman for your efforts concerning this matter. Don’t give up. The fight isn’t over yet.

  2. Vaccines shouldn’t be required by individuals who already have anti-bodies to the virus. It is unfortunate that the medical community is negating what I was taught about natural immunity years ago just for the sake of their own wealth that is increasing. This whole Covid thing is about money not human life.

  3. It is unbelievable that we have to vote to get our rights back after a tyrannical government stole them by an unconstitutional emergency order.

    At one time in our history, the over reach of government to increase taxes caused a revolution, nowadays, government can just outright steal you freedoms and we just go about business like nothing is happening.

  4. This another reason why I am glad Wasilla residents disagreed with Alaska GOP endorsing Sumner over Eastman. Rep. Eastman doesn’t need to change, it’s other House and Senators who need to be changed with more stable and dependable Alaskans while keeping Eastman and providing him a larger legislative team who been consistent valuing all life.

    In this case not just valuing those Alaskans who just choose taking the covid shots. Do we not value the person’s life whom died 1 week they took the covid shot? If they didn’t take the covid shot they still be alive or that baby will still be alive. Did their lives count? So why we make those deceased adults and babies take the shot only for them to had died?

  5. Sara Rasmussen and Kelly Merrick are democrats that ran as republicans and this was done on purpose. Louise Stutes is Alaska’s version of Nancy Pelosi and we can thank the Bush for her. All you PFD dependant people the democrats are voting against you, wake up!

  6. There may be a shortage, and my employer is paying big bucks to recruit out of state and foreign, but this is one health care professional applying for a construction job. Bravo to Eastman. Rasmussen and Merrick should be evicted from the party, but the Alaska republican party regularly shows what swamp creatures inhabit it.

  7. It’s barely perceptible but it is perceptible the Alaska legislature is resolutely, clandestinely representatives of the global oligarchs not Alaskans. Will the globalist AK legislators be remembered fondly and familially? NO. The internationalists will laugh at them as they laugh at us. And it is all terribly funny.

    • No they won’t. Remember when we used tochatwoth our state- and federal Senators in the grocery or wherever?
      They don’t give a crap anymore, and ya don’t see ’em around like we used to.
      Okay, a few state critters sometimes, but they’re always in Juneau these last years.
      Anyway, Alaska isn’t what it was, and it’s very, very sad.
      We used to be different.

  8. It’s only a matter of time before we’ll have to have it; proof will be required to buy/sell anything & everything, travel, private employers, any and all in person transaction. How long until social media requires proof of jab to use it’s services? Or utility companies?

    All for a sickness with a 97%+ recovery rate.

    • Correction: a 99.7% recovery rate (across all age groups).
      The average person has a roughly equal chance of dying in a vehicular accident as of dying from the Wuhan Virus. Yet we are not banning automobiles, nor issuing mandates for a national 10 mph speed limit to avoid all those deaths.

  9. So the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association has shown us that they now have the power and the clout to reverse a vote in our state legislature, effectively giving a Special Interest Group, Veto Power over We The People of Alaska!
    It would appear that this amounts to Bio- Security / Medical Martial Law and the Covid Industrial Complex is now dictating what rights Alaskans will be allowed to have!
    The Elephant in the Room in this Matrix is of course the Massive Dollar amount of Federal Funding which of course will be dis-allowed if we don’t surrender all of our Constitutional Liberties to the Covidian Industrial Complex!
    It’s way past time for some in depth investigative journalism, which may require formal FOIA Requests to uncover: 1) Where all this $ cash is coming from?, 2) Who’s receiving all this cash?, and 3) Is this all legal, or perhaps a sophisticated money laundering scheme involving the transfer / theft of public funds to Covid Industrial Complex Corporate Entities? There’s considerable doubt raised by reputable professionals concerning the validity of these PCR Tests, and yet they’re being forced on everyone and paid for with massive government spending, and huge windfall profits to the Hospitals, and Pharmaceutical Industry!
    Can anyone research the facts and provide a summary to the American Public of how many millions, or billions? of dollars has been spent on this questionable testing frenzy and who is profiting from it?

  10. I will not stick a stick into the base of my brain or allow anyone else t place a stick infested with living nano particles at the base of my brain rotating it at the blood brain barrier. It seems odd, suspicious, even hateful that any group of humans are forcing this on others against their will. The pcr test is no longer recommended by the foreign agent CDC. Naturally the handmaidens insist. Nurenburg code will not be joyful proceedings when they come. I have seen photos of negative result labels and positive result labels. The doc or whomever gets to choose. Who has particular malice toward you today? Whee! Feel God’s powah.

  11. Here it comes. We all know vaccine passports are on their way. We are on a full 24/7 barrage of COVID everything. Its all you hear on mainstream media. We have a barrage of testing and they’ve got advertising and setting up testing appointment websites. Build up those positive cases, tell people they will die if they don’t vaccinate, and keep up the propaganda. Juneau even has young children writing essays on vaccinations, a new Hitler Youth movement.

  12. the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system is still “allowed to inform passengers on long haul trips of the voluntary choice the passenger can make to provide proof of vaccination and avoid the need for a negative test before boarding.”
    Interesting, right? Every medical authority out there admits that the “vaccinated” can both get Covid AND pass it on but the AMHS lets these potential disease vectors onboard with everyone else without any kind of proof that they’re not infected. Makes sense only to those pushing vaccinations for reasons unrelated to health.
    On an interesting side note…the AMHS staff at the Ketchikan terminal think that sitting behind a plexiglass shield, maskless, protects them from infection. Of course that violates the CDC order forcing us to mask up that the AMHS tyrants scold us about but since none of them bothered to read it they remain happily ignorant.
    The House vote, with the two turncoats, is unsurprising. We shouldn’t expect our elected representatives to be any better informed on the efficacy (or lack thereof) or the scientifically proven risks of the mRNA gene therapy drugs that trick our bodies into mass producing spike proteins…a known cause of cardiovascular disease…than their TVs have told them.
    Rasmussen was probably too busy partying to do any research of her own.
    The typical Democrat, on the other hand, just isn’t astute enough to do so.
    FYI… enter get your ivermectin in hand soon because the warning signs that our government is going to shut that down are there. It’ll happen sooner rather than later because an effective generic therapeutic cuts into profits for the big pharmaceutical companies.

    • PJ: FYI — With all that ivermectin, one day you’ll see something emerge, long and worm-like, from your South end. From that point, count the days you have left on this side of the veil. That “worm” is the linings of your small and large intestines sloughing off — from being POISONED by ivermectin.

      You won’t take the jab, but you’ll take horse dewormer, ultimately take up a bed in the ICU and die a miserable, unnecessary death. Another one for the Darwin Awards.

      • But you will never see it reported because the long term effects of your miraculous jab will cause death in a very few short years, if that long. But the rest of us will still be using a half century time proven safe drug.
        It is my body, it is my choice.
        If your miraculous jab is so great at protecting you, why do you worry so much that I choose not to have it? Am I missing something? Or do you really not trust the RNA injection to protect you?
        A shot so great that it must be forced upon people for a disease so serious that people have to be tested to even know that they have it.

      • Sophie, no matter how much factual reading can be posted on here, some people just refuse to educate themselves. And you are one of those people. I use to think your ilk were just doing this to be contrary, but it’s obvious that you truly believe the cra- you post and there is absolutely no unbiased objectivity in your mind. It is evident that the time that those whom believe bad is good and good is bad, has come. And it is also evident that they cannot and will not be helped. Symptoms of the Godless.

      • Sophie, you must be so close minded that you’re unable to process information that contradicts the opinions someone gave you.
        The information I’ve provided on these comments comes from medical research journals from reputable sources.
        The history of ivermectin is well established and you can read all about it on various web sites including the CDC, WHO, and other government agencies.
        The information on the deleterious effects of the spike protein is also from reputable medical sources and published in peer reviewed journals.
        You think that the “vaccine hesitant” are going to die a miserable death?
        Well, honey, you’ve got billions of spike proteins running around inside your body and exactly zero chance of ever getting them out.
        God only knows what they’re doing to you…the medical authorities certainly don’t because they skipped all the normal testing protocols.
        Good luck but when you and others like you expire it’ll be little loss to the world…bye bye Sophie.

      • How do you know that’s Ivermectin’s side effects? Are you pharmaceutical technician or chemist? Even the jab has risks, the CDC has pointed out the risks of the jab more then once.

      • Oh, and this just posted in New Microbes And New Infections Journal, September, 2021 about ‘horse wormer’:
        In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honoured the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases. Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls. During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments. Reductions in deaths correlated with the extent of IVM distributions in all 25 states with p < 0.002. Sharp reductions in morbidity using IVM were also observed in two animal models, of SARS-CoV-2 and a related betacoronavirus. The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains.
        No need for vaccines any more! (but don't tell Steve-O or Bill Yankee)

      • Congratulations on the self-important moralizing and creative invective. Ivermectin, like HCQ and other therapies has been used successfully against the Wuhan Flu here in ANC. Local docs are still prescribing it. So many are interested that there is a nationwide shortage. And don’t forget the multiple dietary supps that seem to help – Vitamin D & zinc are two of many.

        Interesting that Israel, with the most inoculated population on the planet is now dealing with the Delta variant. Perhaps the jab is not as effective as you think it is. Somewhere along the line we’re gonna have to learn how to live with our little gift from the CCP. Why not now? Cheers –

      • Sophie,
        As you are bleating about horse dewormer, you might want to look up Dr. Sotashi Omura who shared the 2015 Nobel peace prize in medicine for using ivermectin to treat humans!!!

        There are many studies and firsthand accounts of the success of ivermectin in treating COVID as well.

        I suspect you are one of the paid trolls who are sent out to spread misinformation but the reality is that you are helping inform others by posting your nonsense so others can dispute you with facts to inform others. Thank you so much!

      • Democrats Refuse To Drink Water As It’s Also Prescribed To Horses

        Democratic leaders are moving swiftly to counter rapidly growing misinformation that has led countless right-wing nut jobs into ingesting something that has been prescribed for horses for millennia: water.

        To counter the rampant misinformation propagated by pro-water extremists, Democrats now refuse to drink water and urge other progressively minded Americans to follow suit.

        “Not only is water prescribed for horses, they actually need water to survive.” Said local Democrat Thurl Turdleburd, standing guard outside of the town’s livestock shop. “With idiots emptying the farm supply store shelves of this precious product, millions of horse lives are now at risk.”

        When asked if his refusal to drink water paralleled the left’s reaction to the widespread off-label use of Ivermectin to fight COVID-19, backed by over 50 promising studies, decades of safety data, and billions of doses given in third-world countries to eradicated horrifying diseases in humans, Mr. Turdleburd’s eyes glazed over. He then looked to the sky and yelled, “Science!”

        Republicans are now leading a reactionary campaign in reaction to the reaction of Democrats. Leaders are rallying patriots to not only drink water that is prescribed for horses but to also sleep standing up and poop in their yards.

    • Hi PJ, I actually voted for this originally. I didn’t have a ton of time to research the amendment before we voted on it. As we started receiving amendments on our desk at 1:00, and began voting and debating immediately after their distribution began. I did change my vote and I will support HB175 instead because the intent language Rep. Eastman introduced was not binding law. It’s basically a memo in a bill focused on an appropriation and does not carry the weight of a statute. I look forward to legally protecting my fellow Alaskans through the appropriate measure as soon as possible.

      • Thank you for your comment regarding the background of this story as it relates to your initial vote. Although I must say that I find it disturbing that you (and presumably other state legislators) are apparently voting on bills about which you are not fully informed.

      • Now, I know there were probably a whole bunch of responses to Sara but it seems to be that all except for 2 were just too darn nasty to post. Just wanted to let you know that, Sara, before you start thinking people actually forgive you.

  13. Sara seems to feel her days are numbered and she intends to hurt as many people as possible on the way out.

    It’s almost like the Republicans have a roster of fools set up. Each vote brings up a different defector to push the left over the top. No one person has to take the blame

  14. Alaska News Source has an article today about how 12% and 18% of fully vaccinated people in June and July, respectively, caught Covid anyway.

    I suspect that after having it myself, my antibodies are probably the best source of vaccination. Last science article I read about antibodies stated that they’ve found them lasting up to 6 months. As time goes on, we’ll learn more about how long they last.

    • Sars from eighteen years ago, built in the same science shop as the current ailment, provides immunity to people who had it all these years later so a functioning immune system without gene therapy irregularity splicing seems the healthiest and wisest strategy to me.

  15. This is more telling than people may realize. The US Supreme Court will weigh in on this soon, and all those on the wrong side will have egg on their faces.

    My opinion: you can’t force someone to get injected! It is, should be that simple. The economy will be a player in the Courts decision!

  16. Kelly Merrick and Sarah Rasmussen can both be recalled. Just because there’s no president doesn’t mean there’s not a mechanism to recall them. If the Republicans really want a vote they need to put their foot down and organize a recall for both of them. as we have seen the Democrats and RINO’s do not care about Americans just look at the recent events in Afghanistan.

    • And if there were more of that, companies would quit mandating. Just like a strike, a little pain up front, but then the people get what the majority wanted.

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