Sullivan asks Alaskans to pray for safety of Jewish community globally


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan asked Alaskans to recommit themselves to ending anti-Semitism and to pray for the safety of the Jewish community in Alaska and around the globe during virtual remarks in Anchorage last week.

Hundreds of Alaskans gathered last Wednesday in Anchorage to show solidarity with Alaska’s Jewish community and to mourn the victims of the recent deadly terrorist attacks in Israel.

The event was hosted by the Alaska Jewish Campus at the the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Centers. During his remarks, Sullivan pledged to continue to work in the United States Senate to “ensure that Israel has whatever assistance it needs to defend itself and its people and to defeat Hamas.”

“We are here tonight to unequivocally stand with the citizens of Israel and Alaska’s Jewish community,” Sullivan said. “We must be steadfast in fully supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, and to defeat and crush the Hamas terrorists who do not want peace, who only want the destruction of Israel, which they say all the time, and the death of more innocent civilians. That is the reality facing Israel right now. And we must stand with them. 

“We must also send an unmistakable message to the terrorists in Iran not to try to widen this conflict through other proxies like Hezbollah. America will be watching Iran’s every move. I want to conclude by thanking you again, Rabbi Greenberg and everybody in attendance tonight. This is such a testament to our state that so many are out to support our Jewish community, but also our critical alliance with Israel. 

“We mourn together the more than a thousand innocent lives we’ve lost. We pray for the safety of those who’ve been taken hostage and those recovering from injuries. We recommit ourselves to ending anti-Semitism in all its forms, and to defeating terrorists who have no regard for innocent human life. And, we pray for the safety of our Jewish community in Alaska and around the world.”

To listen to Senator Sullivan’s full remarks, click here


    • Your statement supports 23% of America’s population.
      Senator Sullivan’s supports how 65% of Americans feel.
      And the majority of those 23%? Muslim Americans, brain washed college kids & hyper liberals.
      Why do you want to let terrorists rule?
      Do you remember 9/11? Or the 1993 WTC bombing? The Boston Marathon bombing?
      You think we are not on their hit list?

      • I remember the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing and the UNA Bomber, the FBI identifies far right white supremecists as our No. 1 terror threat. Intelligence agencies profile Donald Trump as a narcassitic socio path. We need to denounce all terrorism, racism and hate language

        • Would that be the same FBI that affirmed Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia in the 2016 election, and that labeled a protest by entirely armed, and civil, demonstrators in the US Capitol as an “insurrection”, and that continues to refuse to investigate the manifest corruption of the puppet currently inhabiting the White House? THAT FBI, ‘frank’?

        • Good comment Frank, do you also want to talk about ANTIFA? Adam schiff, jerry nadler, or Nancy Pelosi ripping up the president’s state of the union address, Maxine Waters’ calls for violence, when the pro abortion crowd stormed the capitol building, either clinton, or the pro Islam pro Palestine college kids, how about BLM destroying your beloved Milwaukee? Pretty deplorable behavior from the left as I see it.

        • Oh brother, give it a rest Frank, nothing “narcissistic” about grandpa Joe or kackling Kamala, huh?

      • My statement does no such thing, George, nor supports any of those claims that you are metaphorically putting into my mouth.

        I am merely pointing out what are, at best, the divided loyalties of Dan Sullivan, which are also representative of the (at best) divided loyalties of many US politicians on the federal level.

        ““No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.”

        – A certain Middle Easterner

        • I understand. Endless wars, America policing the world as taxpayers shovel more money at corps who profit from the military Industrial Complex, baby sitting the never happy, semetic tribes of the M. East.

          I am just naturally against things that Democratic Socialist for Palestine & lib college kids are for.
          I am for a secure Jerusalem, home to Jews for 1800 years before any Muslims existed and home to Christians for 600 years before any Muslims existed.

          The Dome of the Rock (a gold domed Mosque) that we see in every photo of Israel should be burned to the ground imo and let the real war begin. The Muslim holy land is in Saudi Arabia at Mecca & Medina, not in Jerusalem. That’s ours.

          Sullivan may not be the best, but he’s not Begich, he is a military person who graduated from Harvard Law (probably his downfall) as opposed to daddy’s girl who took 5 times to pass her lawyers exam & sides w/ liberals (real liberals, not Neo-Cons)

          As for the Jews? Never Again.
          We fought a bitter, expensive war over that, our fathers & grandfathers are buried in military cemeteries in France & Belgium. Lots of them.
          We should help Israel fix this problem once & for all.

  1. Sorry Dan, my payers go out to all the ” innocents ” in the WAR Zone ! What is it that so many can’t live peacefully? Hate shouldn’t begot Hate or Revenge! So much Sin to be shared by all.

    • Exactly. Instead, at that time, he was crying about how brave he was in the capital and sending reassuring emails that he survived an attempted insurrection. Dan is in the pocket of whoever is behind driving this country over the cliff.

  2. Dan, ill pray for the disregard of humanity coming from both sides.
    YOU have a duty to protect our nation and you are failing. 18,000 illegals are crossing the nation’s boarder every day. Among them are know terrorists and a majority are fighting age males. This is a invasion of a sovereign nation, the USA.
    You took a oath and must honor that oath.

  3. Senator Sullivan,
    For years I’ve been in contact with your office to do something to protect victims in Alaska within the sovereign jurisdictions of tribal governments and/or tribal entities from such abuses as sexual misconduct in the workplace, liars, bullies, horrific violations of our constitutional rights, right to a fair trial based on truth and sworn testimonies of both plaintiff and defendant.

    Is the Alaska Attorney General keeping his first allegiance of his duties to the publics interest? When the attorney general is NOT equipped to handle a request to protect innocent victims, that is wrong. Alaskans need protection of our constitutional and civil rights, our right to a fair trial, a right to be treated equally within a court of law, etc.

    Alaska is unique. Alaska has 229 Tribal Government Nations. Alaska is a mandatory P.L. 280 State. Yet, many Alaskans are left without protection of our laws and a REMEDY to correct a wrong that has happened to him/her.

    As we all mourn the loss of innocent lives of those in the current War Zone, I also pray that you as our Senator will mourn with us the loss of our loved ones, our children and/or grandchildren that have been taken hostage and used as pawns for personal and/or financial gain. That you also mourn the loss of an innocent person that did not get an ” attorney/judicial deal” and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. Let’s pray for the families that are mourning the loss of their son and/or daughter due to alcohol and drugs here in Alaska.

    Thank you for your compassion and whatever assistance Israel needs to defend itself and people. Thank you for your service to Alaskans.

  4. Sorry, Dan. You are doing absolutely nothing to stop the war crimes being committed by both sides in this conflict, in fact, you’re rhetoric is encouraging them. How can you be pro life & condone the killing of over a thousand children in Gaza in the last week. Your hypocrisy is stunning!

    • Speaking of hypocrisy…

      Any legitimate link to the 1000 of kids killed by the IDF last week?

      You’re an apologist for savages. Curious: did a pretty Jewish girl turn you down for prom?

      • MA- I actually had a couple of Jewish girlfriends back in the day. You know back when you were in the basement reading action hero comics and eating bags of greasy potato chips washed down with 32oz purple slushies! Apparently, not much has changed in your life.

  5. Where do I begin?
    Sullivan’s office has STAUNCHLY SUPPORTED the Ukraine war and the mass export of billions of US Taxpayer dollars to support a quagmire of our own making (2014 US coup to depose a duly elected president).

    Now he jumps in with both feet to support ANOTHER Israeli war of aggression and the continued imprisonment and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people—on our dime AGAIN!

    He doesn’t work for us. He doesn’t act in our best interests. His interests are farmed out to the military industrial complex. He’s just another neocon.

  6. That’s right Dan, what about us lowly US Citizens? Our border has been unprotected since Day 1 of the Biden Admin. You yourself even visited and saw it firsthand. Nothing being done, why?

  7. Is anti-Semitism a big problem in the United States? Maybe it’s a growing problem that requires comment from our senator as the federal government welcomes mass immigration and resettlement of Muslims into our country. Yeah, that’s probably it. Maybe Dan should agitate to stop “refugee” immigration from countries that openly advocate for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews. And the forced deportation of any radical Muslim including those who openly condemn their new homeland…America. Funny, isn’t it, that the religion of peace is the only one that routinely calls for murdering innocent people of other faiths? Heck, let’s elect some of them to public office so they have a better platform from which to spread their hate…oh, we already did that.

    • The Talmud says that gentiles are animals, its okay to lie cheat and steal from them, and that Jesus is boiling in feces in hell. Peaceful, eh?

  8. As with the majority of comments here so far, I support all the lives being lost in a war that did not have to be. Thanks to the globalists and the cabal, all of these deaths are happening. They push division among the populations of the world to get us to fight and kill each other needlessly. All war and deaths need to stop – it does not matter what country or peoples – Stop all of the deaths because All Lives Matter!
    Mr. Sullivan, you do not represent the people of Alaska or the united States. You are only interested in protecting your own life by doing what the evil commands you to do. We need representatives that are going to fight for humanity and you are not doing this. Please do us all a favor and RESIGN from your position!

    • EXACTLY.
      Dan was taking 3 week vacations to Israel with his Democrat senator buddies back, in what, June? May? What have you done for Alaskans, Dan Sullivan? Nothing! You voted for Deb Haaland!
      In 3 years the hard working good people of Alaska have gone from having money in the bank to scrambling around every month for their mortgage payment, 100 gallons of fuel oil and FOOD!
      Hatred and disgust doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings for Dan Sullivan, Lisa Murkowski and Mary whatever last name she’s using now. Soulless sub humans, the lot of them.

  9. Pray and support Israel when it isn’t playing defensive and it is playing offensive. On my radio two nights ago I watched YouTube interview the guest speaking on Pastor Greg Laurie’s he said this right, “everyone sympathizes with the Jews when we are getting slaughtered, butchered, raped, burned, but as soon as Israel goes on the offensive and it will go on the offensive, the everyone vilifies us”

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  10. Pray and support Isreal when it isn’t playing defensive and it is playing offensive. two nights ago I watched YouTube interview the guest speaking on Pastor Greg Laurie’s he said this right, “everyone sympathizes with the Jews when we are getting slaughtered, butchered, raped, burned, but as soon as Isreal goes on the offensive and it will go on the offensive, the everyone vilifies us”

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    Without space after ‘s’

  11. Like several others, I will mention that money and soldiers should be sent to our southern border before anywhere else. The primary responsibility of our government and our military is protecting our own borders. They have failed miserably at that task.

  12. Don’t forget the Lavon Affair, and the USS Liberty incident where 34 US servicemembers were killed and an additional 171 wounded. Israel are not our allies we are their ATM just like Ukraine.

  13. Is Sullivan in on the know-before-hand about the attack that looks to be pre-planned since, at least, 2012? Check out the Christmas 2012 edition magazine cover of ‘The Economist.’

    ‘The Economist’ magazine cover at ‘

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