Sullivan: AK-LNG not impacted by Biden freeze


Alaska U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan says that, while President Joe Biden has made a poor choice for America in freezing permits for liquified natural gas, the Alaska LNG project already has its permits for its project from the North Slope to tidewater in Nikiski.

“Once again, President Biden has caved to far-left extremists, choosing politics over the actual climate science, gutting the American workforce, and putting America’s national security and our allies at risk,” Sen. Sullivan said. “When America exports clean-burning natural gas, global emissions go down and our allies can get off Russian gas. These are facts.

“Fortunately, the Alaska LNG project already received all of its export permits and remains a viable source of clean-burning energy for America and our allies,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan and 25 of his Senate colleagues sent a letter today to President Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm blasting the pause.

In the letter, the senators said, “Without U.S. LNG exports, European leaders would have to decide between depriving their own citizens of energy or actively funding Russia’s war on Ukraine. Moreover, in December 2023, Russia exported LNG at record levels. Russia is also in the process of dramatically expanding its future LNG export capacity.”

Iran-backed forces have provoked war in the Middle East and are threatening shipping lanes through which LNG is shipped to Europe and Asia, the senators said. At the same time, Iran is seeking to benefit from the war by ramping its own domestic LNG exports to displace the very supplies it helped to disrupt.

“Limiting U.S. LNG exports does not have any impact on the world’s demand for natural gas. Instead, countries including Russia and Iran will simply produce more energy that is subject to less stringent environmental regulations. As a result, limiting American LNG exports in the name of stopping climate change could do just the opposite and add to global emissions,” they wrote.

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  1. US Oil production is at the highest it has ever been, as is US Natural Gas production. If we keep for ourselves the cost would come down domestically. Don’t worry Senator Sullivan would rather the price go sky high so he can blame the rising prices on the Biden Administration next month. Senator Sullivan working to reelect 45 so the USA can become a dictatorship!

  2. The Alaska LNG project is NOT, nor has it ever been, economically viable. It is a BS story to allow for the benefit of money for a few under a false presumption. If it was economically viable, the oil companies would have built it.

    • It’s totally viable now. And it will really be viable if Cook Inlet runs out. How do you intend to heat???? 800 mile pipelines don’t get built overnight. Let’s build the damn thing and now .

  3. Nobody is impacted by the export license freeze, new projects do not make $$$$ sense as exemplified by the Alaska LNG.

  4. I wish Biden would treat us as he treated Nord Stream. If we are going to have a dictatorship instead of rule of law, let’s at least have a benevolent dictator.

  5. Sullivan says it does not affect our LNG projects. Is this in the same arena of conversation as the Hilcorp contracts that are slated to start expiring this year and incrementally throughout 2030 something?

    • The plan is a pipeline from the main line to Anchorage and the valley. Also an iff shoot was planned for Fairbanks and a couple other locations.

    • LNG cannot be shipped long distances in pipelines. It’s the natural gas that is intended to be shipped from the North Slope to tidewater at Nikiski. There the gas will be liquified (by cooling it to -260F) and put on insulated tanker ships for transport elsewhere. Pipelines are not generally refrigerated, so if you try to put LNG in a pipeline it will soon warm up, revert to its gaseous state, and rupture the pipe.

      I’m surprised at this gap in your basic knowledge, Jefferson. Maybe spend a little less time watching Fox, and brush up on your knowledge of the industry that funds your State and pays you your PFD.

      • And I am NOT surprised in the yawning gap in your comprehension and thinking, Hans.

        I never said or implied anything about PIPING LNG to Anchorage — if you will reread my comment above, I clearly used the word “shipped”, as in “by ship”. The last time I checked, ships were not pipelines. But maybe in your upside-down, black-is-white radical leftist extremist universe they are?

        You may now remove your foot from your mouth. Again.

      • Correct that LNG can’t be shipped via pipeline.

        OTOH, syn-diesel can (and will) be batched with crude down TAPS for sale. Think of it as a Plan B for a LNG pipeline. Cheers –

  6. This all sounds great! BUT, the political storm fronts can (and do) change without a care or concern, a complete vacuum of: logic – reason – common sense, and absent of any measure of truth and/or facts. In these turbulent times of today, certainty and predictability continue to be a moving target that challenge even the best marksman.

  7. The project is not viable according the lack of private sector companies lining up and ponying up $$$,$$$,$$$ for their “fair share” of the State LNG boondoggle. IF and WHEN it becomes viable, Anchorage should be able to obtain natural gas at or below “Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price” from a natural gas provide with little to no artificial markup.

    Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price (I:HHNGSP)
    $2.15 USD/MMBtu for Jan 23 2024. ‘

    • It’s been visible since the Ukraine boondoggle do your homework. Largest demand for natural gas in history bypassing Russias natural gas. What the heck is wrong with you commentators
      . I got a great idea let’s not do anything anymore. We can just sit around with our thumbs jammed up our a—- and when the gas runs out in south central we can all go back to burning stove oil at $5+ a gallon. Average home to heat and hot water will be about $750 to $900 a month. Sounds great to me.

  8. This is payback by the Biden WH aimed at Texas for refusing to remove the concertina on the border. Think of it as gangster government. CHeers –

  9. New hydrogen stove technology attached! It replaces natural gas!


    • Hydrogen would make a great fuel, if we lived on Jupiter.

      Unfortunately, there are no sources of free (elemental) hydrogen on earth, so it has to be liberated from some substance, such as from water or natural gas, in which it is already bound. And ANY of those processes to liberate hydrogen from the compounds in which it is chemically bound are going to always, ALWAYS require more energy to liberate that hydrogen than the resulting hydrogen could produce by combustion. That is an iron-clad consequence of the laws of thermodynamics, and no radical leftist unicornicopian wishful thinking can change those facts.

    • That is pretty cool. I wonder how long before someone tries to destroy that company? I remember Mike Adams talk about the possibility of powering our homes or heating them (can’t remember which) using water – like a gallon a year or something? That would be cool.

  10. Uh, none of them truly care about the climate, it is all a hoax! They can’t control it anyway, they know it, but they can certainly control the people with their nasty mandates, pauses/restrictions on ANYTHING that is energy oriented that is reasonable and good for the people of the world. I say “they” because it is NOT Biden. He is a puppet of the Great Reset World Order. His brain doesn’t work well enough to think along those or ANY lines. But “they” surely do know how to push the control button of those who are not in power and will control them at all cost. SICK, SICK, SICK!

  11. ‘

    Honda developed first industrial hydrogen burner

  12. Nope Honda generator is running perfectly at the Reeder compound bunker Doug
    You can take a big breath now!
    Have you been to the Geological Material center in Anchorage where all the gas pipelines people hang out
    You can enter restricted from public
    Wonder why Doug?

  13. I believe they refer to this in the profession as a “Chilling Effect” (!!!)
    Basically, a “Silent Threat” to an epic development project for AK907.


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