Still no answers on District 15 voter fraud



It is nothing short of refreshing to hear the heads of Alaska’s major political parties agreeing that the state’s “no comment” on whether it is investigating possible voter fraud in the District 15 GOP primary election is simply unacceptable.

Jay Parmley, executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party, and Tuckerman Babcock, chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, agree it is time for the state to tell Alaskans whether it is investigating that particular race, KTVA reports. The station says it has filed three requests with state officials for information, but has been denied.

“What has been alleged is the most serious case of possible case of voter fraud that I think the state of Alaska has ever seen,” Parmley told KTVA.

“I’m not saying they should move extra fast to indict someone just before an election, but if they’re doing an investigation, and denying the public information about previous investigations or ongoing collection of information, they at least should make that public,” Babcock said.

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With just six days left before the Nov. 6 general election, there are myriad questions unanswered about the flawed District 15 GOP primary contest where at least seven dead people – that’s right, seven – asked for ballots. Those questions should be answered before Alaskans go to the polls.

The race pitted Republican-in-name-only Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux against political newcomer Aaron Weaver. Along with the seven dead prospective voters, 26 ballots were yanked because of residency or legitimacy questions. All of them were for LeDoux.

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  1. Good thing there is plenty of time to investigate this, even if the incumbent is reelected. Might actually be the optimal scenario, depending on who runs the executive branch.

  2. I’ve sent emails to the current administration and heard nothing back, not surprisingly since the guy who was in charge of elections shuffled out of town under even more mysterious circumstances. Speaking of which, why is there a blackhole of information when the second most powerful elected official in the state resigns a couple weeks before a major election that he was involved in?

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