Even Wielechowski’s poll favors Dunleavy


Sen. Bill Wielechowski conducted a poll on Facebook to ask friends and followers who they’ll be voting for in the governor’s race: Mike Dunleavy or Mark Begich.

Wielechowski blocks conservative bloggers from his personal Facebook page, and he’s favored by liberals, so the answer might surprise you:

It’s Mike Dunleavy by a landslide in his 24-hour poll, 58-42 among the 2,700 voters.

Evidently Wielechowski is not blocking enough conservatives.

Facebook polls are entertaining but aren’t scientific. In a recent Must Read Alaska poll, Facebook participants voted for Dunleavy by 93 percent to Begich’s 7 percent.


  1. Most Alaskans, whatever their political views, want their Permanent Fund Dividend in full; so I’m not surprised by Senator Wielechowski’s poll.

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