State of the State analysis: State needs more children because ‘people are what this is all about’


Gov. Mike Dunleavy spent a large portion of his State of the State Address highlighting the achievements of outstanding individual Alaskans — many of them from rural parts of the state. He named names, and told stories of heroism and Alaskans going out on a limb to create a better and safer Alaska.

He lifted up Heidi Lieb-Williams, who chairs of the Governor’s Council for Disabilities and Special Education. He highlighted Daisy Lockwood Katcheak, the city administrator of Stebbins, a village hard hit by a fall typhoon. He introduced Sergeant Carlos “Julian” Navarro, hired by Kawerak Inc. to serve the community of Golovin as a village public safety officer. He asked Katie Botz to stand and be recognized for her work on behalf of victims, and he even introduced a psychiatric nurse from Alaska Psychiatric Institute, Rebecca Morrissey.

On almost every page of his 17-page speech, Dunleavy focused on specific Alaskans and their life purpose. In each story he told, and for each person who stood to be recognized, there was a theme of how one person can make a difference in a state like Alaska.

After listing the other usual subjects of such addresses over recent years — resource development, public safety, and reducing sexual assault — Dunleavy pivoted and talked about drone research, selling carbon credits, and finally, the need for more children to stem the outgoing tide of population. It became evident that children were the driving motivation for everything he had spoken about in the prior 40 minutes at the podium.

“It’s no secret to anyone that I’m a pro-life governor, and my administration is ready to work with all of you over the next four years to achieve my goal to make Alaska the most pro-life state in the entire country,” he said to the 60 legislators in the chambers.

“We need more people in Alaska, not less. We need more people in our jobs. We need more people in our schools. We need more people who create wealth. We need more people solving problems. We need more families.” He was talking about how every baby is human life.

Dunleavy’s team had not released this part of his speech to the media in advance.

“People are not a nebulous, abstract concept. People are what this is all about. Everything we do is for the people. Government is about serving people, and the people are why we’re here: the people of Alaska today and certainly the people of Alaska tomorrow,” he said.

The state needs to be the kind of place that promotes having families, and that is attractive to family life.

Woven throughout, Dunleavy hinted that there were things he wanted to do during his first four years that were hard to get to, under the circumstances and with the hurdles the state faced, such as the pandemic. But he said he was glad the state could hold the budget flat, and he emphasized that now is the time to revolutionize the Alaska economy with big, bold ideas that position the state as a place where families grow, and where children want to return.

Among the ideas for pro-life policies was to expand postpartum medical coverage for women, so they don’t turn to abortion instead. He also indicated he will still fight for a full Permanent Fund dividend.

Toward the end of his remarks, he asked Rep. Josiah Patkotak and his wife Flora, who hail from Utquigvik, to stand. He asked them to lift up their young children, Elijah and Francine, and then he asked the Alaska Legislature to dedicate themselves to working to build the kind of Alaska that would provide those two youngsters and all children of Alaska the future they deserve.

“To the Patkotaks, thank you again, for being here tonight representing the Alaskans of today, and the Alaskans of tomorrow,” Dunleavy said.

And by lifting up the Patkotaks, Dunleavy managed to get the entire Legislature to applaud for Dunleavy’s pro-life message.


  1. This governor is no coward, as are 90% of the legislators currently serving. So glad we have him back in office for another term. And btw, thank you, Mike Dunleavy, for getting us that large PFD. It out heating oil in our homes, food on our table, gas in our cars………..and most of all………you followed the law as it was intended to be followed.

  2. Carbon credits and ESG credits are not a conservative platform what so ever. It will be more needless taxes on Alaskans because that is where carbon credits come from. The Governor has finally flipped to the liberal mantra. Selling our gas to Asia will not heat mine or my neighbors houses. We will end up with higher heating costs and businesses will pass that higher costs to operate to us also. Hydrogen is not the energy of the future, as the by product of hydrogen is water vapor being discharged into our atmosphere. This water vapor will make our atmosphere even more unstable. The earth’s weather is predicated by heat and water content of the atmosphere. Not looking forward to any of his smoke and mirror policies.

  3. Here’s a better headline: State needs more children because forcing women to give birth against their will is what this is all about’.

    Nothing says pro-family like ensuring children will be born to parents that don’t want them.

      • Being pro-choice is not anti-birth – it is supporting whatever decision the woman makes. Pro-choice folks like me celebrate births when that’s what the mother wants. We weep with them when they suffer miscarriages. We don’t care how many children they have, and the vast majority don’t use the term “breeder” to demean parents of many children. In my experience, that slur is most commonly used by conservatives when referring to large families that don’t share their political views. Your decision to use it here is telling.

          • Guess you are one of those leftist homosexuals, because you were the first one to bring up the term “Breeder” in this conversation

        • You can make up whatever blithe lie you want, but the only conservatives, and they were few, I’ve ever heard use that pejorative were using it the same way I did; in reference to the vocabulary of activist homosexuals who use it extensively in reference to heterosexual couples.

      • So the Chinese government restricting women to only one child is bad, but US government forcing women to give birth against their will is good?

        They both sound like government overreach to me.

        • “……forcing women to give birth against their will…….”
          “…….forcing women to bear out their pregnancies instead of killing their child………
          There. See how semantics work? Both ways! Ain’t it great?

        • Please. If you’re gonna try this incipient line, get your “facts” straight.

          The US Government plays no role in abortion limitations. The reason we are where we are is because the Court overstepped decades ago.

          Each state sets its own rules. And no state has the power to prevent a resident from traveling elsewhere to seek one.

          In fact, it is the pesky Constitution which protects that prerogative. The Constitution is the US Government in action.

          Your rant is vacuous and tired, your “facts” are grossly in error, and your understanding of the American system appalling.

          If this were a game of Jeopardy, you would be several hundred in the negative, but winning the topic

          “How badly can I make a raging fool of myself for $1,000,000 Alex?”

          • Those house republicans sponsoring bills limiting abortion access must not know that the US government plays no role in abortion limits. I’ll gladly take the daily double and wager it all if you’re my opponent.

    • I’m like this headline. Deranged leftist troll hears voices.

      Put down the bong. You’re hearing things which are not occurring in reality.
      Certainly not in the Governors comments.

    • Why doesn’t pro choice mean encouraging women that don’t want to give birth to NOT get pregnant in the first place? Why does pro choice mean ONLY using abortion as the main means to birth control?

  4. Then get control of a depraved public education system.
    Why have a child that will be indoctrinated politically and sexually against the values of the parents?

    And while at it, how about that same organization actually teaching worthwhile subjects? Like math, real science, history?

  5. The Word of God is where the future is at. The nation who rules the world is the one staying closest to the facts. The greatest historical fact is God is the answar! *Taken from a british parliment discussion.

  6. Seizing what there Mike? Who you been stalking?
    I hear that forensics of many fields is coming to
    Alaska. Hurry. Run. Hide. Stash that money now.

  7. Let’s change the subject ? how about a railroad to the 48 states ✍?⏳
    Third world countries have better rail access than AK
    It’s too expensive to ship products in and out of this great state. But the monopolies are in charge ??Wake up people !!! Quit blowing smoke in our faces!!! Get something ( anything ) done ??????

  8. After watching the speech, I would say that the real message is about making Alaska a family and child-friendly state, along with a safe place to call home. Also with that is a plan that says if the federal government is going to deny Alaska the right to exploit its resources, then let Alaska earn money – carbon credits – for having to be denied that privilege. Nothing liberal about that, the farmers used that when the government had them retire some acres for recovery. Until Alaska can get all of the lands it was promised in the statehood bill, patience with the feds is required. And any way to make money off of their mandates is just good business sense.

  9. Agreed, state funded unionized monopoly ??
    It’s got to change, term limits would help, flush the toilet and get rid of the corrupt turds??

  10. If Governor Dunleavy and his allies in the state House and Senate are serious about a pro-life, pro-family agenda, they would follow the lead of Justices Alito and Thomas from the Dobbs decision and pursue a legal strategy expressly tailored to overturn Griswold v. Connecticut. Banning abortion is only the first step, the true pro life agenda would allow states to ban all contraception, including Plan B, prescription birth control pulls, IUDs, and condoms. Dunleavy and Senator Hughes would be wise to champion legislation specifically tailored to include civil and criminal sanctions for the use of or possesion of contraceptives, and allow local communities to start arresting citizens for using contraceptives. Such legislation and policing actions would draw national attention and would fast-track a Supreme Court hearing on the merits of allowing states to determine their own pro-life agenda, get rid of Griswold, and open the way for prosecuters to indict amd imprision a large population of immoral liberals.

  11. ‘

    57.7% of Alaskans experienced domestic violence and/or sexual violence in 2020 survey.

    This issue goes hand-in-hand with the Pro-life ideology.

    Men in Alaskan leadership positions need to focus on their man-made issues and serve as leaders to eradicate these aggregious and shameful high rates of assault by Alaska Men against Alaska women and children.

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