Special election challenges mean special primary will be by mail, special general will be on Aug. 16 primary ballot


Thanks, Ballot Measure 2. The crazy voting system designed by liberal lawyers Scott Kendall and Jahna Lindemuth has created a nightmare for Alaska voters already, and it has yet to be implemented.

Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer tried to sort out the confusion that has arisen over how voters will elect a temporary replacement for Congressman Don Young. In short, he announced today, there will be four statewide elections this year, but two of them will be held simultaneously on Aug. 16.

The special election to replace Young has such a challenging logistical calendar this year with Ballot Measure 2 requirements, the best way to conduct the primary portion of that special election will be by mail, said Gail Fenumiai, the director of the Division of Elections.

Fenumiai said that over 2,000 workers would be needed to be hired by June to conduct the special election primary in a traditional way, and the division cannot possibly hire and train workers in time to make the timeline. There is a national shortage of workers, to begin with, and election workers need special training.

The special election primary done by mail requires a signature witness, Meyer said, unlike the election in 2020, when the Supreme Court said no witness signature would be needed due to Covid.

The current timeline for the special election to pick the temporary congressional representative for Alaska is:

April 1: Deadline for anyone who wishes to file for the seat. It costs $100 and the applicant must register with the Division of Elections, and the Federal Election Commission.

June 11: Primary special election for replacing Congressman Don Young temporarily. There will be in-person early voting at regional voting offices starting 15 days prior to June 11. But most voters will probably be mailing in their ballots to the Division of Elections.

June 25: Primary special election certified.

Aug. 16: General special election for the temporary replacement for Young will be included on the same ballot as the regular primary election.

Due to Ballot Measure 2, the temporary general question added to that regular primary ballot will be a Ranked Choice Voting method, while the other part of the primary — the regular primary for the congressional seat (and other seats), will be “pick one” style of voting.

The dates were the Division of Elections’ recommendation for how staffing, paper shortages, and other hurdles could be overcome in a timely enough way to certify the special election primary in time to get the four finalists onto the ballot on Aug. 16.

The governor will issue a proclamation by Friday as to the dates of the election, but all the details for how the election will be managed are up to the lieutenant governor, who is in charge of elections and does not report to the governor.


  1. What a mess! What a great way to disenfranchise voters, with this confusing straight up and ranked on the same ballot. I wonder how many ballots they will have to throw out because of people marking them wrong!

  2. I’m never voting again. This so called democracy is over, Constitutional Republic is over. Even Biden speaks of the New World Order. Here is my prediction. Lisa will stay in office, Constant will become House of Representatives, Dunleavy will stay as Governor, discrimination against the unjab will continue.

    • Dunleavy will stay as governor. You can count on that. He already has the dominion machines locked and loaded

  3. Well, Alaskans voted for this system so you’d better get used to it. The moment you think it will work in your favor, objections will melt away and you will be all in favor it.

  4. We do not have to settle for this travesty. Start calling the legislators (they control election laws), inform the Lt. Governor that the courts have NO say in how elections are run in Alaska. Start demanding the enforcement of election laws!

  5. It’s easy to spot those who believe or push Chinese and Russian online influence nowadays, they tell you your vote doesn’t matter and there is no point. There are no such people saying the same thing on lefty websites, because those on the right are not actively trying to disenfranchise voters. This is an active campaign from leftists trying to convince conservatives that their votes do not matter.
    I won’t mail in my ballot so I guess I will go to a polling place like I’ve always done. If they want to call it “in-person early voting” then who cares as long as my ballot is counted.

  6. We are screwed! This is what the dark money folks wanted as they poured funds from the west coast into Alaska promoting Ballot Measure 2. I said it before and will say it again. Ballot Measure 2 is unconstitutional and Alaskans need to band together to rid our State of this awful violation of our voting system.

  7. Everything is screwed up in Alaska. Nothing will get unscrewed until the people want it to be unscrewed.

  8. My question is…. if a Governor is not allowed to appoint a U.S. Representative or Senator when there is a vacancy, why was Frank Murkowski permitted to appoint someone(his daughter who we need to vote out in November) to the seat he vacated when he became Governor in 2002? Why was there not a special election then? Were the laws different back then? it would make things so much easier in this case for sure though. All this money will be spent and a messy election with the confusion over Ballot Measure 2 will disorient everyone, just so someone can be U.S. Rep for 4 months…….. After everyone sees the stupidity of Ranked Choice voting in the election this year, we need to draft another ballot measure to repeal Ballot Measure 2. It barely passed last time(51/49) and would surely fail when people see what a mess it is.

    • The law was changed after the uproar of Gov. Murkowski appointing his daughter. The legislature can change Ballot Measure 2 after two years have passed since it was approved. Very important for the Legislature to have a solid Republican majority to make this happen.

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