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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Southcentral Foundation has vaccines for 18 and older

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Southcentral Foundation, an Anchorage health organization for Alaska Natives, is giving COVID-19 vaccinations to those clients requesting them who are 18 or older.

Non-Native Alaskans are not able to access these particular services. Vaccines for non-Natives in Alaska are only available for those 65 and older at this time. Those vaccinations started this week, are by appointment, and those appointments are hard to get.

Alaska received a disproportionate share of vaccines that were designated exclusively for Alaska Natives, who are also having more fatalities linked to COVID-19 infections.

As it turns out, the Indian Health Service is treated like its own state for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines. Across the country IHS plans to vaccinate more than two million Native Americans and Alaska Natives in coming weeks. According to the U.S. Census of 2010, 2.9 million people identify as American Indian and Alaska Native.

In the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, many Alaska Natives are refusing the vaccine, according to KYUK radio. The tribal health group Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation has responded by expanding eligibility for the vaccine because it received more doses than it expected, and because so many residents are declining the shots.

Beginning this week in surrounding villages, anyone 16 and older can receive the vaccine. Village residents have limited access to health care facilities, and many live in crowded homes, where infection can spread quickly, according to KYUK radio.

But in the hub community of Bethel, the vaccine through the Native health corporation is available to anyone age 50 or older.

Non-Native Alaskans can use this link to try to get an appointment for a vaccination.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Sounds like racial preference to me. But I can’t say that being white. That would make me a racist….

    • I’m a native and I’m fine with that. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Non-whites get a lot of preferential treatment. I’m thinking of the United Negro College Fund for one. Studies have shown that American natives are more susceptible to the virus. Kind of like they were when the early explorers arrived and wiped out several populations of natives. So don’t fear, racism in reverse is alive and well in this country and isn’t going anywhere. Be careful though, you could lose a job, a scholarship, any number of things because you pretty much have a target painted on your back now.

    • You conservatives make all these claims about being patriots and conversant with the Constitution. Under the supreme power of the Constitution, the Federal government
      recognizes Native American Tribes and Alaskan Native Corporations as Tribal governments. In Article I section 8, clause 3, Congress is empowered to “regulate commerce with foreign nations… states…and with the Indian tribes.” Technically, Congress has no more power over Indian nations than it does over individual states.


  • It’s nice to hear some are choosing to not take the poison.

  • Excellent!! Alaskans know how to share?!

  • What amazes me is how those who do not think this vaccine is nothing more then a eugenics tool that is more useless then the lame stream media propaganda. repeat…..repeat….repeat.

  • Alert Elizabeth Warren

  • Sounds like Sovereign Nation preference to me.

  • Honestly, this tells us that when war with China comes we cannot expect Alaska Natives to be with us! Good to know now.

    • That doesn’t say anything of the sort. I know many Alaskan natives who proudly served in the armed forces to protect and defend the United States. The Chinese have no honor. They lost it centuries ago. I’m not sure where you get that about Alaska natives other than maybe a small little racist bone in your body has poked its ugly head out.

  • The government is really pushing racism now with companies now requiring non white quotas along with colleges and now the virus shot. But wait, we are not racist.

  • Southcentral is more pro choice than they are pro life. This campus is ratchet, it will rather beef up its conceptive education to keep its beneficiaries unpregnant even using Denali Kid Care killing unborn Native babies before it beefs up anything that supports healthy growing families. I bet anyplace that kills a baby will get more money than their family support service. We need someone coming out from SouthCentral Foundation revealing How many Native pregnancies they had the state fund to kill Native babies controlling and decimating Native population growth.

  • For Conservatives, it seem s only a few people understand the Constitution insofar at it deals with Native peoples. The federal government has treaty responsibilities with the various Native nations, programs like Indian Health are actually Constitutional, unlike Social Security, medicare/Medicade, and a host of other straight entitlement programs.

    If you claim to want to “go back to Constitutionally limited government” then one part of the federal government which will remain, in addition to State, DOD, and the Post Office, will be the various agencies which deal with American Indians and Alaska Natives.

    • I’m pretty sure that most conservatives understand how Indian treaties work. I’m not sure why you single us out being ignorant of the laws {period} many native Americans are conservatives. It’s complicated when you start dealing with land and federal trust. Law enforcement is another issue. For instance tribal law enforcement officers have no jurisdiction over anyone but tribal people. They can’t influence public school decisions because public schools are a state entity. But understanding legal entitlements based off of treaty is probably one of the easiest things to understand concerning tribal law.

  • Non-native research subjects do not have access to the same healthcare as CIRI shareholder research subjects: Standards, Integrity? Not so much! Results of a general hepatitis C lookback program for persons who received blood transfusions in a NICU.

  • I will gladly give-up my COVID vaccine to anyone who wants… I don’t intend on getting one… Can’t wait to see the law firm commercials on TV in 10 years… “Did you or anyone you know get the COVID 19 vaccination in 2021? You might be entitled to compensation… Call the offices of Wie, Cheatham, & How now for a free consultation…”

  • I don’t know why SC is doing this for younger patients. Doesn’t seem right.
    My very young daughter (21) will be getting the vaccine, even though she had Covid last month.
    The rest of us will wait until later, as we all had Covid last month.

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