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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Craig Campbell: The end of our democratic republic



The past 24 hours will go down in history as one of America’s darkest periods. Raw political power by Democrats who are about to hold absolute power of our nation, making a mockery of our Constitution by conducting a kangaroo court to impeach President Donald J. Trump.  

It should scare the living hell out of every American that Congress can pursue vindictive retribution, based on no evidence, only political thirst for revenge to destroy the legacy of a United States president supported by nearly 75 million Americans.  Despite the lies the corrupt media keeps spewing, there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Donald Trump in relation to the occupation of the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.     

Before you jump on me with that mindless “Yes there is evidence” crap, go read the transcript of what Trump said at that rally.  I have.  He does not incite a riot or suggest people storm the capital.  It was a typical passionate Trump speech that lays out the evidence that the 2020 election was rigged.  He ends saying this: 

“So we’re going to, we’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, I love Pennsylvania Avenue, and we’re going to the Capitol and we’re going to try and give… The Democrats are hopeless. They’re never voting for anything, not even one vote. But we’re going to try and give our Republicans, the weak ones, because the strong ones don’t need any of our help, we’re going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country. So let’s walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. I want to thank you all. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all for being here, this is incredible. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

Nowhere in that statement does Donald J. Trump suggest people storm and occupy the capital.  His words are not signaling a message, they are not dog-whistling to incite violence.  

His words convey the frustration of a person who has been under siege by Democrats, anarchists, the mainstream media, social media, RINOs, and a federal bureaucracy more interested in protecting their own power than in supporting an America President leading America towards greater liberty, justice, and prosperity for all during these past four years.

Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader-elect Chuck Schumer despise Trump. In politics many adversaries dislike their opponents, but I have never seen it to the level that Democrats would purposely incite further division of our nation at a time their president-elect is saying it’s time to heal.  What two-faced hypocrites.  These are the people whipping up the fervor of the Left veiled in a lie that it’s Trump’s fault and it’s pure, unadulterated rubbish.

It shouldn’t be this way, but it is because these disgusting charlatans do not care about America. They only care about their own power.  

This impeachment is their signaling America that they have achieved absolute power and will not tolerate opposing views.  They will crush those who are not lock, stock, and barrel submissive to their authority.  Obedience is expected; no, it’s demanded, or else there will be painful consequences. 

The Constitution outlines impeachment as a political process and limits punishment to removal from office.  President Trump will leave office on Jan. 20.

That’s in just seven days. There is no reasonable way a full impeachment trial could be held in the Senate prior to the already established orderly transfer of power date. This impeachment against Trump is nothing more than political drama put on stage by sinister politicians bent on dividing America to the point of breaking it into submission to their autocratic rule.    

If Congress can abuse its constitutional powers to exhibit the Democrats’ ability to control their opposition, they certainly will not stop until they have suppressed freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and your right to think independently.  

This is a dangerous path for America, the slippery slope towards communism, and the end of our democratic republic.  It’s no different than was done in Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union. We’re not there yet, but we’re on the way.

Our next opportunity to reverse this destiny is to change our local governments.  Representative Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics is local.”  He understood that to make systemic changes requires involvement at every level, starting with the grassroots of local government.  Elect a conservative mayor for Anchorage and the Muni’s wacko liberal decrees will stop, and the local election process can be changed. 

April 6 is the Anchorage municipal election.  To start, we must elect a conservative mayor and slate of conservative school board members. 

In 2022, we must elect conservatives to the Anchorage Assembly and School Board, as well as putting real conservatives into state elective offices. Then, they and the conservative mayor can eliminate universal mail-in voting, make the recall and initiative process more citizen friendly, and eliminate unnecessary bureaucrats, like the new Chief Equity Officer.

To those who want to drop out because they are fed up with it all, I can only say if you drop out you meet the liberals objectives of silencing and eliminating the conservative voice. Divide and conquer is a strategy actively being implemented against conservatives by the Left. Don’t fall for it.

Our system is not perfect, in fact this past election proved it is corrupt, but that can only be changed with every patriotic Americans active engagement.  If you give up, tyranny prevails, at an even grander level than we are currently seeing in this hyper-politicized United States House of Representatives.

Craig E. Campbell served on the Anchorage Assembly between 1986 and 1995 and later as Alaska’s Tenth Lieutenant Governor.  He was the previous Chief Executive Officer and President for Alaska Aerospace Corporation.  He retired from the Alaska National Guard as Lieutenant General (AKNG) and holds the concurrent retired Federal rank of Major General (USAF).

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  • Totally agree Sir !!

  • The mayhem was a done deal by some as evidenced by bats, glass breakers, helmets, etc that they brought in and I’m pretty sure that President Trump didn’t ask them to bring them. Out of hundreds of thousands of people there were relatively few that participated. Those extremists are not typical of Trump supporters and we sure as hell want nothing to do with them and we strongly condemn their stupid actions.

    Pelosi hasn’t the courage to even let an investigation finish nor bring up the posts that were still on FB and Twitter, etc urging harm to those attending and the President and Vice President and Conservative senators and congressional members.

  • You seem to forget that ten Republicans voted to impeach President Trump. Are they RINOS?

    • Yes and Ill informed ones as well!!! with little or no regard for the people or country they serve

    • RINOs?



    • No, spineless jellyfish is more like it.

    • No, not RINOs.
      Just delusional. They seem to believe that giving their enemy what it wants will make them your friend.

  • Thank you. Your words are right on target; it is indeed a sad day. It strikes me that we have only a few months to turn our country around. One only needs to look at the modern history of Venezuela to see how quickly a prosperous, democratic country can be ruined by despots bent on totalitarian control and unchecked power.

    Here is a possible solution to the mess that we are in. There are thirty states with Republican legislatures. These thirty states need to coalesce and enter into a pact. The essence of this pact will be that unless a list of demands is met by the house and senate along with all of the states, the thirty republican states will leave the union and form their own country. The number one demand must be election reform. Mail-in voting conducted over weeks must be eliminated; voting shall take place on election day; voters shall be pre-registered and must present photo id before receiving a ballot; absentee voting shall be allowed only if the voter choosing to do so is a valid registered voter and requests an absentee ballot in advance and returns by election day; and all ballots shall be counted by a traceable and verifiable means. The second demand will be to solidify the number of justices on the SCOTUS at nine so the SCOTUS does not become a second legislative branch of government and the third demand will be to keep the number of states at 50.

    Take a look at a map of the US that indicates the states with Republican legislatures. These states comprise most of the agricultural production of our country plus nearly all of the oil and gas. Sure California has grapes and articokes and Vermont has maple syrup. Good luck living on that. This approach will work. It may be our last resort.

  • The Democrat congressman who had a corrupt relationship with a Chinese spy compared Trump supporters to Isis and Bin Laden.

  • I agree 100% with everything that he said. The truth will come out and hopefully the American people will correct this injustice.

  • The chief danger to freedom of thought and speech at this moment is not the direct interference of … any official body. If publishers and editors exert themselves to keep certain topics out of print, it is not because they are frightened of prosecution but because they are frightened of public opinion. In this country intellectual cowardice is the worst enemy a writer or journalist has to face. … The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary. ©George Orwell

  • I agree with LtGen Campbell that the situation is grim. We could be headed for a new totalitarianism of the Left; certainly Chuckie Schumer and his followers are capable of just about anything. Much depends on ordinary Americans that have been so upset with Donald Trump. If these folks are now going to take action and provide support to punish those that supported Trump, things will get worse. They must decide whether the Left is going too far.

    Closely related to this movement is the question of elections reform. Based on many administrative and judicial rulings, we did not have an election in November. Instead we had a month’s long contest to “harvest” ballots by any and all means necessary and without common-sense verification processes. I have written on these pages previously that unless a very serious effort is undertaken to improve the integrity of our election process, our democracy will be lost in a few years. If the Left refuses to engage in this effort, the catastrophe described by LtGen Campbell will come to pass.

  • I wish that I had somewhere to share this to… However with Parlor gone, we have all been rendered silent… The United States of America has fallen. The freedom hating Democrats have delivered us bound and gagged to the Globalist. The Communist have taken over the United States without firing a shot, just like the said that they would. Either through bribes or blackmail. At this point it feels like an absolute nightmare and I wish that I could wake up…

    • Copy it and email it to everyone on your email list and ask them to do the same

  • Here lies truth. As an unwitting victim of Cancel Culture vindictiveness, silenced and discharged from my career path by complaints of ‘feeling threatened’ by my use of politically incorrect or racially intolerant language, legal language but scary nonetheless, I am witness to the truth of Mr. Campbell’s remarks. I know that to survive, my colleagues could only secretly support me, contacting me one by one to acknowledge the injustice of such grossly disproportionate punishment. While I bear my silent colleagues no ill will, I trust they realize it could just as easily have been any one of them. I hope they have the courage next time to speak up against the intolerance and brutish mentation of those who would deny the right of free speech. I rely on time and God to mete out just rewards to the innocent and punishment to the guilty. I cannot change others’ hearts but only heal my own.

  • The voice of a patriot and a true leader!!

  • The essential predicate in Alaska is eliminating mail ballot and early voting; they are the vital parts of the fraud machine and of the untrammeled power of the unions and leftist interest groups. The next step is to stop having polisub elections of the first Tuesday after the first Monday in a month when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter lies with Mars; have all elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November and all voting is in person unless the voter has requested an absentee ballot in advance and has a justifiable reason for not voting in person. Early voting is just a GOTV and ballot harvesting tool for the unions; they have the manpower to do it. ASEA alone has over 8000 hours of paid release time per year for its members to conduct “union business.

    • The State voting laws were implemented and supported by Republicans. You can opine all you want, try to be more factual

  • It’s just in the last 4 years that I’ve become seriously involved in politics. It happened just as soon as I have seen how much damage the Dems were willing to commit on America, just to destroy Trump.
    Every little stupid thing Trump said or did was immediately forgiven, as the Dems were beyond any shadow of doubt, the mad dogs in the fight.
    I can’t do very much, if anything at all, but I also can’t just sit on the sidelines as the Dems try to turn America into a third world, s*** h***, failed communist state.
    Yahweh built America to fulfill a specific purpose … to withstand Gog and Magog in that day … and I don’t believe that He will let anyone interfere with that. I look to Yahweh’s salvation for America.
    I believe that Yahweh will give the Dems space to repent, then will come judgment on them if they do not.

  • The courts and the FBI are complicit in the marginalization of the conservative voice. There is evidence of malfeasance with the Anchorage assembly in the misappropriation of funds with regard to CARES act money and the ML&P proceeds. Vogel is complicit by failing to address the ML&P money appropriations. You have a government operating in lock step to further indenture the property owner and small business while expanding government to even a greater level, creating departments to oppress business owners into submission to their tyranny.

    • True conservatives support the rule of law and our judicial system. Atacking our institutions and continuing false claims with no evidence is typical of Trump supporters

      • Politically, the only thing I like less than being lectured by a lefty about what conservatives think or should think is being lectured by a lefty about what Christians should think or do.

        • Upholding the law and the Constitution requires thought, I found your response lacking in both

          • Like he said, he doesn’t respond to trolls.

  • Trump sat in the White House and watched a riot at the Capitol Building on TV for almost two hours. Instead of picking up the phone to call in the National Guard, Trump called Senator Tuberville to talk about how to further obstruct the certification of Joe Biden as President. You can argue all you want about whether Trump instigated the riot, but calling the rioters special people that he has love for violates Article XIV, Section 3 of the US Constitution. Trump gave comfort to our enemies and must be impeached. Any public, or elected official that continues to claim the election was stolen needs to be censured

    • Open your eyes.
      I support your right to say and think communistically – that’s what the First Amendment is all about – why don’t those who share your (false) opinion agree that we should be free to agree with Craig Campbell? The dems “truth commission” or shall we say with Orwell “the Ministry of Truth” seeks to stamp out the conservative viewpoint. They won’t stop there.

      • Not you, Frank.

      • Delusional and pathetic. Not you, Frank.

      • Have you ever read Orwell?

        • Yes in Animal Farm it turns out a pig is still a pig. A liar will always be a liar

    • You’re just spewing out ignorant, largely manufactured lefty cant. What was the President supposed to do, go down there and tell the children to behave? President Trump could only call out the NG himself by declaring that DC was in a state of insurrection which was beyond the control of local authorities. I can just imagine the reaction of Mayor BowWow and all the other communists, excuse me, Democrats to that. There were NG nearby that were at her disposal but she prohibited them from being armed so they essentially were stood down. Either DC and Capital Police are dumber than the average Democrat or they were ordered to give the crowd “space” as was said at the time Leftists were breaking and burning things at President Trump’s Inauguration. There was virtually no security at the entrances to the National Mall and only a snow fence-like barrier made of lightweight portable sections in front of the Capitol. The police had to come at a run to man that barrier. Then after a bit of jawing and jostling, a police officer or someone dressed like one removed a section of barrier and let the crowd in. Once that happened others in the crowd removed the easily removable barriers and came in.

      Now to the crowd. Around the Ellipse where the President was speaking the crowd looked like the crowd at any number of Trump Rallies I’ve seen, predominantly middle class, middle aged with a goodly number of families with children. There is rarely more than a smattering of young people because most young people come out of school as brainwashed lefties and it takes them some years to recover, and if they go to work for government, large corporations, or the non-profits they can keep the stupid ideas that they got in school for the rest of their lives. The crowd was a lot different down near the Capitol.

      Down near the Capitol, at least a half hour walk in a crowd that size from the ellipse, the first several ranks in the crowd were mostly young men. Many dressed in the signature black, many wearing hoodies and black masks. Some wearing tactical clothing, many even wearing helmets and carrying obviously heavily loaded backpacks. Some had some item of Trump regalia, but that is easy and cheap to get. Down by the barrier, the crowd looked a lot like a crowd you might see gathered for an Antifa event, and killing a cop by hitting him in the head with a fire extinguisher is all but trademarked by Antifa. Oh, and before somebody chimes in with it, the Proud Boys who don’t frequent Trump events but sometimes show up if trouble is expected don’t dress like Antifa in black or in tactical gear; they usually show up in ordinary casual clothing or in their signature khaki pants and white shirts.

      Capital Police records that the first penetration of the barrier was at 12:49. The President didn’t finish speaking until 1:11 and the offending words about walking down to the Capital “peacefully and patriotically” were at the very end of his speech. Anyone who heard those words directly was the better part of half an hour from the Capitol steps. Reports are that there was almost no cellphone service.

      What we had was a planned and coordinated gaslighting operation. It wasn’t an enraged mob that heard the President’s words and raced to attack the Capitol. It was a preplanned attack timed to the convening of the floor sessions at 1:00PM. I don’t have any illusion about the police command in a sh*thole like DC, but any halfway experienced cop should have noticed that there was a much different and at least vaguely familiar looking crowd down at the Capitol. Several in the crowd had riot shields. Those are too big to conceal and ANY cop should have keyed on that. As soon as the TV started covering it, and I’d have to be convinced that the networks hadn’t been tipped off because they were on it as soon as it started, I said to my wife those weren’t Trump supporters. Unfortunately, as it developed some Trump supporters foolishly joined in.

      As to the shooting, I’d have to see the body and have it positively identified by some reliable entity to believe that wasn’t faked. The shooter was older and in plain clothes and used a large caliber semi-automatic handgun, I think a .45 cal. Glock. Initial reports back before the cops and the media shut up about it entirely said the woman was shot in the neck from a range of less than ten feet. I’ve seen the video of the shooting several times and it looks like a scene that was staged for people who know nothing about firearms. I don’t know what ammo the shooter was allegedly using. There were people, including two rifle-armed officers, right behind her. If it was some variety of FMJ it would have gone completely through her endangering everyone behind her. Even desk jockey cops have enough training to be aware of what’s behind their target. If he was using some sort of hollow point or other deforming bullet, it might have over-penetrated because a woman’s neck is so thin or if it did deform would have all but decapitated her. Either sort of round fired by that weapon would have hit with so much impact that she would have reeled backwards and there would be so much tissue damage that there would have been arterial bleeding and a red fog of blood and tissue around her. Either way, she’d have been dead almost instantly and would have collapsed in a heap after falling uncontrollably. Instead she collapsed slowly to the floor and appeared to be bleeding heavily. It is said that she later died at the hospital. That is a very unlikely story.

      But, I’m sure you really want to believe the garbage you spew and like almost all lefties won’t be deterred by facts or logic.

      • We gotta love the way Art Chance writes.

      • Art,

        Have you ever seen a person shot in person?

        • Yes; I lived in Atlanta in the early Seventies when it was the “Murder Capital” of the US. Shoot-outs on the streets were an almost daily occurrence. Most everybody had a “32 gun in their pocket for fun” back then and high quality, large caliber guns were uncommon.

          Back then the cops still carried .38 cal. revolvers and only Movie heroes like “Dirty Harry” carried a .357 or a .44 Mag. I carried a .38 S&W “Chief’s Special” in my belt and a .25 Colt at my ankle in those days. I sold them and my wife’s matching set in Seattle on our way to Alaska in ’74 and bought a 30.06 and a 12 gauge. One of the happier days of my life and I didn’t own a modern handgun again for thirty years.

          These days I’m a shotty guy for home defense, but since ANC has become such a shithole, I carry if I’m going north of Northern Lights or east of the New Seward. I have a .380 Walther PPK if I have to be discrete and a .40 Sig if I don’t care if it shows.

    • Obama cheered while Ferguson burned, just like Nero. Try again comrade.

      • Not true, repeating falsehoods is endemic with Trumpians

        • Actually, the communist SOB egged on the rioters in Ferguson; you don’t get your own facts.

    • Franky boy, That was no riot! That was an aided and staged political event put together by your henchmen. Trust me when the Patriots throw a riot it will be something worth watching. You see Frankie, free people don’t like having their vote squashed. They do not like intolerant totalitarians telling them to be quiet , especially after the months long riots your folks endorsed in several cities across Amerika, comrade. Stop trying to beat the hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestor over the head. Frankie, come try to “censure” me, you pussy.

      • Your insults show a lack of civility and demonstrate your ignorance

  • Frankly I have a hard time caring. I’ve been actively warning people for years the GOP would not support the American people in tough times. They lack the spine to do so. Classic example is the Cowardly Lion of Alaska Mike Dunleavy. Talked big and bad, but wet himself when Giessel politically punched him in the nose. He’s been hiding ever since.

    And guess what? I was right. Again.

    When the GOP should have fought, the hid or made nice-nice with the Democrats. On damn near every major issue in the last 70 years they caved. This coop by the Democrats was decades in coming and it was out in the open. And the GOP popped popcorn.

    We are now literally a fascist state. Big government dictates the smallest actions of your very lives. Big tech decides which businesses live and die, as well as what can be said, by whom.
    Your skin color and gender are now the most important things about you.

    So while I appreciate the author’s concerns, it’s way too little, way too late.

    • Apparently you didn’t notice that Mr Campbell never mentioned Republicans in his opinion piece, he said “conservatives” instead as he knows as well as the rest of us that one is not mutually inclusive of the other.

  • Craig, I agree that as conservatives we must take an active interest in our local politics by voting. I attended our last Sand Lake community Council meeting via zoom. Both Bronson and Robbins were given time to speak. I know neither of them personally, but found them both compatible with my political thought. I have heard that Evans is also politically conservative. Will the new weighted ballot system just voted in divide the conservative vote thereby electing Forrest Dunbar? The conservative candidates need to get together to flip a coin or play rock paper scissors to see who will represent, “we the people“. I am sure that each of them chose to run for the right reason. Personal egos must be set aside to assure that a conservative is elected. I am asking you, Craig, and other respected conservatives to broker an arrangement with these candidates to ensure a successful outcome. May God bless America!!

    • Ranked voting is for state elections only I believe.

    • The conservative candidates need to get together and draw straws to see who stays in the race or we will end up with Dunbar with 45% of the vote just like we got Begich.

    • The choices are clear, return to the Sullivan administration or continue the policies of the Berkowitz Admin. Sullivan left us with an undermanned police force, a homeless problem and a$70 million SAP turd

  • When was Republicans last time they picked up the bible during the week and attended church? Especially the so called conservatives more lukewarm than they will admit?
    The Republican GOP have no one to blame except themselves.
    Alaska History politics reveals little it had God and personally knew God as other states history shows their residents have or had a personal relationship with the Living God of Abraham.

    I am keeping my faith cause there is something going down in D.C that is bigger than what is being told to the American People, so we don’t get emotional like American people are prone to be, and No, its not democrat circus show.

    • Jen, a careful reading of the scripture shows “the church” to be the body of believers themselves as opposed to a man-made organization, club, or building. Accordingly, I am right to say, “I am the church” even though I may not enter a particular building on any given Sunday.

      • You are blessed Wayne, for you would understand this only if Yahweh revealed it to personally.
        Human reasoning and logic cannot arrive at such understandings about the things of Yahweh.

  • Why do white men fear various risks less than women and minorities? Known as the “white‐male effect,” this pattern is well documented but poorly understood. This article proposes a new explanation: identity‐protective cognition. Putting work on the cultural theory of risk together with work on motivated cognition in social psychology suggests that individuals selectively credit and dismiss asserted dangers in a manner supportive of their cultural identities. This dynamic, it is hypothesized, drives the white‐male effect, which reflects the risk skepticism that hierarchical and individualistic white males display when activities integral to their cultural identities are challenged as harmful. The article presents the results of an 1,800‐person study that confirmed that cultural worldviews interact with the impact of gender and race on risk perception in patterns that suggest cultural‐identity‐protective cognition. It also discusses the implications of these findings for risk regulation and communication.

    Culture and Identity-Protective Cognition:
    Explaining the White Male Effect in Risk Perception

    • I couldn’t get past the first few sentences. Must be my identity-protective cognition.

    • English is a dead language! This muddled mess is graphic evidence of why people with a social so-called sciences background should never be allowed to be in charge of anything.

  • For me, the title is akin to something Don Lemon or Tucker Carlson would title a segment. You lost before I started reading because of that.

  • Let’s be honest: Our DOJ and the FBI are complicit in sedition and conspiracy to overthrow the election of Donald Trump.
    Upon releasing Clapper’s letter to Obama we all now know that Hillary Clinton was the culprit trying to use Russia to get elected. We also know the “Special Counsel Mueller” was a farce built on fake info provided by the FBI. Explain to me why Stone and Flynn were taken to court on a simple statement while Comey, McCabe, Strox, Page and Clapper were not even indicted for lying multiple times to Congress (and there is no disputing their actions)

    Simple answer; our most powerful legal agencies are our most corrupt !!!

  • Craig Campbell, as a point of correction, ours should not be considered a democratic republic but rather a constitutional republic. A careful reading of our constitution shows it is intended to protect the rights of the individual–not the collective. That is, our priority is to defend the sovereignty of the individual against the tyranny of the democratic majority.

  • Craig Campbell, get busy for a change. Censure Murkowski, bring up criminal charges against her and fire her from the Republican Party. Alaska is where you are. Not the other side of the United States. So, do your job here. A military person? Give it a break and quit excusing and pretending as you go. Do you really think the population in Alaska is a gullible as you make out? The US Constitution is the instruction for your military and private life. If you want to live with the doom and gloom of the next administration, do so, but away from the GOP Alaska. All of that garbage to excuse Commie Biden and his criminal treasonous son and family. The fraud on election Dominion machines will come back and bite you in the butt. We have them in Alaska and that is how Murkowski got elected against Joe Miller. No more excuses. Do your job in the Alaska GOP……censure Murkowski, draw criminal charges against her and get rid of the trash.

  • I love everything about this article and couldn’t agree more!!! I did the same thing. I read and re-read Trump’s speech and not matter how hard I tried, I could not find one inkling of ill will or inciting violence.

    Every one of his speeches have included “encouragement” to our country to “Fight for our Freedoms and Liberties”. To “Not quit or let down”, to “Keep going and not give up”. This speech did the same thing.

    If you are giving someone encouragement, you tell them to fight for what they want and not give up. This doesn’t mean you are telling that person to go bash someone’s head in, you’re just rallying behind that person that you believe in. Sheesh! The libs have gotten completely out of control!

  • ” Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant then it silences good.”
    A quote from an astute thinker years ago.

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