Some human rights, not others?



If the state is looking to save a couple of million dollars, it should start in the governor’s office by red-lining the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights – or, as it should be known, the Alaska State Commission for Some Human Rights But Not Others.

Must Read Alaska is reporting a worker for a small plumbing contracting business in Anchorage, a business working on the building leased by the commission, came back to his truck this week and found a note. It was on the back of commission Executive Director Marti Buscaglia’s business card. There was another card from probation officer Kendall Rhyne.

Buscaglia’s message told the worker to “not park this truck with that offensive sticker in this parking lot.”

The sticker in question: “Black Rifles Matter.” It has an image of a semi-automatic rifle.

Read the rest of this op-ed at Anchorage Daily Planet:



  1. Gov. Dunleavy did not get rid of the Walker people. He needs to re-think having any of them aboard. There will be more of this nonsense. Walker and /team….trouble!!!

  2. I’m really tired of being lectured to about diversity by group thinkers who want to eradicate my opinion and identity. The next diversity meeting I’m forced to attend I want to raise my hand and say “I’m a happily married white man who follows Jesus Christ, I am pro-life and vote that way. Got anyone else in here like that? If not I’m probably bringing more diversity than anyone else, celebrate me”.

    Being forced to participate in their cult as a condition of work makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. I couldn’t have said it better! Thanks Art for making this Sunday morning cuppa coffee more enjoyable! (Hoisting cup….”To Art!”)

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