Some Alaska hospitals allowing visitors


Providence Alaska Medical Center moved from “red” to “orange” level on Wednesday, which means limited visitors will be allowed after the no-visitor policy that had been in effect for many months due to Covid-19 case loads.

Alaska Regional Hospital had relaxed its visitor policy last week.

Neither hospital allows visitors for Covid-positive patients except pediatric, maternity, and end of life.

More visitor specifics from Providence Medical Center at this link.

More visitor specifics from Alaska Regional Hospital at this link.

Mat-Su Regional Medical Center is still not allowing visitors except in limited circumstances, including maternity. Also,

  • OB patients may have one designated labor support person.
  • Children under 18 years of age may have two designated caregivers.
  • Patients who are at end-of-life.
  • Patients with disabilities or special needs are reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Patients seeking care in the emergency department will not be able to have a support person accompany them to the treatment room, unless the patient is a minor or has special needs.

More visitor specifics from Mat-Su Regional Medical Center at this link.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is still in the “red” category, but its red looks more like Providence’s “orange” category.

More visitor specifics from Fairbanks Regional Hospital at this link.

Bartlett Memorial in Juneau allows visitors, although with some limitations.

More visitor specifics from Bartlett Memorial Hospital at this link.


  1. I would prefer to die at home with loved ones near. Probably would not treat me for even a broken leg since I haven’t had the shot.

    • That’s not true but since you feel that way about people who work in healthcare, thanks for not coming. Have your early treatment doc take care of that leg for you.

  2. At this point I will not go near a hospital or clinic for all the buttered noodles in the world. They cannot be trusted. There is no doubt in my mind they would not hesitate to jab a person without their knowledge or consent. They are nothing but death camps.

    • You can file a Do Not Treat declaration with your local EMS and hospital. If, for example, you feel more comfortable bleeding out on the asphalt and refusing life-saving trauma treatment, it’s certainly your right to do so.

    • Just FYI, I had medical appointments in Seattle, and without a Covid card you cannot enter any business, including grocery stores. One restaurant owner says that they largely ignore it, but it is the Inslee decree.

  3. The veil of the corporate medical establishment has been lifted.
    BigPharma drug profits and the politics of CDC and WHO drive “care” procedures – and the majority of doctors and nurses go right along with it – like good little nazis and maoists.
    The fact the early therapeutics are being ignored/denied is EVIL.
    This is a gross violation of their Hippocratic oath – these people are without principles or morals.
    Now we know how and why Evil has flourished in totalitarian societies.
    Now they are putting the covid positive into isolation camps in Australia. Austria is threatening prison to the unvaxxed.
    Prepare for the coming storm – true evil is being unleashed against the global population.
    This will not end well.

    • “This is a gross violation of their Hippocratic oath – these people are without principles or morals.”

      And that is a gross violation of reality. You should feel shame and embarrassment for such a wrong and insulting statement.

      • And your pathetic denial, Evan, is an even more gross violation of reality. I have no idea how people like you can be so blind, so gullible and so plain stupid. Reality literally SCREAMS in your face, and you claim to hear nothing but silence.

        • Jefferson: it is literally impossible for reality to literally scream in my face, but you’re the master of Big Talk, so whatever.

          What are you so afraid of?

      • The Amish did nothing. No masks, no distancing, no vax, no hospitalizations, nothing. Their death rate was comparable to the rest of America and today there is no COVID among the Amish communities

        • Wow, really. That is interesting. Do you have a link so I could read more? I’m not being disingenuous ; I’d like to know more.

          • I review so much data daily I no longer have the specific link. Searching ‘Amish COVID immunity’ (not using google) brings up links to the NY Post, Realclearpolitics, Thepulse (I don’t know how dependable that is), ABC News and many others. They have herd immunity with perhaps better outcomes (less deaths) than the general population. They shun vaccines and hospitals.

  4. Probably the hospital administrators should never restricted access for the closest point of contacts to the hositals intake patients. Close relatives, spouses, and close guardians will gladly take the risk catching covid when someone they deeply love is struggling enough to need a team of medical employers monitoring their relative’s health. “Blood which includes covenants made is thicker than water.”

    I wonder how many homes Anchorage police visited for people choosing to stay home and they died when they needed hospital care and equipment? They didn’t think the hospital care was for them because of their unvaccinated covid status or they were vaccinated but they didn’t want to die a prisoner behind prison walls?

    • You may be happy to take the risk of Covid 19 to go visit someone in the hospital but what about those of us who work in healthcare? What about the support services staff? It’s not just about docs and nurses. We take enough risk just going to work everyday without an extra 100’s of extra people coming in to the facilities. We aren’t willing to happily take that extra risk. Thanks but no thanks.

      • If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Some of us in healthcare treating COVID patients refuse the shot. We are the same ones who allow the moral support of family presence during treatment. The sickest people are all vaxxed, reassuring us of our decision to refuse the dangerous jab. If you have such phobia of contamination then perhaps you should stay in your basement like the rest of the COVIDIOTS. Most of us want to live.

        • Not true since all hospitals now require the vaccine or a exemption ( which are not easy to get) to work in them. Keep up the lie.

          • Some of us who used to work in hospitals now work in clinics which do not bow before Lucifer, and still treat the ill with compassion and best medical practice for health rather than profit.

  5. Damn generous of them. Losing money from people putting off things due to having to be isolated?

    Of all the cruel, unconscionable, psychotic things done during the Covid hysteria, forcing people to suffer and die alone is easily the worst. Next is making people losing loved ones not be allowed to be with them at the end. Bastards, all of them.

    Be it God, karma, or whatever, I sincerely hope all the Covid fanatics involved in these decisions pay a harsh price someday.

  6. So many doctors and nurses these days are “woke” and fully subscribe to that ideology. Even if there is conflict with facts, they will side with the left. I’ve been removed from the Teladoc services because of a conversation with a young doctor from California. Don’t trust a lot of these people.

      • Obviously, something that denied or refuted the official narratives surrounding the Wuhan Virus. Groupthinkers and conformists gotta groupthink and conform! And yes, that holds for those in white coats just as much as it holds for anybody else.

  7. Almost makes one forget some Alaska hospitals and some Alaska doctors allowing customers to get sicker and die by witholding prophylaxes like Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine…

  8. These visitor restrictions are to perpetuate the illusion that Covid is the deadliest thing in existence.

    Remember folks, if it were as deadly as they say, they would not be using paper masks. They would be wearing hazmat suits.

    • Common Peasant: good overstatement; you and MRAK poster Jefferson must be friends. Covid is not the deadliest thing in existence, but the virus is super transmissible and some who contract it will die. Could be you or your family, even children. Why risk that possibility for the sake of an unsupported fear of tyranny or Marxism or socialism?

      • “UNSUPPORTED fear of tyranny”
        Ha ha, you’re amusing when you deny reality in wholesale fashion, Evan. You truly are completely clueless and/or disingenuous.

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