Kenai Council to consider resolution opposing vaccine orders, mask mandates


Members of the Kenai City Council will consider a resolution next week to oppose government mandates requiring people to become vaccinated against Covid-19 or to wear face coverings as a condition of employment or for access to public facilities, including schools or travel-related purposes.

The resolution doesn’t take a stand about the effectiveness of vaccines or face coverings in combating Covid and its spread, nor does it discuss any risks associated with vaccines, but instead supports the choice of individuals and private businesses to manage their own decisions about the worldwide infection.

The resolution is being offered by Council members James Baisden and Teea Winger and will be taken up at the Dec. 1 meeting, and would take effect immediately once approved.


  1. Now, if, in an alternate and better reality, the tyrants on the Anchorage ass-embly would take up such a resolution as well. But that will never happen with the lunatics currently wielding power, nor with the many brainwashed and fearmongered voters who put those lunatics in their positions of power.

    • you’re RIGHT, If they can override EVERYTHING that our Mayor has tried to change, how can we expect them to change for other people. Being so tyrannical, sooner or later they’ll slip up somewhere.

  2. Yay, Kenai! Do it! I like the avoidance of getting into the dirt about all the opposing “science” that supports or does not support vaccines and face masks. It is absolutely ridiculous for workers of any kind, except healthcare workers, and our children, to wear faces masks. Those that are in high-risk categories, and those that are generally afraid from the propaganda they are digesting from the media, should make they own precautions by staying home, vaccinating themselves, and have their groceries delivered and allow the rest of us to live normal lives while we are healthy. You know, so we can work and keep the economy from imploding despite Biden’s best efforts to destroy the U.S. economy.

  3. “Governor”- Here’s your CLUE.

    Quit listening to the death cult that has been spewing lies into your ears. it’s not “follow the science” but “follow the politics and money”.

  4. Get ‘er done, Kenai! I’ll be watching the news on December 1. Kenai and the Mat Su, two areas of this beautiful state recognizing personal freedoms and not afraid to stand our ground for it.

  5. In light of a new research paper recently released in the UK that appears to indicate that the vaccinated have an increased risk of heart attack according to their PULS scores, more States and municipalities may want to follow Kenai’s example. Those who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the danger of following the current failed Covid protocols won’t just have egg on their faces, they will have blood on their hands!

  6. Somebody’ll sing a different tune when the Brandon administration figures out how to tie federal funding to vaccine and mask mandates.

  7. About time elected individuals with some back bone will to take a stand. Now let’s see if there are other spineless elected leaders willing to grow a back bone

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