Soldotna’s Saturday drag queen story hour for children has been postponed


There won’t be a drag queen story hour at the Soldotna Public Library on Saturday, after all.

The Soldotna Pride group scheduled a number of “Happy New Queer” events to start the new year, including karaoke and adult trivia nights at various venues on the Kenai Peninsula. But the using of public library facilities to promote drag queens to children was postponed because of public outcry against the using of taxpayer facilities to groom children into alternative sexualized lifestyles.

“The Soldotna Pride Council strives to provide safe spaces for all people, including members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Freedom to assemble and express one’s self is guaranteed by the First Amendment, thus, everyone should feel safe, secure and comfortable being their authentic selves and not live in fear of attending a public event in our community. It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone the Jan. 6 story time in the Community Room at the Soldotna Public Library. We believe in the freedom of expression, however, we are aware of the violent rhetoric on social media and elsewhere toward readers and participants who plan to attend story hour, and we are choosing to prioritize the safety of those children and families,” the group wrote on Facebook.

“We would like to thank Chief Meek, the City of Soldotna, the library staff, the volunteer readers and The Queen’s Guard for their support. We apologize to the families who planned to attend and assure you that we will hold inclusive story times in the future. The Happy New Queer trivia and karaoke events will continue as planned on Jan. 6,” the group said.

The group also laundered the graphic advertising the event and removed the name of drag performer “Ivanna Kischakok.”

Some of the group’s supporters on Facebook were dismayed and said they had looked forward to taking their children to the event.

But the drag group reiterated that this is merely a postponement and indicated it would be back on the Kenai at a future time.


  1. So when “I Wanna Kiss a Cock” decides to come to town, the City of Soldotna has proven that the City Library and City Park are available. How Sick.

    • One might even say that the City of Soldotna eagerly bent over, or knelt, for the mentally ill drag queen groomer, depending on which metaphor one wishes to pursue.

  2. I find it so thoughtful that they postponed “due to the safety of the children”.

  3. By the Leftist’s own contrived and self-righteous definitions, the name is RACIST — a slur on Alaskan native names!

  4. Call the library. Ask them directly if this event has been canceled…you may be surprised at their answer…

  5. Freedom of speech and expression should NEVER be used to promote perversion and the grooming and sexualization of children by pedophiles.

  6. They should never be allowed in front if children! Any parent who takes their children to a “drag queen” ANYTHING should be charged with child abuse.

  7. Frankly it’s getting hard to care anymore.

    We say we don’t want it. They do it anyway, use our tax dollars to do it, then call us istaphobes for not offering up our children.

    This arrogance is why leads to revolutions.

    • This ‘craze’ started with defiance against hypocrites which express uneducated opinions about adult decisions about sexual orientation filtering down to the fringes of society and worst-case scenarios that involve children. Most responsible parents don’t need some agitation to stir things non-existent made-up crises in caring for their kids if they’re paying attention to what their children are doing, and caring for them with honest open communication. And, most decent parents aren’t going to ‘blame’ such silliness on society, if they’re the main influence in teaching their children from an early age. Maybe, the issue is that we’re worried about having to work two or more jobs to keep up with the Jones, and letting social media dictate how the children are cared for. It will ‘blow over’ in a few years, and then there will be some new ‘movement’ that defines the hypocrisies that the average everyday family has to wade through in child-rearing. It makes me wonder sometimes what Dr Spock’s comment would be in these matters. The research is still out or being accumulated about the effects of that man-made affliction. And, that’s my opinion on this.

  8. Good work people of Soldotna!

    They couldn’t take their win and live “quiet lives of dignity” as promised, but instead had to degrade society as a whole. They certainly should not to have access to children or any large involvement in the culture, as wherever they go corruption follows. This is why across time and cultures this activity has always been on the down low. If it is open it is destructive to society.

  9. Shouldn’t even be allowed to happen, period ! No way should anything like this be allowed in public !
    This should be a vote by citizens issue to see if this is acceptable! I personally would be offended and I’m not a prude lol !

  10. Maybe Soldotna Activities Director Joe Spady (the story hour reader) should have event at his own house. What he and other devients do on private property is between them and their Creator.

  11. Why on earth do you think someone dressed up in a costume reading a book for a few minutes to kids who have an adult with them is any worse that an old guy dressed as Santa Claus who has up-close private conversations with kids actually sitting on his lap? Have any of you people ever been to a public library? Or read a book since you left grammar school?

    • Well, the story of St. Nick manifested as a familiar granfatherly figure is a far cry from a man dressed up as an overtly sexual woman with an equally sexual stage name. If one can’t see the difference or the problem here, their children are truly in trouble.

  12. Vladimir Putin had a similar problem with Semi Naked Parties and took care of it quickly with Russia’s Anti LBTQ laws. What would Ben Franklin do ?

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