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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Soldotna entertains a mask mandate on Wednesday


The Soldotna’s City Council will hear a proposed ordinance for a mandatory mask regulation at its regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday evening which will be conducted via teleconference.

Ordinance 2020-028 would require face coverings to be worn while inside buildings that are open to the public, with some exceptions, such as when eating or drinking, or when exercising.

Children under the age of our, and those who have trouble breathing or who have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a covering over their nose and mouth would be exempt from what the ordinance sponsors are calling a regulation.

The city council on Oct. 14 extended the declaration of emergency through Dec. 31, 2020. The mask mandate won’t be voted on at the Dec. 2 meeting, and will be subject to a Dec. 16 public hearing, when the final vote is expected to be taken.

The ordinance, offered by Council members Jordan Chilson and Pamela Parker, would be effective from 12 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 18, for 60 days or until the declaration of emergency regarding COVID-19 by the City Council expires without renewal.

Members of the public interested in participating can learn more at this link.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • I’m of the belief that people constantly touching their mask to adjust, putting them on and off, not washing them, is the cause of the ‘rona (China flu) spike in testing positives.
    A very high percentage of people wear masks in stores that I’ve seen. If masks were the solution, why is there a spike?
    It defies logic.

    • Flu shots. They’ve been pushing them for weeks. Everyone ran out and got one, even though they weren’t sick. The ‘rona virus is the same thing. Heck, the common cold shows up in those “tests” as ‘rona.

    • The spike in cases is an increase in testing, since “cases” are merely people who have been tested. As far as I can determine COVID-19 “cases” are not even defined as people who tested positive, just people who took the test. What an egregious abuse of medical science. We will never know what really happened with this Coronavirus outbreak, b/c of all the shady data manipulations involved in generating infection rate models.

      • The intentional disinformation about Covid-19 from the medical elites colluding with our government representatives has been an egregious abuse of power. From the grossly inflated deaths, which John Hopkins University recently exposed, to the misleading information on supposed “cases” using faulty PCR testing, and deceptive “Covid hospitilizations,” which conflate hospitalizations BECAUSE OF covid with hospitalizations WITH covid, We the People are being intentionally deceived by those who abuse their position of power and influence. The Magic Mask is demonstrably ineffective at preventing the transmission of a virus with a 0.1 micron size 200 to 1,000 times smaller than the holes in a face mask. Will Council members Jordan Chilson and Pamela Parker, who fail to recognize the individual freedom to weigh the risks for ourselves and act accordingly, provide any evidence of the effectiveness of face coverings to prevent the spread of a viral respiratory infection? No. Because there is none. These self-righteous tyrants will simply expect the peons to trust and obey their smarter and morally superior “masters.”

  • So looks like Craig Wortham general manager of Alyeska Tire is getting his little socialist feelings hurt that he is not getting not much help from Kenai borough government telling the locals how they should live their life making him out to be the ‘bad guy’ enforcing mask wear on properties he manages. Ha ha ha ha. Good for Kenai! No adult likes having a caregiver barking orders even an adult needing a PCA still wants their Independence.
    *According to the Alaska Public Media report

    • Good information about Kenai, Alaska. I just added another business to the list of businesses that I will no longer patronize, due to their insanity.

  • They’re gonna keep at it until they get us all covered.

    Then go after something else.

    You get what you vote for, As laska

  • I don’t get it, wear a mask if you like.
    LEAVE me the H_ll alone.

    All my friends, that have had the bug say it was like other flu they have had.
    Herd imunity is about to kick in!
    All unnecessary drama, cost and follow the lemmings in the lead.

    • Herd immunity will only kick in once everybody has the shot that hasn’t already had the disease not before. You’ve been traveling with the wrong people. son. Why not get out and travel with some of the 2,000 people dying every day from this virus. I guess you are a firm believer in that only the healthy deserve a chance to survive, that everybody else with an underlying health condition perish. You know you must be willing to pay higher taxes if half the people die off and you got to kick in the rest. That is if you pay taxes … probably not.

      • This is the Covid Cult – maliciously accuse their neighbors of wanting others to perish for failing to trust the efficacy of the magic mask with holes 200 to 1,000 times larger than the 0.1 micron-sized virus which was supposed to be contained in a lab using astronaut suits and triple-sealed doors. To believe your bandana will magically protect you or others is beyond credulous. Mandating facial coverings requires the consent of the governed. People who are apathetic toward their own liberty cannot eliminate Constitutional rights for those who are not.

      • Greg, your arguments are specious and illogical. Clearly you support all the arbitrary and scientifically unproven measures such as mask mandates and lockdowns, but have you ever stopped to consider all the secondary effects, consequences and costs of those supposedly helpful measures? No, I am sure that you have not.

        Every action, every law, every measure has its costs and consequences, but people like you, who blindly follow the official line and establishment orthodoxy, never seem to stop to consider or factor in all those inevitable costs and consequences.

        Life is a constant balancing of risks and costs, including deaths. That is not heartless, it is an inevitable fact of existence. Sure, we could save tens of thousands of lives, every year, just in this country, by mandating a national vehicular speed limit of 10 mph. But do we? No, of course not. And why not? Because the innumerable costs — in time, in inefficiency, to everyone’s life in general — would not justify the attempt.

        So it is in reality with lockdowns, which have never been scientifically proven to have meaningfully positive results, and which events have demonstrated not to have meaningfully positive outcomes in stopping the spread of the Wuhan Virus.

  • Yeah, because the Mask Mandates have worked so well in communities that have them – NOT!

    • That’s because people in those communities don’t wear masks any better than some on this blog or in Anchorage and some of the villages. It doesn’t do any good to wear a mask during the day, and then go to a steam bath or a drunken orgy during the night. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to wearing protection.

      • Greg, my rights do not end where your fear and hysteria begin.

  • Mask is not about preventing the spread of CORVID-19. It is about the government controlling you.
    Measeal outbreak were masks required or mandated? NO. The threat of Ebola was mask required or mandated? NO. What bout the swine flu common cold chickenpox and so on.
    Thanksgiving you were told not to have a large gathering in hopes of preventing the spread of CORVID
    You did in the past when other epidemics were a threat in the past.
    I do not think mask is as effective as the government health official media claim to be

  • I think many people are wearing them voluntarily now, but those who haven’ probably have a good reason and aren’t going to start just because they’re mandated. I think Alaskans would rather decide for themselves how best to live safely.

  • These mandates are illegal and I, for one, will not comply. Government doesn’t control me and I’m not putting up with their lies. The rest of you need to stand your ground with me. For crying out loud, if you all can’t see by now that only small businesses are being shut down while government jobs grow, legislators gave themselves another pay raise and welfare for the non government employee increases. Look around and you will see it’s true. They are destroying every single individual who isn’t yet sucking at their government teat.

    • I’m with you. The Magic Mask, with holes 200 to 1,000 times larger than the 0.1 micron virus, was never about keeping anyone “safe” or “healthy,” but is merely a pretext for tyranny. If you have enough critical thinking skills to understand this truth, obedience becomes a violation of one’s conscience. The mask has become the most visible symbol of social conditioning of Americans to relinquish their individual God-given liberties. The mandated vaccine is next.

  • Grow up people! We just want this thing to go away and if wearing a mask is going to help with that! Let’s get this over! Government isn’t out to get us! Omg!

    • “IF wearing a mask is going to help …”

      That is one big “if”.

      Face it, Sami, all this insistence and demands by officials for the universal wearing of masks by the public — which the medical consensus before this year held to be largely ineffective in preventing disease transmission — is not about public health, it is purely political. It is about instilling fear and hysteria in sheepish and spineless people, and about demanding and showing conformity to arbitrary governmental decrees.

      • I agree with you, Jefferson, wholeheartedly. So many people do not know all studies conducted prior to May 2020 demonstrated face masks are not effective at preventing the transmission of an aerosolized 0.1 micron-sized virus. That’s because the holes in a face mask are 200 to 1,000 times larger. Like a chain-linked fence stopping a handful of sand. So, no, Sami, unConstitutionally mandating face coverings (and the coming vaccine mandates) with threats of force is not going to help this thing go away. People who are apathetic toward their own liberty cannot eliminate Constitutional rights for those who are not.

  • Speaking of mask mandates, and the questioning of the efficacy of widespread mask wearing by the public, get a load of the censorship now being used by the Anchorage Daily Spews in their comments section — this was the warning that I received today on their website, verbatim:

    “Your comments have been removed from premoderation for the time being. If you continue to engage in name calling, insults and other abusive behavior you will be permanently banned. The same goes for statements (not supported with link from a reputable outlet) of a medical or scientific nature, including your belief that mask wearing is largely pointless. Please re-read the rules for participation. You are of course free to flag the comments of others who also participate in abusive behavior, and we will deal with them in the same way.”

    So, in other words, the COVID-fearmongering ADN now refuses to allow anyone to even dare question the wearing of masks, or their effectiveness, or the mandates to wear them. Screw them! That is the last straw for me on their cesspool of a site.

    • This should be alarming to everyone. If only one viewpoint is allowed in the discussion about the effectiveness of a proposed mandate, we have no freedom left. Yet the sheeple ignore this and keep bleating, “Just wear the damn mask and this will all go away!”

      • Yes, Rene, the reactionary authoritarian leftists are apparently going for broke now, without a trace of shame. Something radically unprecedented is building, and I don’t think it will be long before things explode in serious and unexpected ways. I have been pushed to the very edge of outrage and desperation myself.

  • enough already.

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