Socialists picket City Hall to get conservative assistant library director fired; another group pickets to support her


An organized protest by socialists at Anchorage City Hall was directed at the assistant director of Anchorage Libraries, Judy Eledge. The picketers want her fired, and held signs that said as much. They have accused the assistant library director of creating a bad working environment for workers at the library, which has led to some people quitting.

Another group showed up with signs supporting Eledge. The groups were roughly the same size, although the group trying to get Eledge fired had a microphone and the protesters were making loud accusations for the television cameras.

The environment at the library may not be ideal for some of the more radical former library workers who are bent on pushing leftist agendas on the public.

Eledge is a commonsense old-school educator and conservative who has been in charge of the libraries for over a year. A new library director will arrive in August from out of state.

The accusers say Eledge has removed books from the library. She says that is not so; she’s not removed a single book. But it’s clear she was hired by Mayor Dave Bronson to return the library to a family-friendly environment, not just a daycare center for drug addicts and a stage for drag queen story hour.

Never before in the history of Anchorage has a group of people tried to get a library employee fired by taking to the streets. But such is the divide between cultures in 2022, with the library now at the center of a values wars between the right and the left. Those organizing the protest include the usuals: The Alaska Center for the Environment, Stand Up Alaska, Anchorage Action, GALS (Growing Alaska Leaders, a political organization), and PSL Anchorage — the communist “Party for Socialism and Liberation.


  1. We have other public uses of the public spaces. We would like to use facilities for Constitutional studies etc. So gender change recruiters have to allow actual public uses not just to those who have an interest in changed use of their birth designated genders

  2. What are the odds that the people who quit were “dead wood” and did not like having to actually work?

    • Didn’t think of that, but I spent 6 years w/ the MOA & that is very likely.
      In the Dept I was in you worked if you wanted to and did almost nothing if you wanted to.
      Sponsered by the IBEW’s union protection.

      Some people were hard workers, some avg, some did hardly anything.
      It was the workers personal choice.
      Ain’t making this up.

  3. Stand strong Judy! I know you will, but be encouraged – if the lefty idiots want to complain, it’s a sure sign you’re doing the right thing. And BTW, “our” children do not belong to them. This old conservative would like to use a library every now and then without being accosted by various freaks and commies demanding I submit to their evil worldview and subsidize their lifestyles – and I don’t approve of libraries (or anywhere else) being used to groom kids to accept child abuse.

  4. Hmmm….seemingly upon one side are family members, you know, fathers, mothers, children, and the dude on the right of the picture.

    Upon the other, seemingly a majority of middle-aged women, not sure about the two on the right being middle-aged, but apparently women, nonetheless.

    One may wonder where their supporters of the male or younger persuasion were, or if they existed at all?

    The fact that the totality of ‘protesters’ was less than two dozen individuals upon both sides begs the question, why was this even considered an ‘organized event’?

    Though I am sure our illustrious Nazi Nine would consider it some sort of vast and impactful public display of the denouncement of Eledge, it seems rather sad to me.

    • When’s the last time you inquired at a library? Did you find an answer? Sometimes it’s hard to phrase a question but librarians are totally in to focusing on the important sources and answers. It’s a blast to learn how many avenues of inquiry are out there. Ask!

    • This is only the twentyteenth time I’ve seen this point raised, more or less worded exactly the same way each time. It’s tough for me to make heartfelt comments in response to someone reciting their talking points memo, but I’ll try again. I’m stubborn like that sometimes.

      I did detailed historical research on various topics over a period of 35 years. Scholarship of some topics is hampered by two main factors. One is limited print runs of literature. Another is the current restrictive copyright terms imposed by the United States becoming a party to the Berne Convention and the passage of the so-called Sonny Bono Act a decade later. Recent commentaries on copyright law have pointed out that copyright restrictions make literature from 1850 easier to obtain than literature from 1950. Libraries become a valuable resource to people who have actually perused the body of work found there and have compared it to what Google and the like will spoon-feed you.

      In the present day, it’s easy for people to force-feed a certain message on others when it’s nowhere near as easy for the intended audience to view the topic in a larger context. Opinions may be skewed when one lacks the ability to see for themselves a time when God was welcome in public spaces, or when the backbone of our local economies were small businesses rather than global corporations. More specific to Alaska politics, the recent talking point campaign against Kevin Meyer and Peter Micciche bears no weight when you understand that oil industry people have served in the legislature for decades, including one who arguably had a much bigger conflict of interest during the days of the Prudhoe Bay discovery.

  5. Library isn’t about! People’s agendas! Libraries! Was meant for schooling and learning books of classes that you taking!

    • Ehhhhh, just guessing here, but you could benefit from more time at the library.

      Wait. My wife says that Nc’s comment is sarcasm. Missed that.

  6. Wasn’t Assemblyman Rivera on a flyer inviting Jr. High kids to the library after school to learn about sex and relationships? Judy Eledge thinks the library should be for academic pursuits. I’m with Judy.

  7. To the anti-Eledge protestor: I highly doubt any person is maliciously removing books (even when a book is dumb and poor content). It’s the system.
    It indiscriminately tells employees which items are pulled and weeded. Which is why our town’s library needs to continue increasing the attendance of christians and conservatives checking out the material we don’t want weeded out.

    I doubt the protestors actually use the libraries, and i am not talking about the number of times they use library they could fit their visits in a year using finger counting. Hahahaha!

    By the way, why weren’t the protestors and supporters working? It was a work day. Most people were working (including me). Three things the working people are working for: self, inflation, and neighbors who refuse to work.

    I thinking protests, whether or not I agree with the issue, really have become a thing of the past 19th century. I look around — bystanders aren’t even paying attention, the ones paying attention are voters who are a small group.

    • Maybe oneday
      our towns main library
      could use its meeting places for adult basic
      education classes, learning a second language, or games like
      chessclub or beading and knitting circles . You know that land acknowledgement
      assembly does for long time, that as sensitive and smart as this assembly they didn’t think up the idea using the classrooms for
      such weekly group meets.


    KTUU, Alaska’s Leftist News Source aired what seemed like minutes on the 10PM news, showing all of their signs and interviewing them, but then aired only a few seconds of the group standing up for parents, children and Judy.

  9. Hang in there Judy! The ‘bad working environment’ the left claims you have created, is your refusal to let ‘anything go’ in the city’s library. It’s another fro t the left is waging against Mayor Bronson who dared to run and then win against the enlightened leader of the left, Forest Dunbar. The people of Anchorage really need to stop re-electing the conga line of leftists on the Assembly. It would do wonders forthright responsible governance of the city.

  10. I’m envious, I wish my life was so full of spare time and uncomplicated that I could protest a library. I especially like the sign that says “Protect Our Children.” I betting this sign wasn’t at the Drag Queen show in the park. What is that thing on the right with the green hair holding the microphone? I’ve only seen this species in San Francisco.

    • Near as I can tell, that’s Lily Spiroski, the former youth representative on the Anchorage Assembly. She was mostly invisible after leaving that position, only surfacing in recent weeks or months, where she’s been quite active speaking out on this and that. Forget “grooming” as it’s been used in this discussion. Who’s grooming her for whatever political aspirations she may have?

  11. This has nothing to do with socialism, and everything to do with pornography for children and providing another expensive public building for the mentally ill homeless to loiter in, stabbing the innocent. We need to build another grand public building; an insane asylum to put these people in, not to punish them, but to recreate a safe environment for them and the majority who aren’t mentally ill.

  12. Communists. Socialists. At least we have correctly identified the enemy. More of this in our public discourse please.

  13. I agree! If you are lucky and can find someone like Judy to continue her “martyr to the cause” behavior, you got it made. Judy goes all out in this capacity with everything and everyone she takes up as a cause. So, you want new buildings? Get ahold of Judy and build a plan. Looks to me like she would go all out to the “cause” and play the “martyr” part very well. Politics? The same for Judy. She picks her politicians and plays the martyr part to attract attention to that person, feel empathy and anger? Poor ole’ guy attitude. They get attention and votes and money. Hire Judy! There is a purpose to everything and everyone in life!!

  14. Most who comment here are content that their smattering of information about the US Constitution is adequate. It isn’t. The US Constitution is not given a chance to be applied in Anchorage. Some book clubs could be formed and use space at the library. Some Community Councils still need space to meet. I have requested Annals of America should be reference materials. If you won’t purchase these resource materials you are a sloppy student of the Constitution and you don’t care about the kids. THE LEFTIES are going to have to share the budget and the library with the now impoverished merchant class conservatives. This isn’t Seattle. This is Anchorage. We are conservatives and that’s why we brought in our Mayor.

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