Skagway challenge denied: Redistricting map will stand


The Skagway Borough spent nearly $300,000 fighting a redistricting plan that joins it into a House district with north Juneau, rather than downtown Juneau, where city leaders in Skagway feel more at home.

$292,375 and change is the bill so far. That’s what the Skagway Borough spent fighting in court the redistricting plan that the Alaska Redistricting Board approved for the Juneau-Skagway political boundaries.

The money went to Anchorage lawyer Robin Brena in three checks. And there may be more bills on the way for Skagway residents to pay. The borough, after being defeated in court, asked the Alaska Supreme Court it to reconsider its decision. That request has now been denied, as of April 7th.

Brena is the law partner of former Gov. Bill Walker, who is running for governor once again, after having lost a humiliating bid for reelection in 2018. He is one of the advocates for higher oil taxes, costing the state tens of millions of dollars as he has mounted campaign after campaign to jack up taxes on oil production in Alaska.

His bill for Skagway pencils out to about $300 per resident for the unsuccessful effort to overturn the redistricting map.


  1. Curry favor! Curry favor! It’s not as intuitive as it seems at first secret polite glance.

  2. Skagway is nearly (or is) broke. Nearly 100% of their city budget comes from tourism. Something they haven’t had much of for three years.

    To spend this kind of cash to make a Walker toadie’s house note is irresponsible in the extreme.

  3. You know, there is only one Conservative in Skagway and she is old and tired….So who cares how much they spend on Robin Brena’s alleged services?

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