Shootout: Officer wounded, suspect dead in Aniak


A U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force was in Aniak along with Alaska State Troopers Friday to arrest 34-year-old resident Andrew John, wanted on a $2,500 felony arrest warrant for assault in the third degree due to an incident that occurred in the community on Jan. 29.

During the arrest attempt, John reportedly shot at the team inside the home, striking a deputy U.S. Marshal. The arrest task force evacuated the wounded deputy and created a perimeter around the house. A short time later, John emerged from his home wielding a loaded shotgun, according to Alaska State Troopers.

As the standoff came to a close, members of the task force shot and killed John.

The wounded unidentified deputy was taken to the Aniak Clinic and then medevaced to an Anchorage area hospital, where he was reported to be in fair condition.

The Alaska State Troopers Bureau of Investigation assumed the investigative responsibility for the incident. Once the investitation is complete, it will be independently reviewed by the Alaska Office of Special Prosecutions.

Aniak, along the Kuskokwim River, is 92 miles from Bethel, with a population of about 525.


  1. Welcome to the banana republic, were fbi raids the wrong homes, law enforcement in Alaska that rape woman, elections are stolen,

    • He shot at them and wounded someone. He was a dangerous person. It’s sad it ended this way with loss of life, but his response was the reason for his death. We are the sum of the choices we make. Your comment is telling and sad. Do you not believe in personal responsibility?

  2. Hard to believe Fed. marshals were needed for this. Someone so dastardly and dangerous the troopers couldn’t handle it. Maybe the troopers are too short handed? Will this be the new norm?

    • More likely, the Marshals were serving a federal warrant and the Troopers were along for local knowledge and support.

    • Nope, and Art Chance is incorrect (as usual) also. However it never prevents him from commenting. The Marshall’s Task Force is comprised of Deputy US Marshalls and Alaska State Troopers, as well as a few support personnel from other agencies. The AST members are also deputized as long as they’re assigned.

      These folks do nothing except high risk warrants and training to enforce those warrants, both Federal and State. One more reason that it’s multijurisdictional is that it allows the task force to work within otherwise blurred lines of jurisdiction.

      Another reason is that if there is a Federal nexus to the endeavor, the team gets to operate under Federal procedures. Federal procedures are generally safer for all involved parties (suspects also) during the warrant services.

      You only see what’s in Courtview regarding Andrew John. I wager that he’d made previous statements and exhibited further behaviors that required a high risk application.

      • Correct. Thank you for trying to educate some numb skulls here. Doubtful they will embrace the facts rather only want to bloviate.

  3. I cannot believe you people are making these comments. Read the article. Apparently this did justify reinforcements.

  4. Well This one is for the Aniak church to minister before some democrat cries foul and stir ups the family’s grief.

  5. So federal asssination against civilians are the order of the day. How convenient. The doj is corrupt anyway so just leave it out of the equation. My condolences to the bereaved and any fatherless children. They have no rights either in Alaska. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for the injured soldier in this domestic war against natives.

    • His father had a similar war against everyone also…to include his own son. So maybe know or learn something before you type.

      • No. These are my feelings and views and they are not wrong. For your future reference life in Alaska presents extreme pressure on Native men they may not be able to overcome. This affects generations. I send condolences to the bereaved and wishes for recovery to the injured.

  6. For the brain dead and cop haters. It’s a logistics thing. Far too little Troopers to cover every area continually. Feds step in when needed quite regularly. Now, for the obvious but obviously not obviously enough, Do you actually think said bad guy cared what badge they were wearing? For you that that always curse the Po Po. The rest know you are the first ones to call them. Get over yourselves.

    • Yeah, he used a bird gun not a machine gun, flamethrower, or even an AR. How is this an NRA issue?

      Oh, you’re right. People shouldn’t have guns to hunt with either. After all, there’s foodstamps. Why should anyone be able to do anything without government direction? Dang Americans

      Maybe you like that, but most of the rest of us left our mommy’s basement a long time ago.

  7. It’s amazing how people incorporate politics in everything stated. News flash, it is rare to find any politician that cares about you unless they need your vote. You shoot at a cop and the cop will shoot back. If you are ignorant enough to think you can threaten somebodies life without suffering consequences, think again. The community made the complaint against assault, we no nothing more. It is tough enough being a cop with all this nonsense going on. Sometimes the cop is the only lifeline you will ever have. Allot of these cities are finding out the hard way where there are no cops to protect them from the criminals.

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