Services in Alaska for Don Young: April 2


The late Congressman Don Young’s family invites Alaskans to a service in Anchorage memorializing his life and legacy. The event at Anchorage Baptist Temple is open to the public at 11 am on April 2, with live-streaming also being made available; it is unlikely the church will be able to accommodate everyone who wants to attend in person. More details will be announced later in Must Read Alaska.

Young was a member of Anchorage Baptist Temple and was close with its former head pastor and founder Jerry Prevo. He attended services in Anchorage often when he was in Alaska.

For information on the services in Washington, D.C., visit this link:


  1. This
    would be an epic moment to preach the
    gospel accompanied with the old gospel hymns to the many dignitaries not normally in a church whose own lives can’t be saved by their own good works and accomplishments just
    for being a good law abiding citizen. We can’t be good enough and our material blessing isn’t because of only your efforts. All good things come from the. Father above. Youknow! we as americans weren’t given our wealth so we can spend it all on ourselves. We were built up so we can build up the poorer churches in the 2/3 nations where our poorer indigenous christian brothers and sisters labor to get the gospel out to as many as their birth country’s peoples.

    • The Uber christianity that you constantly impose has done so much more harm than good. I’ve read that fewer Americans are turning to faith. That’s hopeful.

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