Senator Hot Head: ‘Lives are in danger and I will be holding you accountable!’


Sen. Lyman Hoffman had a few choice words for Commissioner of Administration Kelly Tshibaka during a Senate Finance Committee meeting this week. He verbally raked Tshibaka over the coals for not asking for a supplemental budget item to help rural Alaskans get their REAL IDs.

Take a look:

Tshibaka responded that while the federal requirement has been known about for 15 years, there are many partners, including the Division of Motor Vehicles, which can help people become ID compliant. Drivers’ licenses, she said, are just one form of REAL ID; people may use passports, military id or tribal id to get into secure areas in airports after October, when the rules finally take effect.

“Do your homework!” Hoffman retorted.


  1. Lyin’ Lyman is an idiot. Fulfilling the requirements is easy, fill out a US passport application and mail it in

    • It’s even easier than that in a village. TSA accepts tribal ID with a photo. Costs $5 bucks in this village. Doesn’t even have to have an expiration date.

      He’s just parroting Sen. Donny Olson’s stupidity.


    His PFD theft has cost the YK Delta over $120 million in hard cash so far.

    The villages are broke and in worse shape than in anytime I’ve seen in over thirty years.

    Every village has real time video access, two different ways.

    Lower Kuskokwim School district and the Health clinics through Yukon Kuskokwim health Corp.

    Now how hard is it to put a DMV employee in the LKSD building and do live ID’s with the village administrator sitting there to verify residence?

    In the last two years I seriously doubt that that many people from any village hasn’t been too Bethel or Dillingham. Quit stealing the PFD and they’ll have the money for cab fares.

    If none of that works, how about the corporations kicking in too take care of their own people?

    LYING LYMAN HOFFMAN, do your job, cut the budget and give my family and friends their full PFD.

  3. Does no one see how insulting it is to these folks in rural areas that they need more funds to get something they didn’t get for 15 years?
    “I am sorry sir, my constituents are too stupid to find a DMV locally or when they go to Anchorage. Can you send someone to each of their homes in rural Alaska to get them in compliance? Oh, that will cost money? No problem. It’s government money.”
    Most have figured out how to vote, get a driver’s license, shop, buy online, fly on a plane, and update their Facebook posts. But go get another ID?
    I hope some of these rural folks feel insulted and send Lyman Hoffman a message to go find a real job.

  4. The more I hear and see what our duly elected legislators get away with, the angrier it makes me. Doesn’t anyone in Juneau have the cojones to at least bring them up on charges? Is there nothing we, the people can do besides wait until November to vote them out of office? Who knows what kind of damage they can do by that time.

  5. Sick and tired of these Representatives berating the governor’s people. Maybe these representatives should try and fix the problems they caused.

  6. Sen. Lyman Hoffman is correct for admonishing Commissioner of Administration Kelly Tshibaka.
    There are no DMV offices in Rural Alaska villages. There are DMVs in the hub cities, such as Nome, Kotzebue, and Bethel, some of whom only get DMV staff on weekly rotations.
    The real ID also requires a street or road address while many of the villages only get mail at a USPS village mailbox. Many of the village streets are not named and some houses are only numbered with no street name.
    Something as essential as an Alaska ID to make a flight hundred of miles with no roads, for a medical visit from a village should be understood or a waiver issued. Study it.

    • They have well over two years to comply with this requirement. They have no difficulty preparing a PFD application. Presumably they have no difficulty preparing IRS forms. There are many methods to satisfy real ID, for example, passport or tribal ID. Sen. Lyman Hoffman is as guilty of sitting on his hands in this matter as his constituents. His rant against Kelly Tshibaka is an example of the entitlement mentality of the bush.

    • Rob Stapleton, you’re clueless.

      Anyone that lives in a village in Senate district S, Lyin’ Lyman Hoffman’s area, knows you don’t need a ID to get to a hub. Hell you don’t even need a ticket, you pay for that when you walk through the door in the hub.

      There’s no excuses for Lyin’ Lyman’s bad form in Juneau.

    • When are we going to quit treating Villagers like kindergardeners? Time to grow up and take care of themselves. All of the state expenditures to the Villages over decades have taught them to be dependent on government. Crybabies! And persons like Rob have become their biggest advocates. Shame on you!

      • Enablers are the cripplers for an independent society. The Villagers have always lived an independent lifestyle until guys like Rob Stapleton have helped create the nanny state mentality to an otherwise proud Native people.

    • Stapleton, no, actually Hoffman was being a boor, nothing more, nothing less . . . well, jerk would also cover that issue.
      RealID is only necessary for interstate travel, not intrastate.
      If one has a passport, which is a good idea, and, golly, given the number of those from the Bush that hit HI during the winter, they have IDs.

  7. the property where I live is owner financed, I have four years until it’s paid off. T, that means I have four years until the tax bill is in my name. My place is off grid and at least one month a year its hike-in only. No deliveries because it’s a maintained road that is 3.5 miles long and not always drivable the rest of the year. It’s a love hate relationship — love it because it such a rough dead end no one drives on it, hate it because its such a rough road not even a tow truck will go on it. It’s my piece of heaven. I recently got a bank account, you see no one accepts paper checks from your employer, so it’s easy not to shop on Amazon or Ebay where I bought this land at and realized I should not have a bank account.
    I still love the property. Everything goes to my P.O. Box including my W2s. That is the address an them. My voter registration and now bank account are the only thing I have with a physical address on it. I got the bank account for a physical address. My family came to this country long before it was this country have fought in every war and conflict. I am now a sub citizen because I chose to live in the U.S. in an area where the U.S. mail doesn’t deliver and utilities are not available. Maybe it’s you who needs to do their homework, because I dont live in a rural area, I am on the KP. To be a full citizen you now need to have grid services or move to where they are!

    • This requirement has been in place for years. I believe the deadline has already been extended twice. I too am the spawn of family that’s been here for generations and also reared in rural Alaska and completely off the road system; however not once have I ever felt I was suddenly now a “sub” citizen simply because of this FEDERAL requirement. What is happening here now is people have delayed again, and again, and again, their window of opportunity to comply with their requirement to fulfill this one option (there are others) and now that “times up” they are calling foul, and they want someone else to pay for it. And how convenient that they can scream in the face of the Dunleavy administration to ask for money to do it. I do not recall Lyman treating the Walker/Mallott crew this way and it was those two clowns that first took half of everyone’s PFD in the first place for something. I’m not sure what but it sure in the hell wasn’t to put little ID makers in all of the villages. We all choose where we live. This is a fact. We are adults. Then the Feds and the States put requirements on us from time to time. Once again the choice is yours. You either figure out a way to do it or you don’t.

  8. Of course I’m sure he thinks that his constituents are too stupid and lazy to vote too, so he will just give them pre-filled ballots.

  9. I wonder if Lyman was on the front lines in his village district teaching constituents how to spell Murkowski?
    Lyman worked as a lowly House staffer back in the 80’s, and except for finally ascending to an elected position over the past 35 years, he’s still as dumb as a box of rocks. Here’s a guy who has been copying his neighbor’s homework and still flunking out.

  10. I know! Make having a real ID mandatory for receiving benefits from the Government! ( including a PFD) Make it Mandatory for casting a ballot!

  11. We don’t have real street addresses in the bush. We use made up names so that we can get UPS delivery because they don’t realize that the UPS package goes to the post office here in the village and is not delivered by a little brown truck. Just make up a name or if you look online in the sexual offenders page you’ll see a dress is like the third house from the airport or the yellow house by the river stuff like that.

    • And, why is that? The villages were all surveyed for lots after ANSCA transfers. I know, I worked for United Utilities, we had maps with the lot numbers, 63 exchanges.
      The lots were never transferred so that those living in the villages could continue to swap houses, destroy them and whine for new houses. No accountability, no liability.
      There are addresses, just never implemented.

  12. I’m pretty sure you only need a real ID 4 flying out of a regional hub or a big airport where they still use TSA screening. We have a direct flight to Anchorage from air taxi and I don’t believe a real ID is needed to fly on them.

  13. “Do your homework”. That is the final response of a Senator to a Commissioner when discussing this issue. A complete act of disrespect. Why is it her responsibility to bring forth the data for HIS argument? She provided plenty of data supporting her argument. She did her homework. He didn’t do his.
    Since when is this issue a “matter of life and death?” And furthermore, aren’t most of his constituents tribal members? Get Calista out there and start issuing tribal ID cards. Problem solved.

  14. “I will be holding you accountable!”
    No, Lyman, you will not.
    You lack authority, ability, and arguably courage to hold anybody “accountable” for anything.
    You’re enshrined in the Holy City of Juneau because you’re best at Getting Money for important people, yes?
    For someone with your legendary skill set, it should be easy to figure out who else’s sacred cow needs to miss a few meals so you, a cult hero, can provide concierge DMV service to your adoring, if procrastinating, public, yes?
    So stop with your empty, contemptible threats and do your damned job, or resign and let your adoring, if procrastinating, public find someone who will… in their own time, of course.

  15. Folks, this requirement only applies to interstate travel Outside of Alaska. For travel within Alaska, no need. Quit making more of this than what it is . . . nothing.
    I have a passport.
    I don’t care about RealID.

  16. Wow. “Senator Hot Head.” “Lying Lyman Hoffman” as stated in the comment above. I thought Alaska was better than Washington. Let’s not start this here or anywhere.

  17. As an adopted mother I wanted my child to connect with his culture, it is the right thing and I had promised his mother . I am not native. I respect the native culture but I knew so little I would be useless. Fortunately his birth mother DID have her native cards and she and I worked together to follow up on his native documentation. With documentation and native of he has been welcomed and educated of his heritage. He has pride and knowledge now to pass down.

    So many natives no longer have documents proving their bloodlines handy and life happens. Getting the tribal is card is a way natives can support and pass down their culture. I have meet and adult person I fully respect. Because he was not raised by his blood family he has no way to trace his heritage.

    Promoting tribal native id is giving native people respect and dignity and will play a role in keeping their rich culture alive.

    Before how many knew of the authority of tribal in our nation not just a show and decoration that native governments are in charge of issuing federally accepted id ….it is respect and honor. I find it insulting that some seek to undermine native culture as incapable of the issuance of there own native tribal identification. Lip service of respect for their culture and ability while, on camera is revealed as lip service when efforts of supporting promoting native id are suppressed and a state id presented as the superior, correct , and requirement. Support tribal autonomy.

    Definition of autonomy
    1: the quality or state of being self-governing
    especially : the right of self-government
    The territory was granted autonomy.
    2: self-directing freedom and especially moral independence
    personal autonomy
    3: a self-governing state

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