Senate passes Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan aid package totaling $95 billion, ‘deterrence that Putin hoped would not come,’ says Murkowski


The Senate overwhelmingly passed controversial H.R.815, a combination of $95 billion in assistance to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Indo-Pacific allies. Both Sen. Dan Sullivan and Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in favor of the aid package.

The bill had earlier passed a split House, with all Democrats voting for it, along with some Republicans led by the House Speaker. The bill was particularly controversial in the House because it contains no support for U.S. border security. Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska voted in favor of the bill.

“This national security legislation is NOT an exhibit of Joe Biden’s foreign policy triumphs but a response to his failures: the Afghan debacle that emboldened Putin, the border crisis, and the delay of EVERY major weapon system the Ukrainians have said they need,” Sen. Dan Sullivan explained in a post on X/Twitter.

The package has $60.8 billion for Ukraine, $26.4 billion for Israel, and $8.1 billion to support Indo-Pacific allies that are fighting Chinese aggression.

Specifically, the bill provides additional funding for: 

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy science programs
  • National Nuclear Security Administration
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Administration for Children and Families
  • Department of State
  • U.S. Agency for International Development

The bill provides the funding for purposes such as:

  • Assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan
  • Improvements to the submarine industrial base
  • Development and production of isotopes
  • FEMA Nonprofit Security Grant Program
  • Refugee assistance
  • Security at U.S. diplomatic facilities in Ukraine and Israel 
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Oversight of assistance provided to Israel and Ukraine

The measure allows Russian assets seized by the United States to be sold off in order to support Ukraine. There is a widening of sanctions against Iran in the package, as well. The bill includes provisions that expand the authorities of the president to transfer defense articles and services from Department of Defense to foreign countries or international organizations; and prohibit funds from being used for payments to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. 

“Despite my frustration and the real-world consequences of the delays associated with this critical assistance, today’s vote comes as a desperate relief to our allies abroad and those who prioritize our national security here at home,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. “This package supports Ukraine, Israel, and our partners throughout the Indo-Pacific region as they fight to defend themselves and preserve their sovereignty. This is the deterrence that Putin hoped would not come. This is support for desperately needed humanitarian aid in Israel. This also expands sanctions on Iranian oil, which the Biden administration must enforce to the letter. The supplemental requires a level of accountability and oversight with these funds for our allies. And importantly, it helps restore our defense capabilities.”

The bill goes to the president’s desk for a signature.


  1. Just proves that Alaska is no longer a red state.
    Do the people of Alaska support this? Irregardless I do not believe that the voters were even asked.
    Elections cannot come soon enough.

    • This proves Alaska is not a liberal, pacifist, anti war state and the Great and Honorable U.S. Senator from Alaska knows that you don’t turn the other cheek in the face of tierany and makes sure the Russian front will not move further west and also will not abandon our middle eastern Allie, Israel and eastern Allie Taiwan!
      Go Lisa, we are proud of you.
      Bombs away Folks 😉

        • It doesn’t merit that. It’s moved from chuckles to sad acceptance. Just let the commentary speak for itself, like you would let a toddler scream out a tantrum.

          The best response to such silliness is none at all.

          • MA; You just counterdicted yourself.
            Your posts lack merit or any kind of evidence, proof or facts, just shoot from the hip.
            You’ve cried wolf so many times that no one can believe you.
            Writing without thinking is like shooting without aiming.

        • Jeff; You and Masked may be confusing the Republican Party for the Libertarian. Republicans traditionally have been pro defense and a strong Allie and a strong defense is to attack.
          What do you think of President Lincoln?

      • All we’ve got here is a giant money laundering operation. When was the last time you saw war footage from Ukraine? Are they still fighting? We don’t know yet billions and billions continue to flow.

        • There’s ample media coverage over the ongoing fight in Ukraine, from sources that employ actual reporters. You have to read more than blog posts if you want to know what’s happening in the world.

      • Last I checked the entire government, Republicans and Democrats alike, are completely invested in prolonging the disaster in Ukraine that the US started, and funding genocide. Complete war mongering fascist lunatics. Democrats aren’t a liberal party, and Republicans aren’t a conservative party. Rhetoric, culture war nonsense, rainbows… nonsense to keep you busy while everyone loses ground and freedom. Wake the —- up. Thank you.

      • You really want to dance pedantic?
        Ain’t isn’t an actual word but it’s in common usage.

      • It is as of last year according to “Webster”. They made “ain’t” a word recently as well. So, regardless, irregardless is unfortunately an official English word now. I refuse to use it, however.


    • Nancy,
      Have the Russians landed yet? Or is it the Chinese? I can’t bear to watch the tube anymore because now I’m really feeling responsible for putting our sick little daughter into office.

  2. And no money to secure our own border our own problems way to go, Markowski you’re the loser that you’ve always been. Care more about foreign people than you do America

    • There was a bipartisan bill to deal with the southern border crisis. Ex-president Trump said, « Don’t do it! Leave it to me once I get re-elected. »
      So, here we are.
      BTW, you need to do some research about international policy. It will help you to understand the current situation with Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Open your mind…

      • That border bill was set up with the poison pill to allow MORE invaders in it was garbage and needed to die.

    • Sullivan is right there with her. She gets the spotlight but look at his voting record – he is actually worse – at least she tells us to our face how terrible she is.

      • Unfortunately I want to like Sullivan but after so many votes against what I support I think this is the final straw. I wonder if anyone like Kelly will primary against him?

  3. More unfunded spending. How about getting rid of half the alphabet agencies and cutting the rest in half. Americans are helping finance all this spending and green policies by the lowering of our standard of living. And seizing assets, will any country feel good about investing in this country?

    • Lowering Americans’ standard of living? Look in anyone’s property to see the big houses with all the expensive playthings in and around it.
      As for Russians « investing » in the US, they are « shielding/protecting » their assets in case of needing to flee.
      You might check out the Russian population statistics for Dubai. It’s astounding.

  4. It’s sad we keep sending money to foreign countries when we can’t take care of our own. Keep printing money we don’t have. Our government is corrupt.

  5. Keep that printing press supplied with ink and paper! What brilliant people we have working within the halls of government, fueling the proxy war and inflation with no end in sight. But hey, it gets us through the election cycle with their hopes to continue for at least another 4 years.

    • Uh, did you sleep through the COVID pandemic? Around the entire world, countries are having to deal with the after effects.

  6. Every single dollar of this spending is borrowed, as we careen towards bankruptcy. And not a cent allocated for US border security.

    It is plain how high we rate as Americans- which is not very. The M.I.C. is very happy though and that is all our politicians seem to care about.

    What a travesty.

  7. Correct if I’m wrong but, doesn’t this funding to Ukraine totaling $230B?
    … What is the plan to ensure these funds are not wasted?
    … What exactly is Ukraine using for collateral?
    … When do these funds get paid back by Ukraine?
    … What is the contribution from UN & European Countries?
    … Is there “ANY” accountability and/or auditing elements?
    … What is the “interest” on this loan?
    … Is this the end of American funding or, should American Tax Payers expect more to be committed on this “loosing” endeavor in coming months – years?
    … How many American Advisors are already on the ground in Ukraine?
    … When Ukraine runs out of warfighters, is the plan to augment the fighting force with American Soldiers?

    • All excellent questions. To be added is the question: How is the massive uncontrolled give-away to corrupt Ukraine in the national interest of the United States? An unacceptable answer would be: “Because we won’t have to send Americans to fight against Putin.”

      Ukraine is the wrong war, at the wrong time, in the wrong place for the wrong reasons.

      • Genius, we are sending cash as well. And much of the cash we have already sent has slipped away into corruption.

        Do not American taxpayers deserve to know were their money is going?

    • The President can wave the loan repayment, so don’t expect any return. No, there won’t be an audit; politicians are financially benefiting from the funding. Even Johnson’s main advisors are benefactors.

  8. The measure allows Russian assets stolen by the united states to be sold off in order for billions of dollars to be sent to Ukraine, laundered, and then sent back to U.S. politicians and defense contractors.

    • Correct analysis. Which is resulting with the Dollar losing its world reserve currency status. No one trusts us anymore. When the value of our currency collapses along with hyper inflation created by printing trillions of digital and paper currency, there will be no middle class. The national security threat to America is internal, our politicians, and globalist corporations. The Ukranian regime is collapsing, stop gate measures are being rushed into place to delay the collapse past our November elections.

  9. Ok, tell me again why we keep sending $$ to countries that are wealthy or have received multiple aid recently? I’m confused. Is this a money laundering scheme?

  10. I’m sorry, but anyone who knows the Murkowskis understand that they aren’t heavyweights on the global stage. Frank was whispered about as being a stooge, whose wife literally ran his Senate office. Frank voted pretty much party line and had Ted Stevens to shepherd him on the important weighty matters. Lisa was never a conservative and after 22 years in the Senate has recently come out of the closet as a firebrand lefty, defying her parents and creating havoc in the Alaska Republican Party. Lisa was shepherded by Diane Feinstein and other older liberals. As for understanding global politics and our nation’s security risks, Lisa is as ignorant and stubborn as Frank. She’s turned into a very ratty woman who’s aim is to follow the so-called social justice objectives and prove to her peers in Congress that she can cut the mustard with the big name politicians in DC. But in Alaska we know her as a fool, and a silver spoon-fed, spoiled little girl who never grew up.

  11. I cannot believe the catholic members of congress used their influence to pass a bill giving the Vatican City $25 billion in military aid while it ethnically cleanses the city of Rome! The catholic head of the senate and all catholic members of congress should have recused themselves from this vote. It’s an obvious situation of self interest, and has been so since an active member of congress wore his Swiss guard uniform on the floor of the house of Representatives while demanding military aid for Vatican City.
    I cannot believe no one in congress protested the catholic head of the senate partaking in this legislation after he was broadcasted on CSPAN saying he is the protector of the Vatican City and will do everything in his power to put its interests into the forefront.

    • Probably because you’re wrong about your premise.

      Do you have a Catholic problem, or this your conspiracy of the week?

      • As much as you think you control the narrative on the obvious decline and collapse of the west, everyday thousands of people wake up to the way things truly are.

        • Something else I’ve “noticed” about you. An inability to stay on one topic.

          So I’ll chalk this up to a mix of anti Catholicism AND paranoia.

          I’m curious if you think Trump will win in a landslide.

      • Not sure which, but historical, it pretty easy to have a “catholic” problem. You’re a student of history too. Catholics need to stay out of governments, and stick to soul saving and penny counting.

  12. For perspective, 60.8 Billion for Ukraine is roughly what it would cost to build another Trans Alaska Pipeline. It took some 20,000 workers 3 years to build the one we have today back in ’75 to ’77.

    60.8 billion is alot of money. Sadly this appropriation will be squandered and only make the US a weaker nation.

    Good job Danny!

  13. A President Ron Paul would never have gotten us into the messes listed by the commenters above, who are spot-on. Paul probably HAD the delegate strength in 2012, but the Deep State rigged him out of contention, just like they did Pat Buchanan in 1996. They were both “too extreme”, you see, and better to have someone “more electable”, like Mitt Romney and Bob Dole. Of course, both Buchanan and Paul would have been “Trumpeted”, which like being “Borked” or “Eastmanized”, is a name-become-verb. No one needs to try to prove there is a Deep State any more, did you notice? The “conspiracy denier” is now the wacko with the propeller beanie, and would be laughed out of the room at any cocktail party of conservatives.

      • Ever?

        Would you have written that in 1850 before the rise of the republican party? And as the current republican party is going the way of the Whigs something will replace it. I can think of no ideologies better then one espoused by Ron Paul.

        Who do you support? McConnell? Johnson? The recent bills they have passed?

        Maybe you better deal with reality.

        • Sometimes you really need to touch grass.

          You have a better chance of dating Sydney Sweeney than Ron Paul ever had of becoming President.

          The rest of your post is irrelevant misdirection to attempt to disguise your rejection of reality.

    • Ron Paul would have been going for more more more money to the fishermen of his home in Texas, he’s not that pure when its his bread being buttered

    • The collapse of this nation is inevitable. At this point the best we can hope for is it happens after we’re gone.

      I don’t like it, but I deal in reality. When the difference between the two major parties is the way the want to rule (not govern, rule) and how they want to bankrupt us, collapse is inevitable.

  14. “Included in the bill was roughly $4 billion for “migration and refugee assistance,” which is doled out to NGOs operating along the border and tasked with giving funds and travel assistance to illegal immigrants who have been released from federal custody. Johnson isn’t just neglecting the border crisis, he’s actively funding it.” ~John Daniel Davidson

  15. All three of our so-called representatives must be replaced. They have forgotten, or don’t care about their oath to represent the people who put them in office. TERM LIMITS. CONVENTION OF STATES

  16. Sad to see that the lug nuts representing Alaska are funding security for Israel & Ukraine while our Southern border goes without! Traitors, one and all.

  17. US Debt, per citizen, $103,041.00. US debt per taxpayer, $266,951.00.

    US national debt, $34,680,981,000,000.00.

    US debt to GDP ration, 122.23%, the highest ever, and a sign that the US dollar will soon fail.

    Local debt $2.4 trillion.

    State debt, 50 US states, $1.2 trillion.

    US credit card debt is now at $1.4 trillion, the highest ever as Americans are increasingly under water.

    So the traitors in Congress give away almost $100 billion to foreign nations and did not secure the US border. Meanwhile, the nations of Europe have only provided a fraction of the aid to Ukraine- only $51 billion.

    Every last one of them that voted for this- or allowed this vote to happen, is a traitor to our country.

    • Chump change. What good is money? A man made form of commerce. Remember when Jesus kicked over the table of the money changers in the temple? He didn’t think much of it. Too bad he was betrayed for a few pieces of silver. It had to happen though.

  18. Never any doubt about RINO ryan:

    Paul Ryan Praises Speaker Johnson for Allowing Democrats to Seize House


  19. We are now in three proxy wars under Biden we are dumping billions in wars that we do not control. What is the end game keep?

  20. We are now in three proxy wars under Biden we are dumping billions in wars that we do not control. What is the end game?

  21. As an aside: Monopoly Man looks just like David Pecker–you know, the “checkbook journalism” aficionado! The underlying philosophy here is the same: take the money and run!

      • For certain, Avenger. I’m sure Pecker was called Mr. Pud when he was the publisher of the National Enquirer. I can’t imagine what Trump calls him, but I’m certain it’s something true to Mr. Pud’s character!

  22. Great comments. And now this one, Development and production of isotopes. Hmmm wonder what sort of isotopes we are “developing and producing”? Sorta gives one a safe secure feeling yes?

    • Medical diagnostic isotopes, also for cancer treatment. That was part of my last job. I verified the dosages. The US needs to make our own. Right now we mostly dont,and rely on foreign products. Of things likemolybdenum99 for doing heart tests. Very short lived, so you need a consistent supply

  23. One of the decisive actions that helps the Americans to see who the traitors are in our senate that want us dead. Murkowski and Sullivan need to be forced to take their entire families and go to one of those warring countries and be on the frontlines.

  24. So disgusted with DC. They are evil, degenerates without a moral compass. Godless and vile. Our country is lost and that rests squarely on them, AND those of you who placed them there. If you think things can be salvaged without a obvious supernatural intervention you are kidding yourself. We let the church fail, which in turn allowed culture to fail. Some will Continue to look at the world through rose colored stained glass windows….and thier communities will further decline into debauchery. yep not a positive post. Wake up.

  25. What her administrations plans are for all of us is being revealed by Japan!


  26. Nice to see bi-partisan, “country before party” legislation for a change. I see the pro-Putin trolls got their comments in quickly. On another note, it’s sad to see the National Enquirers reputation being sullied in that Trump/porn star payoff trial.

  27. In 2019, when Trump needed only roughly $5 Billion to secure the southern border, democrats worked to filibuster $700B in defense spending until their domestic priorities were also funded. “Republicans on the panel such as Roy Blunt of Missouri, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are poised to again join Democrats in a separate effort to reverse Trump’s $3.6 billion maneuver, but Trump can simply veto the measure.” ‘
    Today it is our domestic security that suffers, but republicans failed to achieve what democrats did in 2019. Why?

  28. Those in office are going to lead us straight into WWIII and we don’t have the gold or industry anymore to win such a war. Our military is woke and has been vaccinated into ruin. Our population is sick and weak. We are being set up to fail. Central banks fund both sides of wars and they never lose. This is all being done by design to blow the US back into the stone age so they can unveil their CBDCs and their global world order. This is absolutely disgusting. Why can’t anyone see the real agenda at play here?

  29. The uni party alienating US citizens and supporting Israel and whole west! Why even vote anymore it’s all set up to fall just like the Red Heifer; we are the sacrifice this time!
    All these countries are far wealthier than US!
    And very corrupt!
    Money for the FIMA camps I see???? Crazy
    And lots of international groups being supported could that be WHO and UN?
    Z——- support group!
    They need to buy a real Bible! Not the one created by Lord Rothschild the head Z———!

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