Invasion 2024: Illegal immigrants in first half of fiscal year equal more than twice the population of Alaska

Illegal immigrants pour over the U.S. southern border in August, 2023.


More than 1.7 million foreign nationals have illegally entered the U.S. in the first six months of fiscal 2024, the greatest number for this time period in U.S. history. It’s far beyond twice the population of Alaska, which is 733,000.

The 1,733,496 who illegally entered in the first six months of the fiscal year outnumber the 1,547,866 who illegally entered in the first six months of fiscal 2023 by more than 185,000.

In March alone, there were 246,432 illegal entries reported nationwide, with 189,372 illegally entering through the southwest border alone, according to the latest Customs and Border Patrol data. That’s over 6,100 per day illegally crossing the southern border.

CBP also processed 44,000 foreign nationals who arrived at ports of entry using its CBP One phone app last month. Since January 2023 through the end of March 2024, more than 547,000 foreign nationals successfully scheduled appointments to present at ports of entry using the app, according to CBP data.

Through a new program created by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, from Jan. 5, 2023, through the end of March 2024, 404,000 Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans were granted parole and released into the U.S. Among them were 86,000 Cubans, 168,000 Haitians, 77,000 Nicaraguans and 102,000 Venezuelans who CBP claims “were vetted and authorized for travel.”

Mayorkas was sued over the app and the parole program by more than 20 state attorneys general. House Republicans identified the app and parole programs as illegal and cited them in their charges used to impeach him.

As was the case in March and every month, the majority of foreign nationals illegally entering were single adults.

In the first six months of fiscal 2024, more than one million single adults – 1,040,553 – illegally entered the U.S., according to CBP data. They totaled more than the individual populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota and nearly as much as the population of Delaware.

In March, CBP agents seized 16% more fentanyl and 19.6% more heroin than they did in February.

In the first six months of fiscal 2024, CBP agents seized 10,026 pounds of fentanyl.

Two milligrams of fentanyl, the weight of a mosquito, is considered a lethal dose. One pound of fentanyl, or 453,592 milligrams, is enough to kill 226,796 people.

This fiscal year through April 4, CBP agents seized enough fentanyl to kill more than 2.2 billion people.

This is after CBP Tuscon Sector agents have been seizing record amounts, more recently enough to kill nearly 4 billion people, The Center Square reported.

While much attention has focused on the southwest border, the number of illegal border crossers has skyrocketed at the northern border, where the greatest number of terrorists are also being apprehended. In the first six months of fiscal 2024, 91,408 illegal border crossers were apprehended, the greatest number in U.S. history.

In fiscal 2021, only 27,180 illegal crossers were apprehended at the northern border. The number increased dramatically to 109,535 in fiscal 2022, and to 189,402 in fiscal 2023.

Nationally, if the numbers continue on the same trajectory, fiscal 2024 illegal entries and fentanyl seizures are on track to surpass all other previous fiscal year records. CBP’s fiscal year is from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

Under the Biden administration, record number of apprehensions of illegal border crossers were broken every year. In fiscal 2021, a record 1.9 million illegal border crossers were apprehended, the highest number in U.S. history at the time. The number excluded those who evaded capture known as gotaways.

That record was broken in fiscal 2022 creating a new record of more than 2.7 million, and was again broken in fiscal 2023, surpassing 3.2 million, excluding gotaways.

Since fiscal 2021, a record 11 million foreign nationals reportedly illegally entered the U.S., including two million gotaways, The Center Square has reported.


  1. It’s going to be fun to watch all these young kids buying from jobs from Ely. Lillian are willing to work cheap where our kids are gonna want to work for top dollar and have all kinds of benefit packages. It’s gonna be fun to watch this. They let it happen they voted for it. They got it.

  2. If only one out of a hundred of these illegals are bad apples, that is 110,000 criminals and terrorists spread across the country.

      • At least they are citizens!
        It says a lot about you, when you are so prejudiced to prefer terrorists over fellow Americans, who simply disagree with you. So tell us what kind of “Freedom” are you peddling….

  3. Maybe this is the data points that Democrats want to offset. Or Republicans.

    Or candidates.

    Or law enforcement.

    Or the media.

    What is the common denominator that all these entities benefit from regardless of their suspect point of view?

    Scrubbing a as md altering the baseline measurement.

    If all these entities are absolutely failing they only have one thing in common.

    Skew the data.

  4. Here is the secret.

    I ran away from my sense of self, my identity, my roadmap of my place in the world.

    I am back in Alaska, but the one place that sacred place that I held dear as my sanctuary I cannot trust.

    I do not know where I belong anymore and I do not know that I will ever know.

    Now imagine what our own Alaska Native people do to each other do badly to someone as unimportant as me and put yourselves in minds eye if what these people are leaving.

    See as privileged Americans you all think someone is trying to take away some shit you got that is yours.

    I guarantee you. Whatever hell they are running from to come to this God Forsaken Draught of Human Kindness
    – you are just above the bottom of humanity not the upper crust that you think you are.

    And I have to say, it has been a long time coming to witness you all be the crabs in the boiling pot.

    • Interesting, I would venture to guess that if “we” are the crabs, to these illegal individuals you are one of us in that imaginary pot of yours. Like any invader they do not differentiate and from your post I assume you were born here and are an American. .

      I do not care what they are “leaving”. I do care that they flaunt our laws and that elements in our own government assist them in that task, by ignoring the normal establish process and rules.

      It is sad that old prejudices blind you to reality. You would rather not stand up for your homeland in the mistaken notion that the “new” invaders will treat you and the land with dignity and respect….. and of course “stick it” to the descendants of those you think have wronged your ancestors.

      She who ignores history is bound to repeat it!

    • I’m Alaskan Native and I don’t want these immigrants. They disproportionately displace other Native Alaskans as more and more of them are becoming homeless. Feeling thrown away by society, they are replaced by these illegal immigrants who are funded by tax payer dollars to house and feed.

    • I don’t understand your comment. By “you,” are you referring to Americans? You are looking forward to witnessing Americans killed? Meaning you recognize that not all the “they” arriving have good intentions for this country or the people inhabiting it? And somehow you are excluded from the impending crab boil?

      • Trudy,
        You have usually been very reasonable here at MRAK. Do you pay income taxes? Property taxes? Do you pay your own medical/dental bills? You kid’s education?
        Clothing? Food?
        Most of us do, Trudy. And many even give some spare change to church, community functions, politics.
        But why do you think we should pay for illegals who invade our country only to benefit themselves?

          • Oh come on Greg! You are better than that.
            This country has seen immigration since its inception and has rules on how to “come here and make a better life”. It NEVER before condoned lawlessness to this scale. If you wanted to come, you needed to do so legally. Having the country awash in millions of unknown mostly young male actors, isn’t immigration or “making a better life”. It is the opposite, an infiltration of individuals, who do not know or care about our rules and laws and are allowed to flaunt them, setting up the destruction of our societal fabric from within.

              • We are being invade no matter how YOU spin it!
                Per your own admission these “families” illegally cross the border and then disappear into the country, never to appear before a judge to settle their claim of asylum, but demand to be house and fed via our social services.

  5. The sooner you realize this is about ethnic replacement and not votes in November the sooner you’ll realize what’s really going on

  6. WC Fields once said…”If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

    I have a family member who lives in China, he wants to visit his Mom who is a leagal resident of the US. He applied to bring his 8 year old daughter along so she can visit her grandmother.

    They applied for a tourist visa and it was denied by the US embassy They paid the $370 application fee which is non refundable. The reason they said was he did not show enough intent to return to China. He furnished all the information showing he has strong ties to China with no intent to move to the US. He has a good job and vested in retirement, if he moved to the US he would find it difficult to find employment not being able to speak English. He has a home and strong family ties in China he does not want to give up.

    He can apply again and risk losing the application fee of $370.
    Last year 79% of the tourist visa’s were denied. It is just a money grab.

    Mean while if he illegally crosses the border with intent to stay, he would be allowed and given food and shelter.

    I have a friend who’s mother in-law lives in Thailand who also was denied to come visit even after promising to post a bond to insure she returns to Thailand.

    Thank you Biden for keeping our border secure……. I feel safer now…..

    WC Fields once said…”If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

  7. I am not racist–let me say that to start. I have been noticing more and more brown-skinned and non-English speaking or poorly English-speaking folks here in Alaska since this spring. Going to be interesting to see how over-run Alaska is with illegal immigrants by November.

  8. Here we go again with degrading our common language. The official legal definition of the word “immigrant” is a foreign-born person legally admitted to live in this country. A so-called “illegal immigrant” does not exist; the term itself is a self-contradictory oxymoron. The influx of people crossing our borders are properly described as illegal aliens, trespassers, or criminal invaders. Stop patronizing the criminal elites who are allowing criminals to invade us with impunity. Speak with conviction and authority. Speak the truth.

    • Forgive me for I have goofed up on my verbiage. I never gave it a thought when I said illegal immigrant because I have been saying that all along with the thought in mind that these foreigners are here illegally to stay how ever long they will be allowed to stay. My choice of words was not to degrade or patronize anyone. Illegal ALIENS is what I will use from now on. So, when the government reports that aliens are coming into the US using UFOs, I will remember the word, “ALIEN.” Thank you for the correction.

    • Thank you Wayne!
      The ugly secret here is that this action by our administration punishes the legal immigrants to this country and not only those wishing to come, but those already here. This policy, by using the same term for all, equates years of waiting, filing forms, having backgrounds check, financial support, sponsorship and health screenings with those, who simply walked in. To make matters worse, legal immigrants are NOT eligible for social services for a number of years after they arrived on our shores, unlike their illegal alien counterparts.
      This is another Trojan Horse (minus the wooden structure)….we all know how that ended!

  9. It is obvious to me that the Cartels have monetized the invasion by buying bhe bureaucrats and some of the politicians. There has to be a trail of money and there is no attempt to follow it. If I was going to investigate, I would start with Mayorkas.

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