Sen. Sullivan votes ‘no’ on gun law


Sen. Dan Sullivan has parted ways with Sen. Lisa Murkowski on the gun control legislation being pushed by Senate Democrats and a handful of Republicans.

Murkowski voted yes on cloture on the bill, ending debate, and Sullivan voted no. The measure has the votes to pass now that the debate portion of bill-making is over.

“One of my top priorities as a U.S. Senator has been to work with my colleagues on vitally-needed solutions to address the mental health crisis, especially among young Americans, that is unfolding across our nation,” Sullivan said.

“This is a challenge that is clearly at the heart of the recent horrific shootings. This is where our focus should be, and this legislation represents a good start in that regard. The authors of this legislation included provisions that I believe could help address mental health challenges. As a cosponsor of the STOP School Violence Act, enacted in 2018, I was also pleased to see significant funding included to improve school safety,” he said.

“However, the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental and guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and I have repeatedly committed to Alaskans that I will not support any legislation that infringes on that right. In that regard, I have serious concerns about the broad discretion this legislation leaves up to federal courts and Biden administration officials as it relates to the implementation and interpretation of the bill’s vaguely defined firearms restrictions and due process provisions. Alaska is unique. Alaskans use firearms for protection, hunting, subsistence, and recreation—and we take any infringement on our Second Amendment rights very seriously.”


  1. Thank you, Dan, for not disappointing Alaska, unlike the senior Senator for Alaska. Hoping soon that you’ll be the Senior Senator and you can mentor a new Senator.

  2. Lisa is a textbook example of someone that has been in the DC Beltway to long.
    Her career started with 5 tries to pass the AK bar, and there are spurious rumors she was fed answers to pass. Her father Frank exercised an extreme form of Nepotism to place her in that seat.
    Than the AK Rinos have proceed to support her for 18 years – the same folks that are voting for Begich.

      • Begich supported Ethan Berkowitz over Amy Dembowski in the Anchorage mayoral race – think about that a little.
        Name 1 conservative bona fides Begich has?
        Oh yeah, he shoots guns in his political ads?

        Not voting for Palin because of the circus around her is like not voting for Trump because he sends mean tweets.

    • Donewithit
      I’m voting Nick and l am not a RINO. I am a Constitutional Consevative, which is why I cannot vote for Bill Walkers pal Sarah. Beyond that I was an early supporter of Kelly.
      Please enlarge your thinking a bit before you denigrate your fellow Alaskans.
      Please join us in voting for the coherent candidate. Alaska can scarcely afford another Palin train wreck.

  3. Sort of well said Senator Dan..Specifically not named by its recognized term in his release, the ‘Red Flag’ add-ons are indeed included in this Bill. As an experienced lawmaker, that Senator Murki doesn’t, (or refuses to), recognize these add-ons, she makes it clear that she is intentional on wanting these Red Flag ambiguities included..and for that, she needs replaced. We used to be able to count on her to defend Alaskan’s and American’s Right to Bear Arms..she recognized that as the third rail in Alaskan politics..but now, by this acquiescence, she’s not even doing that..she needs ⚡️’d in the next election…

  4. Restrictions on gun ownership won’t solve the problem, any more effectively than any other law based prohibition has (gun laws in chicago or NYC; 13 years of alcohol prohibition, 50+ years of a war on drugs; or a prohibition on prostitution). What will stop school shootings is hardening th targets.

    (1) fences around schools
    (2) limited and monitored ingress and egress points with metal detectors
    (3) staff each school with a couple retired spec ops soldiers- they’re trained to take out the bad guys.
    (4) rfid identification for everybody on campus who’s supposed to be there
    (5) closed campuses

    That will work. The “solutions” the politicians are proposing won’t work and never have. It’s window dressing.

  5. Well you’ve made a lot of mistakes, supporting Lisa is a huge one. Glad you voted no.

  6. Senator Sullivan refuses minimum gun legislation, while systematically declaring himself « Pro-Life ».
    The Supreme Court strikes down state laws limiting guns in public, with the openly declared religious justices in tow.
    Mind-boggling times for the decidedly unarmed!

    • What is mind-boggling is how many citizens don’t understand what is actually in this bill and that many 2nd amendment supporters actually don’t disagree with much of it..It’s the Red Flag inclusions that are the poison pill buried in it..If you understand Red Flag laws and truly believe that the Red Flag laws, as written, are “minimum gun legislation”, then you are the problem. “Decidedly unarmed” citizens are certainly and provenly safer with unfettered 2nd Rights enjoyed by the average legal firearms owner/user.

  7. Atheists and the i don’t know crowd haven’t made our america any better telling our youth they are monkey decendents. If i believed i am a monkey descendent, i’d be prone to depression and feelings of hopelessness. monkeys doesn’t have a sin nature. We do, and the people around us do too. That sin nature corrupts whole body and community.

  8. If the slavery party needed his vote they would have had it. They did not, so he got a pass. Kind of reminds me of a guy named Jack Horner.

  9. Shame on Ohio Dan! 19 children are killed, it’s bipartisan law and it’s meek at best. No guns were taken away. Good for Lisa. Most of the country is for this.

  10. Senator Sullivan did not explain how his 2018 legislation minimized school children deaths at Ulave. He then muddies the water by misrepresenting what the legislation actually says.

  11. Don’t give Rino Dan a pass on his attempts at pretending to be a conservative. After all, he did side with Biden and the Democrats on their Infrastructure Bill debacle… As far a Lisa goes, the Republican to majority takeover of the Senate in 2022 will force her to side with the Democrats on almost every issue.. Just like with Obamacare.. she was against it while the Republicans were in the minority but then once the Democrats needed her vote to pass it.. she flipped into her true Democrat party pantsuit..

  12. Over much of the nation the criminal justice system is in shambles, evidenced by the easy bail and plea bargaining for violent and repeat offenders, by criminal trials being put off for a year or two after arrest, and by the early release of violent convicts from prison. A felon in possession of a lethal weapon…? – not a particularly big deal to prosecutors and sentencing judges. I must stop here, or otherwise this comment becomes a lengthy essay on the rot and decadence that pervades our institutions and culture, but not without making this closing comment: “No, Brandon, I will never surrender to you and your toadies any one of my firearms.”
    One more thing: “Thank you, Justice Clarence Thomas. You are a great American.”

  13. Dan Sullivan committed treason in my opinion when he voted to certify the fraudulent and stolen 2020 Presidential election. Nothing he does now matters. He is a traitor, and he should resign.

  14. Alaskans Wake Up!
    Senator Sullivan is being lauded as a true constitutionalist by voting no on this weeks gun bill. Bully for Dan.
    RINO Murkowski voted the opposite (yes) on more gun restrictions and dangerous red flag laws without due process.
    A conundrum.
    One has to question Dan Sullivan’s allegiance to the people who voted him into office.
    Den. Sullivan fully supports Murkowski’s re-election as Alaska’s senior Senator. What you ask???
    Read the article published in the Anchorage Daily News April 19, 2022 by Becky Bohrer, Anchorage Daily News/Associated press. “Sullivan made his comments to reporters after giving a speech to a joint session of the Alaska Legislature. Sullivan said he had come out previously in support of Murkowski and said he is supporting all Republican Senate incumbents.” Sullivan admitted he fully backs Murkowski for re-election!
    The conundrum: Alaska has two senators. They vote opposite each other Murkowski the verifiable RINO.
    So in their voting they constantly cancel each other’s vote. By Senators Murkowski and Sullivan canceling each other and no Alaskan representative in congress we the people of AK have Zero, NO representation in Washington. Have no doubts the democrats are smiling and cheering on.
    A dichotomy: Why is Dan Sullivan a purported Republican supporting and backing RINO Murkowski for re-election? Is he a RINO? A lot of questions need to asked of Dan Sullivan and where his priorities lie.
    Citizens stay informed. Read and research. Vote in true conservatives.

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