Sen. Sullivan congratulates Taiwan on democratic election, while President Biden blurts out: ‘We don’t support independence’


The nation of Taiwan conducted elections and retained the independent-minded incumbent, with voters turning away from the China-aligned candidate.

U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, who studies Taiwan and China issues routinely, issued a statement, congratulating President-elect Lai Ching-te and Vice President-elect Hsiao Bi-khim, who favor ties with the United States.

Senator Sullivan and Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois said in a statement, “Just two days ago, the Senate unanimously approved a resolution sponsored by nearly half its members commending Taiwan on this historic occasion. The ties between the U.S. and Taiwan are deep and strong. They have held fast for more than 70 years—thanks in no small part to the U.S. Senate and the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) it passed in 1979.

“It is critical that America stand with Taiwan because Taiwanese democracy has a challenge that others do not. It is under persistent, severe threat from the Chinese Communist Party and its military. Even during Taiwan’s election—in fact, because of its elections—it was forced to deal with attempts at coercion,” Sullivan said. “To Taiwan’s great credit, it resisted. The U.S. must continue to work hand-in-glove with Taiwan and use all instruments of national power to preserve peace in the region.”

As President Biden boarded Marine One on his way to Camp David for the weekend, he took questions from reporters. The first question was: “Mr. President, do you have a reaction to the Taiwan election?”

Biden said just one line, “We do not support independence.” It was a clear signal to China that he is pro-communist China ruling the island nation-state.

The United States does not recognize Taiwan as a separate country from China, although since 1949 it has been ruled by a separate government than China, which seeks to bring it back under communist control.

“As a leading democracy and a technological powerhouse, Taiwan is a key U.S. partner in the Indo-Pacific. Though the United States does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, we have a robust unofficial relationship,” the State Department says.


  1. The tyrant Winnie the Pooh and his Chinese communist cohort need to face the fact that Taiwan IS an independent nation, and has been since 1949. The Orwellian doublespeak by the mainland communists on the subject of Taiwanese de facto independence has always struck me as ludicrous and comical..

  2. We don’t have many friends left in this world as we have screwed everyone over for money.
    China is not our friend.

  3. The words crossing the lips of POTUS … ‘We don’t support independence’ is clearly emblematic of his true character, as well as everyone within his Administration and all of the Democratic supporters. Truly Shameful!

  4. Yeah, Biden is totally a commie stooge, that’s why he keeps antagonizing China by calling Xi a dictator or stating the US will defend Taiwan – the first president to verbalize that policy publicly. Meanwhile, Trump has praised Xi at nearly every opportunity. Which one is the commie stooge?

    “It was a clear signal to China that he is pro-communist China ruling the island nation-state.” SD, Do you report facts or do you just make stuff up? This is some pretty poor “reporting”.

    • Chicoms got their moneys worth when they paid off Hunter Biden and his father. The leaked photos of Hunter with asian prostitutes were just the tip of the iceberg. They probably have much worse to insure the Bidens don’t go back on the deal. Sending our military equipment and cash to Ukraine so we are spent when the Chinese finally make their move on Taiwan, no doubt this is the plan.

      Trump treated the Chinese as dangerous adversaries literally from day 1.
      1. After Trump won the presidency, he was the FIRST president to accept the congratulatory phone call of the Taiwanese leader. A symbolic gesture aimed at China – and the media kvetched about Trump offending their paymasters in Beijing.
      2. Trump was not afraid to start a trade war with China, hitting them where it hurts. RINOS and Dems shrieked – but the Chinese backed down. Biden, quickly reversed the tariffs – as he was paid to do.
      3. “Chi-NA virus” Trump was the only public figure keeping the focus on China regarding the lab grown origin of COVID. Pelosi called Trump a xenophobe, while the rest of the Democrats decided forced vaccines and corporate purges were the best way to capitalize on the pandemic.
      4. Trump negotiated with North Korea, obviously an effort to drive a wedge between Norks and the Chicoms – a relationship that has been strained frequently in the last three decades.

      • Trump took millions form China, via his businesses, during his presidency. And he’s admitted to it, saying he doesn’t provide “services” for free. But go on and tell me how much of a threat Biden is to the US because of his alleged China ties.

        • Sure thing buddy. Random Chinese tourists on vacation spending a night in a NYC Trump hotel is exactly the same as Chicoms paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for ‘consulting services’ and prostitutes to Biden’s crackhead son.

          Trump’s administration did work extensively with an exiled Chinese rebel – businessman Guo Wengui, well known for his efforts to undermine Beijing. Predictably, Biden’s handlers have been cooperating with the Chinese and working overtime to lock him up since 2021.

          Trump couldn’t even propose a reasonable TikTok ban without people like you squealing like pigs. Its OK – Biden’s puppeteers temporarily stopped the bad orange man from hurting your Red Commie buddies.

          • Oh that’s rich stuff. You can explain away ANYTHING negative Trump does, it’s truly amazing. And I’d be overjoyed at a TikTok ban, that’s a cancer on our country – kinda like Orange Jesus.

    • The We in ‘We do not support indepependence’ statement…is not We the People but those who support a One World government.

  5. You’ve got to wonder who the “we” the idiot Biden was referring to is. Himself? The democrats? The elites who gather in Davos to agree on how we need to be ruled?

  6. Seems evident that the Biden family, amongst many others, have received money and other forms of payment and political gain with a hostile country that wishes harm to the United States of America. In exchange for support of the communist treachery they openly exhibit towards us and our friendly allies. The founders simply named this treason, but I am sure we could find a more comfortable word for it that would make it politically correct and easier to accept to general consensus. Remember the three monkeys, no offense to humans or monkeys.

  7. Biden said just one line, “We do not support independence.”

    Obviously, observe how Puppet Master obama and he are ruining the USA….

  8. 0h. Do you mean “national sovereignty”? Is that what we don’t support? Please explain to 81,000,000,000 voters what you mean. .

  9. Senator Sullivan sends congratulations. This is the way. On another note, Grogu is more intelligible than Biden on most issues, including this one.

  10. Senator Sullivan shows up a the strangest times. Where is he when we want border security? Our oil industry and fisheries protected? Does he remember where he lives?

    • Good point! Sullivan is choosing his brownie points and hoping we don’t catch on to the fact that he is not helping to protect us. He has got to go. He is a washed up, overused politician. So done with him!

  11. Our prez does what he’s told. He owes China’s prez big time for that big payment to the boy and fam. So he was able to gurgle out a one liner in support to destroy Taiwan. Hmmm … he’s not supporting Putin in his endeavors.

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