Sen. Barrasso says he’ll back Murkowski in 2022, even if Trump opposes her


On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sunday, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming said he will back Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who has been targeted by former President Donald Trump for removal from office in 2022.

Barrasso, a Republican, also said he’ll support Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican never-Trumper who will also face the ire of the Trump “Save America” political action committee.

“I want to always make sure we nominate somebody who can win in November. Lisa Murkowski knows Alaska better than anybody, and she’s an incredible fighter for American energy. She hasn’t made an announcement if she’s even going to run again. If she does, I’m going to support her,” Barrasso said.

Barrasso, who has previously chaired the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, traveled to Alaska with Murkowski for a roundtable discussion at the University of Alaska Anchorage focusing on health care issues facing Alaskans and Alaska Natives in 2016. Murkowski is now a member of that committee.


  1. It’s not just President Trump, it’s the people of Alaska don’t want her. She does not stand up for her constituents!!

    She has destroyed our trust in her.

  2. Why would anyone give a rat’s — whether a Senator from Wyoming would support Lisa Murkowski. Unless he’s a Democrat, he only gets one vote, and that vote is in Wyoming, not Alaska.

  3. Barrasso you are a dunce and a RINO, are you also supporting Liz Cheney, another never-Trumper.. term limits for these Swamp Scumbags.

  4. That skipped RINO and ran straight into the socialist wing of the Uniparty.


    Alaska would be better off with Bernie. And Wyoming isn’t looking much better.

  5. Looks like Cheney and Barrasso will both be leaving politics. Wyoming GOP voters have already expressed their disgust with Cheney and I expect Barrasso will soon get the same message. Unlike Alaska voters, who seem incapable of ridding themselves of bad apples, I expect the folks in Wyoming will replace these two at the first opportunity.

  6. Why should we care what Wyoming thinks about Murk-out-ski?
    She needs to go and Alaskans will make her go! The AK Republican Committee better start looking for someone to replace her.

  7. All the left wing bullies need to go! If they won’t implement term limits, We the People need to do a better job of voter education! False campaign promises must equal voter initiated term limits! Murkowski must go. She should not even bother running!

  8. Yay for Mr Trump
    He’s still trying to get Rid of the swamp, maybe a trip to barasso town too.
    Can’t wait until Trump come to Alaska.
    It will be a Huge rally for him in Alaska I’ll be there

    Thank you Mr Trump

    • You thinking he’ll come up to do some golfing? Heheh!
      He already cleaned up the swamp in November.

  9. Cheney and Murkowski are going to be thrown out in 2022. The smart voters in Wyoming and Alaska will make sure of this.

  10. Murkowski needs to go and if Barrasso supports her I’d say he is no better than Lisa. She doesn’t stand for the Constitution as it is being violated daily with Biden.

  11. I am an Alaskan and will NEVER vote for murkowski as she is a true rino wannabe dem. I wouldnt be surprised if she loses in the primary and then changes parties. Her daddy, Frank gave her this and then she bribed the Alaskan natives and unions in her write in debacle. She is BAD for Alaska.

  12. To me what matters most are what constituents in Alaska may say. Call me crazy. They may wish to have a say in who is their temp public servant in an assembly of like US representatives and senators. We may want someone who is a follows our instructions type guy. Like Murkowski. She just reported that tbe US is inking a new deal somehow with the CDC for them to dig into native Alaskans bodies to find plastic at our demise. Remember when we went to her and begged her to get help for us that we didn’t think the CDC was adequately quantifying plastics in our bodies at our deaths. Remember when we begged for help with that? No. I didn’t either. Pretty fanciful delivery of our bodies to that private for profit corporation. I wonder if they graced her palm with canadian silver easter coins for that. I don’t consent. Sing out that you don’t consent either.

  13. “Here,Here Bob” right on, problem as I see it, is the State Republican Party has not taken any action to sanction her for her vote on Trump. My opinion is the State Republican Party is a part of the ‘Deep State’ and will not challenge Murkowski, maybe a low profile, but not so low as to appear ‘anti’-Murky.

  14. This is what we need, the swamp rats crawling out of the nest and exposing themselves. Thank you!

  15. She is a disgrace to herself and Alaskans. Clary you are the head of the republican party, what are you waiting for? Do your job or resign!

  16. If only. Many more to go. Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Romney, Murk etc many MANY yet to go..and that’s just the senate. The real crooks are embedded in the bureaucracy. Once the Manchurian candidate is replaced by Harris, the swamp will rise up again, one hopes in its true death throes, to be completely vanquished some time after 2024z

  17. AM Johnson, Lisa murkowski paid the Alaska GOP, with campaign funds. They are hers, they are part of the corrupt deep state and can’t be trusted. The republican party sold out, it can’t be fixed any time soon. The best option is start a new party with Trump’s leadership.

  18. I’m originally from Wyoming. I can tell you that guy just signed his political death sentence. That’s some serious Trump country.

  19. I worked during the election for which Murkowski was a write-in. The day after that election, a judge changed the law. Write-in candidates required voters to spell names correctly, but a judge decided that law no longer mattered.

  20. “Barrasso, a Republican, also said Lisa Murkowski knows Alaska better than anybody, and she’s an incredible fighter for American energy.”
    That statement is absolutely incorrect and illustrates more than anything else that whomever Barrasso is, he just wants to disagree with Trump.

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