Trump says explicitly that he’ll campaign against Murkowski in 2022


In Politico on Saturday, former President Donald Trump made it clear that he will get involved in the 2022 Senate race in Alaska, where incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski is expected to defend her seat.

“I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski. She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator,” Trump wrote to Politico. “Her vote to advance radical left democrat Deb Haaland for Secretary of the Interior is yet another example of Murkowski not standing up for Alaska.”

This is the second time he has said he will be in Alaska next year, campaigning against Murkowski.

Murkowski has been Alaska’s senator since appointed to the seat by her father, former Gov. Frank Murkowski, in 2002.

Some political observers, among them Must Read Alaska columnist and radio show host Dan Fagan, are wondering aloud if Alaska’s Commissioner of Administration Kelly Tshibaka is preparing for a run for Senate.

Trump coming to Alaska to back a candidate other than Murkowski could make Alaska’s Senate race the one to watch nationwide. After all, in November’s General Election, 189,951 Alaskans voted for Trump, with 153,778 voting for Biden.

According to Politico, Trump’s political team commissioned polling about Murkowski, which was conducted Jan. 30-Feb 1, just before Murkowski voted to convict Trump during the impeachment trial. That poll found Murkowski with a 43 percent favorable rating among Alaska voters, while Trump had a 52 percent approval rating, nearly identical to the percentage of Alaska voters who voted for him in November.

The survey by McLaughlin and Associates was paid for by Save America, Trump’s political action committee. McLaughlin was key to Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns.

Politico wrote that Trump’s statement and the poll from his leadership PAC “represents a new escalation in his battle against Murkowski. It also stands in stark contrast to his support for other Republican senators up for reelection in 2022. In recent days, Trump has given his endorsements to several incumbents in generally safe seats, including Sens. Mike Crapo (Idaho), Tim Scott (S.C.), Todd Young (Ind.) and John Kennedy (La.).”

Due to Ballot Measure 2, it will be harder than ever for a challenger to unseat Murkowski, who will not have to face a semi-closed party primary this cycle. Her name will be on a jungle primary ballot with all others who choose to run for Senate, giving her a distinct advantage with name recognition, power of the purse, and her ability to convince Democrats to vote for her.
That’s an advantage she did not have in 2010, when Joe Miller beat her in the Alaska Republican Party’s semi-closed primary, which has been outlawed by Ballot Measure 2.

In 2016, Bob Lochner, Paul Kendall, and Thomas Lamb challenged her in the primary, which she won with 71 percent of the vote.


  1. This I why they rigged that vote called rank voting , witch is totally bs
    I hope and pray that she gets defeated
    She does not represent the Alaskan
    Voters .

    • It’s actually the US media who rig elections. They take billions in ad buys from both sides, then spin their preferred candidate to the low information voters. Ranked choice won’t really help Lisa, if its run as it is in certain European countries. Having said that, the bastardized mail-in votes bear ZERO resemblance to mail-in votes in Europe, so let’s see how the corrupt political parties (both of them) rig ranked choice too.

      • Merriam-Webster defines irregardless as “nonstandard” but meaning the same as “regardless.” “Many people find irregardless to be a nonsensical word, as the ir- prefix usually functions to indicate negation; however, in this case it appears to function as an intensifier,” the dictionary writes.
        “Irregardless” in reference to Murkowski is correct. Many more Alaskan’s are wanting to be without+without her. Double so.
        If this usage offends the language police, then even more the reason to use it, irregardless.

  2. Ex-President Trump is mistaken. Murkowski isn’t disloyal. She’s doing exactly what those who voted for her expect her to do.

    • What planet are you from Mike?!! You certainly can’t be from Alaska !! However, you might be the beneficiary of federal dollars that Lisa is feeding your way or perhaps Planned Parenthood or an LBTQ group!!

  3. If you want to trigger Lisa just chant TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP when you see her. She might not run, just so she does not have to hear his name.

  4. Sen. Murkowski voted for a witch hunt impeachment. No evidence No investigation No consideration.

    Now we have learned that President Trump request 10,000 national guard troops for Jan 6th but Nancy Pelosi said “No”. FBI warned the day before that the Capitol might be attacked. How dare she!!!! Murkowski should resign now !!!!!!!

    She does not represent Alaska. She has gotten Alaska almost nothing. She has made her self millions.

  5. I hope someone gets the word to President Trump not throw his support behind Gov. Dunleavy as well. That would be a shame. The Governor has left Alaskans with too many unanswered questions about why so many businesses went out of business during the so called COVID pandemic and why so few facts about how the relief funds were spent were given to the public.

    • I think you’ve got the municipality of Anchorage and its mayor confused with the state of Alaska and its governor.

    • Dunleavy is a closet socialist RINO. Loves to keep businesses closed and hates the Patriots in the legislature

      • That is a huge stretch. Just because you don’t like the guy, doesn’t mean he’s a socialist. No need to go all McCarthy on the dude.

  6. We will welcome Trump here in Alaska with open arms, as we get ready to put Lisa out to pasture like we did her daddy-o in 2006.

  7. If President Trump will be in our great state campaigning, I will be right there backing him 100%. I trust and have faith in Trump. ❤️??❤️??

    • When the time comes where are we all meeting up? Would also like to be next week when the communists and blinkin show up!

  8. Our state needs a solid Conservative who has been successful in the private sector to replace her, someone like John Sturgeon.

    • I question the ‘numbers’ that resulted in Prop 2 ‘passing’ and suspect that was one of the areas of vote ‘hanky panky’.

  9. “Sockeye” Murkowski will win reelection – ranked choice voting, phony voter rolls & Dominion voting machines will see to that!

  10. Representative Sarah Vance district 31, are you thinking about this? Down side you would have to move your family to DC, but the things you could do for Alaska.

  11. The majority of voters in Alaska supported President Trump in the past election and most are not happy with Lisa’s partisan attacks on the former president. Lisa will have a tough reelection next year.
    Most of us Trump supporters have a red hot burning passion to vote against Senator Murkowski. I only wish that our state was Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Georgia so we could each vote multiple times against her.

  12. Unless we get rid of Dominion and Ranked Choice, the corrupt Murkowski dynasty will remain and even more likely, “Independents” like Al Gross, the closet liberal, will be planted in DC. They will also take over our State legislature quite easily now.
    Alaskans days of being represented by their votes are effectively over. Liberals play for the long game and turned the tables with ranked choice (which I doubt really was passed).

  13. I would love to see her go but I’m highly skeptical. We need vote reform first otherwise the election will be just like the presidential election and the Georgia runoff elections. The challenger will jump out to a huge lead, then things will slow down, stall, and Murkowski will climb back up and click, click, click, she’ll win by a thin margin to make it look good.

  14. It’s not all up to Trump, we need to talk to our friends and family about what damage she has done to the state and republic. Get off our asses and be physically involved, stand up for Alaska. I will do this I swear

  15. Elections in the US no longer matter. They are rigged and stolen by the Powers that be ie the Swamp.

  16. We must get a single, fully vetted person to run against her! What with the ranked voting, we cannot afford multitudes running. I am not trusting of the ARP leadership on this and it is a must that a vast majority of the Republican Districts do what the ARP Chair is fearful of doing! Sadly, I understand is is not able to be ousted but we sure can put a hell of a lot of pressure on him.
    I have a person I would support and am trying to get to run. I will not say at this point however whom that person is.

  17. Lease-A could easily prevent a shattering defeat in the next election.

    All she has to do is resign.


  18. I’m happy if he comes but she really done this to herself. She is there to represent Alaskans and she has proven time and again she only represents herself.

  19. Hey republican Chair Clary, what is the party doing to repeal/overturn/legally challenge Prop 2 before the next 2022 election to make sure the snake who is responsible for more republicans leaving the party than anyone, would have to win a fair fight? Your continued support of her treachery, completely undermines your credibility. Denying she is a RINO makes you look stupid or corrupt.

    How about you, Lt Gov Kevin Meyer? You two need to be orchestrating this fight for fair elections and if you sit back on your asses and do nothing, you both should kiss your political careers goodby.

    Talk is cheap, are you going to demonstrate the leadership in fair voting, your positions demand, or sit back on your hands and do nothing? You are being watched and if you do nothing, your lack of leadership will speak so loud we won’t listen to you or support you in the future, like I always have in the past. Doing nothing has consequences and guarantees your political future is over.

    • Now that’s some good thinking – and better reality TV! Win AK US Sen seat in 2022 and immediately run for POTUS in 2024.

  20. She certainly doesn’t represent me any longer and I’ve told her under no uncertain terms in my correspondence with her office, I will NEVER vote for her again. Period. I know I’m not alone.

    • Allen Walker – “I’m Not Alone” Good song. “Sing Me To sleep” is another by him. Very popular in Norway.

  21. I hope Alaskans can keep themselves awake thru 2022! Hahahaha. what media are trying to do so hard to all of us Americans lull us back into sleep playing their corny soppy t.v. and news stories and entertainment. Sleepy Alaskans will end up just reelecting Murkowski all over agian out of tradition and seniority history. Hahahaha

  22. I know I be voting for someone different at least I hope they are different. I am not voting just for anyone Democrat, nor anyone else who can’t see abortion is a cleaned up altar of moloch version. Because of people today’s have weak stomach we’d throw up at the site how newborn babies were sacrificed on the Altars of Moloch. Going into a clean clinic and never seeing your dead baby is easier for people today. But it’s still the same concept.

    • If the next candidate isn’t any different, then I’ll leave that oval blank again and fill in my own candidate.

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