Secretary of Defense at home with Covid


Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III tested positive on Sunday for Covid-19. He requested a Covid test after exhibiting symptoms while at home on leave. 
“My symptoms are mild, and I am following my physician’s directions,” he said in a statement. “In keeping with those directions, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, I will quarantine myself at home for the next five days.”

Austin is fully vaccinated for Covid. His last meeting with President Joe Biden was on Dec. 21, more than a week before he began to experience symptoms. He tested negative that day and has not been in the Pentagon since Thursday, meeting with a few members of his staff.
“Stemming the spread of this virus, safeguarding our workforce and ensuring my own speedy and safe recovery remain my priorities.  To the degree possible, I plan to attend virtually this coming week those key meetings and discussions required to inform my situational awareness and decision making. I will retain all authorities. Deputy Secretary Hicks will represent me as appropriate in other matters,” he said.
“As my doctor made clear to me, my fully vaccinated status — and the booster I received in early October — have rendered the infection much more mild than it would otherwise have been. And I am grateful for that,” he said.
“The vaccines work and will remain a military medical requirement for our workforce. I continue to encourage everyone eligible for a booster shot to get one. This remains a readiness issue,” Austin said.


  1. A good question would be “will anyone miss him”….or maybe even know he is not longer there..??

  2. Nasty super-spreader– but, he’s fully vaccinated, how can this be?
    What about that cruise-ship of FULLY VACCINATED passengers that just got quarantined due to a COVID whoopsie on-board, these COVID jabs are a Titanic failure. #punintended

      • OK, where’s the evidence, THE SCIENCE, that proves that the COVID JAB gives you anymore protection than say PRAYER or a POSITIVE mental attitude?
        Sorry bud, I’d cancel the cruise!

          • Atheism, the absolute dismissal of things yet unknown. Yep, that’s a prime example of illogic.
            Quang Duc, Saigon, June 11 1963.
            #thepowerofprayer #thepowerofthehumanmind

      • According to studies reported by JAMA, (Journal of the American Medical Association) you can still get very sick and die. My brother, who was fully vaccinated, would have died had there been a hospital bed available for him. He was given Ivermectin, by another family member, and immediately started getting better. I’ve heard the tired story so many times about people don’t get as sick if they’ve been vaccinated. It’s just another line of BS that some folks have bought hook-line-and-sinker. I have news for you, it isn’t a vaccination, and the best you can hope for from it is that it doesn’t work.

      • What you said is only a guess. People with vaccines spread the virus and die with the virus at a similar rate as the unvaccinated. This has covid mess is a scam of the highest order.

          • Yes, that is exactly what the data shows, Steve.
            But you and the other Krazy Kovidian Kultists just can not and WILL not, ever, allow facts and data to sway you from your religion of institutionalized hypochondria and blind compliance to corrupt authority.

          • The current data out of Canada, 70% hospitalized are vaccinated– as reported today by Alex Barenson (I’d go with him over DNC/CDC/NYT).

          • Eric,
            Good on ya for providing some actual information, well done! I’m not sure who Alex Barenson is or where he got his information, but let’s say he’s right and that 70% of Canadians in the hospital with covid are vaccinated. I’m not sure why we wouldn’t use information from this country or this state, but for some reason playing whack-a-mole to try and prove a point is a thing. Anyways roughly 90% of Canadians over 12 are vaccinated, that means that once again the unvaccinated are disproportionately making up the hospitalized, they are being hospitalized at a higher rate than the vaccinated. Remember what Paul said right up there^? It was about spreading from and dying with at the same rate, which is also not true and the data does not support.
            Here, in Alaska the unvaccinated are getting covid, being hospitalized with covid, and dying from covid at a much, much higher rate than the vaccinated. The same is true across the country and the world.

          • Go look up Alex Berenson, he’ll answer you question as to why he’s not quoting US data, it really is quite a simple answer and he won’t bury it in 10,000 words of nonsense. #youdopaponabitmisterclavin #cheers

          • Eric,
            I don’t recall, or see where I was questioning why Alex Berenson is not quoting US data. I recall and see where I said I didn’t know who who Alex Barenson is or where he got his information from, but that I would accept his 70% number.
            Just to recap, according to some guy named Alex Barenson even the people in a foreign country who are hospitalized with covid are disproportionately made up of unvaccinated people, as in they are experiencing such a severe response they need to be hospitalized and they are doing so at a rate much higher than those who are vaccinated. Thanks for clearing it up for us, let Alex know we all thank him for his research as well…even if he doesn’t share the source.

          • You know exactly who Berenson is, you’ve seen his data, it doesn’t fit your narrative so so play the condescending fool. We’ll done, no wonder we’re entering into year three of this Fauci farce.

          • Eric,
            I had no idea who Alex Barenson was until you mentioned him and then I looked him up. Why wouldn’t I like his data? According to you his data illustrates that people in a foreign country who are hospitalized with covid are disproportionately made up of unvaccinated people, as in they are experiencing such a severe response they need to be hospitalized and they are doing so at a rate much higher than those who are vaccinated. This same thing is illustrated in all of the data from around the world and is exactly what I’ve been saying.
            Sorry to disappoint you about the playing the condescending fool part.

          • Dear Cliff,
            The fact you’ve purposefully spelt Berenson’s name incorrectly twice now, in a juvenile effort to delegitimize him, says volumes about your disingenuous agenda.
            Constantly re-quoting your nonsense will not further you comprehension, nor turn you into a COVID Jeopardy champion. #justsayin

          • Eric,
            Now that’s hilarious, I copied and pasted from your post where you misspelled his name! Hahahaha!!!
            What, prey tell, does that say about your juvenile effort to delegitimize me, and how many volumes does it fill with your disingenuous agenda?

          • Good for you Cliff, now go grab yourself a nice congratulatory sherry and go fact-check Alex’s work. We’ll not wait up for your thesis, because, well, you can’t be bothered leaving your Covid-CliffsNotes over at NIH. BFN.

    • Great attitude, Mr. Bowers. I wonder how you make it through life with such an outlook.

      Who cares about him? I do, because he’s a human being. I also care for you for the same reason, and hope that you never fall ill with Covid.

      Yes, Austin may be a bit overweight (as is Trump, along with many of the old white guys in his inner circle), but that’s no reason to denigrate him. He’s obviously a high-achieving individual as evidenced by his position, so give him some credit. You may throw stones when you’ve achieved similar distinction in your profession.

      “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12.

      • Dog, thank you for the reminder to be humble and loving and to not think more highly of yourself then another. All Good. But what of corruption in Government? Can one make reference to the truth without getting a lecture from you on this topic?

        Didn’t this fellow (SECDEF) go to work for one of those big defense contractors immediately upon his retirement from the Army? Wasn’t he paid multi-millions for being on a Board of Directors? Sure looks like he got a sweetening up very quickly. Oh, and when he toured Alaska as SECDEF, he stated that his greatest concern as the head of all US armed forces especially in Alaska was… Climate Change? Like China’s military build up based on stolen US tech and it’s saber rattling isn’t a bigger concern then the cause celebre known as Climate Change? Are you not the least concerned that your President and his son Hunter have deep financial ties to the Chi-Com’s? Wonder if the Chi-Coms are worried about Climate Change? Assuredly they are happy with the choice of regime change here in the US. I would further wager that the CHI-COMs are ecstatic about the SECDEF, especially so when the SECDEF appears to be so distracted by Climate Change.

    • Reed, indeed strange. I remember when a vaccine meant that you were safe guarded from catching a disease. I mean, the polio vaccine I got KEPT me free from succumbing to polio, not just make my legs only less paralyzed then full blown polio. Funny how the totalitarians play with language to hide their failures.

      • Kingsley, clearly you have not kept up with the latest establishment attempts to redefine the word, and the meaning, of “vaccine”, coincidentally right along the current mass (non-)’vaccination’ campaign. Yep, all just a coincidence.
        But feel free to ask poster Steve-O about it — he’ll be more than happy to deluge you with a logorrheic avalanche of obfuscatory sophistry and BS on the subject.

        • Jeff,
          The “logorrheic avalanche of obfuscatory sophistry and BS” you refer to are called definitions, directly from medical and legal dictionaries.

        • Jefferson: I sense you need my advice. 1, take a deep breath. 2, review the five steps of the scientific method. 3, apply the method liberally.

          • Evan, I am sure that I am far more knowledgeable about science, REAL science and not the pseudo-scientific groupthink and blind conformism on which the Krazy Kovidian Kult relies, than you are or ever will be.
            The scientific method does not consist, indeed CANNOT consist, of blind acceptance and conformity to corrupt and self-serving authority.

  3. So apparently this fellow met with the current President? That information may be imbedded in some official account. I doubt if either of them have any recollection of the meeting.

  4. I just had to make a second post to callout the great acting with the shield and mask. Does anyone truly believe this total BS they are trying to sell? Like that mask and shield are doing anything to protect from a virus. What a load of crap! Herd immunity folks, it’s here. Don’t let Biden’s goon squad fool you, there is no pandemic. Great acting Secretary of Defecate.

  5. Talk about the boy in a plastic bubble. This is so idiotic, the way these people live their lives with face diapers and coverings. I have never worn one nor will I. You get what you deserve .Leave me alone and keep your covid scamdemic where it belongs……with the gullible.

    • Kerry, the nonsensical, anti-scientific and purposely dehumanizing mask wearing is just one of the many obligatory rituals of the Krazy Kovidian Kult.

    • True. Shedding spike proteins. But–they (and millions of others) now have innate immune systems that are compromised (and weakening daily). The effects of this and out-of-range leukocytes and lymphocytes will be abnormally high death counts the next few years. Of course, it will be blamed on the unvaxxed and anyone but those responsible. It’s all about two things: $$$$ and Control…

      • They started all this double-talk with their overuse of antibiotics– this is EXACTLY how we got antibiotic resistant bugs. But, hey, we cannot tell the hypochondriacs anything.

    • Research “why are we getting antibiotic resistant bugs”– have fun, and think about it a little before replying.

  6. The problem with stupid is that if you tell someone they’re saying stupid stuff, they won’t get it because that’s what stupid is all about.

      • Evan: I don’t consider you to be stupid. Rather, I think you are very intelligent, but with an agenda. Possibly not of your own liking.
        I don’t even consider Dog to be stupid. Just mean at heart. I don’t dare read his posts anymore because they get me so worked up, towards possibly having a stroke.
        I do consider most everyone who is extreme left or right to be possibly stupid. Not stupid as in weak minded, but as in low information, and over-estimating their intellectual abilities.
        Stupid is as stupid does.

  7. What’s with the ginormous medal and ribbon? It makes the Congressional Medal of Honor look insignificant in comparison.

  8. I am very glad to see him wearing that face shield and hopefully it will help control the spike protein he is spreading with every exhale.

  9. So the shots prevent severe illness, whatever, but they obviously don’t stop the spread and right now covid is definitely spreading amongst the vaccinated very rapidly. So what is the point of mandating the shots again? Especially on military people that already weren’t getting severe illness but are getting heart conditions from the shots…? If you are vaccinated and have been using a lot of emotional energy getting upset at all of the people that didn’t get vaccinated, don’t look into who is getting omicron more per 100,000 people. It will make you have an aneurysm until you can find a fact checker willing to lie to you and tell you that the main source of transmission for omicron is the unvaxxed. If you are vaccinated and think it’s a personal choice, don’t worry. Omicron is truly proving to be mild for everyone. And you also can use different treatments and boost your immune system which will reduce the chance of severe illness even more if you are feeling vulnerable.

    I know I’m preaching to choir or shouting into the wind. I have to do it. This is so ridiculous. But, I think things are finally starting to crumble apart and many people are slowly rubbing their eyes and waking up to realize they can’t trust the CDC and FDA to know so much that they should be allowed to censor everyone else that doesn’t walk lock step with them. And in that realization they may find that people that have very different philosophies that were shunned and censored may have had a much more mature and wise understanding of how to handle a pandemic without causing major negative impacts on every single human being for more than 2 years and causing society to become ruptured, cracked, extremely divided ,and scarred permanently. And in the long run save many more lives.

    Let’s go Tony Fauci.

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