Sec. of Defense Austin visits Eielson, Ft. Wainwright, talks about climate change


Alaska is a strategic hotspot for defending the United States, the Indo-Pacific region and the Arctic, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III said during his visit to Eielson Air Force Base on Saturday. But it is also literally getting hotter.

The secretary met with troops and leaders at Eielson and Fort Wainwright. He spoke about climate change during his visit.

“We are an Indo-Pacific nation, and we are an Arctic nation,” the Austin said. “And here in Alaska, those two critical regions intersect. This is where we can project power into both regions and where we must be able to defend ourselves from threats coming from both places. It’s also where we can better posture ourselves and prepare for climate changes that will impact our future.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, greeting troops during his visit to bases in Alaska.

Climate change is already altering the strategic picture in the north, Austin said. The ice pack is melting, and there is a viable Northwest Passage across the Canadian-U.S. Arctic coast for much of the year. Permafrost is not so permanent, Austin said. this change could lead to a scramble for resources in the region. He said this might mean the Arctic could become “a theater for resource competition and even instability, and we need to stay ahead of that.”

Austin, accompanied by Sen. Dan Sullivan for portions of his trip, also spoke with Army leaders at Fort Wainwright and came away impressed by the thinking on the issue and how the service — which has two brigades in Alaska — is applying operational concepts to the Arctic. 

On the way to Eielson in Army helicopters, local commanders gave Austin an aerial tour of the Clear Space Force Base and the missile fields that protect the homeland from rogue state missiles. 

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  1. I would like to think that Austin’s speech was encouraging… but in the context of Biden’s determination to gut our military like previous democrat administrations since the 1970s and his other anti-Alaska agenda items, it sounds like pompous poppycock.

  2. Why worry about Climate change? The priority needs to be defense against China and Russia.

  3. Hey, Secretary Austin: Do you really think the Chinese, Russians and North Koreans are worried about climate change? If that is your best thinking, we are so *******.

  4. He is the worst secretary of defense since the LBJ days. He is perfect for this socialist administration but terrible for the men and women who have to carry the burden for the nation.

  5. Senator Sullivan, you were elected, this Austin bozo was not. He is an appointee. Now, show some backbone and stand up to this woke clown instead of looking like his lacky.

    • Sullivan is a RINO.. always was and always will be

      He just feels more free to show it now that Ballot 2 was approved

  6. Nice to see Swampy Dan hanging out with the people important to him – the DC swamp.

    I’m a hell of a lot more worried about China and Iran than if the sea rises a 1/4”.

    Pity Swampy Dan isn’t.

  7. “Better posture ourselves…” We are carrying affirmative action so far that it may sink these United States of America. Our enemies threaten us, climate change does not! This is a man that has advanced through life because of optics; his appearance tells the story government wants to tell. His appearance alone; there is nothing else to recommend him. It’s not only Democrats, Colin Powell cost us thousands of American lives and billions of dollars. But Democrats are taking it to new lows. I don’t blame Senator Sullivan for playing the cards the way they are dealt however, not at all. The entire administration is against Alaska and our delegation is on the front lines fighting for us.

  8. Jon, I do not know if you always have been or will always be an idiot, but you appear to be one now if you believe Sullivan is a RiNO.

  9. We should be worried about Russian and ChiCom subs sneaking into Alaska waters with ICBMs, and this guy is worried about the climate? A complete and utter fool. Under his thinking, why waste money on ice breakers? The subs have more water to hide under.

  10. When you try and compare this dude to the late Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, you realize that our military isn’t even adequately equipped to repel an invasion by mosquitoes.

  11. If there’s one sure sign of a limited skill individual it’s when they redirect their own conversation toward a subjective topic to avoid constructive conversation relevant to the job for which they were hired. Best to have a limited expectation of this gentleman.

  12. Sullivan going along to get along with the idiot SecDef who pushes CRT on our service members and thinks climate change is the big threat we should all fear.
    Sullivan should be giving this guy all the respect he is due (none) and taking every opportunity to highlight the dangerous and stupid things he is doing.
    Sullivan is a satisficer though and he’ll never stand up to anyone.
    I don’t want to call Sullivan a RINO though because he’s worse than that…he’s a carpetbagger from the Lower 48 who struck political gold in Alaska and now he’s embedded in our state like a tick.
    A Harvard graduate who got imported back into our state direct from federal employment in Washington DC to work in state government and then used that exposure to jump into the senate seat he currently occupies…huh…that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
    We’ve got another senate hopeful right now who’s followed that same path.
    It’ll be different this time though, right?…after all Kelly was born here and she’s got our same set of one-size-fits-all “Alaskan” values.
    Apparently Alaskan values, for our gal Kelly, allow for lying on fishing license applications and then making excuses to justify the dishonesty.
    No problem, though, because, after all, it was for a charitable cause so a little lie can be overlooked…right?
    And the 15 years, 8 months residency claim…easy mistake to make, could happen to anyone…she lived here for 15 years as a child, left for the remainder of her life and her entire adulthood and then had been back for 8 months…so, naturally, you add the two terms together to get total time of residency.
    If that makes sense to you, as it made sense to the brilliant Harvard graduate, then we don’t want you representing us in Congress or anywhere else either.
    Wake up to who Kelly really is before you end up with another Sullivan.

  13. Wait, isn’t the thaw of the arctic ice pack a GOOD thing? It allows shipping through the northwest passage. Global warming is a good thing. We should welcome and embrace it. Far more people die from cold related weather than heat related weather. So a warming planet benefits life on Earth.

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