Dan Fagan: Media’s all-out blitz to demonize the unvaccinated



According to a study conducted by the prestigious, King’s College London, the number of symptomatic cases of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom grew more last week among the vaccinated than unvaccinated.

Don’t expect Anchorage Daily News owner Ryan Binkley and his Marxist minions running his fear-mongering newspaper to print that anytime soon. 

The study discovered 15,537 new symptomatic cases of Covid in vaccinated people in the UK. That’s a whopping 40% increase from the previous week where the number of infected vaccinated was 11,805.

The study also found 17,581 unvaccinated patients with symptomatic cases of Covid. But that was a drop of 22% from the previous week.  

“In the UK, new cases in vaccinated people are still going up and will soon outpace unvaccinated cases,” said Professor Tim Spector, Kings College London. 

This data does not prove you are better protected from Covid if you’re unvaccinated. Since more are taking the shots, fewer are unvaccinated. Mathematically speaking, the increase in unvaccinated Covid patients will grow, percentagewise, since they are fewer in number.  

But it also debunks the news media narrative that only the unvaccinated are getting Covid and that if you don’t get the poke, you are a grotesquely disgusting human being.  

Currently, the number of vaccinated in the hospital in the UK for Covid still outnumber the patients unvaccinated by a margin of 123,620 to 10,834, according to Public Health England. There’s no disputing getting the vaccine has lowered the transmission of Covid. 

But there’s more to the story. The vaccine is experimental and has not been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. We have no idea what the long-term impact and full extent of the side effects and possibly permanent ramifications of the hastily concocted shot. 

The Centers for Disease Control reports as of July 21, some 6,207 people have died after they received the Covid vaccine. Many have argued this number is low and underreported. 

Ryan Binkley and his Marxist minions at the Anchorage Daily News would never report the CDC discovered 26 Alaskans have died following a Covid vaccination. 

The CDC also reports more than 1,406 Alaskans suffered adverse reactions after receiving Covid vaccines.

Getting the vaccine does not prevent you from getting Covid or being hospitalized from the virus. It also doesn’t mean you are putting other lives at risk by refusing the experimental vaccine. What we are told is the shot allows us to better combat the impacts of the virus. 

The media has launched an all-out fear campaign designed to scare us and those around us if we chose not to take the experimental vaccine. 

Getting the vaccine is a personal choice and scaring or shaming people into a decision is wrong. 

Common sense would dictate one should get the vaccine if they are elderly or overweight. But to force the young and healthy to take the experimental poke is nothing more than bullying. 

An employee working at the Fred Meyer in Palmer last week was instructed to go home and not return after she refused to get the Covid vaccine or wear a mask. 

Other Alaska businesses, many run by Native corporations, have threatened the jobs of employees refusing to take the vaccine. 

Like most other issues facing America these days, the two warring factions in our nation’s cold civil war are mostly divided over whether to take the Covid vaccine. 

In the conservative Mat-Su Valley, vaccine rates are much lower than left-leaning Juneau. And yet the transmission rate for Covid in the Valley is much lower than Juneau, despite the capital city employing rigid lockdowns and the valley mandating practically none.  

You won’t read that in the Anchorage Daily News or hear it on KTUU.  

The national media has also ignored the disparity in conservative run states compared to ones with heavy lockdowns. 

In Leftist-run New York, the Covid death rate is close to twice as high per 100,000 than conservative-run Florida.  And yet Florida, more than any other state, has the highest percent of residents older than 65. And Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has kept his state’s schools open and employed few lockdowns. Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo has taken a different approach with harsh lockdowns and lengthy school closings.  

The pro-lockdown media has for the most part ignored the contrast between New York and Florida because it does not advance their false narrative. 

Have you ever seen the media so focused on any issue as they are currently when it comes to demonizing people choosing not to get the experimental vaccine? 

And then you add in Big Tech’s censorship of any news organization telling both sides of the story when it comes to the vaccine. 

Whether or whether not to get the poke is a personal choice. Our decision process should be free of shaming and over-the-top peer pressure from family, friends, or the fearmongering media. 

The truth is there are risks with taking the shot or refusing it. And the decision is different for everyone depending on their circumstance.  Choose wisely. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio show in Alaska on Newsradio 650 KENI. 


  1. Let’s not forget the afternoon drive time, “conservative” talk show host who is also encouraging the jab.

    • And his guest Dr last week even called the unvaccinated idiots. Guess what? There are doctors around town that are suggesting that their patients not get vaccinated; my wife and a friend are two such examples.

  2. Sadly, very little of the ‘media’ remains trustworthy. When I see a headline any more I immediately look to the source, scrolling on if AP, ABC, NBC or many others. And I haven’t clicked on ADN or KTUU for a decade or more. And if I want the opinion (like talk radio) I’ll go to the nearest bar. The truth is out there, but it takes a lot to find it any more.
    And you are right on about this injection. According to a Moderna exec, people volunteering are part of a ‘Phase 3 trial’ for which the company assumes zero liability and the victims have zero recourse to the effects they suffer, which may not become apparent for many years. But money-big money-trumps all. Investment blogs-money-tout the need for the third Pfizer booster to preserve record profitability. Not for public safety, never mind 12,000 death (as opposed to stopping Swine Flu vax after 3 deaths), but must preserve record profitability for billionaires. The lives of we the minions count for nothing.

  3. It’s the Jab of Death, concocted to reduce the global population and usher in the World Government headed by the Beast. It’s all written in the “Book”.

  4. Get the Vax or don’t. The “othering” though, is tried and true leftist protocol: Identify those who are compliant, coerce and intimidate the soft middle, and isolate those who cannot be coerced or intimidated.

    No surprise here. This is what they do. Hate and division are really the only tools they have. It’s certainly not policy positions that are supported by a majority of the State or country.. people don’t want open borders, they don’t want voting without ID, they don’t want high taxes and big government. So when no one buys what you are selling, all you have left is to seed hate and sew division. This is the left today as we know them.

  5. Its unbelievable how big the push is, I mean being forced. 24-7 day and night we are bombarded by “GET THE VACCINE”. I don’t want the jab not because it has a “chip” or there is some nefarious agenda behind it, I reject it because I consider myself relatively healthy and believe natural immunity will beat something that has a 99.8% survivability rating, I’ve also read up on what works against the virus and what doesn’t work and have taken appropriate actions for the eventual onslaught, that’s called being proactive; To sit back and do nothing makes no sense against this virus that we will all eventually get. This isn’t called “vaccine hesitancy” this is called “no, I don’t want the vaccine”. Daily, vitamin D3 will boost your immune system and the combination of Quercetin and Zinc are a good start, do your own research. Keep in mind the VAX has no long term data, zero, I choose wisely.

  6. I’m shocked that more people aren’t vaccinized. In the county that I live in only one third of them are. I got both the Pfizer vaccines and my wife got both a moderna vaccines back in April. Last week we were diagnosed with covid-19 after we came down with a Non-Stop cough and fever. We’re still home and symptoms are improving but I sure wish more people would have got the vaccines to try to slow this thing down but since they won’t we’ll never know for sure will we?

    • Why? Those who take the shot still get the disease, and statistics are skewered whether they die as much or not with no proof of benefit. People who get the shot still spread the virus, so no benefit there. But people who trust nature on this one won’t find out in two or three years how the side effects deteriorate health, except by watching gullible neighbors suffer.

    • Why would people not subjecting their health to rnma experimental substances, for example, the SR-102 proprietary substance used by Moderna, for which both ingredients and the effects are unknown, cause you to contract SARS-2?

      The “vaccines” do not prevent contracting, shedding, or dying from SARS-2 and tests are not reliable or effective in identifying it, as a Pfizer executive was recently quoted. His words were more direct “useless”.

      The fact is, “vaccinated” individuals are continuing to contract SARS-2 and are shedding the virus just as un “vaccinated” individuals.

      • Not only are they getting COVID, and shedding the virus, they are dying. Now let me be clear, for those at increased risk: obese, diabetic, elderly with other comorbidities, they benefit from the shot (it is not a vaccine). For the rest of us-minimal or no benefit with much risk. ‘First do no harm’…Hippocrates.

    • So do I understand correctly that you and your wife dutifully rushed out to get your veins pumped full of two different mystery substances which you’d hoped would prevent you from catching this bug and now here you are, sick with it anyway and wondering why others aren’t lining up to get the same pokes that failed you, Greg?


    • Gregory, you have the words “gullible”, “ignorant” and “spineless” written all over you..
      In case you missed reading it, even here, there is NO vaccine for COVID-19! That there supposedly is such a vaccine as of today is a flat-out lie. There is only a gene therapy masquerading as a “vaccine”, when in fact it is only a treatment that reduces the SYMPTOMS of the disease — and apparently, not even very well at that.
      But congratulations anyway on fully succumbing to the corporate media terrorism and fearmongering campaign surrounding this very mild disease and non-pandemic.

  7. These products are not “vaccines”. The simplest description is the experimental use of rnma as a research tool, from computer models into human beings to observe how DNA responds to specific labratory designed manipulation.
    Covid testing to date as described by a Pfizer executive is “useless”. At least 94% of covid deaths included 3 other morbidities.
    These products do not protect from death, prevent viral shedding, protect from contracting the virus or lessen extreme symptoms. They allegedly lessen moderate symptoms.
    Of the current 143 hospitalizations in Sydney, Australia, 142 of patients were fully “vacced” and the 143rd patient had 1st injection round.
    The bullying argument that a person who declines to participate in mass hysteria and volunteer for replacing lab rats is endangering others is based on lies.
    No mention is ever made of the unknown effects on healthy individuals subjected to the long term effects of “vaccinated” individuals shedding from the toxins they were injected with.

  8. The risks are minimal with the vaccine. The risks of not getting vaccinated are serious. Listen to Governor Kay Ivey, a true conservative, and not the windbags who only call themselves conservatives today. The magnitude of the pandemic will be much more severe if the misinformation campaign is allowed to continue.

    Dan Fagan is completely delusional, and has no business discussing public health or giving recommendations that are inconsistent with medical professional’s consensus.

    This is a personal choice that can negatively impact you personally as well as anyone else you may come in contact with. In the legal world, this is akin to criminal negligence, because the potential outcome of choosing not to get vaccinated can and likely will lead to someone’s contraction of a disease that is potentially lethal.

    For those who think this is a personal choice that does not affect anyone else, understand that drunk drivers used to use that excuse until the mothers of all those dead children decided enough was enough. Get vaccinated.

    • The risks of the trial rnma injections combined with proprietary chemicals, example SR-102 in the Moderna chemical cocktails, are unknown. These are not “vaccines”, which actually work. You do not need repeated tests once vaccinated for polio or smallpox.
      You need repeated tests for the experimental drugs alleged to reduce symptoms from the man made SARS-2 synthetic virus because it is a massive trial exercise.
      The PCR tests have been administered at thresholds that do not accurately differentiate between influenza A and B and SARS-2. The policy driven inaccuracies create manipulated statistics used to create public panic.
      The CDC just recently recommended using adjusted thresholds that will accurately identify the source of flu like symptoms. These new statistics will also be used to manipulate public perception and focus attention on public policy objectives.
      The fatality rates and known harmful side effects from indiscriminate “vaccine” use are already far higher than any previous vaccine in history. Long term effects are unknowable.
      Manipulating hundreds of millions of individual human beings DNA response by injecting computer program designed rnma to create consistent predicted outcomes has never been done.
      SARS-2, using manipulated and inflated tests is >00.01% fatal. Why would a rational person volunteer as a human lab rat for the pharmaceutical-industrial corporate complex in response to this?

  9. I find it interesting that this authors go to phrase is Marxist minions, glad to see that they are not negative or derogatory at all. I also find it interesting that they are using only total numbers for New York and Florida and not discussing how New York was on of the first location to be hit by this virus, before we really new anything about it, how it was spread, how to treat it, etc. Most of NYS numbers come from that time period, were Florida’s numbers came much later after we had a better understanding that the virus was airborne and common sense could tell you how to keep your germs to yourself. I also find it interesting that a large number of people get the flu shot every year without questioning the fact that it is created new every single year. Also, there is a very large miss quote in this article, there are no media outlets saying that if you get the vaccine you will not get Covid, they are saying you will just be better equipped to fight it. Yes, vaccinated people are still getting Covid, but unvaccinated people are dyeing from it at a higher percentage. So yes, it should be your choice, and I agree with the author, choose wisely!

  10. Hey if you wish to give yourself a plethora of unknown things by accepting a vaccine that has had zero trials go right ahead. Most of us believe this is about control and choose to stay out of the malarkey.. Especially when it comes to this vaccine trial. That is all it is… It doesn’t prevent you from getting anything… Yet the uninformed keep offering up their arms like good little pawns. Nope. Never for this Alaskan.

    • Dan seems preoccupied with Marx. Is it Harpo or Groucho who’s hooked him?
      The vaccines are not “experimental.” They have been approved for emergency use. That means they have been vetted for short term efficacy and side effects, but not for long term side effects. The reason they have not been vetted for long term side effects is that it they are only a year old. No long term. In the short term they have been proven about 95% effective.

      I do not know where this denial of reality comes from, but it is costing lives. Perhaps this is the first stage of the extermination of the human race from the planet, the stage wherein reason is overwhelmed by belief, where facts are debatable but beliefs are rock solid. The sad thing is that the marvelous diversity of the planet will be diminished along with our demise. I wonder what God would say to us when we come before him and he asks, “Did you live for all or only for yourselves?”

      • 95% effective at what? 95% survival against a virus with a 99.7% survivability? 95% effective against shedding the virus? 95% effective against catching the virus. I don’t think so.
        ‘First do no harm.’ Hippocrates. This shot has already killed 12,000 people and injured nearly half a million.
        And it is not a vaccine. For that you need to wait for Novavax.

  11. Here’s the game plan, universal COVID vaccination is only the first step:
    1. International Covid vaccination
    2. Now you’re in the international database
    3. International I.D. used to monitor your movements
    4. Carbon Tax can now be *assessed internationally* every time you travel/leave your home
    5. Social credit score will be issued. Work in the Public Sector, you’ll receive “carbon offsets/rewards.”
    6. Write a blog like this, you’ll get a reduction in your Social Credit Score, and you’ll be locked-out of most all the good deals online (Amazon already do this bases on your Zip).

  12. Dan, “You keep on using that word. (Vaccine) I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    -The Princess Bride

  13. Looks like COVID is going to end up like the common cold or the flu, something everyone gets, which means we are testing for the wrong thing. PCR tests test for the presence of the virus. What is most important is the presence of antibodies against the virus. Those who had the virus and recovered have those antibodies. And children under age 17-18 or so simply don’t get it in any appreciable numbers. We’ve successfully immunized the most at risk population – oldsters with co-morbidities. I think we’re done here. Cheers –

      • Greg comes to MRAK all the way from Florida to tell us he has a cold. And calls us dumtards, hopes we die and tells us to STFU. Hilarious. No wonder you’re not a teacher in Alaska anymore Gregory Forkner.

    • But…but…but…Pfizer needs the mandate for annual boosters to maintain record profitability, according to the Motley Fool and Economical Contrarian.

  14. Welcome to the party, pal! The pressure has been building for the past six months or more. It used to be patriotic to refuse the vaccine, according to leaders such as Gov. Cuomo and others. The pressure at my office, one of Alaska’s largest private employers, is so strong that the un-vaxxed are singled out (in-person meetings for the vaxxed, video conference for the un-vaxxed – makes it easy to know who has not yet received the vaccine). Mandatory reporting to HR once you are vaxxed doesn’t help. The walls are closing in. Can furloughs, layoffs or RIFs for the un-vaccinated be far behind?

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