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Seattle School Board asks state to enact vaccine mandate on all schoolchildren

The Seattle Public School Board on Wednesday passed a resolution to ask the Washington Board of Health to begin the process for adding a Covid-19 vaccine to the list of vaccine requirements for students attending the public schools.

According to Fox News, the board held community engagement sessions in advance of the decision. The board met with Leading up to the decision, school leaders conducted additional community engagement sessions with the following: Latinx Community with Public Health –Seattle and King County, the NAACP, the Seattle Special Education PTSA, the Somali Community, Families of Color Seattle, General Seattle Public Schools Families and Staff, Native American Families and Students of Color.

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The process for adding the vaccine to the list of required shots for schoolchildren goes through a rigorous process at the state level and no decision is expected for many months.

Seattle Public School has 55,986 students in grades PreK-12.

On Tuesday, the Portland Public School Board debated a vaccine mandate for all students, but decided that this is not the right time to implement such a mandate. The board ultimately delayed the decision. Portland has 49,000 students enrolled in its public schools.

California was the first state in the nation to announce Covid-19 vaccine requirements for in-person learning starting the term following FDA full approval of the vaccine for a child’s age.

Since then, demonstrations have taken place. After Southern California parents pulled their children out of school to protest the Covid-19 vaccine mandate on Monday, the schools saw a 2 percent dip in attendance. Hundreds of people converged on the Capitol in Sacramento that day to protest the mandate.

The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine has been approved for youth ages 5 to 11 (and up to age 17) under the Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization. Earlier, the FDA approved the vaccine for ages 12-18. On Nov. 2, the Centers for Disease Control expanded vaccine recommendations to about 28 million children in the United States in this age group and allowed providers to begin vaccinating them immediately.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. COVID is now officially, another ALT. religion of the left, what on earth happened to following the science.

  2. EUA = CLINICAL TRIALS ARE ONGOING. / authorized Emergency use (ONLY)
    APPROVED = trials are completed and data is available to show SAFE & EFFECTIVE.
    Approved is not the same as Authorized and these words are NOT interchangeable.

  3. I would pull my kid out of school before I would allow this shot to be given to them. This is just criminal larceny by the drug companies and the CDC, sucking up government money to introduce a harmful, unproven serum into the bodies of children. The vaccines have already been proven to be almost ineffective after 6 months of injection. Now there is a booster? When will it end? This is total crap.

  4. This emergency use authorization is totally bogus. In no way has a significant cross section of youth been tested and studied. Last I read the test was conducted on around 1,000 children, I imagine they were from one specific geographic area. Poor kids, there will be consequences down the line.

  5. Any idiot parent doing this to their children may as well be feeding them rat poison out of the box…. Seattle is the den of evil… With people playing follow the leader over a cliff with the other lemmings… Only its worse they are using children as their tools. Straight up evil.

  6. “This is a war on religion, this is a war on the children, …”
    How true this rap song is. Will the people agree with this war?
    The most evil time in America during my life.

  7. Meanwhile, the FDA asked a federal judge on November 15th to give it until the year 2076 to fully release the documents in its possession tied to the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 ‘vaccine’.

    These people are sick, and it is going to take rope to help them out of their sickness…

  8. Those promoting this type of Lunacy always claim that they are following the Science. I only wish it were true. In my reading about the “Jab” I have found plenty of ‘Science” that disputes the need for jabbing school children or anybody else. For example Luc Montagnier a French Virologist and winner of the 2008 Noble Peace Prize has made the case that the “Clotshot” actually feeds the virus and helps facilitate production of it’s variants. It’s not a stretch to understand his concern given the hundreds of millions of “Delta” breakthrough cases today. Montagnier calls mass jabbing “a medical error”. Montagnier is not alone in his assessment.

    Dog Lover and Jabber King, Anthony Fauci has admitted that the first double poke has seemed to lost it’s mojo and that everyone should now line up for the third “Booster Shot”. And so it will go, as each new variant develops, potentially into a stronger more transmissible form, perhaps culminating into a super virus that could be a real Pandemic. Take heart however Pfizer Profits will doubtless be “Boosted” nicely. Still think that those in charge of such things are really following the “Science”?

    • Where in scientific literature (not youtube) is the vaccine referred to as “jab”? Seems like you’re a little sloppy on the science, and got extra doses of quackery.

      • John, a vaccine works to stimulate and strengthen your immune system, the mRNA jab, yes jab doesn’t work like that. You might want to actually look up reports from across the Globe about what the experimental jab really does. I sincerely wish you good health .

        • Why do you call it a jab? Is it an attempt at name calling or name associating with something that maybe recognized as derogatory? When I got my three shots and two shingles vaccine shots, they most certainly didn’t jab it in. I didn’t even feel the shot. I think when you jab something in especially with a shot, think adult needle should come into play and some sort of extra Force maybe needed in order to insert the needle. When people run out of arguments, they usually resort to name calling.

  9. These so-called “vaccines” (sic) are STILL experimental!
    This push to jab everyone, EVERYONE, with an unproven treatment is purely authoritarian and frankly insane, if not also evil.

      • They aren’t vaccines. They are gene therapy and they have been approved under emergency authorization, which by definition means they have not gone through the typical process and thus, “experimental” is a fitting adjective and probably more honest than your position. They are classified this way so big Pharma can’t be sued, and the big reason the cheap and effective interventions were prevented is because the EA can only be approved if there are NO effective therapeutics..imagine that.. Btw, a jab is a jab. It means injection if you’re needing some help puzzling out the vernacular…

        • So I take it you and folks who think like you won’t seek Eua monoclonal antibodies (since they are experimental as well) should you contract Covid 19 then?

      • You are correct. The jabs are not the experiment. You are.
        How much fear does it take to make you do whatever you are told.
        How many jabs will it take before you finally expire.
        How many masks will it take before you realize you are now being taxed to breathe freely.

      • Yes, John, the clot shots ARE still experimental, by definition, as they have no multi-year trials and studies behind them. No dishonest and propaganda pronouncement by some government or governmental agency can change that fact.
        Sorry to burst your corporate-media-propaganda bubble.

      • John, perhaps you should look into FDA ” Emergency Use Order, “or more specifically the ” approval” of the third Pfizer Clotshot”. Turns out an FDA Advisory Board voted 16 to 2 John, TO NOT APPROVE the third Pfizer cash cow. In fact the Director of FDA Vaccine Research , one Dr. Marion Gruber resigned her position ostensibly over the ” approval” of the third dose.
        John, point is, politics and profits have superseded public health.

  10. Unless you’re opposed to vaccines in general, then you have to admit this is normal policy that’s been around for 80 years. There is no scientific or public school policy that opposes vaccinations in school. There is only anti-vaccine, anti-science beliefs that fuel the idea that vaccines in schools, especially during a pandemic, is bad policy. Is it time for a history lesson?

  11. School age children have a 0.0005% chance of dying from Covid. They also have a 0.0007% chance of being struck by lightning.
    So how come nobody is agitating for kids to wear copper helmets grounded to the earth? It’s the SAME RISK.
    Nobody? Nothing? Okay then it’s NOT SCIENCE.

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