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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Scofflaw: Rep. Zack Fields skipped required financial disclosure in 2020

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Rep. Zack Fields will likely sail to victory in November, having faced neither primary nor general election challenger for the House District 20 seat he won in 2018.

But even without any work to do to get reelected, Fields has not taken the time to file his required financial disclosure form with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

That form was due on March 15, and it’s how Alaskans know where Fields and other lawmakers are getting their money, or where they may have conflicts of interest with their family investments.

Fields filed the form properly in 2019, when he showed that he had worked for the Bill Walker Administration the previous year, and had also worked for a labor union. He was a freelance writer for the Anchorage Press, his report shows.

He also filled out a financial disclosure as a candidate before he filed for reelection in 2019. That is required by the Division of Elections before it can certify him as a candidate.

But in 2020, he filed no disclosure as a state legislator — a serious APOC violation that comes with penalties. It’s also breaking the law.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • OK, he broke the law. Now what? A slap on the wrist?

    • Keep this pencil-neck in the Democrat Minority for the next 2 years…….and beyond.

  • File an injunction, but does anyone have the time to get involved?

  • He’s a progressive Democrat. The law does not apply to him. That quaint phrase, “Equal Justice Under Law” is meaningless. I predict that is what Alaska judges will say.

    • Justice means just us Leftists.

  • From what I see, it’s probable that JMARK’s comment is spot-on. Laws are for us little people. Ask Pelosi and a bunch of others.

  • As happens with regularity and frequency we would not know of this if not for MustReadAK. Sure, if Fields was a Republican – especially one in the House Minority right now – the Anchorage Daily News would by now have the story. They would even claim to have been first with the story. But as Fields is a Democrat you won’t find the story in the Anchorage Daily News. Neither will you see it in the Juneau Empire or hear it on taxpayer-subsidized Public Radio. Without MustReadAK there would be no balance in Alaska media, and very often the truth would be extremely difficult to find. No wonder Alaska voters are rediscovering their voice and their power to bring common sense to the political landscape; they’ve found MustReadAK! Given that elected officials have spent every dollar of savings they could, and that so many municipalities are right now controlled by loonie liberals, media balance and honesty has come just in time.

  • What is important to remember is that this fellow stole your PFD and voted for a State operating Budget that did not lay off one State worker despite oil falling through the floor. His vote for the above took place during a week when some 13,000 Alaskans filed for unemployment. How about them apples? This is a much bigger issue than his disregard for fine print and financial reporting of his skimpy finances. Reporting of income rules were invented to keep successful wealthy people out of politics and to award “Free- Lance propagandists positions of power.

  • HI SUZANNE! I only wish that you had been as diligent in investigating and reporting the actions of the late Ted Stevens, ” The Corrupt Bastards Club ” and Big Oil crook Bill Allen as you are in publicly trying to shake the dirty underwear of Democratic party members. It appears that the GOP is really running scared!

    • You realize that her blog did not exist during the Ted Stevens, Bill Allen etc. activities, right?

    • You got your misinformation from the ADN.

    • Dave, sugar.
      You need to purchase a calendar!

  • Hey David,
    Don’t forget about Bill Sheffield and his private Fifth Avenue Office Building that he rented out to local government in Fairbanks at exorbitant rates while he was governor; Speaker Al Adams who was stealing money left and right from the state; Steve Cowper who left the state in disgrace because he couldn’t get a state income tax to cover his overspending; Tony Knowles who put his cronies on the AK Railroad Board in exchange for campaign kickbacks; and Bill Walker who wouldn’t pay Alaskans their statutory PFD, but did provide cover to his pedophile political partner. Did ya get all that, David? We can get a LOT more if you need it.

    • Bill Sheffield went through state Senate impeachment proceedings for giving his campaign contributor a $9 million dollar state contract when he was governor. Ever hear of Lenny Arsenault? Democrats have such a difficult time turning down dirty money, ……. and telling the truth.

  • Been a long, long time since Alaska has had an actual “legislature”. These days it’s the Democrat dominated lawless-lature. Just one more example of how laws only apply to we “little” people. Remember when we used to elect folks to represent us – not to rule us?

  • Did he decline to comment when you reached out to him for his explanation, before accusing him of being a scofflaw?

    I dont know much, but it looks to me like he filed the paperwork in question on November 11, 2019 and ammended it yesterday to reflect his legislative salary. Is the November 11 submission a different form than the one you are concerned with?

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