School principal who was detained and injected with psychotropic drugs has lawyered up


The high school principal in the Mat-Su who was taken away by Alaska State Troopers for a forced psychological evaluation has now retained legal representation.

Mary Fulp, principal at Colony High School, will not be speaking directly to the media, her lawyers said.

Fulp retained the Thompson Law Group to help her through her recent wrongful involuntary commitment, the group reported in a press release.

“She has been contacted by various press agencies to provide a statement, and respectfully, at this time, she asks that all inquires stop, and all communications be directed to her attorney, Darryl L. Thompson, Esq.,” the press release says. “Principal Fulp will not be availing herself to any interviews at this time. Frankly, she needs time to heal. She was forced into a mental health facility without a court order, by those with whom she and the community place their trust, the Department of Public Safety (DPS).”

The law group gave a nod of appreciation to the Department of Public Safety for being transparent about the incident: “DPS has candidly acknowledge their officers should have never forced her into a 72-hour mental health commitment. To DPS’ credit, they have already conceded that their officers did not follow proper procedures to assure that a judge had actually made a determination that she was a risk of harm to herself or others, to justify the deprivation of her freedom.”

Thompson said, “At no time did she pose a risk of harm to herself or others, and she should have never been forcibly placed into a mental health facility. It is clear there was no court order and no judicial finding. Yet she was forced by law enforcement, who carry the badge of trust and the authority of a weapon on their side, into a mental health facility, a horrible nightmare in and of itself. To compound matters, the mental health facility knew it had no valid court order to hold her, yet they allowed the DPS to place her in the facility and kept her there without her consent for days, during which time she was traumatized by inhumane treatment.”

The law group also corroborated what has been reported — that Fulp was strapped to a gurney, held down by several staff members, and was injected with a psychotropic medication without her consent and without a court order authorizing the administration of the medications.

Watch the video that Fulp took of the incident.

“She spent days in a cold dark mental health hospital room, during which time staff breached her federally protected HIPPA rights by disclosing their ‘opinions’ as to her circumstances to individuals who did not possess any authorization to receive her federally protected HIPPA private mental health information,” the law group said.

“This traumatic experience is a free citizen’s worst nightmare, and this broken system has caused her, and her children, inexcusable and immeasurable harm. Respectfully, she needs time to heal, but she does appreciate the outpouring of support for this difficult time,” Thompson said.

Earlier in January, Fulp had recorded a religious message on Facebook. This led to her family confronting her, and eventually two Alaska State Troopers took her away, all based on what is now believed to be a fake court order manufactured by a member of her family.

Fulp was the 2022 Alaska Principal of the Year and is well-respected by her peers. Parents of students at Colony High School told Must Read Alaska that she is well-loved by students and parents and that the school community is shocked that something like this could have happened.


      • Call federal ag handling these cases in Seattle. It’s all he does. Alaska is his district. Hope all is well. One would know if one attends continuing education seminars required for doctors. Info can can change with time.

        • To whom exactly are you inquiring? If me, this is by no means the only issue I recognize about this democratic tyrant trend. It is a unique and separately directed by federal enactment with which I am somewhat familiar. As usual it is hoped by the perpetrators that this federal enactment will be ignored. I’m hoping the opposite.

    • It is tragic for this woman that the Alaska State Troopers were duped. I see a lot of comments about the terrible oversight, to be expected. What seems missing is thoughtful concern about her mental well-being. Perhaps she is fine, but when Fulp herself says her own family is urging her to get a mental wellness check, there may be more voices to be heard. Let’s hope she is 100 percent well. I’m rooting for her.. I can say from experience that trying to get a family member to accept emergency mental health help can be a monumental task. The resources are few and difficult to effect. Let’s hope that all this drama does not overshadow her getting any help she may need, if she needs any.

  1. Who created the falsified papers and is she prosecuting them? That’s where the original sin lies. Don’t just sue the government because they have the deep pockets.

    • Sideshow. Let’s just say certain folks are willing to do anything for God. Even giving false witness. Do tell the payers of this shit show it’s going to backfire. That’s going to stink miles away.

    • Facepalm followed by a heavy sigh.

      She sues the government for gross incompetence, failure to do their jobs resulting in false imprisonment, violation of her rights, and a litany of other reasons.

      I can’t help but wonder how you’d feel if it was a trans activist drug away and treated the same.

      • Good point MA, or what if she were Hindu or Islamic by self report?

        It has been some years since I was involved in ex-parte mental health holds, as apparently happened here. One needs a mental health exam by doctor or mental health professional counselor level evaluation to get it. I find it hard to accept that the family was so isolated in Palmer that they were unable to get a doc’s or counselor’s support for the removal and hold.

    • She can’t prosecute anyone. That’s up to law enforcement. She can sue in civil court and should sue whoever concocted the phony court order! This whole thing is scary!

    • But that is exactly what is going to happen. Trust the lawyers to compound a tragedy into complete catastrophe. I hope this inspires DPS and the DA to go after the forger with great zeal.

  2. It is actions like these that cause us to fear things like red flag laws. Yes we need to have the ability to protect everyone , but who was protecting her? Too much authority is so dangerous. Speak up and speak out when these things happen or they will only get worse.

    • Pretty funny here Dave, you calling “Speak up and speak out when these things happen” but exactly what are “these things” that you speak of?
      No doubt the “these things” will come out but it’s unclear, at this time, what even occurred other than a few folks speaking about what they think happened. Further, it may go to a trial to get at the facts or could even by settled between parties and we never get the facts. And if this causes you to fear things like red flag laws, what makes you think that the “removal of firearms” is involved here?

  3. Thank You Suzanne. Pulitzer Prize Reporting. Watched the Arrest Video—and left me speechless. Fortunately she was released. There must be thousands who aren’t. How many Jan. 6 people have been DISAPPEARED for 2 years now. The Homer Couple could still be locked up if it wasn’t for Reporting. Thank You again Suzanne. You should get THE PAUL REVERE AWARD.

      • Nope. Putting one’s head under a pillow would be a stupid response; a California/Biden response perhaps.

        But all law-abiding adult Alaskans need to be armed at all times – well armed. If Alaska insists on having law enforcement of this sort – people who would be honored to work for Putin no doubt – then we all need to be ready to protect ourselves, our families and our neighbors.

        These troopers and their supervisors need to be indicted for kidnapping right now! The anti-Christian, woke, gender-shifting, Public Broadcasting crowd is clearly not as confined in Juneau as we would like to believe.

        Take note that carrying a gun does require some responsibilities. No alcohol or drugs when carrying. Practice both safety and accurate shooting.

        • So I guess you’d rather shoot someone dead, and in this case that includes Troopers, than attempt to de-escalate a situation in the (rational) belief that things can be set right later when cooler heads prevail. I, for one, can’t imagine very many situations (although there are definitely some), where I would conclude that shooting someone to death was the best and only available course of action. Perhaps you relish the thought of doing so, thereby putting your shiny gun-toys to use, and live your life hoping that someone, somewhere, someday will Make Your Day.

          • If you don’t wish to defend yourself then don’t do it. But if you will not defend yourself then I already know you will refuse to defend anyone else. That’s you.

            If faced with forced extraction from our homes, followed by being strapped down and injected with medications against our will, some of us would chose the jail time instead. That’s us.

            It’s freedom thing not a gun thing.

          • Pretty low-watt bulb of you Paul to suggest you would welcome a shoot-out with a couple of troopers doing their job. Blowhard comment IMO.

  4. Cha Ching… Unfortunately those two troopers are probably being transferred to Kotzebue. Matsu regional will be renamed Fulp Regional Hospital.

  5. Suzanne, you bring us so much detailed information on so many topics. I don’t know how you do it, but thanks. I always admire an expert in any field, and you are certainly an expert journalist.

  6. Back in the time of the old Soviet Union most if not all who opposed the criminals who controlled that operation were found to be mentally ill. In the 1960s to 70s a movement arose here in States to fight involuntary commitment because of abuses in that process. Law suites were brought, laws were changed, in the end federal funding of State mental institutions was cut. The States did not take up the responsibility and most if not all State mental institutions closed. Over night we suddenly had a “homeless crisis”. There are many ways the Left can weaponize mental illness, we must be on our guard. At the same time we must care for those who cannot care for themselves. We waste too much money on those who will not work to the detriment of those who cannot. GOD is not pleased.

    • Geraldo Rivera made an eye-opening documentary showing the severe abuses suffered by institutionalized citizens at Willowbrook in NY. It broke open and much needed changes happened.

      However to this day, the right doesn’t want to fund the care needed in these types of cases.

      And if Aduin is coming back, she needs to steer clear of our own API this time. Already tried to break it down and sell it off to a Florida conglomerate she represents, which is legally fairly shoddy in their work history.

  7. She shouldnt have to sue the person who falsified the phony document the troopers used to detain her and violate her in so many ways! That should be the AG who is on the payroll whos job it is to prosecute the clown (should be in jail for a long time) who so easily convinced the Troopers she was a threat. I dont think these troopers should ever be on the payroll carrying a weapon with that level of judgement. All law enforcement officers have the duty to respond to these situations and make responsible decisions which they obviously did not do. What would happen if the victim wasnt so cooperative? What if the victim had a gun on them or in her purse and a wrestling match ensued? would she have been shot for not cooperating with the troopers? I dont think I would have been so polite to their request.

  8. I hope this is the impetus for bankrupting the state.

    Maybe if we are broken fiscally common sense might force its way rob the surface.

    Also sue everyone involved personally.

    Has the Cowardly Lion of a governor made a statement yet? Or is he waiting for another governor to do something first? That is his style.

  9. “The law group also corroborated what has been reported — that Fulp was strapped to a gurney, held down by several staff members, and was injected with a psychotropic medication without her consent and without a court order authorizing the administration of the medications.”

    This is hard to read. Not only should she collect millions in punitive damages, any of the people who did this to her need to be criminally prosecuted.

    Where the hell is Dunleavy????

    • Dunleavy is a tortured soul. Former schoolteacher, squish and used to getting pushed around. Always has an excuse as to why, just like other broken males. Tall, with good hair that’s all he’s got going for him. Pathetic. Hope and pray every day he grows a set.

  10. Wow. Thank you Suzanne for great coverage of this. The whole scenario is pretty scary and sounds like mistakes were made all around. I do hope the court order fabricator is held accountable, as it certainly appears their efforts were intentionally illegal. The other agencies were working from false information and it sounds like unclear, or sloppy, protocol. As awful as this event is, light will certainly be shown on the need for improved policy and legal protection for citizens and hopefully visible enough that it won’t be ignored.

    • Yes, checks will be written, unfortunately it will be the State of Alaska (US), for something that was done that any high school graduate should know was done without due process. And darn right it is scary. I just returned from holiday and this is the first I have heard of this. I believe they used to call this a “Section 8” in many locales, but even then a licensed medical professional would have to make a decision followed by an AG and finally a judge.
      There are reasons for redundancy. I believe the badge itself is too much power in Alaska, but not enough power in the “no-bail New York”. It is a hard answer, one that needs to be figured out and quickly. It is a fine line between peace and anarchy. The person that persuaded the judge, maybe ought not to blame her/him, but the judge her/him self? Whenever the state talks to the judge, is not the defendants counsel supposed to be present also?

    • It’s a ground war, Frank! They will have to take ’em all!

      So she speaks in tongues and has faith in Christ. Let me say, there are a lot of “sane folks” who are running loose in the streets who believe in the virgin birth, in the resurrection of the dead, in the forgiveness of sins, and that Christ came to die for our sins.

      I say, “Wow!” When are the “thought police” going to start rounding up the whole lot of the self-avowed Christians. And let me tell you, also, if the dosage of their “psychotropic medication” is good enough, I’d stop “talking in tongues” and just start “babbling” in hopes of getting a good “high!”

      I wonder how many of the goons who “collaborated” against Ms. Fulp are “Christian”–showcase or not. For the bona fide hypocrites among them, they deserve at the very least a double dosage of the psychotropic. (But, who knows, they may already be in “medicine cabinet” and are taking self-sponsored trips!)

      In closing, I must say that in dying for our sins, Christ definitely has his work cut out for him here on the wild frontier!

  11. Once again, due to the lack of critical thinking, training, policies & procedures she’s going to retire early with a nice, fat check. Rightfully so. Sure, the person who falsified documents should be prosecuted but the onus is on the Keystone Cops who took her in. We’re supposed to trust our law enforcement to know what they’re doing and this example is just another one showing not only that they don’t but also how easy it is to weaponize them against other citizens.

    • puny peter-she states a love for her profession. Why would she retire? Move from here maybe, though this is her home.

  12. Let’s not forget where this all started. Before the troopers were involved, a family member forged a document acting as a judge. That is a serious felony! The troopers made a mistake not following process, so they goofed up. The treatment she got from the hospital was atrocious and there is no excuse for violating her rights. But again… It all started with the forged order!

  13. We Christians have for years, been saying IT’S COMING, ..IT’S COMING, but NOW IT IS HERE!!..In the last days….it’s just starting..Christians have been persecuted all over the world, but hardly never in the US.. until now..We’ve been living with the freedom of speech in the USA…and hardly ever persecuted.. UNTIL NOW.. Being drugged with psychedelic drugs against our will.

    AND then the people that really are “SICK” has a choice in not taking their medications.

    • And for years I very likely have been not believing you, or at least burying my head in the sand. Thanks to this world class reporting on MustReadAlaska none can still avoid admitting this happened, has likely been happening in one shape or another for some time, and will not very likely stop absent citizen involvement.

      That people with badges, guns, medical licenses, etc. would put this woman through this – a very responsible and prominent woman at that – yet no one is in jail so far is unbelievable.

      That so much of the Alaska media has so far avoided reporting and talking about this is a sad statement on the bias of the woke media in this state. I hope that no later than today every pastor and priest warns every church member to look out for one another and to be prepared to be confronted, and possibly seized by the law enforcement and health care industries. What we might have thought could not happen here clearly can happen here.

      • Maybe, but you know, anyone who claims to speak in tongues isn’t 100% there. They know it, you know it, we all know it. If they claim to do so, it’s most certainly gobbledygook that can’t be replicated, understood, or repeated. What a crock – Speaking in Tongues. Hilarious. And sad…

      • This is all so sad! I know Mary. It is so hard to see what has and is happening to her! She was a wonderful teacher that had her middle school students write a true story from their life experiences! Some had good life experiences and others did not. Mary then turned all of their stories into published books named “With These Hearts and Hands: She did this for at least three years! Making all of her students published writers! She always looked to enhance their lives with the things they learned in her classes. I am sure that her, now grown students, are broken hearted to see this horror she is experiencing now.

  14. Something insidious is going on with this situation.

    HIPAA violations out the wazoo. If this woman was injected with anything it had to have some medical rationale, so who authorized it? It’s not our business to know that, but if someone reports that she has been injected with an antipsychotic, it’s obviously been identified as that and not an Epi-pen, or that point should not have been made. Anyone releasing that information is liable for HIPAA violation which carries a hefty fine under Federal regulations.

    Ex-parte commitments require a judge’s evaluation, decision and signature. A person can’t just whip one out without reason, fake a signature and use it to bamboozle law enforcement, but first the troopers would have had to use their training to not just escort a person to the emergency room for a mental health issue. There would have been some reason that the officers believed that they had a lawful duty.

    There needs to be MASSIVE mental health education for Alaskans, preferably starting within families and through public institutions. People are SO afraid of LGBTQ issues that they blur practical knowledge about mental health from something they don’t want to know about. If more folks were aware of what is a mental health crisis which might require an ex-parte, emergency evaluation, and mention of an injection, they would not be so quick to go along with any of it, and perhaps consider, “hey, let’s wait a minute here and look at what’s happening.”

    There’s been a major problem with A.P.I. which is probably only the tip of the iceberg on mental health in Alaska, for ages … witness the report of three black bears shot in the vicinity of where the City sent its homeless population, as for the jail system used for housing those whose arrests are related to mental illness.

    Education is the best way to combat ignorance to try and solve some of the problems as a result of stupidity in decisionmaking.

    This poor woman, unless justice is served, is going to be associated with this fu for the rest of her life, and for what?

  15. Sideshow to take away attention from the recent DOJ ruling on the institutionalization of children.
    Someone is really worried about what will be told.

  16. “The law group also corroborated what has been reported — that Fulp was strapped to a gurney, held down by several staff members, and was injected with a psychotropic medication without her consent and without a court order authorizing the administration of the medications.” This appears to be the opinion of the law group that were not there IMO so how could they corroborate anything of this sort?
    Likely this was the opinion of this Principal but, so far, it’s not been shown to be a fact in this case IMO.

    • Exactly-they are not corroborating information. They are reporting what the client reported to them. With perhaps more legalese as is required in a court proceeding.

  17. My Oh My!! Are you thinking of the bill that Senator Hughes sponsored and pushed even though it lacked the ability to stand up in an appeal to the US Supreme Court? in other words, it wouldn’t pass muster!! That one where emt’s can shoot up a street person and get them off the street? That one that gave the lowly officers of law the “all of a sudden” legitimacy of a doctor and attorney and judge? And, was hailed as a needed mental health issue by the former and hopefully, gone from state service, Adam Crum? And the dumb, newly elected governor by RCV to a job he can’t do very well at all? That one? That group? I’d say you really did it this time…. Yes, the circus has begun to show its farce forced groupies of the legislature and your representatives in the MatSu!! You know, those persons!!

  18. I think of how I would of reacted being in Mary Fulps’ situation. Being of sound mind like any of the rest of you, I would of went off on them and really have went mad if they were to tie me down and inject drugs into me. Of course at that point they could then say, look she is a crazy heifer. Who wouldn’t go mad as hell in that situation. Just dragging me out of my own house for no good reason would make any sane person upset as hell. It’s like a bad twilight episode.
    EVERY Party in this is at fault here. They all should be prosecuted and or reprimanded.
    Complainant for forgery and fraud.
    Troopers for not following protocol and verifying.
    Hospital for what they did, especially if they knew. (There should be verification check points here as well.)
    If this is their treatment for a sane person, that in itself is scary.
    This should be used as a warning towards perhaps future mishaps such as this. Our government is Not to be used as a tool against the people who do not fall in lockstep.
    Who is to define sanity, as long as there is no harm to others, let it be.

  19. Remedial US Constitution Classes taught by a Jag Marine to all Hospital Administrators and they have yo pass the test before they have a license to re-open closed facilities. Same thing for all DHHS employees – no exceptions in order to continue employment. ALL elected executives, all elected servants, all appointed boards and commission. If the Jag Marine determined the person deviates from class content they must be removed from compensation and a replacement trained. Some will evidently flunk out.

      • Yes, I have met former marine lawyers who should not be allowed to practice due to not meeting profession standards and should never receive an emolument even for garbage collection. We all know the BAR Association does a rotten job of disciplining their members. However the Marine Corps can be commanded by the Commander in Chief. Unfortunately the schools, law schools, activist judges are effective in misapplying the US Constitution so extravagantly that the republic itself needs to be defended and secured. Judges are not to practice law from the bench. They apply court rules and motion manual court rules.
        They can notice things and deviations. They Don’t enterpret statutes or the US Constitution.

  20. There are medical records and they must be given to her and/OR her designee w/ 15 minutes OF HER REQUEST any way she wants them. Paper whatever including shift changes Dr’s AND all nurses shift change notes and tests and test reports. The furtive providers will tend to graciously balk. THE “GOOD” ONES WILL GET THEM FOR YOU ASAP.

  21. As with most stories, there are some HUGE missing pieces. If the troopers had some documents, forged or not, there wouldn’t be any details of WHY they were hauling her away. But in her own video, Ms. Fulp goes on and on about Jesus and why should be in trouble for her Christian beliefs? So she herself brought up that subject and it makes me wonder why. She must have known that something she said or had done was waving a red flag on the subject of Jesus. Obviously something to do with her religious beliefs triggered somebody and she knew a little about it or she wouldn’t have continued saying it over and over.

    • Howdy GOBARR. Everything she said could be heard in a Pentacostal Church on Sunday, so should all the Churches be Red Flagged?. A long time ago I attended a lot of different churches to see what was out there. Just people expressing their faith in different ways, a lot of times I didn’t understand what was going on, but the common denominator was Jesus, and a Desire To Be A Better Person. The 1ST Amendment— Freedom of Religion, Speech and Assembly. All where taken away from her, along with a long list of her rights. A lot of people have a problem with Speaking in Tounges. 90% of the music is just that, or conversations where people say one thing and mean something else. She was an Innocent Person in her own House, till the Troopers came to her door, and took her AWAY.

      • Yes.

        In her own home until her own family questionably involved the courts and involved the troopers who came to her door and took her away.

  22. When people go to sporting events it is customary to be exclamatory over some team or player’s achievement. It is socially acceptable to be exclamatory and euphoric about sports achievements in America in 2023. American exclammatory, euphoria may be 10xed by Sicilian euphoria in the context of Italy. It is not socially customary in Alaska to see Italian-style emotional euphoria over finally recognizing spiritual achievements God has performed for humans in cold, Godless, woke, God-denying, atheistic social environments in Alaska in 2023. The teen years are peer normative parameter years at their most heightened in life. A teen finds a parent to be a social impediment intensely even if the parent is relatively mainstream in most instances. Germanic, cold even harsh unemotive cultures have the greatest difficulty with fully vocalized cultures like th Irish or Napoleon. So this was a willful opening to tyrany prepared by proud, cold Germanic cultures to exert tyranny on the Alaskan population who may be more emotive cultures. Ask your representative if he cares to secure and defend all US Constitutional rights to speech. Ask. You will see they will not. They could not find an emotion if you drew them a diagram and believe they overlive you because you paid them to write these and other stupid, tyrannical statutes in their coddling, cozy, idyll of Juneau. Keep “voting for dems and RINOs who actually disapprove of your US Constitutional rights to expression and everything else.

  23. Canada has socialized end of life programs.
    State funded murders.
    She’s lucky those nut job leftists in the nut house didn’t off her for real.

  24. Dr. M. Scott Peck, MD, military psychologist and author of highly explanatory clinical books wrote in his book “The Road Less Travelled” that sociopaths are very often drawn to the medical fields. The recent social/medical social science history corroborated in the last three years all he wrote. He said “evil” is a personality diagnosis that should be available for doctors to clinically apply. .

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