Sarah Palin wanted to bring Ted Nugent to Alaska GOP convention, but organizers said it’s not a fit


Congressional candidate Sarah Palin is said to have offered to bring musician and hunting activist Ted Nugent to Fairbanks for the Republican Party convention, April 21-23. According to sources, the Alaska Republican Party demurred, and said it was unable to accommodate the appearance.

“The schedule was already tight,” Must Read Alaska’s source said. “There’s a reception on Thursday night and a big fundraiser on Friday night, and then meetings on Saturday. But she could do it on her own on Saturday night after the convention ends.”

Convention planning has been under way for months for the convention, which takes place every two years. Among those attending and speaking this year are Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniels and Florida Congressman Rep. Brian Mast. Gov. Mike Dunleavy is a keynote speaker, as is Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka. With 16 Republicans now appearing on the special election primary ballot on June 11, the convention just got to be a lot more interesting. Palin has not attended a Republican convention in at least over a decade.

But in 2017, she visited the White House with Nugent and Kid Rock, when the three partied with President Donald Trump and got a tour of every room.

“Mr. Nugent — a guitar demigod, knife-between-the-teeth hunter and conservative provocateur — offered an inside glimpse of a gracious, relaxed and house-proud president with ample time to offer his thoughts on a wide array of topics, from entertainment to existential geopolitical perils,” the New York Times wrote at the time.

“Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, described the meeting as ‘a long-planned’ token of the president’s appreciation for Ms. Palin’s support in the 2016 campaign. But Mr. Nugent said it was much more than that.

“’It was like a family reunion,’” he said. ‘None of us expected this. He showed us the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom and explained how that was where the president’s son died. He knew the designer of the chairs. He showed us the bulletproof glass.’”

According to the Times, the trio had dinner that was finished with a Baked Alaska in honor of Palin’s support for Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Topics over dinner induced “health, fitness, food, rock ’n’ roll, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, secure borders, the history of the United States, guns, bullets, bows and arrows, North Korea, Russia” and other issues, the Times wrote.

Palin’s competitors in the upcoming June 11 special election primary include Republicans Nick Begich of Eagle River, Tara Sweeney of Anchorage, John Coghill of Fairbanks, and several other contenders. Also running are Democrat-backed Chris Constant and Al Gross. The top four vote-getters in the special election primary will appear on a “ranked choice” ballot on Aug. 16, which will be held at the same time as the regular primary for the two-year seat.

The winner of the special election will serve as the placeholder in Congress until the regular election is completed in November.


  1. I remember when Sarah was Governor and Ted Nugent performed at the state fair. He was a fan of hers back then and gave her a big shout out on stage, before the VP ordeal took place.

    As far as the speakers at the Fairbanks convention, Ronna McDaniel is a solid RINO who doesnt actually care about Americans. She’s knee deep in special interests.

    • You are correct about McDaniel, a RINOS best friend. This was an easy thing to fix, just boot McDaniel and bring in the Motor-city Madman. Let them have it Ted, they snubbed you! Alaska’s Republican Party needs an enema!

  2. We could have had Nugent here and they refused it?? How short sighted could they be? All those other boring functions could easily have been restructured to make Ted a keynote. Dumb Dumb Dumb! I’m so ashamed of my people here in Fairbanks for this short sighted decision.

    • Fred,
      If you want celebrity, move to Hollywood or Vegas. This is about Alaska’s future. If you think Sarah Palin is the answer, you have some screws missing, dude.

  3. Alaskans tend to lean on the isolation side, which is why kids these days have no friends, when their parents refuse to make friends out of their bubble world. Palin is trying to spice it up. Which is likely why Kid Rock is not invited, he being too spicy.

  4. The clown show begins.

    I wonder if she will have a film crew following her the whole way. Turn a House run into a reality show.

  5. The neocon losers that voted for Nepotism Lisa for the last 20 years – will vote for Nick Begich III.
    Yeah, he’ll be a true conservative – like Romney, McConnel, The Bushes, McStain, and Lindsey “SwishyBoy” Graham.
    Sara is a true social conservative – the same propaganda apparatus that gave us the Trump haters, Covid, Ukraine e WWIIO, is the same propaganda apparatus that demonized Sarah – and ya’ll fell for it.
    Pull your head out – Begich is a NeoCon at best.
    Palin – all the way!!!

  6. It should be recalled that the ex-governor last served in government in July 2009. A lot has happened since then and her skill set, as it relates to public service, has not expanded or improved. Just say no. We can do so much better.

  7. Bring Ted Nugent to Juneau. I’d like him to meet our city council. He could tour the governor’s mansion and then our secret, outskirts of town voting building. We could then drive a diesel pickup through downtown with an American flag hanging out the back (Juneau Liberals go into meltdown when that happens).

    • You’re not supposed to talk about the real voting building. Just like how moving the Glory Hole nearby Nugget Mall is increasing crime in the area.

      In CBJ we only talk about the drag show of the week and how to make Covid last forever.

  8. The republican party is a group of constipated dead beats that are locked inside the box.They have no room for expansion of ideas.The republican and the democratic party are one in the same.

  9. I’d prefer it if she brought up the Dixie Chicks and got into an on stage brawl. At least we’d get another shot at the National Enquirer.

  10. Hmmm. Palin… hard pass. Motor city madman..anyday. Sarah was a train wreck. Public life put a pin in her family. She seems to never have left the tv personality mode. Conservative? Im not too sure. So a Begich…ugh not trusting that. Our choices all make me hold my nose but then thats the Ak GOP for ya.

  11. You want THIS kook in Alaska? “(Nugent claims) that 30 days before his Draft Board Physical, he stopped all forms of personal hygiene. The last 10 days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and a week before his physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether, virtually living inside his pants caked with excrement and urine. That spectacle won Nugent a deferment.”

    • …..while your hero Bill Clinton was complaining about ingrown toenails caused from too much sex with hookers over in England? John Kerry was pulling white rice out of his *ss after lying about a grenade going off and receiving four purple hearts so he could get home and start protesting the war. And Barak Obama claiming that he couldn’t join the Selective Service because he really was born in Kenya.

  12. Why do we need some guy from Florida speaking? There are plenty of good Alaska Republican candidates that should be on stage. This is why the ARP is in a downhill slide. They forgot that this is ALASKA.

  13. It seems that even the most cursory glance at the list of congressional wannabes, would show many that are less Alaska loving, USA loving, and less conservative than Palin; and thus more deserving of hit pieces to be published by MRAK.

    Perhaps those worthy articles are in the queue.

  14. Same old Republican Party; what a bunch of crooks. This is one of the reasons I can’t bring myself to vote Begich. I will vote Palin every time, good and bad.

  15. Never understood the connection between rock and roll/rap and conservatives. This music starting in the 60’s is what got us to the point we are today (decay, debauch and degeneracy) and been used by the Marxist to bring us down to the lowest common denominator including the illegal and now legal drug use and the vast destruction it has caused families worldwide. And why are so many of these “rockers” who previously had nothing to do with conservative ideologies – republicans in their old age? Many will not admit it or want to hear all of this. I am not a practicing Christian but know that Religion is the only chance we have to turn the tide back to Americanism.
    Some that know say that the Ukrainian war is really a religious war backed by the Russian Orthodox church and Putin to stop the creep of Secularism into Russia. This is putting it mildly. The music is the main weapon of the left to propagandize children and that is why the Marxist support it so much in everything they do.

      • And what’s wrong with Square dancing and “hay stacking?…Add Polka music to that. At least they’re not high on meth, Dope and other illegal drugs..yes, maybe? a little beer drinking etc..

    • Hey Auntie, people as a whole are not perfect. We make mistakes in this life and maybe follow the wrong crowd. We live and learn. I agree with you that Christian values based on God’s Word is the basis of our Judeo-Christian roots and the essence of what the Founding Fathers used to produce our country’s governing documents, i.e. Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Our legal system was based on Common Law, until they screwed it up intermingling international law into it. Anyway, cutting to the chase here, don’t judge a book by its cover. You can like Rock Music and be a Conservative Christian. I grew up on Rock Music and found Jesus through God’s word. The Ukraine War is more complicated than religion. Putin is going after the corrupt government being used by our corrupt politicians to enrich themselves. They used taxpayer money to build Bio Weapons Labs there in violation of a 1972 agreement not too. On top of this, Biden and the Clintons have been laundering U.S. Taxpayers money through Ukraine and pocketing some of it, paying off corrupt politicians with the rest of it. Their paid and equipped militia there is the Azov-Battalion, a group of vicious Neo Nazis that have no problem killing Ukrainian people to blame it on Russia. Putin is actually doing the world a favor by dismantling both the Bio Weapons Labs that have deadly pathogens and the Azov Battalion. Once Zelensky stops catering to the globalists narrative and agrees to terms given by Putin, Russian forces will leave. Biden and the rest of the globalist goons hate Russia because they have never joined their central banking system and refuse to be governed by the global elite.

      • Secularism is the handmaiden of globalism. A few things that China does are not wholly wrongheaded. Like recently they have made moves to remove pop culture propaganda entertainment that produces that “wrong crowd” you speak of. For example, here it is Disney. Not to mention at least 10 movies made over the years that glamorize pot use all directed toward teens. The left loves this! Makes em’ dumb and pliable. And you can be a doctor, lawyer, or tech lord and still be dumb!

        • I read the term “secularism” as adherence to evidence, reason and the scientific method. I read the term globalism as cooperation among nations.

          • Wrong again, AZ.
            “Secularism” = removing the object of worship from God to the government.
            “Globalism” = centralized global tyranny by an unaccountable corporate power elite.

    • Spittin’ sparks and blowin’ smoke, eh? By all indications you’ve been sashayed to the left once too often. Who wouldn’t be smoldering? This is an election, though, not “Dancing with the Stars” or “America’s Got Talent.” We don’t need the barnyarding by Palin or Nugent! There’s work to be done!

  16. What a disappointment–I’d happily have driven to Fairbanks to hear Nugent speak. Ronna, not so much.

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