San Francisco considers $5 million in reparations for black residents whose ancestors were slaves


While San Francisco-area banks like Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic are reeling from the consequences of their bad management decisions that prioritized woke policies over sound banking principles, the City of San Francisco is considering a proposal that would give a $5 million lump sum payment to each eligible black resident of the city and county.

The proposal, originally recommended to be drafted in 2019 by the San Francisco chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to the Board of Supervisors, says the City and County of San Francisco should pay the debt it owes to black residents for “generations of disinvestment and displacement.” Subsequently, the draft of the plan was completed by San Francisco’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee and was prepared by the Human Rights Commission.

Board of Supervisors President Shamann Walton introduced a resolution supporting the creation of a San Francisco Reparations Plan, and the Board of Supervisors approved the plan.

“This prescient resolution was adopted in August 2020, in the same year as a litany of events that would change national reparations discussions, namely the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests following the police murder of George Floyd by in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These events brought nationwide attention to the ways in which city and state actors have historically played a role in driving institutional anti-Black racism at a systemic and policy level. In addition to shining a light on the way that disproportionate policing impacts Black communities and how global health events had disproportionately fatal outcomes for Black people, 2020 illuminated other ways that government agencies have either passively or actively contributed to unjustifiable socioeconomic, health and educational disparities along racial lines,” according to the draft recommendation.

Over the course of a two-year term, the 15-member committee was tasked with developing a San Francisco Reparations Plan that addresses the “institutional, City-sanctioned harm that has been inflicted upon African American communities in San Francisco. The legislation specifically prioritizes improving education, housing, workforce development, economic opportunities, financial stability, small businesses, transit access and food security while reducing violence, health disparities and over-criminalization experienced in our city’s Black communities.”

The committee was made up of:

Seat 1: An individual who works for a media outlet that principally serves the African American community, is a storyteller of African American stories, or is a historian with expertise in African American history.

Seat 2: An individual who has been displaced from San Francisco due to gentrification (residency in San Francisco not required).

Seat 3: An individual with expertise in private equity, venture capital, or fundraising in the financial industry.

Seat 4: An individual who is 65 years of age or older and who has lived in a predominantly African American community.

Seat 5: An individual who has been incarcerated.

Seat 6: An individual who has experienced discrimination in the workplace.

Seat 7: An individual who has experienced or is experiencing homelessness.

Seat 8: An individual with expertise in the impact of redevelopment activities in the Fillmore District and the Western Addition on Black communities.

Seat 9: An individual with experience as a small business owner principally serving the African American community.

Seat 10: A person who is employed by or in a leadership position in a charitable, social service, or religious organization principally serving the African-American community.

Seat 11: A person who works in the technology industry with experience in the field of technological equity.

Seat 12: A person who is between the ages of 14 and 24, inclusive, with experience working with community groups serving the African American community.

Seat 13: A person representing the sectors served by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (construction, building and trades, hospitality, and medical sectors) with experience working in predominantly African American communities.

Seat 14: An individual with experience as a parent or caregiver of a child or children experiencing barriers to or disparate treatment in education.

Seat 15: An individual who has lived or is currently living in public housing.

The reparations report can be accessed at this link.


  1. Great. Further bankrupt and already struggling city-state. They can’t afford that. If they’re going to do that why don’t they go back a little further in time and pay the native Americans for the land they stole? I said it once and I’ll say it again here now, blacks back then went through some hard times but because of those hard times they are in a better situation now in the United States then they would be squatting in front of the scalding pot eating bugs in Africa. Five million doesn’t go far in San Fran though. It might get you a newsstand down by The wharf. I wonder what the y would spend the money on? They can’t buy a daddy for the kids that are home with the mom. If they want to television they just go steal it. I guess they could buy one of those 100-year-old Plus cockroach ridden block houses. It would take considerably more than $5 million dollars to get me to move there.

  2. Heard about this. That number was pulled out of their…. errr… the air. No basis for it, just a dollar amount.
    Repartitions in California, a payment to people who were never slaves by people who were never slave owners in a state that never allowed slavery. Who could have a problem with that?

  3. Is the city of San Francisco going to fund this solely with their own money? I’m sure they will be requiring federal dollars as well, lots of Federal dollars. I wonder if I can identify as a black San Franciscan? Worth a try!

  4. Yet California was a free state. Reparations? Nope. Grift and shameless vote buying? Absolutely.

    Since Cali is rolling in cash this should be easy. And they’ve already solved all their real problems, so why not? Spend like you have it, idiots.

    What will be fun is to watch how it spreads. Chinese were virtually slaves in Cali. Displaced natives. The Alphabet Gang since they are the most important of all. The entire Hispanic population can argue LA was stolen from them.

    The intersectional cat fight will be glorious.

    The real, genuine concern is stupidity starts in Cali and spreads like a virus everywhere else.

  5. The economy is being destroyed by printing and distributing money for which no work was done and no commerce was performed. This road leads to hell on earth for our society.

  6. Only idiot progressives would want to pay people for suffering they never endured from the pockets of people who never participated in the nonexistent suffering.

    If they want to pay millions for things they never did, I’d love an oceanfront house on the Oregon coast. Why not?

  7. 1st it happens in San Fran Sicko, then it happens everywhere else.
    This is gonna bankrupt Mississippi & Alabama.
    The communist are multiplying rapidly.

  8. Will the descendants of the following tribes or states also be ponying up: Dahomey, Morocco, Ottoman Algeria, Kanem Bornu, Ashanti, Songhai or Mali?

    If the human cargo wasn’t waiting at the ports, none would have been shipped and so viciously used.

  9. This exemplifies “the more you do, the more it’s not enough”. The committee composure largely represents those either on the dole or having been on the dole. To the left pouring others’ money into a problem where more money has never made a difference is always the solution. At least we don’t live in California.

  10. Why not reparations for natives, Indians. Slavery was once legal in this country, why force the tax payers of San Francisco to pay reparations to blacks from people who had nothing to do with slavery? It would be totally illegal and never get past the courts.

  11. Will the families of the Union Soldiers who died freeing the slaves and holding our Nation together in the Civil War get reparations?

      • Sure it wasn’t ’40 acres and a mule’? That was the compensation package for freed slaves after the Civil War.

  12. What? Only $5 million each? What a bunch of cheapskates. Just give them the entire city of San Francisco. That would be a fair reparation package. Then they can deal with the queer city by the Bay, homelessness, crapping on the streets and Democrat corruption. It would make Oakland look like the Paris of the West.

  13. What fun it will be to watch, from a great distance the chaos sure to erupt when the products of miscegenation militate for their fair share.

  14. Why does MRAK care what happens in San Francisco? Are the trolls worried that Woke will spread to Alaska?

    • Frank, the woke will spread as other nonsense and crime has spread to Alaska, in case you had not noticed, with drag queen story hour, homeless industry being one of our biggest transactions of public monies in Anchorage, with the needle exchange, fentanyl scourge. Congress has already voted on a reparations bill, in case you had not noticed, in 2021. You can name call at us all you like, and I’ll be your troll any day, but look around at our situation in this country, state, and city and ask yourself — do you want to pay reparations?

    • Woke already spread to Alaska. Juneau and Anchorage legislatures are fully on board with woke.
      Where have you been Frank? I know you read MRAK regularly. Even a blind squirrel would have seen how woke they are.
      The point of bringing this story to the forefront is to stop the spread before we all go the way of SVB.

    • Are you worried about it spreading here? As our resident troll, you’re in a unique position to offer insight on what trolls think.

      • Wait, I thought I had the glorious distinction of being the resident troll. Oh I forgot I live in Florida so Im no longer a resident anymore. Gotcha. But to respond to Frank, you know how this stuff spreads. It spreads more quickly now than probably anytime in our nation’s past. Just look what’s happened to Anchorage in the past 20 years. If you want to go see the freak show, all you have to do is drive down to the midtown Walmart parking lot. Park out near c Street. Watch the vagrants humping, sharing needles, defecating and afterwards not using any sanitary paper. All the while watch the Walmart security van with its lights flashing drive right by and do absolutely nothing. I’m sure the same thing can be seen in San Fran. Not that it originated there, because poverty is worldwide but things have a way of migrating to an acceptable locale. Anchorage right now seems to be ripe for accepting any and all.

    • ANC assembly & school board combined are now 85% liberal leftist Frank.
      Of course conservatives here should care about ‘outside’ trends.
      Coming soon to a town in AK.
      It’s not like SF is Mississippi ….how many slave ancestors can there be there?

  15. I am sure a reparation package will be one of the first orders of business once the anchorage ASSembly gets its power fully restored with Berkys imported new york whining Crony george martinez. Maybe the talk of paying the “decendants’ of slaves is just a ploy to get people to fill all the vacancies from all the people that are escaping cali and their fine governor Nusance. There wont be much left of cali except the homeless and alphabet soup leftovers that have nowhere to go and cant survive outside of Queerville on their own. The last I heard the king and queen of venture capitalist stock market investors (Pelosi’s) bought a mansion in Florida to go retire in a state that will never be on the hook for reparations as long as Ron DeSantis has a say in the matter. They and most other Democraps have made enough money from investing in war and drugs(ratheon and pfizer) that they can afford to move around to reparation free states.

  16. You know how you can always find something good in the worst situation (i.e. they say Hitler was good with small children)? There is nothing good in this story. If there is, someone will have to define it for me.

    As stated several times above, NO ONE slated to get this payoff has ever been enslaved. Not a single person. Added to that is the fact that the last American to own slaves has been dead for quite some time. So. . . why are we paying cash money? What ‘reparation’ does this pay off? I’m sorry if my ancestors owned slaves but I can’t do anything about it! If you are a descendant of a slave, please tell me how it is that I owe you money. I really want to hear the rationalization. ‘It’s for 200 years of slavery in the U.S.!’ Rookies! My ancestors were enslaved and spread around the world in penal colonies for nearly 800 years. So why doesn’t the British government pay me for my ancestors treatment?! I’ll tell you why, it’s because no one involved is alive! Simple as that. The guilty and aggrieved are all dead. Anyone alive now simply DID NOT go through that.

    Then look at the ‘board members’. They are a collection of people that have the biggest incentives to vote themselves free money. Anyone have an ax to grind? You’re now a member of this board. And with the city of SF to scared to push back, this board can literally name any dollar amount and absolutely no one in the SF area will say no for fear of being called a racist. What a crock! Now that the word is out, watch for the influx of people rushing to SF to claim their ‘share’, lol. Reading this story makes me want to go take a shower!

  17. Being of German ancestry, I’m still trying to find out from whom I can seek reparations for Attila the Hun’s invasion of Germany/Gaul in 451 CE. Somebody sure owes me!

    Furthermore, having ancestors who first arrived in the US long after slavery was over, I’m curious if I’d be on the hook to pay for reparations here, should they ever imposed.

    • Dog, as a German, I’m not sure you could ever beg borrow or steal enough money to make reparations for the damage that your kin have done. But if you go back far enough, I’m sure there’s some pretty pissed off Neanderthals that were complaining about you visigoth boys taking their cave. It seems the going trend is, if it happened over 500 years ago, alls fair in Love and war. Now slavery is reaching that 500 year mark, so at 400 years plus now, and with a certain dark-skinned person commonly associated with people from Africa sitting as VP, there’s a push to get something done or at the very least to continue awareness. We have MLK Day, even though there’s evidence that he was corrupt, we have Black History month which is over now, but we still have Juneteenth. We have a black American flag, a black national anthem, and for the sake of all things holy, we have Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg who once went to the Oscars with Ted danson in blackface. You just can’t make this stuff up and if our founding fathers could see us today, I’m sure they would just be shaking their heads with their hands on their face wondering where they all went wrong.

  18. 5 million only?


    It should be at least 20 million each!

    With a caveat, of course.

    Each recipient should be forced to live within the city boundaries of San Francisco and Oakland for the rest of their lives at the same address that they occupied at the time of said benefit allocation, or if they had not occupied said space already, move to said available space within said Cities immediately before receipt of said funds.

    See how fast said Cities would alleviate their crime issues and vote out their leftist ruling party.

  19. In our early history their were migrants from many countries, especially Europe, who came to escape poverty and prosecution. If they survived the trip, they were forced into indentured servitude to pay their fares. Many did not survive this servitude. African slaves were often treated better. You do not have to belong to a certain race group to have ancestors who suffered bad practices in the past. We should embrace the fact that our country no longer permits these practices, for many years. I understand that 39 countries still do. What efforts are being taken to stop this?

  20. Why aren’t we praised for stopping slavery. The natives would still be ransacking each other, raping and pillaging and taking slaves amongst each other if we hadn’t stopped it. Slavery is still rampant in Africa. We dabbled in it for a bit then outlawed it. Seems like we would be hero’s. And since my great great great great great grandfather helped make that happen I would like someone to say thanks to me.

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