Rock and roll: Earthquake felt throughout Southcentral was 5.1 near Ninilchik


A magnitude 5.1 earthquake at 8:18 pm on Thursday was centered about 30 miles northwest of Ninilchik, or about 41 miles west of Kenai, and was 73 miles deep. It was felt across the Kenai, Mat-Su, and Anchorage as a brief shake and a few-second roll. 

No immediate damage was reported and no tsunami alert was issued.


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    • Imagine being Polish (as I am) and hearing what people do to “Kosciusko” or “Przewalski” or “Wosnesenski”!
      PS: The word “spruce” came into English from the Polish language — literally, “z Prus”, meaning “from Prussia”.

    • Thanks for that. Not only am I a grammar nazi, when it comes to myself, I also love knowing how to pronounce words correctly. Thank you! 🙂

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